Friday, June 19, 2009

Weekly Thanks

Many many thanks go out this week to everyone who sent me stories and tips. There were some great ones and I used a lot of them. I want to take a moment and thank the three sites which link to me the most and encourage you to visit their sites if you don’t already. Michael K over at Dlisted. Happy Birthday Michael. I hope you enjoy the photo of your boo. Celebitchy is great and Kate does a fantastic job there. And finally, Gawker who also links just about everyday. Thank You.

To all the readers who advertise on the site, I really appreciate it and I encourage all of you to check them out when you need something they are selling or doing or just to take a look. If you need summer concert tickets, don’t use any other reseller but Ticket Liquidators. I love them and they are not owned by some faceless monolithic corporation. The A to D list site is really adding names at a furious pace but the site only works with your help and support so make sure you check them out. Second City Style has a great site dedicated to fashion and shopping and has a magazine and a blog and links to all kinds of great products. If you are booking a trip and going to use an online site, go to travelatime first. Check out the price and if it is the same, then give them some of your business. Panic Away has one of the best banners and their product is just as good also. Finally, is Dragon Search Marketing and they can boost the visibility of your website or product and are the best at what they do.

For those of you who are Fathers or Mothers who are also fathers, I hope you have a great Father’s Day weekend. Don’t worry, you can always spill some ink or get some printer toner on that new tie your kid gets you. Be safe, and enjoy the quality time with your kids. I know my dad is looking forward to spending quality time with me. Actually he is looking forward to having our annual beer drinking contest and who can eat the food which has been burned the most because we were too drunk to notice. Good times.

Four For Friday

#1 & 2 – This B list television actress on a hit network drama has some siblings. One of the siblings is an actor himself. Way down the list. D or lower. He is also very young. As in young teenage young. It didn’t stop him at a recent event though from hitting on women who were over twice his age. It would have been hilarious except for the fact he really believed his own hype and that of his sister. Oh, and he has wandering hands. He was a piece of work.

#3 & 4 – There has been a great deal of speculation lately about this married couple. She is a singer and he is not. She is B+ list and he is not. She has been rumored to be the cause of the break up talk because of her indiscretions. However, it seems that he is the reason for the potential break up. Apparently he got romantically involved with another gentleman who acquired some incriminating pictures and videos about the life of our couple which were found in their house. He received a very healthy payout from the couple courtesy of the wife’s checkbook. She is very resentful towards her husband for letting the blackmailer into the home and that is why there could be a split.

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences last night had a tribute to television dads. How can you not put them on top?
For years there was no peep from Anna Chlumsky and now she is everywhere again.
The reason I don't post more photos of AnnaLynne McCord is simple. Her hair scares me. It always seems like it is way out of proportion to the rest of her. It must add an extra 4 inches to her height.
Bill Paxton and one of my favorite television moms, Marion Ross.
I believe that mom and son may have been doing some painting.
Candace Cameron Bure. She looks great.
When is the last time you saw a picture of Catherine Deneuve eating some ice cream and smoking a cigarette?
Chicago & Earth, Wind & Fire - New York (Later they were joined on stage by Styx, REO Speedwagon, Kool & The Gang. No, not really, but it is just a matter of time)
I just don't see the Suri resemblance in Chris Klein. I am officially eliminating him.
Christina Ricci proves that a belt can be a bra also.
Christian Slater needs a spark. I miss him being in the tabloids all the time. I think he should have a crazy weekend just for kicks.
One of my favorites. Diedrich Bader.
Randomness of the day. Joel Madden and Dr. Drew.
For the under 14 crowd is Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez.
It has been a long time since I saw Dermot Mulroney.
Femi Tabu - Santa Monica
The always lovely Iman.
Yes, yes, it's Johnny Depp time. But just one photo ok?
I will give you some Christian Bale though.
OK, since he is smiling, I will give you one more Johnny.
Jillian Michaels annoys me. Not her personally but whatever product she is selling that causes every page of the internet to pop-up with her image.
The funny thing is that this is Kendra's actual wedding dress. It comes from the Britney Spears Collection at Sears.
It has been a very long time since I have seen Mimi Kennedy on the red carpet.
The Malcolm In The Middle cast.
And Step By Step. Yeah, now I know you are singing New Kids songs.
Martin Short - Chicago
Pet Shop Boys - Manchester (which is not actually London, despite what Britney thinks)
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Russell Crowe on the set of his new movie, or maybe just getting a head start on Halloween.
Robert Downey Jr. with his Iron Man look along with his wife Susan.
You have to give Sacha Baron Cohen credit for one thing. Every city he comes up with an entirely new look. Disturbing, but new.
It looks like maybe this was Travis Barker's week to break up with Shanna.
The ageless Tom Jones along side of Jon Bon Jovi.

