Saturday, August 24, 2013

Blind Items Revealed

June 5, 2013

This A list mostly television actress gave her significant other a big check, calling it a bonus, so he could get the ring she wanted for their engagement.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Blind Items Revealed

June 3, 2013

This former B list mostly television actress from a hit almost network show flew into a rage recently when her husband refused to authorize her purchase of several hundred thousand dollars worth of antiques. He said no. People looked the other way when she started screaming.

Blake Lively

Blind Items Revealed

June 3, 2013

This A+ list celebrity couple had a huge knock down drag out fight at their hotel after the husband turned up many many hours later than he was supposed to. It got so bad that his security team got into a fight with her security team. The show did go off without a hitch though.

Jay-Z and Beyonce

Blind Items Revealed

June 3, 2013

This A list celebrity with no apparent talent except being a diva despite all the things she does, tried to get a doorman fired at the hotel she is staying at. Apparently the doorman tried to strike up a conversation with her and she told him to never speak to her unless she spoke first and then tried to get him fired. The hotel refused.

Jennifer Lopez

Blind Items Revealed

June 3, 2013

This B- list mostly movie actor who is known for his acting, but also other things about him personally had finally found a girlfriend. Well, she thinks they are boyfriend/girlfriend and the tabloids do because he told her they were and his publicists did too, but he is seeing anyone that walks or talks and is willing to have sex.

Michael Fassbender

Blind Items Revealed

June 1, 2013

Despite giving this A+ list mostly movie actor his start and some of his biggest breaks, the A+ list actor no longer speaks to the man who gave him his start. Our A+ list actor has moved beyond all that and thinks of himself as a serious actor and not a person who would ever resort to that kind of role any longer.

Ben Affleck/Kevin Smith

Blind Items Revealed

June 1, 2013

This now B- list celebrity/multiple reality show participant has A list name recognition. She also thinks she is better than everyone else. This was the case even a few years ago before she was married when she had a one night stand with this C- list mostly movie actor who used to be a B lister and is still very much beloved for a certain role. She has repeatedly said that she has never even met the actor because she thinks he is beneath her station in life. He has photos from the night.

Nicole Richie and Jason Mewes

Kris Jenner Stars Spinning Khloe And Lamar Divorce - TMZ Gets On Their Knees Again

For the past month to six weeks, every story coming out about Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom dealt with Lamar cheating and all the women he was cheating with and all the sordid details of the cheating. Kris Jenner was not in control of any of those stories. She just had to watch and wait as it all happened and hope there were no more women. When everyone said the couple was set to divorce, Kris said there had not even been talk about divorce. You and I know that was a lie. Of course it was a lie. You don't have your husband cheat on you a bazillion times and embarrass you all over the world and not discuss it. That was a stupid statement by Kris, but she was tring to control the story.

Remember when Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian split? Kris Jenner went back and reshot a bunch of scenes for the show so she could show that Kim was a victim and that she did everything to save the marriage and that Kris Humphries was evil and blah blah blah. The story that they switched everything was gone in a few days, but those reruns of the show are out there forever.

Now, Kris Jenner has started feeding stories to their beloved Harvey at TMZ. Yes, the same TMZ that refuses to say anything about any Kardashian ever. They will probably die if Kanye marries Kim because then they will have to be nice to him.

TMZ is saying in an article they posted last night that Lamar Odom has a serious drug problem and that Khloe does not care about the affairs, but wants to save Lamar's life. It also says that when Lamar refused to go to rehab two day ago, Khloe kicked him out of the house. Umm, he has been living out of the house for over a month, and had been living in The Roosevelt for a month before that, so when did the kicking out occur? See, it's all spin. Photos of Lamar loading suitcases. Kris says, "This it it." Khloe kicked him out and here is the proof.

It's all a scam to make everyone named Kardashian look good. Does Lamar Odom take drugs? Yeah. He smokes pot for sure. other drugs? He is tested by the NBA all the time and has not been in trouble with them in a long time. TMZ called him a hardcore recreational user. If you smoke pot everyday, several times each day, that would make you, by definition a hardcore recreational drug user.

