Friday, September 07, 2007

Timmy Weekend Update

#1-To the best of my knowledge there is no book deal or anything like it. If there is, I'm not getting any money from it. I think it would make a great book and movie, but I think there is more potential for a movie with Gift Clement.

#2 It's not a simple answer. When I reveal it will be a long post explaining everything.

#3 Shimmy is NOT
Hattie McDaniel
Edith Evans
Josephine Hull

#4 Timmy was a very good singer. He was not A list. William Haines was a mentor to him. Katharine Hepburn adored Timmy.

This has nothing to do with Timmy, but just an observation. This site generally gets between 2M-3M hits a month and that's great. I'm perfectly happy with that and don't want to get much higher because then it would be much harder to fly under the radar. That monthly number translates into about 100,000 hits a day and about 50,000 unique visitors. It never really varies up or down much except on the weekends. Even with Timmy/Shimmy the comments increased, but not the number of people coming to the site.

Since the Vanessa Hudgens nude photo scandal, this site has been getting 200,000 hits an HOUR. Is seeing an 18 year old girl naked that exciting? At what point in the world has everyone seen the photo? If I get 3M people a day looking at it and all the other sites who have her photo get 3M hits a day at what point do you reach the population of the world?

The surreal thing about it also is that none of those 200,000 people an hour looking at her photo have any idea what the rest of the site is about. They are just following a link. They have no idea about Timmy/Shimmy or anything else. It's a very odd kind of feeling. It's like the rest of us are living in a separate world.

I just wish that those numbers of people could be turned into something more positive than looking at some really bad photo of someone barely B list. It seems like such a waste, so if anyone has any ideas, I'm open to putting a link, and idea, a charity, or anything on that naked photo post which would at least present the opportunity for something positive.

Four For Friday

#1 This A list actress was paid a substantial sum of money and got the rights to produce a movie which had been previously unavailable all for making some comments in a magazine interview.

#2 This dog loving B list film actor was shot down last night at a club by this A list (everywhere but America) performer when he tried to hit on her. She not only turned him down, but was heard to say, "I thought you were gay."

#3 This singer has never been known as the brightest tool in the shed, but even for her this is disturbing. At an after party last night for Fashion Rocks, this singer tried to buy some coke from a guy who took her money and promised to return right away with the coke. He never came back, so she went looking for him and found him. When she confronted him and demanded her money back, he refused. She then said, "I'm going to go find a cop and tell him you stole my drug money." The guy couldn't stop laughing.

#4 This follicle challenged former A list teen idol and now doing anything to stay young has always been rumored to play both sides of the fence. Well, what wasn't known is his apparent love of female garments. Last week while shopping, our actor bent over and when he did so, his pink thong was visible for the entire store to see.

Random Photos Part One

Jerry you just keep working out 24 hours a day if that's what it takes to make Rebecca happy. You know you married so far above yourself that you should get down on your knees and pray to whatever is holy that you got her. Not too many guys can make a movie with a kangaroo and still pull that off.
Fashion shows make for some great combinations, although I know all of you are just looking at Clive.
So, there he is all alone and waiting for you.
Not Christina Applegate's best look.
Christina Aguilera could have shared half her makeup with the other Christina and still had enough left over for
Zac Efron who is in Australia with his safe girlfriend Nikki.Molly Sims can't always be on top, but she looks great.

For all other parents, the calendar was free. For Angelina it cost $5,000.
Have you seen Maggie's new lingerie ads? Maybe later I will post them, but there has already been lots of nudity and partial nudity these past few days. Although, I'm sure if I had nude pics of Johnny Depp, no one would complain.

I still think Mischa is ugly as hell, but the outfit is better than the dress she wore last night. She should have just worn this.

Guess The Celebrity Friday Edition

C list film actress with A list name recognition best known for her long time television role
Fading B list film actress who at one point was on the verge of A list stardom.

B list film actress who thinks she is the greatest actress ever.
The last thing this performer needs is more pills.
This B list film actor used to have it all, now just memories of being with an A lister.
$250M for this?

Want To Go To Mt. Everest But Think You'll Be Bored?

I'm sure many of you have always wanted to go to Mt. Everest, but the only thing stopping you was for want of something to do when you get there. Well that is all about to change. On October 13th, 40 British musicians are going to be staging the first acoustic concert on Mt. Everest. By making that clarification, they seem to be indicating that someone was the first to have an electric concert on Mt. Everest. The violin concert above obviously doesn;t count for anything, but makes a good photo. Big crowd. I wonder how the t-shirt sales were.
The concert which will take place at 18,000 feet is expected to raise several million dollars for the Love Hope Strength Foundation which is a cancer charity founded by Alarm frontman Mike Peters.
There probably won't be much dancing at that altitude and October should be nice and frosty also for the performers who include Stray Cats, The Fixx, The Alarm, and Squeeze. The show will be available on iTunes, but haven't seen if it will be broadcast in any other medium.

Fashion Rocks--Extra Extra Snarky

I want you to remember this is Fashion Rocks which takes place during Fashion week, and many of these people want to be or have been models. Maybe the photographers were pissed at everyone because J-Lo didn't share what she had or something, but these people for the most part look awful. They should just be grateful it wasn't in LA and in the sunshine or they would even look worse.

