Friday, January 07, 2011

Your Turn

A couple of questions this week. With all the snow all over Europe and North America recently, I was wondering what your favorite snow day was or day you played hooky from school or work. If you can't think of one, how about your New Year's resolution and have you kept it through the first week.

Ted Williams Reunites With His Mom

Have you been following the Ted Williams story this week? No, not the dead baseball player. This is a homeless guy discovered by the Columbus Dispatch who has a golden voice. I mean like crazy good. Anyway, he had not seen his mom in 20 years so of course all the morning shows had to fight to see who would get to show the moment. They fought so hard that it ended up costing Ted an additional couple of days before he could see his mom. My question is what if the woman had died in the intervening days. Do you think the morning shows would have felt bad?

Below are the videos of Ted meeting his mom and singing.

Campaign Donor Licks Mary Bono's Breast

When Sonny Bono died, his wife ran for election and won the seat Sonny had held. I think it would have been more fun if Cher had won, but now I might have to change my mind. There are some pictures floating around in the world which shows Mary Bono having her breast licked by one of her campaign donors. The woman, a billionaire is currently under investigation by the FBI, but apparently had some time to do some tequila shots off the what looks like surgically enhanced breasts of the Congresswoman.

Is this what you get for campaign donations now? I better start giving.

Rielle Tells John Edwards's Kids To Call Her Mommy

The National Enquirer is continuing their fascination with all things John Edwards. In their issue this week they claim that John Edwards proposed to Rielle Hunter over the holidays. You know, just three weeks after his wife died of cancer. He also thought this first Christmas without mom would be the perfect time to introduce Rielle to all the kids. You know, so they could all get past the whole mom dying thing and focus on things that are important like Rielle and the baby she had with John.

During this encounter with the kids, Rielle allegedly told them to call her mom. If this is true and I put a big IF on it, that would be gall of epic proportions. Hey kids, I know your first mom died, but go ahead and call me mom because I will be moving in and trying to convince John to send all of you away to school while I make myself comfortable here.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

At a club just last week, these network reality costars were partying together and having a good time….. at first. They were signing autographs and taking pictures with fans and all seemed to be going okay. As the night wore on and the two had more to drink, they started to lose patience with one another. They spent the night trying to compete for attention and as they went to leave, one woman’s named was called out by a group of people for a photo. The other got so jealous she slapped her rival and then keyed her car. The two are currently not speaking.

Howard K Stern Walks

Remember when everyone thought Howard K Stern and the two doctors were going to jail and all the charges they face for allegedly conspiring to get Anna Nicole Smith drugs illegally. Yeah, it seemed like there were hundreds of charges. Yesterday though, two of the defendants, including Howard K stern walked away totally vindicated and free while one other person got a slap on the wrist and probation for a year. That is less than a DUI.

I still think they are responsible for her death. They are the ones who made it possible for her to take drugs and to continue taking drugs. If they had not procured the drugs for Anna and she was forced to get them on her own, would she have been able to get them? I don't think so. I am trying to imagine a totally whacked out Ana being able to handle all of that on her own.

Anyway, after the verdict was handed down by the Judge, Howard K said, that the verdict vindicated Anna and that she could not be controlled by anyone. I have my doubts, but the justice system has spoken. Prosecutors said they are going to appeal. I doubt they will though.

Live To Dance Not Long For This World

The premiere of Paula Abdul's new show, Live To Dance started off fairly well on Tuesday night. Not great, but good. People seemed like they were willing to give the premise and Paula a chance. Well, they must have only wanted to give her one chance because the show tanked on Wednesday night and barely, by the skin of a vodka being sipped from a red plastic Coke glass managed to hold on to third place for the hour. Yep, when the second episode of your show almost can't beat the CW, then you know you are not long for this world.

There is nothing wrong with her new show, it is just that it has been done before and there is nothing really special about it either. I wanted Paula to succeed because I still feel bad about her decision to walk away from all that money thinking she was going to find fame and fortune somewhere else. She had not got it anywhere else between the end of her recording career and Idol so I don't know what made her think she was going to get it somewhere else.

Camille Does Not Know Why People Don't Like Her

Camille Grammer went to the one place where she felt like she could get the kind of positive coverage she wanted. So, she went to Kneepads. They ran a brief interview with Camille, but it does not make her look much better. With the news that she did get out of her contract with Bravo for next season and that the other Housewives are passing around links to Camille's soft core porn past, Camille wants people to know she is not like the person she is portrayed to be on Real Housewives.

