Saturday, February 25, 2017

Bill Paxton Has Died

Bill Paxton, truly one of the great actors and nicest people, has died. He was 61.

Blind Items Revealed #7

February 12, 2017

Her monthly income is not keeping up with her spending on drug use. This actress who was almost an A list television actress back in the day on that hit network show before crashing and burning her way through over a decade is thisclose to being homeless. For now, she will sleep on couches at friend’s homes. She says it is temporary. Only if she gets help, or we will be putting RIP after her name soon.

Mischa Barton

Blind Items Revealed #6

February 11, 2017

It was a charity event so the fact this A list model who got her start in SI was so rude to every person was not lost on the organizers. Before the event she demanded a hotel suite for two days even though she lives ten minutes from the venue.

Kate Upton

Blind Items Revealed #5

February 11, 2017

The only reason this C+ list celebrity of a foreign born permanent A list singer/actress got cast in a new movie is she was willing to have real sex and not simulated sex. Sounds like porn to me. She says it is an art film.

Chloe Lattanzi

Blind Item #4

Smiles for the cameras that his foreign born actress date called for to show the world they are a loving couple. In the limo though it was a whole other story and our B+ list cable actor from that hit show was beyond ticked off. Pretty tough to keep two high profile relationships going when cameras are trained at one.

Blind Item #3

This permanent A list mostly movie actor who everyone 50 years from now will still all know is cheating on his wife with someone a third of his age who works for PR for some shady holistic healing company.

Blind Item #2

It is not a love story that sent our favorite singing drug addict halfway around the world. She was protecting her turf so to speak. Her boyfriend has sex with anything that walks when she is not around and one of the women stuck around for two consecutive nights, so our singer dropped everything including a paid engagement to salvage her relationship and next record.

Blind Item #1

This foreign born former long time A+ list singer keeps talking about her deeply personal new record. I'm sure all the writers that sold her the songs for it don't really care what she says since the checks cleared but she didn't have anything to do with it.

Blind Items Revealed #4

February 10, 2017

On the guest list for this huge charity event was that A list acting couple who loves publicity. Last year when the A+ lister in the couple was promoting a movie he was there. This year he stiffed the organization and didn’t even write a check because he was not the star. His ex was.

Ryan Reynolds/Blake Lively/amfAR/Scarlett Johanssen

Blind Items Revealed #3

February 10, 2017

This foreign born A list rapper is not only a publicity freak and a nightly bareback stripper lover, but also racist.

Drake (made Muslim women take off their hijabs)

Blind Items Revealed #2

February 10, 2017

With his popularity waning because he is not on television each week, this A list mogul is threatening to pull his production deal with the parent company unless he gets back on the air now. Thirsty f**ker. Always likes you to think he prefers being behind the scenes. Nope. His ego is HUUUUUUGE. So, now the company is going to overpay for a worn out franchise from a different network.

Ryan Seacrest/American Idol/NBC

Blind Items Revealed #1

February 9, 2017

Everyone thinks she was born in the US, but nope. She is a B+ list dual threat actress who is willing to get naked fairly frequently. She is also hooking up with this B+ list mostly television actor from a pay cable show on the same channel as the actress. She thinks it is serious. He thinks it is something until he finds the next woman. Not exactly a faithful guy as his long time actress significant other discovered on a frequent basis.

Malin Akerman/Liev Schreiber

Friday, February 24, 2017

Blind Item #12

You remember that one hit wonder British singer who keeps swearing up and down that this time his new album will be a success? Yeah, the same guy who said he wrote the song about every famous person he ever wanted to hook up with. Yeah, well he has been drunk dialing his most famous model ex several times a week for the past six months. I doubt his significant other knows.

Blind Item #11

You can spin it or call it whatever you want, but there was no way on earth this A-/B+ list mostly television actress wanted to work with this B+ list mostly television actress any longer. No one does. The thing is though, the younger one tested better so if anyone was going to leave, it was going to be the older actress.

Blind Item #10

This still world class swimmer has no chance of passing a drug test for the next few weeks.

Blind Item #9

This B list cable reality star from that Hills show in a bar says she is dating a guy and she is definitely hooking up with him but her new boyfriend who she is crazy about is a married executive. A married guy is right in her wheelhouse.

Blind Items Revealed #5

July 7, 2016

This is awkward. This A- list mostly movie actor who has bombed in a superhero type movie says he wants kids. The woman he calls his girlfriend is freaking out because she does not want to be in the middle of all of this. Not what she signed up for.

