Saturday, December 28, 2013

Blind Item #4

This A list mostly movie actor who is thisclose to dropping to B+ was cut off from the booze on a recent international flight. He was screaming and yelling at the flight attendant before his actress girlfriend gave him some of his favorite pills to put him in a more jovial mood. I'm not sure what she sees in the guy who is going to end up dead or in jail if he doesn't get sober and get some help.

Blind Item #3

This B list celebrity with the A list look says that her new plaything (former A list celebrity/still B list celebrity when combined with something) is willing to do anything and she has him dressing as a woman and putting on hair and makeup and his fans would be shocked at what lengths he will go to make the celebrity happy.

Blind Item #2

This B- list mostly movie actress has a great name. That is about it but she keeps getting parts. The best acting she has done in ages is when she was caught making out with her brother but kept it together when the older woman who caught them remarked what a nice couple they were.

Blind Items Almost Revealed

July 15, 2013

This B- list celebrity/reality star has been dodging questions about same sex marriage because she has been cheating on her partner and has no desire to get married right now. Things have got really nasty between the pair and barely speak to each other and have split everything, even things you really should not split.

Things aren't going well for the couple and continue to divide the people in their life. Our B- lister should kiss and makeup because her partner can bury her with what she knows about the shady business dealings of the B- lister and the woman that our B- lister that needed to be hospitalized after being hired for an hour as an escort.

Blind Items Almost Revealed

July 15, 2013

When this couple got together, they definitely had plans for children. The A list celebrity husband thought they would make them the old-fashioned way, but the A list mostly movie actress said no to that very quickly. That would involve far too much sex and you could never be sure whether it would work so then you would just be forced to keep having sex. She had a much better idea. Surrogacy. She knew just the person and was an old family friend. So, our celebrity thought to himself, well at least it will be my sperm so I will have a child. Not so fast said the actress. She felt that his medical history was not really suitable to fathering children who were likely to succeed. Her genes were impeccable so she would be the mother, but she had someone in mind who would be a far better candidate. Her brother-in-law. Great health and mind and body and just the perfect person. Yes, of course she had one quick fling or two or three with him, but, this was about the future and making sure their children were exquisite. Well, her children really. Yes, sure, she would not see much of them right now because she was far too busy, but, in the future, when they were of an age to talk and be nice companions she would speak to them.

Both are foreign born and as of me writing this are both out of the country.

Blind Items Revealed

July 11, 2013

This former almost A list reality star turned C list celebrity turned B- list reality star scared everyone recently when she passed out. She said it was the heat. More likely the fact she had not eaten in three days. When she was revived she allowed to be given one sip if juice before asking for her cigarettes and some sugar free Red Bull.

Nicole Richie

Blind Items Revealed

July 9, 2013

This former B- list reality star is now a C- list celebrity. She managed to snag a magazine cover recently, but won't ever be invited back to the pages of the magazine. What was supposed to be a two hour shoot took two days because of her demands. She kept everyone waiting at one point because one of the production assistants brought regular limes instead of key limes for her water. One hour later he was back and she made him squeeze the juice out until it was the right taste for her. She took that one sip and never touched the drink again that day. Two days of this. She was on a very popular cable reality show a few years ago.

Farrah Abraham

Blind Items Revealed

July 11, 2013

Shortly after this B+ list mostly movie actress split with her A+ list mostly movie actor husband she was asked out by a co-star, who also used to be an A+ list mostly movie actor. She was willing and said that she was excited about it until he picked her up and the for the next three hours she could barely breathe. Apparently the actor had not showered in weeks because he said he was cleansing his body of toxins and this included also not brushing his teeth despite chain smoking and gorging on coffee. When he went in for a kiss at one point, our actress said she would have rather died and was hoping to pass out.

Robin Wright/Sean Penn/Keanu Reeves (who after his recent movies and especially Ronin is now a former A+ lister but is probably a permanent A lister because of the name.)

Blind Items Revealed

December 5, 2007

#2 This once very hot top 40/R&B singer as really cooled off over the past several years. Although she does have a boyfriend, she knows how the game is played. In order to get the best songs and the best producers for her latest album she made herself available to men and in one case a woman from her record label. Her boyfriend had no problems with this as he has enjoyed the company of women wanting him to produce their records. Now that the album has been completed, she thought it would all stop. Turns out though she is going to have to keep putting out, if she wants and marketing and publicity behind her new album.

Ashanti and Nelly

Blind Items Revealed

December 21, 2007

Anyway, last year this B list film actress with A+ name recognition was going through money at very healthy clip to support her drug addiction. Tired of stealing from her friends at parties, she came up with a grand scheme. She said she was collecting donations for a toys for tots like organization, but since it was overseas she needed cash instead of unwrapped presents. $50,000 in donations later, she had herself one hell of a holiday season. The only reason she got busted on it was because the idiot offered some coke to a person she had previously plead poverty to. When asked where she got the money for the coke, she told the person about her scam. In her drug addled confusion she forgot that her fellow coke sniffer had been one of the contributors to the cause.

Lindsay Lohan (remember when she was a B lister? I can't imagine her offering to share her coke)

Blind Items Revealed

July 12, 2013

A few years ago I had a blind item which detailed how this A+ list mostly television actor had a thing for kiddie porn. It ruined his marriage. Although he tries to fulfill his fantasies in a safe and legal way with people who are of legal age, it is not always easy when he has to deal with someone close to him who also shares the same kink, but has actually been arrested for molesting a child. I know it is unlikely because of how things are arranged, but it does scare me that both of them have access to kids on a regular basis.

