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Will Smith Raps Fresh Prince Of Bel Air - In London

Blind Items Revealed

December 6, 2012

One leech disappears and another takes its place. This C list celebrity offspring of an A list celebrity has been approached by an old friend of the family. He says that he has always had a crush on the offspring and has been asking her out everyday and sending flowers and doing everything he can to get her into bed. His goal is to have sex with the daughter just like he did with the mother. This one will be revealed.

Ray J/Bobbi Kristina

Blind Items Revealed

December 4, 2012

This B list actress who is a very very good actress and is an Academy Award winner/nominee was overheard at a party being asked about her A list actor husband. The actress stated, "Well, he is a bit thick and it can be frustrating having a conversation with him about something other than how he looks, but he does look really good so that kind of makes up for all of it, doesn't it?"

Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz

Blind Items Revealed

August 9, 2007

#2 This former A list television star and now a "Didn't he used to be in?" kind of star who still works but not at the same level he did and his never higher than B list wife are each enjoying other people while remaining married for the sake of their child(ren). Each parent takes a turn at home with the kid(s) while the other goes off with their current flame. It works out well except when they need to be photographed in public. They need each other for publicity sometimes but are loathe to ask for a favor from the other. Their solution? They actually charge each other to show up for photographs. This way the other person needs to be really sure they want the person to come along and is not just saying it.

David Duchovny/Tea Leoni

January Jones Was Told By Liam Hemsworth That He Was Single

So, yesterday, I learned that the night of the pre and post Oscar party that January Jones was told by Liam Hemsworth that he was single. Apparently January does not read any tabloids and didn't really even know who Liam was exactly. She thought he was a good looking guy and January had some drinks and the next thing you know they were making out. She had no idea he was dating Miley Cyrus and says the last thing she wants is to bring more negative publicity on herself when she was finally digging herself out of the last two holes she put herself in. She says that Liam said he was single. She asked if he was dating anyone and he said no. Could she have asked his name and then Googled him quickly to see? I suppose. January has made some really bad decisions in the past, but from what I have been told, this is not on her, and she is upset people are thinking it is her fault.

Blind Items Revealed

December 3, 2012

This DWTS pro let himself be set up on a date despite having a girlfriend that he saw after his date. Sex twice in a night with two different women.


Elisabeth Hasselbeck Gets Fired From The View

I know Elisabeth Hasselbeck's views were not to the liking of everyone. In fact, I would say a good portion of the population disagreed with her. I would also say a good portion of the population agreed with her. That is the way the population is in America right now and with her off the show and Joy leaving, if you get two more that are just like everyone else, then all you will have is everyone always getting along and just joining in lock step to kiss the butt of whatever subjects they discuss and whatever guests are on. It will be plain and vanilla. When Elisabeth was on, at least you know there could be the possibility of a fight or an argument. Now? Not so much. Even Bill Maher knows a panel of all agreeing guests is boring which is why he brings on people who have differing views than his own. I think this is a bad move on the part of The View.

Blind Item #1 - Easy Easy

This B- list mostly movie actor has spent the past 48 hours in one big orgy of women and booze. From the moment he landed, he has not spoken to his B+ list celebrity girlfriend and has just been on a rampage. he also has been telling everyone that it feels so good to be free and that he never thought he would escape.

Jennifer Capriati Is A Stalker

Former number one tennis player and the ex of Matthew Perry, Jennifer Capriati might be facing a warrant for her arrest for beating and stalking and threatening her ex-boyfriend. According to the report, Jennifer is accused of calling her ex over 100 times in one day while he was at work. Yeah, that is every five minutes based on an 8 hour day. That does not even include texts. Oh, and get this, Jennifer also enjoys a little violence with her stalking. She stormed into a health club on Valentine's day where her ex was working out and started punching him in the chest. A worker there saw it and called 911 so Jennifer fled. She was tracked down by the police, but was not arrested at the time. 100 times in one day? Damn.

Friday, March 08, 2013

Random Photos Part Three

Turns out his name is actually Spencer. Used to be on The Hills.