She says things like having four nannies for two kids was Kelsey's idea but she is getting blamed for it. She also says that she does not know where this attitude towards her is coming from. Please. I feel for her that she is going through a divorce, but I would also be surprised if she cares about anyone other than herself. Have you noticed that all the other parents have had their children on at least briefly? Have you seen Camille's kids? Does she know their names?

I think the editing has actually been fair to Camille. The problem is with the exception of Nick, she treats everyone around her poorly. Her only friends get paid by her so they are going to say nice things. The two people who came to her dinner party are probably the only "friends" she has.

Ted C Blind Item

Poor Princess Powder-Puff, the put-upon young star hasn't exactly had an easy time of it with the fame game. Drugs have been a staple for the talented girl, let's be honest. If you had her high-pressured life, you'd probably resort to chemical addiction, too, right?

Well, that combined with your mom screwing your friends, and you probably would...

Yep, right after PPP had one of her infamous moody incidents (covered widely by the media), everybody blamed the pretty chick for getting too whacked out on myriad drugs. That's partly true.

But get this: The main reason Powder-Puff went on that particular bender was because she'd just found out that one of her longtime friends and business associates had been seduced by her own damn mom!

This was a very hard blow for Ms. Powder-Puff. She had always hearted (big-time) this particular dude, who's sweet, good-looking and—most importantly—truly cares for Princess. And she had also gotten her hopes up.

See, Puff's never had much luck with the dudes. And yet she'd finally wrestled herself out of her latest bad relationship with a skeezy guy, and thought she'd take her friend/slash biz guy up on an oft-implied romantic interest. Ya know, maybe finally settle down with a good-hearted, sensible type.

But just as PPP was considering how to shyly go about it, in swoops Princess's momager! Like she's some kind of older Angelina Jolie, or something!

It was also doubling devastating to Princess, because she and the woman who birthed her always had a jealous thing going on. Ever since they both embarked on the fabulously wholesome world of child entertainment together, mom never entirely concealed how much she wanted to get in on Princess's money, sweat and fame. And Princess had always sort of brushed it aside.

Well, not after that, she didn't.

The two barely speak now. And folks have no idea why.

Uh, now they do.

And It Ain't: Mischa Barton, Selena Gomez, Lindsay Lohan

Thursday, January 06, 2011

My Strange Addiction & Toddlers & Tiaras

I finally had the time to watch My Strange Addiction last night. My mom promised me cookies and pie if I watched with her so I got sucked into a TLC marathon of My Strange Addiction and Toddlers& Tiaras. Lets start with Toddlers & Tiaras. $50K in 8 months for pageants which have one $1000 winner? Seriously? Dresses that cost $600 which will only be able to be worn like once before the child gets too big. Madonna cones on a two year old? This was my first time watching the show and I was pretty much horrified. I knew what was going to happen kind of, but I did not know it was going to be quite like that. It was like the kids were animals and were given sugar to perform and sugar to be quiet while moms and one crazy dad pulled and prodded and put fake eyelashes on their toddlers. Crazy. Oh, and the previews for next week. The woman who does some kind of bird call at her kid. Wow. Oh, wait, wait. The line of the night. When Ava's dad said people are just sitting around eating potato chips while messaging about her kid. Umm, I don't think he has missed too many potato chip bags himself.

As for My Strange Addiction, I feel so bad for the woman who eats household cleanser. Not only because she was abused and molested as a child, but because she had to remember to keep saying household cleanser instead of Comet or whatever the heck it was that she was eating 10 times a day. Hard to watch. Not as hard as watching the woman in the ads for next week eating her hair, but still hard. The tanning girl? Her mom looked younger and was 20 years older. I also have decided they must film these things in one day, maybe two because the cleanser eating woman was wearing the same clothes for her talk with her daughter and visit to the therapist and dentist too? For sure the therapist. The woman with the cats? She is allergic to them an she has to work 3 jobs to take care of them?? What happens if she can't work? How bad do you think her place smells? I see a future Hoarders show. It is because of that woman they are having the animal hoarder show.