PS 22 - Just Dance - Lady GaGa

If you haven't seen the 5th graders from PS22 in New York City perform their versions of top 40 hits you have been missing out. I have been meaning to post one of their videos for awhile, and now, for their end of the school year they did their version of Just Dance. It is definitely worth 3 minutes of your time.

Your Turn

Earlier this week I got this Your Turn suggestion from a reader named Susan, and then as luck would have it someone told me a great story about the very topic. What is the topic you say? Job interviews. In this economy there are lots of people out looking for work and I am sure have some great job interview stories. If you don't have one of those, then how about a great story about something that happened at work. Everyone has a work story.

NY Daily News Blind Item

Which music mogul looks at himself in the mirror every morning and recites an ode to his greatness?

Beyonce Sucks

I was going to try and think of some wonderfully witty headline, but I think in this case, short and succinct works best. Beyonce was supposed to perform at a club in New York tomorrow night. She was paid $200,000 for the appearance and even posted the event on her website. The owner of the club told The NY Post that on Wednesday Beyonce's people called and said they were going to have to cancel. They claimed they didn't have enough time because they are preparing for her tour. Instead, they did offer to come by the club for an hour and mingle with people.

The owner of this club spent $100K on everything that Beyonce demanded in her rider. He sold tables and tickets and was counting on this concert for the grand opening of the new club M2. How is that Beyonce is so busy preparing for her tour that she can't come sing for an hour or so on Saturday night but can find time to do a meet and greet on Sunday? I will tell you why, because she doesn't want to work on a Saturday night for what is probably not enough money to her. Instead she wants to show up on a Sunday night and sit in a roped off VIP area talking to her bodyguards and collecting $200K for doing absolutely nothing.

Does anyone really think that she would walk around the club for an entire hour and mix with people? Does anyone seriously believe that? Does she think we are stupid? The club owner is pissed and rightly so. He says he is going to sue her and he should. Plus, what is the deal in canceling 72 hours before the show? It isn't like she is sick or anything. Hasn't she already been performing this tour? I would think they are pretty much ready to go. I think the issue is that Beyonce limits herself to no more than one hour of activity each day and she probably had a spa appointment or something for Saturday and was going to be drained after that.

I hate Beyonce.

Ryan Reynolds Avenges Betty White On Fallon

Ryan Reynolds was on Jimmy Fallon last night and took the opportunity to avenge her recent loss in Beer Pong. This time though it wasn't beer pong. Nope. It was Beer Shuffleboard. Since shuffleboard is basically curling without the ice, and Ryan is Canadian, the result for Jimmy wasn't pretty. Also not pretty was the week old beer that Jimmy was forced to drink.

Susan Boyle Cancels A Few More Shows

After hearing about the fact that Susan Boyle needs more rest days after just performing for six minutes in the past four days, I really am starting to wonder if maybe she should just go on home to Edinburgh and call it a career. Oh, I think she can record some albums because they can do it on her time and work around her needs, but it's pretty obvious that this is someone who doesn't need to be performing full-time or even once a year.

The latest incident allegedly involved Susan standing on her balcony at a hotel and crying and screaming for her cat all night and how she needed her cat. The tour then promptly decided she should have the next few nights off. I think she should just call it off for good. I also start to wonder about reports that Simon Cowell is trying to set her up for a Las Vegas run of shows and whether he is really that greedy or if the reports are false. If she does a series of shows in Las Vegas, it will push her off the edge. She can't do them. There is absolutely no way. They would require at least 60 minutes of singing and probably closer to 90 and she would have to do it several times a week. It would be a disaster.

I know she has a record deal. Great. Go home and record some music once or twice a month and just keep releasing album after album. She would get to sing and I don't have to worry about her health everyday and what is going to happen to her.

Dina Lohan Is A Piece Of Work

To make this week complete I just need Michael Lohan to say something stupid and for Ali Lohan to get pregnant or arrested or something. In my Lohan Bingo game I don't have all the squares filled but it is getting close. Just because she can't shut up, Dina decided to give an interview to whomever would listen. Not too many it turns out, but she gives the best quotes money can buy.

Did you know that Lindsay's cell phone was hacked last month? Me either and I find it hard to believe because Lindsay tweets about pretty much damn near anything. I don't really care one way or the other. That isn't why I decided to write about Dina. Nope. That kind of quote can only get you so far in a post. It is this next quote that makes Dina a star.

"Lindsay is a 22-year-old girl who needs to live her life in peace. The tabloids need to leave her alone with all the lies and reporting with no proof."