Charlie Sheen

Blind Items Revealed

July 10, 2013

This married A list mostly movie actress who is also an Academy Award winner/nominee has a male assistant about half her age who just also happens to be an ex porn star and spends almost every second with our actress, and when not in public, he usually can be found without a shirt on with our actress always touching him. Someone who witnessed it says it is creepy and also thinks the pair are not having sex, just some really odd relationship.

Catherine Zeta Jones

Blind Item #1

This B list celebrity mom and former reality star who is one of the worst celebrity moms ever spent the night with this washed up former A list reality star who will be a D list celebrity for a few more days until his return to reality television. Considering they share something in common besides kids and a love of booze it could happen. Oh, and they also have seen the same guy naked although under slightly different circumstances.

A&E Caves - Phil Robertson Is Back

Considering the "suspension" of Phil Robertson took place while there was no filming going on over Christmas A&E never really punished the patriarch of the Duck Dynasty family for his comments on gay people. As I told you would happen A&E had to reinstate him in the next week or so because they were going to look like idiots when new episodes begin airing next month and Phil is front and center in them. There was just no way they would be able to explain away his presence while trying to say that he had been suspended from filming. It is too complicated. Plus, the network has been running Duck Dynasty non-stop since his suspension was announced and Phil has been right there the whole time. The only true way they could suspend him was to remove all the episodes from the air both past and future and A&E was never going to do that because advertisers would all demand their money back.

So, what looked like a strong response from the network was just a huff and a puff and the tiniest tap on the wrist. I mean so tiny that it was more like a puff of wind on one of those days where it is so hot that you are begging for a gust of wind and all you get is something that may have been wind or may have been a gnat.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Random Photos Part Six

Jeffrey Pollack- RIP

Alec Baldwin has Hilaria carry the baby while he carries his coffee.
There is a new book of photos from Old Hollywood being published with photos like this of Bette Davis and
Humphrey Bogart.
Bono and his wife won some money on a horse.
Brad Pitt and Angelina take the kids to the zoo in Australia.
Britney Spears at her final dress rehearsal for tonight's opening night in Vegas.
Miley Cyrus makes Cara Delevingne a happy person by tonguing her.
This is Eliot Spitzer's new girlfriend. She looks a lot like the hookers he used to use.
Gwen Stefani has never been a hooker as far as I know.
Anne Hathaway sure has been photographed alone a lot lately. Shortly after this she left a bag of her dog's crap on a pap's car. Classy.

Random Photos Part Five

Honey Boo Boo uses her inhaler while Sugar Bear inhales a big mouthful of dip.

Isabella Cruise has shaved her head and dyed it red. She also has a very noisy seat mate.
Jennifer Aniston has not shaved her head despite the photos that were floating around the internet.
Joan Rivers shaved a few animals for this fur.
Jwoww has already given birth. Named her daughter GTL.
Kandi Burress shows off her beach body while on vacation.
Kaley Cuoco and her dude take the dog to the vet.
Kim kardashian with the ugliest purse of all-time. The only thing missing is her MetGala dress.
Keri Russell and a friend try to get the kids inside.

Random Photos Part Four

Kimora Simmons is still in the Caribbean and seems pretty happy about it.

Malin Akerman walks the streets of Beverly Hills with her mom and baby.
Meanwhile, Matthew M is still in Brazil with his youngest and got poured on.
Martha Stewart when she was 14 in front of her Christmas tree.
Audrina Patridge is still in Hawaii.
Between 60-70 people were bitten by piranhas in Argentina. Piranhas On A Plane is coming.
Rose Byrne picked up a couple of bucks while at home for Christmas in Australia.
Long time no see in the photos for Ricky Gervais.
Rihanna shows off her Taylor Swift line of bikini bottoms.

Random Photos Part Three- All Reader Photos Part Two

Reader Photo #1

Reader Photo #2
Reader Photo #3
Reader Photo #4
Reader Photo #5
Reader Photo #6
Reader Photo #7
Reader Photo #8
Reader Photo #9
Reader Photo #10
Reader Photo #11

Random Photos Part Two

Rashida Jones gets swarmed by paps after she eats dinner.

Alicia Silverstone tells Bear he won't be the only Bear he knows now.
Sam Champion sure does spend a lot of time in Brazil with his husband.
Adam Sandler gets his neck cracked by his wife.
Snoop Dogg and John Kerrey fist bump.
Shakira and her son shows what happens when the store is out of bacon.
Serena Williams on the runway in Thailand.
Teresa Palmer makes her first appearance since getting married.

Random Photos Part One- All Reader Photos Part One

There are just a few more days to send in your photos for Reveal Day which is next Wednesday. I can't believe it got here so fast. Another year gone by already. If you want to see your photo in Random Photos and on Reveal Day e-mail it to

Six parts today.

Reader Photo #1

Reader Photo #2
Reader Photo #3
Reader Photo #4
Reader Photo #5
Reader Photo #6 with Solange Knowles.
Reader Photo #7
Reader Photo #8
Reader Photo #9
Reader Photo #10
Reader Photo #11


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