Saturday, October 04, 2014

Blind Item #8

This A+list mostly movie actress was sitting in a restaurant and calmly fired her maid over the phone the other day. The noise level got louder when apparently the maid started trashing and breaking things in the house of the actress while on the phone. Our actress dropped some money on the table and ran out leaving her PR person behind.

Blind Item #7

Big relationship problems for this foreign born B list singer who might just be a one summer wonder. Apparently the whole sex tape thing and the things she told her boyfriend are not adding up.

Blind Item #6

This B+ list mostly television actor from a hit cable show tried to have sex with a groupie he picked up at a premiere event but was unsuccessful in his performance and then followed that up with puking all over the bed. Lovely.

Mr. X Blind Items Revealed- Old Hollywood

April 25, 2014

What recently deceased character actor used to publicly praise his former boss in public, but badmouthed him in private as much as he could? Might've been because the boss forced him, when he was still barely legal, to have sex with older actresses, most notably with the widowed wife of the VP.

Mickey Rooney/Louis B. Mayer/Norma Shearer

Mr. X Blind Items Revealed

April 25, 2014

Which A+ list songstress had a staffer write that pro-feminism blog instead of doing it herself? I wonder how much the staffer was paid for it...


Mr. X Blind Items Revealed

April 25, 2014

Which former A-list rapper/reality star has apparently moved his new mistress, a no-name groupie, into the Atlanta mansion he still shares with his wife?


Mr. X Blind Items Revealed

April 25, 2014

Which C-list actors turned reality stars are faking their marital troubles because they're really in need for some cash?

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott

Mr. X Blind Items Revealed

April 18, 2014

What B-list actress/model/celeb offspring stayed away from those reality star siblings like the plague at Coachella? She didn't want them to mooch onto her like they have with other celebs.

Zoe Kravitz/Kylie and Kendall Jenner

Mr. X Blind Items Revealed

April 18, 2014

What country music legend's family still insists that her last husband had a hand in her death?

Tammy Wynette

Blind Item #5

This B list celebrity/actress offspring was in the bathroom when the subject of #1 today was having sex. Apparently things got so crazy that the stall was broken and splintered and and managed to slice the arm and draw blood of our B lister.

Blind Item #4

This foreign born B list celebrity/actress/model/ is probably still famous for the foreign born A list actor she dated forever. Our celebrity/actress/model was at charity even the other day and told organizers she would bail unless a woman was asked to leave who was wearing the same dress as our celebrity/actress/model. The organizers did it even though they knew they would lose the donation.

Mr. X Blind Items Revealed

April 18, 2014

What '70's sitcom star's cancer is in remission, but she bought herself an elaborate gravesite just in case she didn't make it?

Valerie Harper

Mr. X Blind Items Revealed - Kindness

April 18, 2014

What A-list actor and multiple Oscar nominee donates boatloads of cash anonymously to several autism charities, in his son's memory? His "wife" hit the ceiling when she first found out, but she's ok with it now.

John Travolta

Blind Item #3

This former A list mostly movie actress is now still a solid B list. She is crushed right now because the guy who took her virginity and who she thought she was going to marry cheated on her when she was out of the country.

Blind Item #2

"Does it look like I am dressed to go wander through a haunted house?"

This former A list tweener actress turned please give me any kind of movie B list mostly movie actress who lives by name recognition alone telling organizers she would only walk the red carpet for her paycheck. For someone who doesn't get much work she sure does act like a diva.

Blind Item #1

I'm not sure why she is married or if this is part of her marital duties, but this married A list celebrity who has also done reality and a long running television show not only had some bathroom sex with her companion for the evening but also orally serviced him during a garden party the other night.

Friday, October 03, 2014

Random Photos Part Five

This is the daughter of Cindy Crawford. I think she is 13. The great thing about her is she wants to be nothing like the Kardashians.
Christina Milian left Lil' Wayne at home last night to go party with
Adrienne Bailon who continues to dress like the sister of her former boyfriend.
Tyson Beckford and
Dascha Polanco were also there.
Chrissy Teigen walks the streets of NYC.
What do you think the closets in Diane Keaton;s house look like? How many white shirts does she have?
Ellie Kemper filming yesterday.
Ellen Pompeo yesterday after announcing she has a new baby via a surrogate.