Umm, if the tabloids left Lindsay alone she would hunt them down and find them. I think they would be perfectly happy to leave her alone. They don't really follow her outside Los Angeles anymore which is a damn shame because I have a feeling the real fun stuff happens overseas. I'm not sure what lies have been told by the tabloids but if they have then sue. Oh wait it has to damage her reputation too. That is going to be a tough one. Yeah. My bad. I forgot she doesn't really have much of one to destroy at this point.

Dina then throws out that Elle quote as a defense in support of Lindsay not stealing the jewels from the fashion shoot. She also says that any suggestion Lindsay is involved in the theft is defamatory, false, and unfair. I believe those might have been the same words she used when Lindsay was accused of stealing the fur. Oh, and wasn't there something else she was alleged to have stolen from some friends as well. Yes, in addition to what she stole from the Louis Vuitton shoot. The friends thing is different from the fur thing which is different from the Louis Vuitton thing which is different from the jewels thing.

To top the entire interview off, Dina gets screwed. No, not literally, but Kneepads ran the interview late yesterday afternoon and makes Dina look extremely stupid. Unintentionally I'm sure. "Lindsay has been home with me and her family for awhile now, celebrating her little brother [Cody's] confirmation and his 13th birthday."

Last I checked, Lindsay was in New York for like a day and has been out stalking Sam or hanging out with Seacrest or Brittny Gastineau at least the past two nights here in LA so, nice try Dina. Don't you just love how she throws in the church thing with Cody getting confirmed? Please. If Lindsay or Dina walked into a church there would be a fire like no other in history. I can't even picture them at a church service together. I'm surprised the Rapture didn't take place that day.

Katherine Heigl's Movie Career A Bust - Hello Grey's Anatomy

As you know by now I don't watch Grey's Anatomy. It isn't that I don't like much of the cast, because I do. For some reason I just never started and I hate coming into a show several seasons late. You just never get into that rhythm or fully involve yourself with the characters. Anyway, I don't need to know anything about the show to tell you they are getting screwed over by Katherine Heigl and don't really care.

Katherine Heigl bad mouthed everyone on that show just like she bad mouths everyone with whom she has ever worked. Katherine was ready and did throw Grey's under the bus until she realized that maybe her movie career wasn't going to be as good as she thought. That maybe getting kicked off a movie might be a sign of things to come and no paychecks to bring home.

So, instead of trying to talk her way out of the last year of her contract, now Katherine is all smiles and hugs and how she loves Grey's Anatomy and she never wanted to leave. She was just tired and cranky and hopes everyone will forgive her and please, keep paying her until she can make it big as a movie star and throw you all under the bus again.

I'm wondering also if she told TR Knight she was going to stay on the show. Maybe she thought, "hmmm, he can go and I can stay and be the biggest star on the show." More like the biggest diva, but whatever works. So, I guess she survives her tumor or cancer or whatever for now.

Jeremy Piven Lies And Kneepads Enables

It is bad enough that Kneeepads Magazine is the biggest kiss ass in the free world. OK, well they tie with Larry King, but Kneepads is still the biggest in print. Oh, wait. Larry King has a column doesn't he? Well, anyway you get the idea. What Kneepads doesn't usually do is lie. Until now. Maybe they would not call it a lie. Maybe they would use a different term. I will let you decide.

Jeremy Piven was interviewed last night and told Kneepads that he had not had any fish in ten months. This is of course because he is still dealing with the fallout of his "mercury poisoning" and has to pretend he hasn't had any fish at all because eating it would put him on his deathbed.

Kneepads of course printed everything Jeremy said. "I haven't had a piece of fish since the doctor told me to lower my blood mercury level. So, it's been almost 10 months now." Piven then went into a diatribe about how he really was close to death and how everyone should be concerned about him and that he blah, blah, blah, close to death, blah, blah, text me girls, blah, blah, blah.

If Kneepads would have bothered fact checking before kissing ass they would have seen that in March which was 3 months ago, and not 10, that Piven was spotted eating calamari (which is not technically fish) and also tuna tartare which last I checked is fish, and raw. Oh, and has the highest mercury count. (thanks to libby for checking the archives and not letting Piven or Kneepads get away with it)

Jennifer Love Hewitt Writing A Relationship Advice Book

When I first saw that Jennifer Love Hewitt was writing a relationship advice book I looked very closely that the article wasn't written by The Onion or that it wasn't some kind of April Fool's Day joke or something like that. Why would anyone pay her actual money to write a book about giving relationship advice to others? Someone thought she had good advice to share? Do they live in this world? Since when did Jennifer Love Hewitt become a relationship expert? Has there been any person with whom she has broke up that has said anything positive about her or their relationship with her? I don't remember seeing anything. Here is what Jennifer had to say about the book. "I thought it was time to share the real story of what I've learned navigating the dating waters."