With all that being said Alicia Keys looks amazing. She's lost some weight and love the long hair and dress and if I thought she could take all 400 hairy pounds of me I would go for it.

Carrie Underwood is nothing special and not as innocent as she would lead you to believe.
What the hell happened to Carmen Electra's face? Seriously. I like Carmen and it's like something happened since last week and she's aged twenty years.
Ashanti is hiding the 20 extra pounds well. It was about 30 pounds and she's been working like a mad woman to burn it all off. Weight gain will happen if you are living with a guy who has the munchies almost 24 hours a day.
Don't you feel like the last time you saw Ashlee Simpson smile was back in the 3rd grade when it was Jessica's turn with Daddy.
There are no words to describe this look. Remember, Avril wants to be a model, and someone told her ugly zebra striped ass that she looked good and then she agreed with them. She's got stripes on the top and the bottom and probably underneath also. This has to go in the top ten ugliest looks of all times at any show, premiere, opening, anything. It is horrible and can't believe she's even smiling. When she got home after everyone laughed, her husband probably got his tiny ass beat.
This look used to be artificially contrived, now I think it's what she smokes, and lots of it. Everyday, all day.

tick, tick, tick. Plus you wore that last year.
When Jessica Alba pulls her hair back it just makes her look even more skinny and bony because she's emphasizing the fact that she has no fat anywhere on her body. Not that I still wouldn't take a shot and not that
50 Cent didn't take his own shot also.
Glad to see Fergie is back to being her ugly, man looking self because if I had to be nice to her two days in a row, would probably have had to take whatever J-Lo's taking.
This dress Mischa's wearing doesn't even fit. I'm not even going to show you how hideous the back looks. Did she really tell the designer, "OMG, I love this dress."

Even one of my favorites Lee Ann Rimes looks terrible. What the hell is going on with her eyes? It's like she's got Avril's raccoon eye thing going on.
Who knew Kimora had six chins. Just recounting. There are six.
I read something last week that said Kat DeLuna was going to be bigger than Jennifer Lopez. Right now she's just a bigger mess, and take into account that Jennifer is one big freaking mess.
"Hey ladies, who wants to be first tonight with The Piv."
50, LL, and Ludacris look great. They really should be on the top with Alicia.

You know that it is a crap day when Teri Hatcher actually looks good compared to everyone else.
Tyra looks amazing. Finally a model who gets it and knows what to wear and how to wear it. Not that she does it all the time. She can be a big mess too.
If you are wondering what happened to Luka, Suzanne Vega ate him.
Nicole looks like a Brady Bunch episode, but it kind of looks decent. I always think she can be pretty when she tries. If she wasn't such a bitch since she gave up drinking and drugs, she would almost be a pleasant date.

Mary Kate Olsen Refuses To Swim In The Ocean

You would think that Mary Kate's hesitation would have something to do with being unable to swim, but it doesn't. The reason she refuses to swim in the ocean or anywhere even though she would love to, is because it's asking for a bikini shot from the paparazzi and she doesn't want that.

"I don't need to be on a 'Who's Skinny, Who's Fat, Who's Looking Healthy, Who's Not Eating?' list."

She went on to say that if she sees a pap coming she will do everything she can to hide her face so they can't use the photo. The only time she will happily pose is for premieres, openings, award ceremonies and when she has something to sell or promote, or her sister has something to sell or promote. Actually she just said the first three, but come on, who is she kidding. If she has something to sell or promote she's out there like everyone else doing what needs to be done.

I do feel for her on the bikini thing though. You know they would be plastered everywhere, each with their own headline about why she was dying, or her weight loss or some other kind of crap.

Luciano Pavarotti's Final Performance

Although I had advised everyone the other day that Pavarotti was near death, I was taken to task by several people yesterday for not doing something in tribute to him after he died. It certainly wasn't my intention to ignore him, but just felt you could get better coverage somewhere else. Here though, is his final performance from the Olympics in Torino.

Badgley Mischka Runway Spring 2008

DeBarge Family Begs Janet Jackson For Money

In the midst of another arrest of a DeBarge family member, this time Chico DeBarge, and the oldest brother El DeBarge still in jail, unable to afford bond, Janet's former husband and rumored father of her alleged child has been ordered to ask Janet for some money so the family can get the two brothers out of jail.

El DeBarge who was arrested two weeks ago on a domestic violence charge has not been able to come up with the $10,000 bail needed to get out of jail. His younger brother Chico was arrested over the weekend for allegedly possessing illegal drugs with intent to sell. He and a woman were arrested after they came to a complete stop in the left lane of a highway in Los Angeles so they could trade places.

When the police responded to the idiot stopped in the left lane of a highway, they allegedly discovered the drugs and cash indicating intent to sell laying on the seat.

The family was already unable to afford one bail, and now with Chico's bail and defense costs expected to be high, the family is turning to Janet to help them out in their time of need. If she doesn't help, look for the family to start spilling secrets about the Jackson clan in exchange for cash.


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