Saturday, February 16, 2013

Don't Try This At Home

Have you ever thought about riding a skateboard and then leaping off it to do a backflip down six stairs and landing on another skateboard and continuing on your way? Then this video is for you. Have you ever wanted to watch a guy practice riding a skateboard and then leaping off it to do a backflip down six stairs and failing miserably with bone crushing intensity? Then this video is for you.

Blind Items Revealed

September 14, 2011

This now pretty much unemployed actress who once was on a hit show for this almost network and has been in this spot several times was so wasted at a show that she knocked down several chairs in an attempt to get to hers, talked louder than anyone else at the show and was just a really big mess. She needs some help. Fast. It is seriously out of control.

Taylor Momsen

Blind Items Revealed

July 7, 2011

Being married to a wealthy actor probably has its benefits, but as this bride is learning, it can also be a pain in the butt. Our actor is a solid B lister, probably forever because of all his television work. Although lately it has been slacking, he had a very, very good run. His forays into movies have always sucked.

Our actor requires his wife to ask what she can wear that day. He also requires that she only speaks at parties when she is spoken to, and cannot offer up any tidbits on her own, especially while our actor is speaking. The wife must eat at the same time as our actor. All expenses she incurs must be approved in advance by him. Oh, and she has to ask permission before getting to leave the house alone.

Kelsey Grammer

Blind Items Revealed

May 31, 2011

This out B list television and movie actress just cannot resist cheating on her significant other. At this point, she does not even care who it is, or if she gets caught. She is confident her significant other will not leave her. She is kind of turning into the female version of Jeremy Piven.

Amber Heard

Lindsay Lohan "Borrows" Money From Ashton Kutcher

If Lindsay Lohan can't find a date for the night and Charlie Sheen is not answering his phone, apparently Lindsay Lohan can always count on her ex Ashton Kutcher. Oh yeah, you forgot they had sex a few times. You know, Wilmer Valderrama was first and Ashton came along later. Anyway, according to The Enquirer, Ashton is a walking ATM for Lindsay. She is always asking him for money and he is always giving it to her. Nothing extreme. $1000 here and $1000 there and Ashton knows that despite Lindsay telling him she will pay him back that he knows he is never going to see it again. Hey, at least Ashton knows if he invites Lindsay over she probably won't steal from him. Probably. Now that Lindsay has three guys on rotation though, I think she is doing better financially. At some point though she is going to have to figure out what to do to improve her financial situation permanently.

Blind Item #2

Have you wondered why this B list mostly television actress got back together with her foreign born B list celebrity boyfriend. Well, for one thing her ex did not focus on her enough which in her world translates to taking her to enough places and events and going out. When she ran into her ex at an event they were having sex within 20 minutes. She split with her then boyfriend shortly thereafter. Although she is extremely happy to be back with her ex, there is one thing she could do without and that is the threesomes he insists they have every week or two. This will be revealed.

Brendan Fraser Is Broke

Remember when Brendan Fraser made those Mummy movies and was raking in $20M+ a year? Well those times are long gone. The former A list mostly movie star who has now dropped to a B-/C+ wants to lower his child support and alimony payments. He says he can't afford the annual $900K payment he makes to his ex-wife which also supports their three children. According to The NY Post, Brendan was once worth $45M. That is a ton of money to blow. With no Mummy movies in sight and not being all that great of an actor Brendan wants to conserve what he has left for as long as he can. Considering that his youngest child is 6, he has a lot of paying still to do. Brendan's ex says he is hiding money which he probably is, but he also has "medical issues". Yeah, and those medical issues are very expensive. I wonder if they have something to do with the fact that he can't get work.

Blind Item #1

Fashion Week was a mess. It was the last straw. This former almost A list celebrity who is now a bouncy C partied so hard and did so much coke it is a wonder she even has a nose. When she goes back to LA it will be rehab time. her family will insist on it. She is her own worst enemy. She is bruised and battered from running into things and falling down and as the week progressed was having sex with random guys she picked up at parties. Some people thought she might end up dead last week.