Camille Grammer is not returning for the second season of Real Housewives Beverly Hills. This is awful news. What has been the best Real Housewives season ever thanks to Camille now will just be average like all the other cities. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Camille just is not interested in rejoining the cast for another season and the article does not even speculate as to whether Camille would get her own show. I will go on the record as saying she would be awful in her own show. The reason? She would probably want control of editing so we would never get the same Camille we get now. What this means for Bravo is they should immediately go through all their footage and try and make as many extra episodes with Camille as possible. Oh, and make the reunion show Pay Per View and promise the psychic will be on the show too. Oh and that Camille and Nick will have sex in front of everyone including his wife. And that Kim will drink.

Hurley's Numbers Pay Off Big

So, if you were one of the winners in Tuesday's night Mega Millions that was worth over a third of a billion dollars, I am guessing you might be a Lost fan. The winning numbers were 4,8,15,25,47 and the Mega Ball was 42. Four of those numbers were Hurley's winning Lotto numbers in Lost and if you had played Hurley's numbers you would have won $150. Not quite the $355M that was claimed, but as Damon Lindelof Tweeted yesterday, 9,078 people played those numbers. Lots of Lost fans.

The Goopster Continues To Amaze

Just when I think The Goopster cannot get any more strange, she does. Tomorrow she is on Rachael Ray to plug Country Strong. Has anyone noticed the ads have gone away from that trailer version with The Goopster in every shot and instead they seem to be going with Blake Lively Leighton Meester in every ad. I wonder why. Anyway, getting back to The Goopster on Rachael. Apparently because she plays an alcoholic in the movie, The Goopster drank some alcohol to prepare for the movie. Maybe.

"You just get really drunk all the time. Which is awesome! At least I did anyway, it's not very professional. There's a Bloody Mary at 10 a.m. and keep it going all day!"

The reason I said maybe above is because when she talks about the professional part it makes me think she was taking method acting to the extreme and drinking while shooting?!? I can't see that. I think she just wants us to think that.

She also talks about Tom Cruise. Quick, think of the movie they were both in together. I thought of it in two seconds, but The Goopster had to scan through her vast body of work to think of it, and then says that Tom was the best kisser in a movie she has ever had.

"I did a little cameo once at the beginning of Austin Powers 3, I think it was, and I got to make out with Tom Cruise. He was an amazing kisser!" I think he practices a lot on his stuffed animals.

Jaime Pressly Busted For DUI, Blames Crab Man

Jaime Pressly was stopped for a traffic violation last night by Santa Monica police. Shortly after she was stopped, she failed a field sobriety test and headed off to jail. Apparently, Jaime was allegedly very hammered. Like double the normal limit. She did not have her child with her and there were no other people in the car. My guess is she went to dinner with someone not her husband, drank her face off and attempted to drive home. I also bet she pleads guilty at some point down the road. I'm just glad no one was hurt.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

While getting ready for an upcoming awards show, this B list, aging musician literally ripped her dress to shreds at a fitting when she tried it on. She was upset because it was too tight, but what she was really venting were her frustrations that she had gained weight. Two months prior, she had tried on the dress and it fit. When she tried it on later and it was too small, she got so angry she ripped it to pieces in front of the designer.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Today's Blind Items

That certain couple on the big MTV hit reality show has been off and on. Not just because of his cheating though. Nope. It seems that he has also hit his girlfriend. More than once. She just keeps taking him back though.

Random Photos Part Three

Stan Lee finally got his star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame and Lou Ferrigno was there to celebrate it with him.
Is that some grey in Hugh Jackman's beard?

Amber Portwood spends some of that big MTV salary on eyelash extensions.
Apparently Alison Sweeney has a new book.
Thankfully, Ashlee Simpson does not.
If I only had a bowling ball.
How do you get through a metal detector with those pants Beyonce?
Cindy Crawford and family on vacation.
Chloe Sevigny & Pauly D??? WTF?? Even Matthew Modine's wife can't believe it.
Josh Duhamel seems to be suffering from some chafing. Know the feeling.

Random Photos Part Two

Did James Cameron break out Terminator sunglasses?
Sienna Miller looks at Jude Law's diaper pants.
The hand helps guide in Jessica Simpson for a kiss.
Kanye sends PETA a message.
Lorna Luft - New York City
Michael Caine and his beard. Going for the Santa look.
Matthew and Camila in Brazil.
Mena Suvari was out celebrating the premiere of The Cape. Also there were
David Frain, Summer Glau & David Lyons

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Miss Teen USA and Miss USA. Has any Miss Teen USA ever gone on to win Miss USA?