The divorce is coming. Kris is just making sure you see Khloe as some saint, who went above and beyond. Those scenes you will see on television. You won't see or hear a word about affairs or cheating, just Khloe being a saint, and TMZ will make sure they help.

Don't forget that TMZ and People are owned by the same company. They get a discount on kneepads.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Random Photos Part Five

Think this woman is in love with Alexander Skarsgard?

Well, she is going to have to compete with his girlfriend shown here.
Speaking of celebrity crushes, this guy seems to have a thing for Bar Refaeli.
Bethenny Frankel and her daughter.
Bella Thorne goes all out when its dessert time.
Courtney Stodden in the Celebrity Big Brother house and
being booed on entering.
The Beckhams at Disneyland.
Another day, another protest for Daryl Hannah.

Random Photos Part Four

Elizabeth Banks on the set of her new movie and

with her co-star, John Cusack. The pair are said to be getting really close while filming.
Elton John and David Furnish and their kids.
Eva Longoria prays to the red carpet Gods for a new boyfriend to be papped with.
I feel like there is something missing from this photo of Gloria Estefan. Like her legs.
Anne Hathaway ignores the paps.
Harry Styles with Cindy Crawford's daughter who is way too young.
In this situation, there are just too many women to look through to find the perfect one. But wait,
I think I have found Harry Styles' next older woman.

Random Photos Part Three

Josh Duhamel goes all shiny for his workout.

Jennifer Garner is back with her real son, and not her movie son.
Now that is a drinker. Jennifer Lawrence drinking Veuve from the bottle.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers kissing his girlfriend.
Kirsten Dunst and Garret Hedlund after their workout.
Kevin Federline is now married so is free to start packing on the pounds.
Keira Knightley with her usual smiley happy self.
Lana Del Rey takes a smoke break.
Lady GaGa's wedding dress.

Random Photos Part Two

Matthew Broderick and his baggy trunks takes a photo of Sarah Jessica Parker right before he tells the captain to sail away.

Naya Rivera hanging out in Malibu.
Mel B in NYC.
Yeah, I think I will let Miley Cyrus explain this hairstyle.
Milla Jovovich selling her new line of clothes.
Madeline Stowe makes a rare appearance in the photos.
Naomi Campbell practices her Charlie's Angels positions.
This is North By Northwest.
Orlando Bloom looks 18 here.

Random Photos Part One

Five parts today. Long time no see in the photos for Penn Badgley who is shooting his new movie. It is about him and his pet skateboard.

Rosario Dawson does her usual red carpet hamming it up while
Molly Sims and Matt Bomer keep it more formal. Not sure about Molly's diaper pants.
Ryan Kwanten smiles for a fan, but ignores the pap.
Samantha Ronson can't believe what Rita Ora just showed her.
Reese Witherspoon, Vogue and the Bahamas.
Seal has a new friend. As in more than friends.
Shenae Grimes channels Punky Brewster.
The Hoff says call him if you want to party.

Blind Item #10

This former almost A list mostly movie actress has not been in anything for a long time. Nothing. Just dropped off the map from almost A to nothing. poof. Gone. Some say it is a case of stage fright and that she can't be in front of cameras any longer, but there is a more sinister theory also out there involving her husband.

Blind Item #9

The husband of this #1 bestselling author says that as much as she talks about sex and writes about sex, that you would think they would be having lots of sex. Nope. Once every few months he said, if he is lucky.

Funniest Video Of The Year - So Far

Blind Item #8

This A list mostly movie actor used to be A+ list, but his box office numbers are starting to slide. Not trying hard enough or just to focused on finding his next transvestite? The married actor likes them very large, everywhere.

Blind Items Revealed

June 1, 2013

Back in the day, this A+ list Academy Award winner/nominee mostly movie actor was probably a B+ lister, but everyone still wanted to sleep with him. The problem is he usually had a high profile girlfriend. Didn't stop him sleeping with others, but he had to be careful. The most careful cheating he ever conceived was when he was dating this A+ list mostly movie actress who is also an Academy Award winner/nominee. His conquest would only agree to have sex with our actor at his home so he had to wait until his girlfriend went out of town. He then brought over this then A+ list celebrity who was dating an A+ list celebrity and had one night of fun. Neither of them has ever spoken of it publicly although the A+ list actress has threatened to discuss it and others have let slip bits and pieces.