Amanda Bynes Wants To Weigh 100 Pounds

Besides plugging every brand of clothes or companies that she would like free items from, Amanda Bynes spent her 2 minute interview with US Weekly telling the world exactly how much she would like to weigh. 100 pounds. You must be telling yourself that she is the same height as Snooki or something. You would be wrong. Amanda is 5'8". Currently she weighs 121 pounds because she lost four pounds since she moved to New York. Her goal weight is 100 pounds and she considers herself fat right now. A woman who is 5'8' should weight about 145 pounds and on the very very low end could weigh 126 pounds. Obviously 100 is crazy. This is Amanda Bynes we are talking about here. I wonder if she blames it all on munchies after smoking pot 24/7.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Random Photos Part Three

Simon Baker gets the top spot because he got his star on the Walk Of Fame and he seems to always look the same age no matter how old he gets.

Brooklyn Decker has gone on a campaign to get women to stop showing side boob.
There are some days when I really love Britney Spears. The looking good with two packs of smokes you know she is going to finish in one day is one of those days I love her.
Charlize Theron goes shopping. Brings along her assistant to push.
Meanwhile, Anna Faris does her own carrying as she loads up on toilet paper.
Miley Cyrus and her mom at Fashion Week.
Christina Ricci was there in some really big shoes.
Long time no see, the lovely Sofia Coppola.
Anne Hathaway did some good work yesterday helping out the cause to stop violence against women.

Random Photos Part Two - Valentine's Day

Charlie Sheen spent Valentine's Day with his youngest kids followed by

sex on his dining room table with his pornstar girlfriend.
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban went out to dinner in Hollywood.
Rihanna went out solo the night after ignoring Chris Brown at a club they were both at.
Emma Roberts and her boyfriend spent their first Valentine's together.
Ditto with John Mayer and Katy Perry who ripped up her tablecloth and wore it in honor of the day.
This couple got married on top of the Empire State Building.
Jessica Simpson bought herself and her man lunch.
And even wife beaters and cheaters like Chad Johnson can find new love for the day. His current girlfriend is the daughter of Ron Popeil of Ronco fame.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Jessica Chastain showed herself in public for the first time since the death of her biological father last week. Here she is with Olivia Wilde at a Fashion Week show.

I know it is the camera angle, but Rudy from The Cosby Show looks like she is going to smack into the cement.
Kimberly Stewart out shopping with her daughter.
I guess that is one way to give a dog a bath, although you would think Mariah Carey would have people for that.
Melanie Griffith doing some last minute gift buying yesterday.
Mila Kunis hanging out with a friend yesterday who has not taken a photo of Ashton Kutcher in his pajamas.
Instead of going out last night, Chris Evans and Minka Kelly made food at home.
Rosario Dawson and a well bundled up Danny Boyle.
Steve Martin out riding his bike yesterday. He never used to get papped but when you make news, your photo sells.

The Proposal Prank

Blind Item #6

This former A list actress who has bombed in movies and made her fame on television is now a B list who can't get work. People were certainly wondering who the guy was who she was canoodling with on a plane and in the airport before splitting in the airport and the paps could see them together. I wonder what her husband would think.

Canadian News Anchor Accidentally Gives Sex Tips

Blind Item #5

This aging A list Academy Award winner/nominee actor is dating the teenager who was his son's date to the prom.

The 9 Year Old Who Gave Birth Was 12 - Stepfather Is Father Of Baby

Last week I told you about Dafne, the girl in Mexico who gave birth. Originally, police had been told the girl was 9. t turns out that after the world jumped all over this, police discovered the girl was actually 12. I'm not sure how that makes it better, but I guess it does until you discover that the father of the baby is the girl's stepfather who is 44 and that the stories about mom wanting the girl to start turning tricks at 12 to help the family make a living is true. Oh, and that the stepfather sleeps with all the daughters is true too. The stepfather (above) turned himself into authorities who made him answer questions of the media.

