Saturday, December 17, 2011

Oh Those Crazy Googlians

Google always seems to be trying new tricks to keep people coming back. This latest one is very very cool. Go to and in the search box type let it snow. Watch what happens. Keep watching for a minute to get the full effect.

Let The World Know When You Just Had Sex And How Good Or Bad It Was

So far about 10,000 people in this world have downloaded the app that lets you share with the world when you just had sex and the ability to rate it from one to a five. I have no need for such an app because I never have sex and if I ever did and someone wanted to rate me, they would be wondering why they had to at least give one star. It also lets you share where you had sex. Think of it as like a Foursquare for sex. Go to a hotel and you can see how many people had sex there and what position they had it in and then share your experiences too. So, how does that make you feel when you go to a room at a hotel and discover that 38 other people have also checked in there and had sex. I can see why this app would be popular with like that guy who wrote the long date letter about having four dates a week. He would love this kind of thing. Would you ever use this app?

Jessica Lynch Graduates From College

Yesterday, Jessica Lynch graduated from college. How many of you remember her name? The entire world knew her name 8 years ago when she became the first female prisoner of war in the Iraq war.

Sh was held for nine days after her vehicle was shot and crashed. One of her best friends died in the battle along with ten others. Jessica was severely injured and still cannot feel one of her legs. When she was rescued from her captors the government said she went down fighting and shooting, but as she will gladly tell you, none of that happened and that her rifle jammed. She was criticized for not going along with the story and says she still gets hate mail for not agreeing to lie. I think that at 19 it is great that she had enough moxie (do people still use that word) to stand up for herself and not be bullied or forced into saying something that was not true even if it would have made her a hero.

Congratulations on graduating. She is going to be teaching elementary school.

Barefoot Bandit Gets 7 Years In Jail

The aftermath stories are never quite as interesting as the beginning. Last year when Colton Harris Moore, known as the Barefoot Bandit was on the run, I think a lot of people were wondering how long he could evade capture and what he was going to do next. The kid was a teenager and was a one man international crime spree and was able to steal boats and fly planes to escape. It was all pretty remarkable before he was caught in the Bahamas. He was sentenced yesterday to 7 years in jail which will run concurrently with a federal prison sentence he already received. If he lived in Los Angeles he would already be home from prison, but since he does not he will have to serve at least half that time. Still though he says he will earn his college degree when in jail and will get out when he is 23 or 24.

The Greatest Videogame Move Ever

Apparently this guy who plays Battlefield 3 made what is considered to be the greatest move ever in a video game. The guy jumps out of a plane, fires off a missile and downs a plane with it and the somehow jumps back into his own plane. Umm yeah. Well, 5M people have watched the video which is also pretty insane. Wait, 5M plus I watched it a couple of times to see what all the fuss is about. I'm sure a great portion of the 5M views are people like me who live in their basement but spend their time playing video games instead of boozing and blogging so watched it on a loop to try and figure out how to do the move.

The Britney Spears Engagement Is Making Me Sad

Does anyone think it is a coincidence that as soon as Britney Spears' tour ends and she won't be doing anything more interesting for awhile than making daily Starbucks runs that this whole engagement thing is announced. First of all we all knew it way before Britney did and then this engagement/birthday party for Jason was already planned in Vegas. I feel like Britney is kind of sleepwalking through this whole thing like she does her concerts. I want to make it clear I have nothing against Britney. I just think she has given up and that people tell her what to do and where to go and she follows along behind them and does it. I don't feel Britney anymore. I feel like she has lost herself and her identity and has become some kind of soulless corporation like McDonald's. It is not her fault. I just think her people and her dad have drilled out the personality in flavor of a huge portion of blandness. Look at the photo above. "Ok, Britney, we need you to kiss Jason. Remember he is your future husband. You like kissing him. Oh, and show the engagement ring to everyone. Do this at the same time." Do you see any emotion in that kiss? You can give a peck and there be emotion. I see none.

Etta James Is Terminally Ill

I'm sure there are lots of you who have never heard the name Etta James. That is kind of a shame because the woman has made some of the best records ever and has one of the best voices I have veer heard. She has been suffering from dementia for a few years and her family has been bickering for that long about who should be in charge of her money which is kind of sad because I think they care way more about that than her at this point. Her doctor says she is terminally ill. A little love for Ms. James below.