A+ actor: Ben Affleck
A+ girlfriend: Gwyneth Paltrow
A+ celebrity: Britney Spears
A+ boyfriend: Justin Timberlake

Four For Friday - Strange Sex

I know school has started in a lot of places, but yesterday I saw some ad on Twitter that was encouraging teachers to already start planning their winter vacations. It is still August. I say you at least wait until after Labor Day to talk about winter vacations. The day after Labor Day is when all the Halloween stuff goes up, so then would be a good time to think about fall and winter. I will be posting all weekend and I do hope you will stop by for blind items and reveals from the archives. I have a couple that I have been pondering for the past few weeks. Oh, and if you would like to follow me on Twitter I am @entylawyer

A little something different today. I am going to give you the crazy half of a celebrity sex pairing, and you have to come up with the other half. Think things like Madonna and Dennis Rodman or Madonna and Jose Canseco or Madonna, damn she had sex with a lot of strange guys.

#1 - Paris Hilton and this A list mostly movie actor who is having a tough time keeping the A+ list he had after his franchise ended.

#2 - Lindsay Lohan and this A list mostly movie actor who had sex with her before she even turned 18. I think she was 17, but it might have been 16. No one has ever been able to confirm it for sure. Oh, and he is an Academy Award winner/nominee.

#3 - Tila Tequila and this aging Academy Award winner who has always been known as a ladies man and will forever be A list. Apparently he ran into her at a Lakers game and someone told him that he should invite her over to his place. She stayed a week.

#4 - Anne Heche and this Academy Award winner/nominee who also will always be A list hooked up at the height of her craziness. He has said he had no idea what was going on and that she was "way too advanced for him." Probably makes his actress wife thrilled that she gets to have sex with him.

#5 - Jessica Simpson and this A+ list celebrity/rap star hooked up after he was brought in to maybe help her with some songs when she was thinking of going in a new direction. She made a confession to him and one thing led to another and they spent all night together. They did end up recording one track together which has never seen the light of day. I don't know if he told his celebrity wife about it.

#6 - Zac Efron and this B+ list celebrity/singer hooked up. As crazy as she is now, she told him that she was a virgin at the time. He is totally not her type but she had a crush and used everyone she knew in the industry to get his number.

Your Turn

Have you ever been in a physical fight?

Blind Item #7

This C+ list celebrity/mostly movie actor who is probably more famous for the size of his c**k more than his acting, does have really high name recognition. Lots of people know the name, but no one is quite sure what he does except for that franchise thing. Anyway, he says has a sex tape he loves showing and is having a special party this weekend where he is showing it one more time featuring this male B- list celebrity/singer.

Blind Items Revealed

March 8, 2013

This former A list female tweener and still B list celebrity/reality star used to be best friends with this C+ mostly movie actress. Our female tweener then decided to have sex with the boyfriend of the actress and called the actress during it to tell her. Yes, she was wasted out of her mind, but, because of that she has no female tweener friends.

Demi Lovato/Camilla Belle

Blind Item #6

You have never seen in-laws get along as well as these two, except they are not in-laws yet. He does not have many friends. He is kind of in lock down mode and doesn't get to leave the house much. When he gets a new stash of Bolivia's finest, the first person he calls is his future celebrity sister-in-law. She appreciates it just as much as he does and if she happens to sometime sit on his lap while she does it that is ok right? It is not like he has married her A list celebrity sister yet.

Blind Item #5

What former female brat pack member spends most of her day inside at her house waiting for the various delivery services to come by with her pill prescriptions. Our actress, currently is taking about 50 pills a day and is barely recognizable from her days in some of the best movies ever.