Four For Friday - Out Of Fame

Today is Friday. It feels like this week has gone on forever. A three day weekend is sounding good, but I will be here everyday of it with a full day on Monday.Tomorrow I will have a blind item reveal or two or three. I tend to go overboard on holiday weekends because of the drinking. I would love for you to follow me on Twitter and I will have a huge reveal when I hit 20K followers. You can follow me @entylawyer

This celebrity at one point reached A list as far as celebrity goes. She was getting acting roles and she thought she had made the transition from celebrity to big time actress. At one point she had three networks all chasing her and wanting her for a show. What does she have now? Nothing. No endorsements, no club appearances, nothing. The only thing left is a few bucks and trying anything to get back where she was just a short time ago. She has discussed writing a book and blowing the lid off the marriage of one of Hollywood's squeakiest celebrity marriages. She had sex with the husband almost everyday for two years. When that ended so did her career for the most part. She used to have endorsement deals. Gone. She was a terrible actress but because of her body kept getting roles. She thought she should be considered a serious actress so refused anymore sexy roles or anything topless. The offers dried up and when she realized she that she was ok with being sexy if that was the only way to get work it was too late. Producers had moved on to the next person in line. Bad decisions with boyfriends, especially the one who had no idea she was seeing the married guy. Now our celebrity has been trying to get stories leaked about her or showing up half naked in places she knows paps will be just to get a photo taken of her or someone to talk about her. She misses the fame more than anyone you have seen. To have so much and have it taken away.

Your Turn

This is a three day weekend in America and I know most parts of Canada had one last weekend. My question is do you actually go anywhere on your three day weekends or do you just stay home?

Blind Item #4

This A list mostly movie actress was overheard talking to one of her friends about the husband of the actress. It turns out that he could not handle their recent baby and it has caused him to have a meltdown. He has moved out of their place and wants nothing to do with the child and is pretending the whole thing never happened.

You Can't Buy Tiffany At Costco

For years Costco has been selling what they call Tiffany rings. For years Tiffany did nothing about it saying they had no idea something like this was going on. Tiffany said it was only last year they discovered from a customer tip that Costco had sold thousands of rings they called Tiffany rings. Tiffany is suing. I understand Tiffany wanting to sue. What I don't understand is how no one from their company or customer or salesperson or anyone else from the company ever noticed what Costco was doing. What it shows to me is that no one at Tiffany does any kind of market research or sees what is out there or why Costco suddenly had a huge share of the diamond sales. I also find it hard to believe that in the past few years no one wondered why Tiffany diamonds were 50% cheaper at Costco and no one said anything to Tiffany.

Bruce Willis Demonstrates How He Makes His Daughter Laugh

Blind Item #3

This foreign born and newly married A list singer was on vacation with his wife. During the flight he went to the back of the plane and the next thing you know there is a huge commotion. It turns out that the singer got himself locked in the lavatory and when the door was finally opened it turns out he was in there with a flight attendant. The wife was standing right there waiting when he got out.

When A Secret Daughter Is A Downer - Gossip Wise

When you see a Congressmen Tweeting during the State Of The Union and you discover that the person he is Tweeting is the person photographed above you start thinking to yourself this is going to be massively juicy. Then you discover the Congressman is single so it will be less juicy, then you discover that the 24 year old bikini model is actually his daughter and then you feel bad for thinking what you had been thinking and that the guy was just having a conversation with his daughter but really couldn't because she was a secret that he only discovered three years ago and people would jump to the wrong conclusions about their relationship. Not that we would do that. The only people that would do that are those that judge. None of us judge.

Blind Item #2

This B- list comedic actor has had his share of trouble in the past. He divides his time between television and movies and is on a middling network show now. He also has a drug issue which has caused him to lose work in the past and which had him destroy a set during rehearsals about six weeks ago. Someone said something to him and he knocked over tables and smashed through the walls of the set. It took the rest of the say to rebuild the damage he caused.

Amy Locane Sentenced To Three Years In Jail

Amy Locane of Melrose Place fame was sentenced yesterday in her vehicular homicide conviction and received 3 years in jail. Combined with time off for good behavior and the 81 days she will be credited, Amy will probably get out of jail in a little over 2 years. As you can imagine, the family of the person she killed are not happy. They had expected and wanted the judge to sentence Amy to the maximum of ten years. The judge gave her a break because one of Amy's kids has a serious medical and mental disability and would suffer more if Amy is in jail.

Blind Item #1

This A+ list movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has a special secret that she shares with her former boyfriend who is a former A list celebrity and now a solid B. Even though our actress is married, she still has a place right next to her ex and when she is in town and he is in town and they are both alone, they always spend the night together. He is the only one who has ever got her to do certain things. He is also the only person who has ever convinced her to get high.