Nicolas Cage discusses really bad hair transplants.
Paula Abdul looking lovely.
Penny Marshall at a Knicks game.
Robert Sheehan and Claire Foy at the premiere of their new movie.
Salma Hayek on the beach. My day is complete.
And then there was Snooki. Looks like she got a new purse for Christmas.
What is that? A four foot height difference?
The Hoff in plastic.
Tim McGraw on the way into Letterman.

Lauryn Hill Doesn't Care She Was Four Hours Late

Last week, Lauryn Hill played a comeback concert in New York City. The show has Prince in the audience. Despite Prince being there and a sold out show, Lauryn decided she was far too important to start her show on time. Now, we are not talking 30 minutes late or even an hour. Nope. Instead of the scheduled 8:30pm start time, Lauryn did not take the stage until after midnight. When she finally did appear, the crowd booed. Apparently this did not please Lauryn. "Don't do that. That's disrespectful. I spent my entire 20s sacrificing my life to give you love. So when I hear people complain, I don't know what to tell you... I personally know I'm worth the wait."

Umm sacrificing your life? No one made you sing. No one made you earn millions of dollars doing nothing but singing. No wonder none of her Fugees band mates likes her.

Glenn Close Explains Her Navy Video Cameo

The US Navy fired Captain Owen Honor for his raunchy, horrible video that he made while serving aboard the USS Enterprise. Towards the end of the video, right after a scene involving condoms and lube, Glenn Close suddenly appears on the video. She was a visitor on the ship several years ago and made a video, which was cut into the video featuring masturbation, homophobic slurs and too many other unmentionable things. Glenn said, "I am distraught that my image has been used to perpetuate something that I abhor. The cynical, unauthorized use of my image in this video is deeply offensive and insulting, and was the result of a seemingly innocent request of me during a visit to the aircraft carrier over four years ago."

Nicole Murphy Is Broke

Somehow Nicole Murphy managed to blow through $15M in just four years. When Nicole Murphy and Eddie Murphy got divorced back in 2006, Nicole received $15M. Now, it is all gone. That means she blew through about $4M a year which is $350K a month. And that is not all, she actually owes about $6M. I guess her new guy Michael Strahan is not big on picking up checks. How do you blow through that much money that quickly? At some point when you see you are down to your last few million bucks you would think that your spending would be reined in. Guess not.

Montel Gets Busted With A Pot Pipe

Whether or not you think pot should be legal, I am sure most of you would remember to take your pipe you smoke it with out of your luggage before you tried to go through security at an airport. Most of you are not Montel Williams though, who was cited in Milwaukee for trying to take his pipe through airport security. You know, he probably wanted it on the plane in case of turbulence. Nothing calms you down like busting out your bong and smoking some pot with your neighbor on a plane. Makes that airline food taste a whole lot better too.

Sean Penn Is Still An Ass

Sean Penn gave an interview to The Hollywood Reporter. In the interview he seems bitter about his divorce. Umm, why? He says it is because he had to give up half his money. He is lucky that is all he had to give up. Robin Wright Penn had to put up with his sorry ass for so many years that she probably feels like she should have got more. I agree. Sean also says that because Robin got half his money that he needs to work. Huh? I would hope that as much as he gets paid that he is joking. He wants us all to know though that instead of working, he is struggling to get by and still volunteering in Haiti. Selfless guy huh?

Brad Womack Says He Deserved Slap

In order to actually get someone to watch the new season of The Bachelor, ABC is promoting the program by showing Brad Womack getting slapped in the face by Chantal O'Brien. Brad says the slap was hard and real, but that he deserved it and does not want Chantal prosecuted. Umm, so if he slapped her and she said she deserved it, do you think ABC would be promoting that?? What the heck is the difference? No one ever deserves to be slapped or punched and although Brad says he does not condone any violence in a relationship, I think his comments suggest otherwise. Chantal said she did it for all scorned women everywhere. And to get attention for life after the show. Next Bachelorette anyone??

John Travolta Guy Weekend

Right before Christmas, John Travolta had enough of the whole baby raising thing and left for a long weekend with three other guys. You know, some skiing and some hot tubbing up in Vermont. According to The National Enquirer, the group of guys spent their time skiing, eating and drinking. The source for the report also says that Kelly Preston wants John to tell her the truth about his sexuality. Don't you think he has probably done that? It does seem odd to go have a guys weekend right after the birth of his child though. You would think if anything he would have taken some kind of family vacation or at least made it look like one.