Chaz Bono Leaving His Girlfriend

Honestly right now I am barely functioning. Very little sleep and massive amounts of drinking. One of these years, the 400th holiday party in a month is probably going to make me go sober. Anyway, I know last month I talked about Chaz leaving his girlfriend even though he popped the question but for the life of me I don't remember if I did so here or in a blind item. Whatever the case, The Enquirer confirms what I said that Chaz has left and is already looking for someone else. Good luck with that. I think Chaz is pretty lucky to have someone who has stuck by him through all of this. To let go of that might come back to bite you. Oh, and Jennifer Elia, if you are in the mood for another 300 pound guy who looks bad in a suit, just give me a call.

Kobe Bryant's Wife Files For Divorce

Apparently Vanessa Bryant finally decided no amount of money or jewelry was worth the amount of cheating that Kobe Bryant does so she filed for divorce. Almost immediately, Kobe Bryant filed his own petition and released a statement saying the couple had settled all of the issues in their divorce. The reason this was done so quickly is because Kobe does not want any of this coming out. I could practically put up a plaque with his name on it in the blind item hall of fame. He could have his own wing. I could write about him everyday, but have chosen to highlight only his memorable escapades. I need to go back, but I do think he had a Christmas one which is fitting considering the time of year now and the time of year of his divorce.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Random Photos Part Two

The view from One World Trade Center.
Tom Hanks heading into Letterman.
Amber Heard gets tailored.
Ashley Tisdale just broke up with her boyfriend and is already going on breakfast dates with a new guy.
Don't do drugs. I wonder if Brooke Mueller will look like this.
Charlize Theron at the premiere of Young Adult.
Ben Kingsley was there too.
And Diablo Cody.
The cast of Downtown Abbey. If you have not seen the show, you need to.
The Goopster gets loaded up with free stuff from Topshop.

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Two parts today.

Well it is an almost Jonas Brothers reunion with Joe and Nick out yesterday in Beverly Hills.
Jude Law has not been pictured without his hat since October. He even wore it on Graham Norton this week.
Also sporting a hat yesterday to cover his new bald head is Matthew M.
Apparently the Kardashians can still afford to go private.
Yesterday they all flew to Vegas where they were mobbed by fans. Apparently people still like them.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Reader Photo #3
Renee Zellweger gets some help staying out of the rain yesterday.
Even Suri does not get everything she wants at toy stores.

Your Turn

It is holiday party time. I have been to three this week and besides leaving me with a hangover that just does not quit, I have seen some people doing some embarrassing things. I want to know your most embarrassing holiday party experience whether it happened to you or you watched it happen. Hosting one at your house? Find someone face down in the kitty litter because they thought it was coke?

Parents Making Out With Their Kids At A Pep Rally

I just think the most disturbing part is how much the parents were into it. Do you see the mom who put her son's hands on her butt?

Ted C Blind Item

Some dudes like Crotch Uh-Lastic and Toothy Tile, we really feel for. These are movie stars who truly do only like other guys, even though they also (just as much) want to be renowned film actors. So they play the game (well, Toothy does).

But then there's mischievous bisexual King Schlong, who can take boys—or go without them.

So, what's King's current sexual bent? And could the dog-eat-dog awards season have something to do with King's choice?

Girls, girls, girls and yes, yes, yes.

You see, truth be known, King's always fooled around with both sexes (as recently as this year, too!). But it's really not what drives King ultimately romantically—and certainly not come the career-defining months from Emmys to Oscars.

"That boy will no sooner go around boys when these awards are still out than Alec Baldwin will apologize to American Airlines," said one of King's myriad Biz colleagues, who knows full well that Schlong has long been a free spirit and doesn't want to be tied down to either sex, in any capacity.

But this maverick sensibility, we're told, is wholly heterosexually infused, at this time of the year because what King wants more than domestic happiness is...big ol' trophy-time recognition. "Like, bad," is how it was put to us.

Jeez. Kinda sounds like that old stereotype people are always applying to women only in this town, like, she slept her way to the top.

Apparently, King's desperately trying it out, too.

But will it work?

And It Ain't: Alex Pettyfer, Kellan Lutz, Alec Baldwin

Charlize Theron Worries About Women Who Love Hello Kitty

Are you a Hello Kitty lover? Are you in your 30's or older? Well, if you are, Charlize Theron would like to have a word or two with you. See, in this matter I am not a neutral observer. Hopefully my mother will not read this post, but she was a Hello Kitty lover well beyond her 30's. When I finally got out of the habit of buying her some perfume at CVS, I still needed something quick and easy. Then one day I noticed there sure was a significant amount of Hello Kitty product in the house. Not like 12 year old Japanese girl amounts, but way too much. I confess I added to it. They make so many different things that it was too easy to keep contributing to her collection. At some point she stopped adding to it, but every so often I will see her at a store looking wistfully at a Hello Kitty tableware set or a Hello Kitty flat screen television.