What kind of advice is Jennifer likely to give? Well, I have a sneak preview of some of the chapter titles of her book.

Chapter 1 - Why I bring my mom on all my first dates.
Chapter 2 - Why I bring my mom on all my dates for the first month.
Chapter 3 - Dating someone while still involved in another relationship.
Chapter 4 - When moms collide - Why I broke up with Carson Daly
Chapter 5 - One condom or two - Dating rock stars
Chapter 6 - Two condoms or three - Dating John Mayer
Chapter 7 - Love rings by Love - Why Cartier should give me my own jewelry line.
Chapter 8 - My 32 favorite places in the world - Places I have been proposed to
Chapter 9 - Pretending you care
Chapter 10 - How to get him to call you fat so you can break up with him.
Chapter 11 - Mom's in the bedroom? Why I say yes!
Chapter 12 - Breaking up with your man while still keeping the engagement ring.
Chapter 13 - Getting your man to ride in the back seat like a little kid - Dating Jamie Kennedy
Chapter 14 - Mom's on honeymoons? Why I say yes!

Ted C Blind Item

Remember meeting Dommy-Do-Rightly a couple of weeks ago? The Hollywood wannabe princess who definitely thinks her sh-t don't stank?

Well, Dommy dearest just doesn't know how to keep her indiscretions all that quiet. Which, of course, we love.

The TV, and attempted big-screen, queen has been in one fairly high-profile relaysh and is definitely no stranger to the dating scene—despite her youngish age. Well, it turns out she's much more experienced than any of you would have guessed.

Think you know what we mean?

DDR is a freak in the sheets! Her lap-dancin', powder-inhalin' party ways were just the beginning, kids, 'cause we just got sex-smelly wind of a crazyass threesome DDR recently had overseas. After splitting with her boyfriend, Dommy got her skank on during one of her save-the-world efforts. And we're talking about a totally kinky ménage à trois!

One stud, one gal and Ms. Rightly doing the horizontal mambo all drunken night long! Oh love it, she's into girls, too—don't tell Carrie Prejean! (Anything that reeks of being gay sends that bitch over the edge, as you know.)

Seriously, looking at little miss blondie, you would never think she had it in her—we don't know whether to be impressed or disturbed. Most likely the latter, because despite D's efforts to the contrary, publicly, Ms. D.-R. just lacks total sex appeal in our very biased minds.

And It Ain't:

Anna Paquin, Lauren Conrad, AnnaLynne McCord

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Today's Blind Items

What A list nationally syndicated radio host is getting dropped by her home station and the second biggest market in the country?

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

I was so mesmerized by all the hats today that I wasn't paying attention to who should be on top. Not that there is anything wrong with Alexis Bledel being on top. That sounds kind of sexual. Wasn't really going for that though.
If Ali Larter sat and home and thought about it, she could not have blended into the backdrop any better than she does with that dress.
This was the picture I was going to put on top. Joan Collins at Ascot just holding court like she was still on Dynasty. The woman is 76 and is amazing looking.
It's kind of like a satellite/colander combo.

The hats just really pull these outfits together don't they?

Bradley Cooper is everywhere lately.
So, I thought I would include his ex Jennifer Esposito.
It's chef time. Bobby Flay.
Well Marc Summers isn't a chef but the man does host a show about snacks so, really, he is like a God.
My favorite Iron Chef.
And Padma Lakshmi is my favorite host of a cooking show not on Food Network.
Holly and Kendra get all the attention so here is some love for Bridget Marquardt who remains my favorite.
Alexa Ray Joel and the second ex of Billy Joel, Christie Brinkley who looks gorgeous.
Camilla Belle could use some food.
It's been a long time to have Chris Daughtry in the photos.
And the sad thing is, Courtney Love isn't even filming a movie here. I think she is trying to relive the glory days when she feuded with Madonna and people paid attention to her.
The soon to be Mrs. Danny Bonaduce. She is a firm believer in the saying that size doesn't matter.
Estella Warren still shows up to events sometimes. She does have three projects scheduled so maybe she is making a comeback.
The woman behind Heidi Klum seems ticked at the interruption to her lunch.
How much makeup is Johnny Rzeznik wearing?
This would have been a possible top photo, but I don't want to do any favors for KANYE WEST.
Reader Photo #1
And Reader Photo #2
"So, do you like the Everly Brothers? Before your time maybe? How about The Doobie Brothers? The Brothers Grimm?"
Maggie Grace will be returning to Lost next season.
And in the series finale, the entire cast of Lost will be rescued by Prince Harry and William.
Robert Redford trying to look hip and cool.
Ryan Reynolds looking like a deer in the headlights. Judging by the size of that wedding band, I would say Scarlett J wanted the world to not have any questions that Ryan is married.


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