Saturday, December 29, 2012

How To Get Rid Of Your Christmas Tree

Belgium Could Bring Down Scientology

For five years Belgium has been investigating Scientology. The breakthrough came when the prosecutors stopped thinking of Scientology as a cult and started talking about it as a criminal organization. Federal prosecutors in Belgium are charging the church with extortion, fraud, privacy breaches, and the illegal practice of medicine. The case started when Belgian officials got wind of those billion dollar employment contracts which violate Belgian law. It has taken years of investigations, but this is the big one. Scientology's European headquarters are in Belgium. If a court rules there that this is a criminal organization, then everyone can call it one. Much more powerful words than cult.

Blind Items Revealed

March 20, 2009

#2 & #3 - Both of these award winning actors are A list. #2 is an A list movie actor, while #3 got his start in movies, and is now an A list television actor. Oh. Both of them are married as well. And both of them also have child(ren). Three or four times a year they get invited to a porno shoot by one of their mutual friends. When they get there though, it is not about watching, it is about each taking a turn with every actress on the set.

Charlie Sheen & Sean Penn

Blind Item #3

This B+ list all movie actor in a huge franchise was expecting his still young C list actress/singer girlfriend with A list name recognition to tell him that she had lost her virginity at 15. He knew she had been crazy when she was a teen. What he did not expect to hear was that she was 12. With a guy in his 20's.

Blind Items Revealed

February 24, 2009

This one didn't actually happen at the Academy Awards per se, but happened at a celebrity watching party. A big and famous celebrity watching party. This D list celebutard embarrassed himself and everyone around him when he kept doing his "Indian impression" everytime the camera showed the Slumdog cast. Throughout the night he made disparaging remarks about anything and everything Indian until at one point a spouse of an actress at the same party told him if he did it one more time the spouse would kick the celebutard's ass.

Brandon Davis

Blind Item #2

A lot of people think this A+ list female celebrity should be fired because she rarely speaks to anyone when she is not required to. It is not so much a standoffish attitude it is that her people have told her not to speak unless she has to because someone might record her when she goes on one of her rants and they are scared of the fallout. So, when she is around and the cameras are off, people around her talk and she sits there quietly and it freaks everyone out.

Blind Items Revealed

September 26, 2008

#1 - Calling this person even a celebutard is pretty much a bump up in status. He really would be totally unknown if it were not for this actress/singer he is dating. She is very young, but it has not stopped them from being sexually active. To make sure there is no scandal or some embarrassing photos caught on camera, the couple has to be intimate only at our singer's home.

Miley Cyrus & Justin Gaston

Blind Item #1

This almost A list female tweener has no issues having sex with her boyfriend despite the fact that she is still well on the side of being a minor and he is not. She says that she can do what she wants and because who she is nothing will happen.

Katt Williams Arrested For Child Endangerment

For the most part I have been trying to ignore the Katt Williams arrest record in the past month and have been waiting for the end game. You can't go into a tailspin like this so fast and so deeply without either heading for a 90 day stay in rehab or dying. You just can't keep up this pace. When there are children involved or present, it kind of ups the ante a lot and yesterday Katt was arrested and charged with child endangerment after Child Protective Services found a bunch of illegal drugs and lots of guns in the house with his four kids. The four kids are safe now, but bail was just set at $100K which is nothing for Katt and then it will be right back to where it was. We have seen how violent Katt can get in the past month. Guns, kids, drugs, and Katt? Not a good combination.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Random Photos Part Four

Don't be down Britney Spears. If you do get fired from X Factor it is more time to spend at Starbucks.

Chris Hemsworth kisses his wife while
the lesser Hemsworth dodges questions about whether he is married.
Hilary Swank in Paris with her boyfriend looking happy.
Not so happy, but also in Paris are Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez.
Jay Leno's
car broke down.
Justin Bieber babysits Chris Paul's kid.
Reason #642 to like Jessica Chastain. She adopted a 3 legged dog.

Random Photos Part Three

The Janet Jackson holiday card. This is a new look for her.

Casper thinks he is all powerful and stuff. He is one dumping away from living in that truck J-Lo bought him.
Jessica Simpson sure does love to Tweet busty photos of herself.
Meanwhile, Eric Johnson takes Folgers out for yet another walk.
Speaking of someone who could do some walking. How is that K-Fed's baby mam had a baby and lost all her weight and K-Fed can't match her. You know he would dump her if she looked like him.
Kristen Stewart looks innocent until you see
the back pocket is ready for action with a slingshot.
Lea Michele practices her royalty wave.
Somehow Miranda Kerr can make a blurry cell phone photo still look amazing.

Random Photos Part Two

Amber Rose makes the hike up Runyon Canyon and one of the very best views in LA.

Neville Longbottom all grown up.
Rosie O'Donnell teaching her kids all about boat safety. You know, proper use of life jackets and all that.
At least they all made it home safe.
I think Sean Combs is saying, "Hmmm, all  have to do is walk by and all of these women will be all over me. I am Sean Combs. I have money and looks and take my kids to strip clubs. Who wouldn't want me?"
"Umm, no one noticed. I know what I will do. Imma going to get wet and show off the body that everyone loves."
"Damn. Probably don't get television where they live."
Sofia Vergara would like your attention now.
Ashley Tisdale takes her boyfriend along with her on errands because he has nothing else to do.

Random Photos Part One - All Reader Photos

It is crunch time if you want your photos to be displayed on Reveal Day. If you get me your photo by Sunday night, then it will be posted Monday and Reveal Day. If you just want it to be posted on Reveal Day, I need to have it by about 5pm my time on Monday because it takes awhile to get all the photos ready. If you would like to be included, please send it to

 Four parts today.

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