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The Goopster And Cameron Diaz Do Some Rapping

Blind Items Revealed

August 24, 2007

#2 This female, who is a former A list television star and B list film actress had to have her stomach pumped a few months ago because she ate a brownie laced with more than the pot she thought was in it. Turns out some friends of friends brought the special brownies, while she thought she was eating brownies prepared by friends. It happened after all the guests had left, but the hosts were still there. She started freaking out within 10-15 minutes, and then collapsed. A private doctor at the resort was called in and her stomach pumped.

Mischa Barton

Blind Items Revealed

September 21, 2007

#1 This height challenged male singer of extraordinary pedigree, was eating at a restaurant the other night which is Michelin rated. When he got his food he sent it back twice, but not before letting his guests sample the food and almost finishing the plates before he deemed it awful. He finally just threw his hands in the air and told the waiter he wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. When the waiter informed the chef, the chef caved and made it, but not before someone went down to the corner and bought some peanut butter. When it came back, our singer returned it because the crusts hadn't been removed. Finally it came back perfect and our singer spent 45 minutes eating one sandwich which was 1 hour after the restaurant closed.


Dina Lohan Is $1.3M In Debt

Lots of people go into debt. Dina Lohan just managed to go into debt despite earning millions of dollars as Lindsay Lohan's manager when Lindsay was actually making some money. The thing that kills me when I look at what the NY Post dug up is the $302,000 lien owed to a business partner which was spent on Lindsay's singing career. That worked out really well didn't it? Even after that disaster, Dina still tried with Ali, but I guess she didn't have to pay for that. She suckered the Maloof family into paying for that. What is said is that she did not even pay the bills for her kids' dentist. That is terrible. Dina owes $900K on her house so that is the vast majority of the debt. She has not paid anything on her house though. Lindsay paid $40K in one lump sum and presumably there was some money put down, and Dina has only paid a total of $200K on the house.

Blind Items Revealed

September 17, 2007

#2 This aging female Academy Award winner was drinking and drinking and got in a discussion about real and fake breasts, flashed her own and said, "all real baby."

Helen Mirren

Jessica Ridgeway's Body Found

It turns out that the body police found earlier this week, was in fact the body of Jessica Ridgeway. Police stated they could not immediately confirm it was her body because it had been mutilated and dismembered. I am horrified. Who does this stuff to kids? How do you grow up and this is what you need to do to make you happy? How does this happen? This is a 10 year old girl who was going to school in what is a nice, safe town and ends up getting snatched off the street and killed. Not only killed, but mutilated. What kind of sick f**k does this? The police have no leads. The FBI says it was a man who probably called in sick that day to work. That was all they could determine? Police say they have searched 500 homes. I think they need to search every home. You cannot let someone like this act out again.

Blind Item #2

This washed up former almost A list all movie actress is now a C who is known way more for things she does outside of work. Apparently she has been telling people that she is pregnant. Yes, despite this fact she continues to drink and do as many pills as she can take at once. She says that she has been trying for three months with one of her benefactors because she thinks it is a great fall back. Child support and she won't have to hustle for the next 18 years. He doesn't know yet and she has always told him that she can't even get pregnant because of an STD she had when she was just 14.

Amanda Todd

I hate bullying. I'm not talking about the bullying that celebrities say they went through because they are trying to get more fans and spin some kind of story because someone called them ugly once when they were in the 7th grade. I'm talking about the kind of bullying that drives a 15 year old teen to kill herself. Amanda Todd was not gay. She was not ugly. She made two mistakes in her life and they caused her to kill herself. The British Columbia teen once sent a photo of her breasts to an older guy. He then blackmailed her and said he would send it everywhere unless she did things for him. She didn't and he sent it out. Everywhere. Kids at school teased her and made fun of her. Her parents moved her to another school. The photo followed. The teasing continued. She then "hooked up" with a guy who had a girlfriend and was shamed beyond belief and was threatened and told to kill herself. She tried. She swallowed bleach, but was saved. Earlier this week she succeeded. The town where she lives apologized posthumously for the bullying, but there needs to be more done.