Random Photos Part Four

Emma Stone is about to go all Gene Kelly in the rain.
Emma Thompson really gets into the characters in her book.
Gilles Marini makes his dog a star.
Jenna Ushkowitz and
Hannah Simone were also at the event with their dogs.
The Goopster actually looks good here. She was headed to her mom's new play.
Hugh Grant and
Damian Lewis playing some celebrity golf tournament.
Jennie Garth pulls out her spandex and her dog for a walk. With her long blonde hair, you throw in a trashed hotel room and she her own 80's hair band.

Random Photos Part Three- Michael Kors Party

Emmy Rossum
Alison Brie
Rachel Zoe
Julianne Hough
Nina Dobrev
Aubrey Plaza
Zoe Kravitz
Abigail Spencer
Lori Loughlin

Random Photos Part Two

Jake Gyllenhaal and Seth Meyers looking sharp together the other night.
Jennifer Lopez gets the side eye as she walks by in a fairly revealing dress.
Julianne Moore and Ellen Page play lovers in their new movie.
Kate Mara after dinner last night.
Kristin Cavallari looks like she had a rough night hanging out with the likes of
Carmen Electra and Gretchen Rossi.
Marisa Tomei was at a clothing line launch.
Lots of pink to kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Liz Hurley is on the left and I also spy Nikki Reed and her ex Paul McDonald.
Rachel Bilson and Autumn Reeser get ready to cheer.

Random Photos Part One

Five parts today.

Rihanna in more clothes than she has worn all year combined.
Rosie Perez out last night at an event honoring Muhammad Ali.
Reese Witherspoon is remarkably cheery after yoga class.
Sarah Jessica Parker found a check on the ground and some really strange pants.
Sofia Vergara just refuses to give up on bell bottoms.
Ashley Tisdale at the Walking Dead season premiere.
Norman Reedus was there flanked by Lauren Cohan and Andrew Lincoln.
Danai Gurira looks really good here.
Vanessa Paradis out shopping with her boyfriend.

Blind Item #10

Our favorite foreign born B- list singer and sometime actress is at it again. Her boyfriend did not give her the career help or money she was looking for so she is cheating on him (as is her norm) with an up and coming reality star for at least the next few weeks to take advantage of his fame. 

Police Officer And Boy With Cancer Share Some Dance Moves

Blind Item #9

I'm shocked punches were not thrown last night when this A- list mostly television actress from a hit almost network show crossed paths with the current reality star who used to be a reality star before she tried singing and acting. The two were bff for a short time until the brother of the reality star got what he wanted. The A lister did say something about the reality star being evil and using some not so family friendly adjectives in front of it.

Off Topic

I love Broadchurch and want to love Gracepoint as much. I am waiting until this weekend to watch the first episode of Gracepoint. 

Blind Items Revealed

March 9, 2014

This amazing and gorgeous foreign born A list pop singer in her own country and probably a B- lister here got really tired of the incessant flirting by this former A list tweener who now just tries to shock the world on a daily basis with her antics. So, our foreign born singer called the former tweener's bluff at a party prior to the Grammy Awards and the former tweener backed down in about two seconds. Our foreign pop singer told the former tweener to come back when she was ready for a woman and not just image games.

Jessie J/Miley Cyrus

Four For Friday- Stabbed In The Back

Tis Friday. I looked at some Shakespeare the other day and still can't really appreciate it by just reading it. The old English just makes for too much thinking and not enough enjoying. Now, if I see it on stage, then it comes to life. I just realized that it is about a month before the anniversary of the site and the annual MV clue. I am excited about the fall even though it will probably top 100 here again today. If you are around this weekend and hiding from Ebloa, why not stop by because I will be blogging all weekend. If you would like to follow me on Twitter, I am @entylawyer

#1 - Behind the scenes the staff of this late night show are all looking for jobs because they know they will all lose them if their boss doesn't start improving.

#2 - This married B- list mostly television actress is hated on the set of her almost network television show. Quick to act like she is the star, even though she isn't, she also likes to name drop and is always telling her hair and makeup people about the party with so and so and the gifts from so and so and annoys the workers to no end. What really makes them talk smack about her though is that she refuses to even acknowledge one of the staff if she sees them outside of the set.

#3 - This B+ list celebrity is having trouble getting work other than as an accessory or selling stupid products because she talked smack about this A+ list mogul/reality star who she dated briefly. He is the king of the worlds she is in and no one wants to cross him.