LeAnn Rimes Boob Job?

US Weekly says LeAnn Rimes got a boob job. If she got one, she did not go very big. Back when LeAnn and Eddie Cibrian started dating, Eddie's ex said that Eddie loved plastic after LeAnn had criticized Eddie's ex for being plastic. Well, if LeAnn did actually get them done it would make her kind of a hypocrite, but maybe she thinks she needs them to keep Eddie happy. You would think paying all the bills for Eddie and the kids would be enough. Supposedly LeAnn used the same plastic surgeon as Eddie's ex too. He probably gets a discount. His contribution to the surgery costs.

I Can't Wait For This Song

If tabloid reports can be believed, the total Jake Gyllenhaal spent on his brief relationship with Taylor Swift is about $200K. That includes flights and gifts and about $100K worth of coffee. What did he get for his trouble? A bunch of publicity and a song written for him on Taylor's next album. Hmm, wonder what those lyrics will have to say. It seemed like the relationship was doing great. I wonder if Jake moved to fast for Taylor. Spending the holidays with the family after only dating a month might have been too much, especially if they really did break up a month ago. That would put their breakup at about the week after Thanksgiving.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

This almost adult star who got their start on a popular Children’s network (not Disney) claims to be brokenhearted after being dumped by her older costar. She claims the two were involved for three years, even though he was in a relationship with someone else. When the source threatened to expose the relationship because of the celeb’s underage status, the star was adamant nothing illegal happened.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Today's Blind Items

This controversial Real Housewives star is about to have some added drama in her life. The tabloids are working overtime to get a bunch of stories about our Housewife and her glory days as a hooker. Not anyone in New York or New Jersey.

Brett Favre Sued For Sexual Harassment

Brett Favre is being sued by two female massage therapists who said that after they refused to have a 3some wit Brett Favre they were never offered work with the NY Jets again. Apparently Brett loved sending one of them sexts and the woman was married. Brett didn't care though and when the woman's husband called to demand an apology, Brett refused. A-hole.

Meg Ryan & John Mellencamp Affair

It is really interesting that within a few days of John Mellencamp announcing that he and his wife were splitting that all of a sudden Meg Ryan is everywhere with him. Meg, who had her career basically ruined when she was caught cheating on her husband, probably appreciates the fact she has no career to ruin this time. Meg has been seen at John's concerts and this seems like a relationship that probably had its beginnings while John was still married. Well, married and living with his wife. So, what do you think? Affair or did this "happen" after John and his wife split?

The Goopster On Jimmy Fallon

I am willing to admit when something is funny and The Goopster last night on Jimmy Fallon was funny. If you remember her last appearance and Shazzaz, then you will understand this appearance.

Crystal Harris Is An Excellent Liar

I don't think I would ever be willing to play poker against Crystal Harris. The recently engaged Playmate gave an interview to Entertainment Tonight and says she does not even notice the age difference between Hugh Hefner and herself. She threw out the whole age is nothing but a number line and then went home and pushed Hef around in his wheelchair while changing his Depends. Yes, an exaggeration, but come on. The guy is 84 years old. You are 24. If you don't notice the age gap then you are insane. She gave some stupid story about how she cannot even keep up with Hef. That is because he is getting up at 3am. That is when she is probably ready for bed. Crystal probably wakes up about 2pm, just when Hef is finishing his dinner and getting ready for bed, and the assembly line. She probably opens her eyes slowly to see if Hef is taking one of those little blue pills and then pretends to go back to sleep when she sees that little toothless grin.

Relationship News

Kelly Osbourne has a new boyfriend. A week after trashing her ex and saying she went back to London for the holidays to try and work it out with her ex she suddenly has a new boyfriend. You know I like Kelly Osbourne a lot and I want her to be happy, but this seems a little re-boundish Apparently she managed to get over Luke and find a new guy all in a week. The new guy is Rib Damiano who is in a band called Don Broco. That does not sound like something that will be very long term, but hopefully for now it will make her happy.Not making each other happy anymore are Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin. After 8 years together, the couple finally decided to call it quits. Well, Mila did anyway. It was her rep who gave the standard they will stay friends speech. I think there is way more to this than a couple just growing apart.


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