Her parents knew she was being bullied and changed schools. What they should have done is home school her. Get her through high school because in college no one cares if you sent naked photos to people. Everyone is involved with their own lives and not yours. A topless photo is not going to phase anyone.

If you are reading this and are in high school, I know you think life begins and ends in high school. It doesn't. It is a cocoon of 3 or 4 years that ends. It might seem like forever before it ends and your life might be miserable everyday, but I want you to know one very important thing. Time moves on. That clock keeps going forward and those people that are bullying you right now are going to work at cleaning the toilets at McDonald's. They will be hoping that one day they will get to make the fries. You are bigger than them. If you are being bullied, talk to someone about it. Discuss it. Find one friend who will be there for you. I am here. Anyone is here for you. Do not kill yourself. I know it is cliche, but things do get better. I promise.

Blind Item #1

This former A list Disney tweener is in negotiations to star in a porn. She would be the first Disney star to do so. She says it is soft porn, and that it is just a movie with sex in it. Actually it is a sex movie with some lines in it. She was forced to resort to this because guys are not paying her as much as they used to. Her circle of buyers have all moved on to the next new thing. It was either this movie or starting to charge by the hour. She refuses to get a real job because with her drug habit she can't afford to.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Stuff

Jason and Molly Mesnick, one of the very few Bachelor couples to actually get married announced this week they are having a baby. Although, they did get married, this relationship did not start off on the right foot because, technically, he proposed to Melissa Rycroft but broke up with her during the reunion show, so maybe then Jason & Molly does not actually count as a Bachelor couple. That was the normal news for the week.

As expected, Jef Holm and Emily Maynard split. Just too much cheating on both ends, but especially Emily. You got the feeling she was never satisfied with Jef and just did that for publicity while she searched for someone she actually wanted to be with. One of the people she probably won't be going back to is Arie Luyendyk because he was spotted sucking face with Courtney Robertson who said she was devastated that she and Ben Flajnik broke up. Uh huh. Not that devastated.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Bar Refaeli in a bikini? How did that get on top? because she is holding her breath going for a world record. You can tell she is a huge Chuck Woolery fan because she is saying she will be back in 2 and 2. If you got that joke, you are invited to my birthday party.

Brooke Shields in NYC.
Britney Spears at the Whitney Houston tribute.
Bobbi Kristina and her brother/lover sat in the front row.
Jennifer Hudson was there and channeled the early 80's MTV version of Whitney.
Bruce Willis and Catherine Zeta Jones filming Red 2.
Chloe Moretz looking way older than 15.
I can't help it, but I love Noomi Rapace. I just wish she would smile.

Random Photos Part Two

Demi Lovato going all Stevie Nicks meets Debbie Gibson with this look.

Fergie all dressed up as Lindsay Lohan for Halloween.
Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale take an LA fall stroll which means bundled like the North Pole on top while still wearing flip flops.
This church wins the award for best Halloween display.
If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you can help tell Jenny McCarthy which ones are circumcised. Seriously.
Kate Bosworth and her new lips.
Kelsey Grammer wears his baby in the airport.
Kate Hudson and Katy Perry in a battle of the cleavage.
Judging by the look in Sarah Jessica Parker's eye, I'm guessing she had a drink or two with Chelsea Handler.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today. Lindsay Lohan sneaking out of Chateau Marmont. Chances are about two minutes later a guest will run up to the front desk and say their wallet has been stolen by a 40 year old redhead with cigarette breath.