Anyway, Charlize had this to say about women in their 30's who collect Hello Kitty. "I'm pretty amazed by Hello Kitty. I see so many women in their 30s walking around in Hello Kitty s**t and nobody is concerned for them. It's the one iconic teenage symbol that seems okay for women in their 30s? The world seems to not have an issue with it."

So, of course as you can see above, she wore it for her role as a messed up woman in her 30's in her new movie.

Four For Friday - The Swingers

A few years ago, this married couple went through a very rough patch in their marriage. At the time she was just about an A list movie actress who would never touch television. Coming off a huge franchise, she thought she was better than she actually was and started having fun on the side. Her husband was doing the same though. The two decided to invite over their respective other favorites for a couples weekend. The first celebrity couple to join in also consisted of an A list movie actress who has sniffed television but nothing more than that. Her relationship actually crumbled because her significant other started hanging out with one of the women he had swapped with. Another celebrity couple that joined in consisted of a married couple that had a former A list television actress who has never really done any movies and her wacky husband who has done a little of both. That celebrity couple broke off at one point to do their own thing with a celebrity couple who is married but let on to the world they are just engaged. She is A very strong B list movie actress from some very popular movies and her husband who just does television. The only rules are no phones or cameras and be willing to getting watched by everyone else. The wacky husband loved to be watched.

30 Rock Trailer Released

If you have missed 30 Rock for the past few months your time is almost here. New episodes start next month and NBC just released a five minute long sneak preview of the season.

National Enquirer Blind Item

WHAT former Hollywood couple’s kids have rallied their famous dad to intervene in their mother’s no-so-subtle deterioration? The children are worried sick that their celeb mom’s personal problems have taken a bigger health toll than she’s ready to admit – and they believe dad is the only one who can save her!

Britney Gets Engaged On A Random Thursday

Apparently last night Britney Spears got engaged and she was the only one in the entire world who did not see it coming. For the past couple of days, everyone on the planet knew her boyfriend was going to ask her. Yet on her Twitter she says she was surprised. Maybe they have jacked up her meds or not let her read tabloids to keep the surprise from being revealed.

Mark Sanchez Has Back To Back Women

If you want to have sex with Mark Sanchez, he can definitely squeeze you in. The NY Post is reporting that within two hours after escorting his overnight date to a waiting cab, the New York Jets QB had a new woman come over for a tryst that lasted about an hour before they left together. So, I guess the two of them know about each other now. Do you think they care? Do you think one of them thinks they will be his wife or that they are just one of many? I just do not understand why people are willing to put up with it. Yes, I understand the fame thing but really, how many people know the names of NFL wives? Sure, there are some, but usually they are already famous before they marry the NFL player. So, is it the money thing? Hoping they make an NFL Wives show?

BuzzFoto Blind Item

Which Latin star with a great intellect, an amazing body and lots of talents is being cheated on by her partner for a very old, unattractive waitress? The star has no idea the extent of the affair but has been suspicious ever since he came home with a new STD.

Michaele Salahi Would Not Leave Neal Schon Over Anything

Earlier this week, posted a full frontal naked photo that Neal Schon took and then sent to a married woman. Everyone thought Michaele Salahi would leave Neal over this photo and that it put a strain on their relationship. I think that is crap. First of all he sent the photo two years ago so if anyone should have a beef it should be his ex. Second of all, do you really think Michaele is going to walk away from big bucks and the soon to be reality show. Oh yeah, she is out there pitching it. Remember when Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro did their show? Kind of like that but with more Courtney Stodden type posing and PDA sessions. Michaele wants to be famous. That is pretty much all she cares about and Neal could send photos of himself all day long to every woman he meets and she will not leave him.

Christian Bale Tries To See Chinese Activist Under House Arrest

Christian Bale can get away with some stuff in China. He starred in a movie made in China and paid for by their government. It is also their nominated movie for best foreign film at the Academy Awards. So, when Christian decided he wanted to go see a blind Chinese human rights activist with a CNN crew in tow, he was stopped from seeing the activist by some thugs who keep everyone away but was not tossed from the country like everyone else would have been. Do you think the guys trying to stop him knew they were messing with Batman?