Britney Spears goes on her daily shopping trip.
Yeah, this is Chris Brown's condom Halloween costume.
Yellow must have been the celebrity color sent out in the mass e-mail yesterday because Jessica Alba wore it too.
Carmen Electra and Ryan Lochte are finally having sex together.
First time appearance of Chris Hunnam in the photos.
Eva Longoria is holding a cute cat, BUT it is not
Grumpy Cat.
Anne Hathaway and her parents.
The top 10 American Idol finalists.
And Mariah Carey at their party.

Random Photos Part Two

Justin Bieber in the hospital. Lost that sympathy vote pretty quickly after this. When is rehab?

James Franco got a star on the walk of fame.
Kevin Costner and his wife after dinner.
The good news for Women's Health is that Smash is still on the air. It would have been embarrassing to have Katharine McPhee on the cover if it had already been canceled.
Amy Adams and her boyfriend on the way to work out.
The amazing Michael J Fox.
Maya Rudolph and her baby bump.
Nikki Reed and Rumer Willis prove anyone can be a DJ.
Stacy Keibler doesn't seem too concerned with her impending breakup with George Clooney.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

 Renee Zellweger is back from Paris. She sure has been getting snapped a lot lately.

Remind me again what Selena Gomez saw in Justin Bieber.
Salma Hayek gets ready for baseball season. Goes over the signs. Psst. No wedding ring either.
A very cold day in NYC for Sarah Jessica Parker and her twins.
Shemar Moore takes the Corona beach commercials to a new level. Brings it in the water.
A rare Victoria Beckham driving photo.
Can Vin Diesel really ever relax at this photo shoot?
Will Arnett takes his kids to Disneyland.

There Are No Words

Just enjoy.

Blind Item #6

This A list singer and B list mostly movie actor is always traveling with friends. Well, at least he calls them friends. The thing is he is paying them all to be there with him. No one actually likes him all that much despite how he comes across to the public.

It's A Cat Compilation

I think the headline should make you want to watch it without any further prompting. It's cats and there are more than one.

Blind Item #5

This former B- list mostly movie actress who is now a C+ had a fling with this A list politician after he thanked her for her support.

Another Tabloid Jumps On The George Clooney & Stacy Keibler Breakup Wagon

For months I have been shouting that George Clooney & Stacy Keibler are done. Yes, she went to the Academy Awards with him, but, she was not sure until the end if she would be asked and George had no desire to debut someone new at the very end of award season on a big night for him. Bringing Stacey let him focus on himself and not a new person. George likes focusing on himself. Now US Weekly says the end is near between the couple.

Four For Friday - She Is A Serial Cheater

Today is Friday so that must mean it is announcement day. Well, I guess it could be on a different day, but I like it to be on Fridays. I'm not sure how I feel about the restaurant Fridays though. Are you supposed to feel like it is a Friday when you go in there? Maybe if I got drunk enough that would happen. Anyway, I will be blogging all weekend and tomorrow there will be reveals from the blind item archive. I am sloowly approaching 20K followers on Twitter and when I get there I will have a very juicy reveal. Very juicy.

This actress is just about A list. Academy Award winner/nominee. I would put her at A list, but she does not work as much as an A lister would. if she chose to work non-stop she would be A list, but when you do one movie a year or maybe two, it is tough to be called A list as a female. Until not that long ago, no one really knew much about our actress. She never really appeared on any tabloid screens and then one day she went from nothing to headlines blaring. She had broken up one of those perfect relationships between a couple consisting at the time of a B list actor and actress. Obviously not on her own. The guy played an equal part. That awkward first moment when the mistress meets the girlfriend lasted about 30 seconds before the girlfriend suspected something was up. Soon thereafter the girlfriend was given her walking papers and the mistress became the girlfriend. It was not even three months later that she found herself being romanced by this A+ list mostly movie actor and cheating on her actor boyfriend with the A lister. Well, at the same time she was cheating on her actor boyfriend with the A lister she also started seeing her old boyfriend. This is the boyfriend she cheated on with the actor she was now cheating on with the A lister. So, yeah, you counted right. She was juggling three guys and they all thought she was being exclusive with all of them. She did this while filming movies and traveling all over the world. Until the last couple of years, this was always her pattern. Cheat and find and cheat and find and sometimes add in a guy from the past too.