"Is this what you smoke at home daddy?" Matthew Broderick's kids catch on quick.
Michael Caine and
Jeremy Irons at the Vidal Sassoon memorial.
Matt Damon tells his daughter some Winona Ryder dating stories. Crazy.
Nick Lachey headed into Wendy Williams.
Peter Facinelli does something for Sears.
The Jackson family and an energy drink.
Rihanna heads to the studio to record.
Salma Hayek leaving Wendy Williams.

Exercise Fails

Elizabeth Taylor Slept With Ronald Reagan - Had Threesome With JFK And Robert Stack

Is there anyone JFK did not have sex with? According to a new book, Elizabeth Taylor had sex with Ronald Reagan when she was just a teenager. He probably told her she was lucky to have someone who could last as long as he did. Isn't that what he told someone else in some other book? Anyway, the book also says that Elizabeth had a threesome with JFK and Robert Stack. So, of course, since Lindsay Lohan wants to be all things Elizabeth Taylor, she endorsed Romney because she thinks she stands a better chance of having a threesome with him I guess. She does not need to sleep with any random actors who want to be politicians because she has pretty much already slept with everyone out here so probably has that covered.

And The Puppy Goes Boom

Kathie Lee Gifford might want to be more careful in the future. The puppy is fine.
Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Ex-Bengals Cheerleader Still Having Sex With Student

That ex Bengals cheerleader who pleaded guilty to having sex with one of her former students is living with the guy now. This is probably why she would have looked stupid pleading not guilty to the crime because anyone could see they were having sex and are presumably still having sex.  The thing is, Sarah Jones told her ex-husband right until she went into court that she was not guilty and he had no idea she had sex with the student or was still with him until he saw the pair holding hands as they left the courtroom. Crazy.

Four For Friday

Friday time so announcement time. Just the usual. I will be posting all weekend and will be revealing some blind items tomorrow. Follow me on Twitter @entylawyer for things you don't see here.

#1 - This A list female singer seems strait laced and quiet, but she is considered to be a freak in the sheets and has totally freaked out her new boyfriend.

#2 - What fairly newly married A list television star with multiple kids and a crazy ex-wife is already cheating on his new wife. With an associate producer on his latest show. Oh, and the producer happens to be male.

#3 - What former B list movie actress who has had one fail after the other lately including a canceled television show still has almost A list name recognition. She spent an entire flight from NYC to LA headed to the bathroom every 15 minutes for 30 seconds a time. Probably explains how she is freakishly skinny.

#4 - This former A list tweener wants the world to think she is pregnant so she can be on the cover of a tabloid. It is her life's dream to be on the cover of a tabloid all to herself. She has not managed it so far except for one very painful incident she doesn't like to talk about.

#5 - What former B list television actress who now makes her living it appears from reality shows and get rich quick schemes got wasted out of her mind and led her boyfriend around by the balls and then tried to lead another man around by the balls. She then said this is just like when I hang out with ____________. Her A list actor bestie.

Your Turn

It has been awhile, so I wanted to let everyone post what they wanted today. Have something to plug? A favorite website or product? A garage sale? Band? Project? Recipe? Have at it.

Blind Item #3

The longer this B list actor from a hit movie franchise is single, the more oily he gets. Long married, but now free, the actor was working this week and was introduced to a production assistant and our actor immediately had his hand on her butt. As in within five minutes. When she didn't say anything then he became more bold and 30 minutes later had her practically sitting on his lap and told everyone he needed a quick break. He went and had sex with the production assistant and then when they came back out he acted as if nothing had happened and ignored her the rest of the shoot. Never said another word to her.

Taryn Manning Arrested For Fighting With Her Makeup Artist

At the same hotel in NYC that saw Lindsay Lohan hit a pedestrian and party with Dina "Coke Vial" Lohan, Taryn Manning has now been arrested. TMZ reports the actress turned DJ got into a fight with her makeup artist. If it is the same makeup artist I think it is, then I can imagine what they were fighting about and Lindsay would be fighting the makeup artist too. Taryn is accused of punching and kicking the other woman. Police were called and Taryn was arrested, but was released rather quickly and got back on Twitter as if nothing had happened.