#4 - This B- list mostly movie actress who uses more than two names has been documenting her experiences with this B+ list mostly movie actress and is going to write an unauthorized biography with lots of dirt the B+ lister shared in confidence beneath the sheets.

Your Turn

Friday free for all. Just plug what you want to plug and promote what you want to promote. This is your chance.

Blind Items Revealed

March 8, 2014

This B list mostly movie actress who is only a B because of a certain franchise is about to get canned from her latest movie. Apparently she is truly awful in the movie so far and has no chemistry with the co-star and the director wants to know again why she was cast. Hint. It rhymes with Fasting Bouch. Apparently there is still a chance to save it but she needs to go now.

Ashley Greene

Blind Items Revealed

March 6, 2014

Most of the time when a show is at its peak is not when it is canceled. This show was at its peak and viewership was at a high and it could have run for many more years. The cast all wanted it to run for more years, but the network pulled the plug. They were scared of the show. There were too many instances where the network had to put out a fire that would have ruined the image of the show. There were too many drugs on the set and too much sex and the network didn't want a scandal. They just wanted the show to stop filming and to get rid of it as fast as possible. Of course, in their haste they left behind two cast members who were going to turn out just as bad. While the show was being filmed, guest stars would show up high or know they could get great drugs even though the cast was so young. There are episodes that cast members don't even remember shooting because they were so wasted. The sex was everywhere and the problem for the network was the age of the cast. Some were above 18 and some were below 18 and parents were always calling and screaming and executives feared everyday there would be some type of statutory rape claim or some lawsuit filed by a parent or extra on the show. Everyday the show aired the network felt like they were rolling dice. You had to knock before opening a closed door because inevitably someone would be doing drugs or having sex. No wonder the cast kept wanting to shoot the show. One of the bigger drug users and sexually active cast member was given her own show, or close to her own show. She had producers fooled into thinking she was an innocent cast member and they paired her up with someone who spouted bible verses and producers thought went to church multiple times each week.


Blind Items Revealed

March 4, 2014

This A+ list mostly movie actor made a secret phone call last week to this A+ list mostly movie actress and told her he would appreciate it if she skipped a certain Oscar party. It was bad enough that he was going to have to listen to his wife complain about her during the show but could she please just skip the party after. Apparently our A list actress was going to go out of spite but is just too nice.

Ryan Reynolds/Sandra Bullock/Blake Lively

Blind Item #8

This A- list mostly movie actor who has been a+ or close to ti before and has also been on a hit television show started a commune with his wife although on the commune no one is a wife apparently. All people are free to do what they want. Sounds like an excuse to have sex with a bunch of strangers while you get wasted.

Blind Item #7

This permanent A+ list actor might be getting old but it didn't stop him from getting one of his daughter's friends pregnant. The actor might even get married which would be a shocker even bigger than George getting married. They do have something in common though movie wise.

Amanda Bynes Is back In NYC And On The Edge - Prescription Pill Shopping

Honestly, if you told me at some point this weekend that Amanda Bynes died, I don't think I would be shocked. She flew back to NYC last night after spending the day in LA. One of her few friends from fashion school said that Amanda called her looking for the phone number of someone who sells drugs. Amanda can get her own pot, but she wanted something harder. She was looking for prescription pills. I can't imagine Amanda being stable enough to combine pills, booze and pot and not have something happen. The only support system she has are people who want free stuff and there are very few of those because hanging out with her is not fun at all. I still can't believe her parents just gave up on her. 

Blind Item #6

The offspring of this B list acting couple went home to her mother's house after spending a weekend with her dad and said that her dad had a woman spend the night who was definitely not the actor's recent celebrity/actress girlfriend.

Blind Item #5

In what has to be one of the crazier hookups I have heard about, this now married A+ list singer was not married, but in a relationship when he smoke pot for several hours with this former A+ list tweener who now is a b+ list singer who parties too much. The two hooked up while she was still with that actor boyfriend of hers at the time.

Blind Item #4

At a premiere the other night, this former almost A+ list mostly movie actor, who is an Academy Award winner/nominee had his significant other service him with her hand during the movie. The people next to them could not believe it was happening but then again, with this guy, anything is possible.