Your Turn

It has been awhile since we had a free for all Friday on Your Turn so have at it. Plug what you want to plug. Sell your etsy stuff or send people to watch your favorite cat videos or to go see your favorite band. Share a recipe or talk about what is bothering you. Today is your day.

Blind Item #4

This A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has always tried dating guys while an actress. In her previous career though, before anyone knew who she really was, it was all women, all the time. Don't even bother guessing Jodie Foster.

Sofia Vergara Is Having A Baby

The Enquirer is reporting that Sofia Vergara is having a baby with her boyfriend Nick Loeb. Yes, the same guy who appreciates a great stripper and orgies and coke parties and would have been a great politician because of those traits. Instead, he is just a guy and a guy who breaks up with Sofia frequently. Sounds like the perfect pair to have a baby together. Sofia and Nick are having the baby via a surrogate who is one of Sofia's friends. A very good friend.

Courtney Stodden Like You Have Not Seen Her Before

Yes, this is Courtney Stodden, and yes, this is what happens when a 16 year old is allowed to marry a 50 something year old who probably is scared to touch her.

Blind Item #3

This B- list mostly movie actress who is now doing television is so hooked on drugs that she does them on set of her show. You would think that would get her fired, but she does all kinds of pills and other drugs with the full knowledge of the producers who feel it is better for her to be doing it at work then home alone.

Katherine Webb Says She is The Juliet Of Alabama

It has only been two months since anyone outside the state of Alabama even knew who Katherine Webb was. Now? She is everywhere. Apparently all that success has gone to her head and she told vanity fair that she and her boyfriend are the Romeo & Juliet of Alabama. Do you think either one of them have even read it? Someone probably said that and Katherine thought to herself that it would make a great quote if some small town Alabama newspaper cared enough to print two words about their marriage at some point. Instead of that though she got to say it to Vanity Fair and tell them about her big huge new network television debut. Jumping off a diving board.

Blind Item #2

This almost A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and not named Catherine Zeta Jones spent two weeks at a mental health facility within the past 12 months and it was not for a movie role.

Miley Cyrus' Relationship Is Now Complicated

Just a few weeks ago, Miley Cyrus was under the impression that her boyfriend had stopped cheating and that finally she was going to be the one he wanted to see everyday and she was going to stop doing what she was doing and everything was going to be great. Then, for one of the first times, her boyfriend got caught publicly cheating. Photos, witnesses everywhere. Even though she has been saying everything is fine, sources close to Miley say the relationship is now complicated. You know what "it's complicated" means? It means one person has broken up or checked out of the relationship and the other has not accepted it yet or you have an open sexual relationship which is too lengthy to try and explain so you use that phrase. Not saying that Miley and Liam don't enjoy a threesome, I'm just saying I think it is the first explanation, rather than the latter.

Blind Item #1

This former A list female tweener and still B list celebrity/reality star used to be best friends with this C+ mostly movie actress. Our female tweener then decided to have sex with the boyfriend of the actress and called the actress during it to tell her. Yes, she was wasted out of her mind, but, because of that she has no female tweener friends.

Demi Moore Wants Spousal Support From Ashton Kutcher

Demi Moore finally got around to filing her own divorce papers after Ashton Kutcher had previously filed his. Demi decided to f**k with the little kid for a bit and ask for spousal support even though she is way more rich. Think about that. Ashton has been the highest paid actor on television the past two years and making about $25M a year and Demi hasn't done squat to get a high paycheck in years and is still worth way more. So, you have to love that she is asking for spousal support and for Ashton to also pay her attorney fees. He is such a tool and to get it over with, maybe he will pay her some spousal support and then she can not cash his checks and when he finally runs out of money she can cash them all at once and call it the ultimate Punk'd.