Cheat With A Married Celebrity - Get A Reality Show

Kim Kardashian has already told young women out there that if you want to be famous, then have sex with a semi-famous person and record it and sell it and you can achieve your dreams in life. Teens who are 16 who want to be famous can get pregnant in hopes of being cast on MTV's Teen Mom, and now cheaters have someplace to go other than the back of a van on an episode of Cheaters. Brittany Kerr, who two weeks ago was sitting in a club hoping some guy would buy her a drink and wondering what she was going to do with her life, made out with a married Jason Aldean and now has a reality show offer from a company that would like to follow her while she tries to get a record deal. Yeah, so another reward for bad behavior.

Blind Item #2

This former A list tweener who now makes most of her money on a reality show, fell off the wagon in a big, blindingly passed out on the middle of her hotel room and late for work way. The producers of the show assigned her a "bodyguard." What he does is stand next to her every waking moment and sleeps in the room next to hers and in hotels, in the same room.

Maksim's Turn To Get Almost Naked For Charity

Two weeks ago it was Liam Neeson who got dunked on Ellen in a Speedo. This week it was Maksim's turn to get wet for charity. video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Blind Item #1

This C+ list television actor is dating this wannabe actress from A list celebrity offspring. Where do I begin? He tells his friends that he can barely stomach even kissing her but forces himself to do it and to sleep with her because he has never been more famous and credits that fame to his latest role. He keeps pressing to meet her parents. His ex-girlfriend is in on the whole thing and she still sneaks over once a week for some alone time.

Justin Bieber's Laptop And The Noon Deadline - Publicity Stunt?

Today at noon, the alleged thief of Justin Bieber's laptop from a concert in Washington is going to release the contents online. Apparently the thief tried to blackmail Justin but it didn't work. They basically had a Twitter fight and Justin said release it if you got it and my fans won't care and won't leave me. The thief then released some videos to YouTube, but they were fairly harmless. So, then I started wondering if this is some kind of publicity stunt. You would think Justin would be way more upset than he is and would not be talking to the person on Twitter.

So, now the theory is that Justin and Nicki Minaj are pulling off some trick. Like going to Mariah Carey's house and singing All I Want For Christmas

National Enquirer Blind Item

WHICH troubled pop star flew to Las Vegas on the pretense of business, but really hit Sin City with the hopes of reuniting with her first true love? The only hitch is that the famous exes are both engaged – to other people!

Lindsay Lohan Sobers Up - Blames Michael For Everything - Voting For Romney - Paid Off Chateau Marmont

Lindsay Lohan has had a busy week. The thing is none of it is actually career related. Instead she is trying to put out fires she started. After calling her dad and telling him that Dina Lohan was on coke, Lindsay now says it was all a lie said in the moment. Uh huh. Totally random thing. I'm sure when all of you get in a fight with someone you randomly accuse the person of doing some drug. So, I guess we are supposed to believe that both were perfectly sober and had this fight and they were just tired after staying out until 4am? Lindsay says Michael is dead to her because he recorded the phone call and sold the tape. Duh. It is how he makes his living. That and what he can find in his girlfriend's purse probably. Lindsay says he mom is sober. Did Lindsay watch Dr. Phil? Oh, and in the past day, Lindsay has also managed to fly back to LA, change the color of her hair and announce to the world she is voting for Mitt Romney because he has more money and she loves guys with money. Wonders if he needs an intern. For all of you wondering where Lindsay will stay now that she is back in LA, she has paid off the Chateau Marmont and is staying there. Until she doesn't pay them again.