Richie Sambora Is Gone For Good From Bon Jovi

After 30 years together, Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora have made it official. He is quitting the band or has been fired, depending on who you ask. After years of putting up with his booze and drugs and you know, being a rock star, Jon Bon Jovi got tired of Richie and said he was not welcome back. The group had been testing out a trial separation. Much like in relationships, those rarely work out. You leave, and then you start trying out new things or new people. You start wearing gold chains and wear tight pants. Maybe you start talking with a fake accent. Wait, this is beginning to sound like Gwyneth Paltrow. of course if it was her, then the gold would be Van Cleef and the pants would be wool made from sheep only raised above 20,000 feet and carried down by hand before being cut by Cartier shears and yeah, I could do this all day.

Blind Item #4

This A+ list Academy Award winner/nominee is moving over to television and told his co-star that he thought it would be best if she stopped calling the paps everytime she left her house so when they go out to talk about their new show that it will be fresh and exciting and people won't feel like they see her every second. And guess what? They are no longer speaking. This should work out well.

Khloe Kardashian Speaks - Kind Of

If you wanted to hear exactly what Khloe Kardashian has to say or feels about the whole Lamar Odom cheating on her with anyone not in a television show, Khloe has been silent. Until now. Even with this, I'm not sure what exactly she is saying. In a post to her Instagram (above), she seems to be trying to address the cheating, but is she telling us we don't know the whole story. Ohhhh, did Lamar give her the sex addict one? That is a good one. He just can't help himself and he needs to have sex with everyone all the time and while they are getting through their problems he is going to go ahead and keep having sex with strippers. The crazy thing in all of this is that Khloe is the one who has been trying to make it work with the guy. She is the one who has been begging him to not leave her. Begging the guy who has cheated on her 10 times and humiliated her in the worldwide press and she is doing the begging?

Blind Item #3

This blind took place in a group therapy session. I believe they are sacred, so would normally not even have a blind about what happens there, but apparently this still young, A-/B+ list mostly movie actress also discussed it with members of the group and some of their friends (who had not been in the session) outside therapy at a crowded restaurant. She says she is messed up and the reason is that an actor family member would get wasted and molest her and this happened until she was in her early teens.

Blind Item #2

This former almost B list mostly movie actress who is now a C- gets paid extra from guys to use her fake accent from the one hugely memorable role she had. This actress makes way more money from being with guys then she ever did making movies. If you bring your own drugs, she will give you a big discount though.

Blind Item #1

What B list female national news anchor with the interesting name was trying to hide in a corner of a hotel lobby. She was texting furiously before finally getting to see the man she had been waiting for. Definitely not her husband. Could it have been innocent? Sure, but holding hands to to the hotel elevator and her grabbing on to him tight, is probably not that innocent. Coming down 90 minute later all untucked and still a little sweaty, or wet from a shower, also probably not that innocent.

The Jennifer Love Hewitt Wedding Is Delayed

Just like I told you a few weeks ago, the Jennifer Love Hewitt relationship is very rocky right now. Rocky like the top of a mountain. You now, that part that only goats manage to be able to traverse. Jennifer says that her wedding has been delayed. She told Kneepads it is because she is pregnant and wants to look her best and that she wants to look cute again. Apparently she feels when you are pregnant, you are not cute? I don't get that. She says she wants to lose all her weight that she gained first. With any other person, I could see that. With Jennifer Love Hewitt, what this means is that she is hoping no one will notice when she doesn't get married to this guy. Jennifer loves falling in love. She will do it repeatedly. She is like Taylor Swift in that regard. Great at the first part and then not so good after the first month.

Sydney Leathers Might Be HIV+

Sydney Leathers just finished her first porn. She also just received the worst news possible. Her sex partner on the shoot had sex a few weeks earlier with the performer who tested positive for HIV. Yeah, so the adult performer already HIV when she slept with Sydney Leathers' partner. Sydney says she has been tested twice, and both were negative. It is still far too soon for her to breathe easy. Have her check back around Halloween and if she is still negative, then she is probably ok. Since porn was likely to be her future career, I'm wondering what she would do with her life if she is HIV+. She would have to get a regular job. She really couldn't even be a professional sexter anymore. Guys in their fantasies don't want to hear their possible partner is HIV+. Kind of ruins the moment. I guess she could still be a stripper or webcam model. McDonald's is always hiring. That sugar daddy website would get out of their deal really fast.


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