Marc Jacobs Fake Fur Coats Are Actually Real Fur

If you have ever decided to buy a faux fur Marc Jacobs coat and pat yourself on the back for your love of the animals, you might want to take that coat off. It turns out that independent tests of the coats were done and found to be dog hair. Not just any dog hair, but raccoon dog hair which are skinned alive for the coat. The investigation was conducted by the Humane Society because the faux seemed way too real. Did Marc think no one would ever find out? This is going to turn into a huge lawsuit and a big apology and probably blame on some $1 a day Chinese worker.

Lindsay Lohan Is Still Refusing To Do Rehab Or Jail

Lindsay Lohan could have this entire mess out of her hair if she was willing to go to jail for 11 days. That is all the time she would have to serve and this would be over. She could have done it already and there would have been no need for her attorney to look like and act like an incompetent fool. If Lindsay cannot stomach the face of 11 days of jail where she still gets to take her bazillion pills a day she could go to rehab. That is going to be 60 days though and not as many pills. Lindsay is refusing to do any of it. So, in 10 days when her trail starts, I can't wait to see the look on her face when she is sentenced in the lying to cops case and sentenced for violating her probation. 11 days is going to look great about then.

Joy Behar Is Leaving The View

When you turn on The View, and I have to admit I rarely do, Joy Behar always seemed like she was on a different level when it came to jokes and humor and a step ahead. Whoopi can be there with her, but sometimes just phones in some days. Joy never does. Yesterday, Joy announced that after 17 years on the show, she will be leaving. Her contract is expiring in August and she is going to be the host of her own show and won't have to fight to get a few seconds of speaking or bow everytime she approaches Barbara which can get annoying everytime you pass her in the hallways.

Rushed To The Hospital Was Phrase Of The Day - Justin Bieber & Kelly Osbourne

Yesterday there were two separate instances where headlines blared that celebrities were rushed to the hospital. In the first instance, Kelly Osbourne was actually kind of rushed to the hospital after suffering a seizure while doing Fashion Police. Contrary to popular opinion it was not because she stared at Joan Rivers too long. The seizure lasted about 30 seconds and Kelly was covered with a white sheet when she was put into an ambulance. A short time later she was feeling good enough to Tweet but is staying in the hospital until today at the earliest because doctors are trying to find out what is wrong with her. It is pretty rare for adults to have seizures isn't it? Unless some other outside factor contributes? I have heard of low blood pressure causing it. Maybe starving herself would cause that?

The other rushed to the hospital moment was not much of a rush. Justin Bieber apparently passed out during his show but got some oxygen and carried on until the show was over. You know, because he doesn't want to let down his fans after being late. Hmmm. A really bad PR week for Justin so he passes out on stage to get the shock factor and then after he finishes the show is "rushed" to the hospital. Not buying it. 12 year olds will though. He plays tonight.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Random Photos Part Three

January Jones demonstrates what happens if you drink too much during the day while Renee Zellweger and Zoe Saldana get to know each other.

Fergie and her baby bump head to lunch.
Yes, it is Ashley Greene but look at the guy photobombing in the back.
Also being photobombed is Kirsten Dunst.
No photobombing. Just Hilary Duff and her son.
LaToya Jackson was filming her reality show while thinking of ways to exploit her niece and nephews.
I'm not sure what Jessica Biel is wearing here.
Jessica Chastain and her boyfriend in Paris.
The amazing Joan Collins.

Random Photos Part Two

And just like that, Jennifer Garner realized what exactly Ben Affleck said at the Academy Awards.

Pimpa Joe takes a stroll outside Jimmy Kimmel.
Justin Bieber just looks more and more like an idiot.
Katie Holmes gets her legs waxed and then
does her oral sex impression.
Louie Anderson and his new best friend, Katherine Webb.
Lil' Kim pulling together a look like only Lil' Kim can.
Psst. Lisa Rinna you might need to get a larger size top. Just sayin'.
AnnaLynne McCord is hoping the brunette look will make people forget she was on 90210.


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