Bears Wide Receiver Is A Drug Lord - Arrested

I'm not sure how you can juggle being a successful NFL wide receiver and crime boss, but Chicago Bears wide receiver Sam Hurd sure tired to do so. Apparently Sam spent much of his downtime distributing and selling drugs in the greater Chicago area. Just wait until someone turns up a PSA of him telling kids to stay off drugs. Anyway, although he was selling 4 kilos of coke a week, he wanted more and he got greedy. Enter the federal government who set up a sting and the next thing you know Sam and his partner are arrested and charged with so many violations they will be in jail for a long long time. If Sam had stuck to his four kilos a week he would have probably kept going indefinitely. So, do you think this violates the NFL drug policy?

Rodney Atkins Says He Did Not Try To Kill His Wife

Country singer Rodney Atkins probably thinks to himself that he was just having a pillow fight with his soon to be ex-wife. She says that he tried to kill her by suffocating her with a pillow. Last month Rodney Atkins was arrested for domestic assault. The police report has been obtained and she says that after a night of heavy drinking that Rodney assaulted her and tried to kill her. Oh, and he did it in front of their son.

So, Rodney's lawyer spun and spun yesterday until she fell off her merry go round. At what age did you stop riding those for fun and just rode them to see how fast you could get on them before you were violently thrown off tempting serious injury and just get right back up and do it again. Wow do I miss unsafe childhood activities. Everything is so safe now.

Anyway his lawyer says the child was in earshot and that it was a verbal argument and that Rodney tried his best to make sure before they continued arguing that they did so away from their child. Uh huh.

Katey Sagal Attends Ft. Hood Ball

You know, Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake might have received all the press for their attendance at Marine Corps balls, but they also made sure they announced it to the press repeatedly that they were doing it and they announced it at the time their movie was being released. Not diminishing what they did at all, but Katey Sagal did the same thing they did this past weekend and no one uttered a peep. So, I figured I would take a second to say thanks to Katey Sagal for flying all the way out to Ft. Hood in Texas and attending a ball with Leland Slagle. Katey also brought along one of her friends who she set up with another guy. Katey posted some photos to her Twitter of the event but that is the only publicity she sought. I would never have known, if a reader did not send me the link to Katey's Twitter.

Christopher Hitchens Has Died

Christopher Hitchens—the incomparable critic, masterful rhetorician, fiery wit, and fearless bon vivant—died yesterday at the age of 62.

It has been so sad to read his articles every month in Vanity Fair knowing each one could be his last but the man never lost his sense of humor. For the past year he has been fighting cancer and he brought readers on every step of the journey.

Christopher also wrote for Slate and Gladys sent over a link to a best of Christopher Hitchens from there. You can read it here. RIP.

Jennifer Aniston Having Twins Is The Joke Of The Day

Star Magazine is slowly morphing into US Weekly/OK Magazine. Apparently they have realized that Jennifer Aniston pregnancy stories sell issues. They have also discovered that Jennifer will not sue them no matter how many times tabloids claim she is pregnant. The latest issue says Jennifer is pregnant with twins. You know, because her unborn fetus is already selling stories to tabloids and is tired of the other fetus hogging all the space. Jennifer took the unusual step of denying the pregnancy story. Usually they get no comment at all. I did notice her statement said she was not pregnant with twins. Of course if she is using a surrogate like people say Beyonce is using then she can honestly say she was not pregnant.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Random Photos Part Three

A very rare pap shot of Andy Garcia gets the top spot.
Ali Lohan continues her search for food.
Meanwhile, that might actually be a real smile from Lindsay Lohan.
Blake Lively takes a break from Gossip Girl to walk Ryan Reynolds' dog while
Michelle Trachtenberg continues to shoot.
Christina Hendricks and whiskey? Throw in some mistletoe and it is party time in the basement.
Another premiere for Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Rooney Mara brought along her
sister Kate to this one.
Demi Moore still not smiling.

Random Photos Part Two

Josh Duhamel and Fergie help celebrate's birthday.
Holly Madison is appearing in The Nutcracker. There has to be a good joke in that.
Justin Bieber gets pulled over in his Batmobile.
Jane Lynch does some Christmas shopping yesterday.
Katy Perry was doing some press for her perfume.
So how does a rumor get started about Lindsey Vonn and Tim Tebow? When she pulls a Tebow on a podium.
Marcia Cross looks great here.
Tom Cruise and the MI4 cast in Rio. Plastic surgery time?
Nicole Richie and Samantha Ronson canoodle.


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