Last Dragon Star Dies

Leo O'Brien, a star of the cult classic "The Last Dragon," died in New York on Wednesday. Leo played Richie in the Berry Gordy produced movie. That movie was always on cable after it was released. Leo went through a lot of struggles as an adult and had serious substance abuse issues and was arrested multiple times.  He was 41

Donald Trump Is Going To Be On TV Again - Celebrity Apprentice Cast Revealed

What I would like to see is Donald Trump, his wife and ex-wives and all of his kids be on Trump Apprentice. He must have enough of those to fill out the cast. If he doesn't, then just throw in some random blonde women and some guys with lousy hair, and no one will know the difference. Then watch the whole family stab each other in the backs to try to win the thing. That would be a fun season. The judge would be Rosie O'Donnell.

Anyway, they have decided not to take my suggestion and instead are just having a regular Celebrity Apprentice season. Would it kill ABC to bring back Celebrity Mole for a season? Give it another shot? Maybe NBC could do some back to back thing with Celebrity Apprentice and Celebrity Mole and the people on Mole could tag their show, the celebrities who didn't feel like being belittled by Trump for money.

This season of Celebrity Apprentice is the all-star season. All that means is the show ran long enough to bring people back and the casting people didn't have to beg and plead for new D listers to come on the show, because they already knew these people were desperate enough.

La Toya Jackson' Omarosa Manigault (already? seems soon after the death of Michael Clarke Duncan)
 Lil' Jon, Lisa Rinna, Dennis Rodman, Claudia Jordan, Trace Adkins, Brande Roderick, Penn Jillette,
 Dee Snider, Marilu Henner, Stephen Baldwin, and Gary Busey.

Joe Giudice's Latest Mistress Is A College Student

The thing that makes this Joe Giudice cheating story so interesting is that dazed and confused look on his face during part two of the reunion show where he has no idea what anyone is talking about when they list the people he has cheated on Teresa with. He probably thought he would get away with it again and not get caught when he hooked up with this 25 year old college student from Caldwell College. One of the downsides to fame though is being recognized and he was and photos were taken and the next thing you know, Joe probably has some more jewelry to buy and to pay for from his "job" which is where he supposedly met this latest mistress. According to The Enquirer, they believe this is also the woman he called baby when Teresa overheard and then Joe said it was a worker who did not speak English and called his wife a c and a b**ch. Ahhh, true love. Guess Joe is just trying to pack as much in before he heads off to jail.

Nelly Pleads Ignorance To Drugs And Guns Found On Tour Bus

Apparently Nelly would like to think that all of us are idiots. For the 300 millionth time, a tour bus was pulled over in Sierra Blanca, Texas and for the 299 millionth time, drugs were found. I still can't believe how many people bring drugs through this checkpoint. Or try too. Usually, like with Fiona Apple it is just a tiny amount of drugs, but with Nelly and his group, there were a ton of drugs. Police found 10 pounds of pot. 10 pounds.  That is enough for an entire tour as long as your name is not Snoop. Police also found heroin which is going to make life miserable for the person who took the fall for all of this. Guns too, but in Texas you can pretty much do whatever you want with guns, so, I'm not sure how that would even be a crime. Nelly said yesterday that he had no idea there were any drugs or guns on the bus. Yeah, because on a tiny tour bus, guns and ten pounds of pot are easy to hide and to keep others from knowing about. Didn't he wonder where the eternity bong kept getting its refills from? He is such an idiot. Most of the time, the singer takes the fall for the team on these things, but in this case, Nelly said eff that, that is what I pay these people for.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Brandi Glanville out with her kids on the beach. She Tweeted that apparently LeAnn Rimes' rehab didn't work. Interesting.

Britney Spears hit a red carpet. Rare enough, but to have Jason Trawick show up is really rare.
Jordin Sparks just keeps dropping weight.
But not as much weight as Miley Cyrus.
Abbie Cornish at the premiere of her new movie.
Her bestie Vanessa Hudgens showed up and hit the free booze.
Jewel was there.
It is really good to see Gabourey Sidibe who is also in the movie.
Sam Rockwell and Christoper Walken. They were supposed to be on top.


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