Thandie Newton Was Abused At 16 By A Director

Speaking to CNN, Thandie Newton shared a story of hers that is repeated everyday in Hollywood and around the world and which is why I try to expose as many of them as I can. At the age of 16, Thandie was subjected to a sexual assault by a director. He basically made her have sex with him for a part. True casting couch stuff. When she was 18, she suffered even more and the result of that suffering is still out there. "The director asked me to sit with my legs apart – the camera was positioned where it could see up my skirt – to put my leg over the arm of the chair. Before I started my dialogue, I was told to think about the character I was supposed to be having the dialogue with and how it felt to be made love to by this person. I was thinking this is so strange, why would I need to do that? But this is the director, there is the casting director, [it] must be normal. I’m 18 years old, you know, and I’m thinking this is, obviously... I was in a protected... there were boundaries. It turned out the director... used to show that video late at night to interested parties at his house – a video of me touching myself with a camera up my skirt."

Britney Spears Swears It's Her On Scream & Shout

You knew there was going to be some type of response when Eve went on Watch What Happens Live and said that she had heard that it was not actually Britney Spears singing on Scream & Shout but some other person instead. Eve didn't know fir sure, but it s what she heard. As was expected, yesterday, Britney's spokesperson says it is BS and that Britney sung on the track and some random guy from the studio asked the question whether Eve was even there. That kind of question scares me because it is not a denial. Also, lots of time people aren't places but they hear things. Kind of like how gossip works. could not be reached to respond to what Eve said, but he has said he liked working with Britney on the song and that she did go in the recording studio. That of course does not mean they used her stuff.

Life & Style Is Not Backing Down From Tom Cruise

When Tom Cruise sued Life & Style ( I realize photo above is In Touch, but it is the same company and you know who is on the cover of the Life & Style issue) for libel claiming their story that he abandoned Suri after his divorce was not accurate he probably expected them to back down quickly and apologize. I think he forgets that this company, Bauer publishing is the one who took on David Beckham and his affair story and won. The Hollywood Reporter has a great article up about the discovery that is being requested and a lot of it has to do with Suri and Scientology. Oh how I wish a DNA test was part of the deal, but instead it is things like Suri's emotional state since the divorce and how often Tom actually saw her and spoke with her and how his adherence to Scientology played a part. And the kicker? The exact terms of the divorce. Love it.

Ashton Kutcher Is Cheating On Mila Kunis

In the new issue of Star Magazine, not only do you get grainy photos of Kate Middleton's baby bump, you also get a story from Sara Leal. Do you remember her? She is one of the many women that had sex with Ashton Kutcher while he was married to Demi Moore, but apparently the only one to profit from it. Because she is classy like that. Well, not content in her life as whatever she does, she decided to make a buck or two more and says she has proof Ashton is cheating on Mila. A photo of Ashton in his pajamas at his house taken by a friend of Sara's who says she is having sex with Ashton. Where does he find these people? Oh yeah, Craigslist.

Russian Meteor

The good thing about dash board cameras is they are always on. This compilation from various dashboard cameras in Russian cities show the impact of the meteor as it hits. The first 30 seconds is crazy. The remaining time is devoted to being blinded by the repeated impacts.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Random Photos Part Three

Paul Rudd gets the top spot because he is Paul Rudd.

Amanda Bynes is definitely having some Britney type moments.
Chris Martin out for a jog in London.
Appearing to be jogging, but actually just skipping is Catherine Zeta Jones.
David Beckham at his first training session with PSG.
Can you tell how skeeved out Demi Lovato is that Derek Hough is touching her?
Kate Bosworth was at the same event. No one noticed.
Eva Longoria headed through the airport.
Gwen Stefani posing like a tourist.
Alec Baldwin rides bikes and reads books at the same time.
Angelina Jolie takes some of the kids shopping. The rest of the kids are being forced to watch The Tourist for 24 straight hours.
Jennifer Lopez shows off her love of aluminum foil.
Remember that time a few years ago when Jennifer Love Hewitt thought it was irresponsible for magazines to post photos of her in a bikini and that women should be proud of their curves. So, welcome to the world of an airbrushed cover.
Jamie-Lynn Sigler shows off the baby bump.


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