Bethenny Frankel Is Ordered Not To Repeat Her Hello Kitty Photo

A judge in Manhattan yesterday ordered Bethenny Frankel to stop wearing her daughter's pajamas. The photo of Bethenny wearing her 4 year old daughter's Hello Kitty pajamas was posted online and the judge rebuffed entreaties by Frankel's lawyer that it was all a joke. The judge said she didn't find it funny and had her own friends call her and express outrage about the photo. The judge said Frankel's child is not a laughing matter and now the photo will be on the internet for all eternity. I thought it was in really bad taste for Bethenny to post the photo and all it did was show how incredibly skinny she is that she could wear her daughter's pajamas and not even be all that small on her. It is hard to believe a gorwn woman can wear the same thing a four year old can wear. 

Blind Item #3

The wedding of this B list mostly movie actress and her A+ list actor boyfriend has been delayed. Postponed. It might even be called off if she keeps hooking up with different people on the set of her new movie. 

Blind Item #2

This teen B list mostly movie actress was left in tears the other day when a designer said they didn't have anything for the actress to wear because she was too big for their clothes. But, they would give her some shoes. She is at most a size six and has had issues in the past so that was not a good thing to hear.

Blind Item #1

For someone who claims to be sober, the booze followed by the trips to the bathroom every ten minutes at dinner the other night is probably not the way to prove it for this former A list athlete turned celebrity and some time reality star who has been in some juicy scandals over the past few years. 

NBC Camera Operator Has Ebola - Reporter In Quarantine

A NBC camera operator is being flown back to the US after becoming infected with Ebola. Ashoka Mukpo from Rhode Island was working in Liberia with Dr. Nancy Synderman, who is NBC's chief medical correspondent. She has been placed in a 21 day quarantine. Ebola has been in the news for much of the past two months, but in a I hope they get that thing contained over in Africa kind of way. As we watched from afar I think many of us were wondering how come they could not get the outbreak under control and if they would only follow proper protocols that everything would be fine. Then of course there is the man in Dallas who was diagnosed with Ebola, but only after he was already in a hospital and they let him go for almost a week to spread the virus before he came back and they realized what they have. There are so many things that could have been done from not even letting him get on an airplane to fly, but the way this has all been handled since he arrived in the US. Even now, people who have been exposed to him have not all been put in quarantine or told to stay indoors. Cleaners refuse to clean his apartment. A man who was with the victim while the victim was vomiting has not been warned by the CDC to take any extra precautions. If we are having such a hard time getting control of this or diagnosing it, then it is no wonder that in Western Africa they are having issues considering the resources they have are much more limited. My fear is that this mutates into an airborne virus which seemed out of the realm of possibility before but as the disease is allowed to flourish and the outbreak not contained, I fear it may happen.

Teresa And Joe Giudice Sentenced To Prison

The judge yesterday was not happy with Joe and Teresa Giudice. Teresa would probably have got no jail time or been able to serve her sentence under house arrest but the couple basically shot themselves in the foot and gave the judge no choice but to lock them away. Before handing down Joe's sentence, the judge threatened the couple with a perjury charge because they had omitted almost a million dollars of property from their financial disclosure statements which they had also filed almost six months late. The judge said that through their actions and their never ending habit of trying to manipulate and deceive that it was hard to be lenient on them. If they had filed the paperwork on time and been honest, the sentences would have been much lower.

Instead, Joe got sentenced to serve 41 months in jail which he will begin serving after Teresa serves her sentence of 15 months which she will start serving on January 5. If I were Teresa I think I would have started serving my sentence next month. Yes, she would miss these holidays, but would be home for them next year. The federal time off for good behavior is not like in states, especially like California and there is no assurance if she starts in January that she will be out until after the holidays next year. As for Joe? He says he needs rehab for a booze problem and he has to spend the next 18 months knowing he will be going to jail for 3.5 years. After he gets out, then he will find out if he is going to be deported back to Italy. 

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Random Photos Part Five

Britney Spears went to a gym to workout. Unusual. Probably will be set up with a trainer as her next boyfriend.
Emily Ratajkowski is a rare visitor to the photos because I hate typing her name.
Fergie is a nice simple name.
Gerard Butler checks out the woman behind his girlfriend because he can never likes to run out of options.
Hilaria and Alec Baldwin in Spain.
Holly Madison shilling for something in Vegas.
Iggy Azalea out shopping yesterday.
Jessica Simpson have a long night and end it at the airport to fly home.
Jennifer Garner in NYC promoting her new movie.


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