Alexander Skarsgard/Alexa Chung

Four For Friday - Traditional

#1 - The people of this B+ list mostly movie actor who isn't doing much since his franchise ended are blaming his A/A+ list actress co-star from that franchise for his current substance abuse issues and that she got him hooked.

#2 - Trying for a spinoff reality show, this married reality star who everyone assumes is in the closet is trying to set his daughter up simply to make more money. He must know about the guy he is trying to set her up with though right?

#3 - This former Disney actress is now on the cover of a magazine which is just basically one big ad for yachting season. I actually thought she already made her deal but being on the cover can double or triple your fee.

#4 - Probably not the best way to keep your girlfriend happy. This former tweener turned B+ list group member yelled at his girlfriend during dinner. Not that whisper kind of yelling but full on yelling at his foreign born actress girlfriend. I think he wants to be single. He likes that much better.

Your Turn - Academy Awards - Best Picture

Hacksaw Ridge
Hell or High Water
Hidden Figures
La La Land
Manchester by the Sea

Blind Items Revealed #4

July 1, 2016

For someone who doesn’t have to do a whole lot to make the marriage look real, the wife of this dual threat foreign born A list actor sure does complain to her friends a lot about how much she is being paid each month.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Blind Items Revealed #3

July 1, 2016

There is a real fear this A+ list mostly movie actor will die soon because of his drug addiction. His long time celebrity ex paid him a visit which she told a friend was an intervention of sorts but he chose to ignore her advice.

Johnny Depp/Winona Ryder

Blind Items Revealed #2

October 31, 2016

This former B+ list mostly television actress from a long running hit almost network show has been quiet the past couple of years. Apparently she has been trying to save her marriage. She has been working hard at it, but the same can’t be said for her husband.

Leighton Meester

Blind Item #8

This B/B- list mostly television actress is hiding her Adderall use from her A list mostly movie actor husband. I'm not sure how he has failed to miss the weight loss and hair loss over the past six months.

Blind Item #7

Apparently the only member of his family who has met his husband is his eldest daughter. No one else in the family is really even sure what the status of this foreign born B list singer is. He is trying to keep things hush hush in the US.

Blind Items Revealed #1

February 8, 2017

I hope the jewelry this former A+ list NBA player gave his wife is fake because when he finds out she is still hooking up with someone and leaves again, she is going to hang on to that jewelry.

Scottie and Larsa PIppen

Blind Item #6

This foreign born A- list world treasure of an actress who is a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee hooked up way back in the day with this famous monarch who was married to a permanent A list actress.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Blind Item #5

Lots of fighting going on between this A-/B+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and his back in the day A- list actress wife. Apparently she got offered quite the part and he told her to turn it down or they would break up. I guess he is insecure. I'm not sure. She did end up turning it down and the project turned out to be a huge hit which is even making things worse between them.

Blind Item #4

I'm not so sure why this former reality star turned B+ list singer keeps picking these kind of guys. And by these kind, I mean guys who constantly cheat on her. I think she thinks she can make them change, Much like her last boyfriends though, this one is no different. The still kind of one hit wonder has been cheating on our B+ lister nonstop.

Blind Item #3

This foreign born one named singer/rapper/actor from back in the day had unprotected sex with each of the five strippers he had in his hotel room the other night while out of the country.

Blind Item #2

This celebrity offspring B+ list now mostly movie actress is married but she is hooking up with the director of her new movie.

Blind Item #1

This former B+ list mostly movie actress who has all but disappeared since hooking up with this foreign born A+ list actor had a dress made for the Oscars. If she came though, then our actor couldn't hook up with who he wanted so she is being forced to stay at home.

Meryl Streep Dumped Chanel For Oscars When Another Designer Agreed To Pay Her

Karl Lagerfeld has decided to talk about money and insult Meryl Streep.

In an interview with fashion bible Women's Wear Daily, the outspoken designer claimed that Streep backed out from wearing a customized Chanel dress to the Oscars this weekend because the luxury fashion house would not pay her to wear it.

In typical Lagerfeld fashion he lamented, "A genius actress, but cheapness also, no?"

Streep has since denied the designer's claim, with her management issuing a statement to The Hollywood Reporter saying it is against her personal ethics to accept payment for wearing gowns to red carpet events.

The comment comes after the outspoken designer was candid with his thoughts on the actress.

Lagerfeld told the reporter a dress was to be created for Streep for the Oscars ceremony this weekend where Streep is up for the best actress gong for Florence Foster Jenkins.

According to Women's Wear Daily, Chanel was commissioned to customize a grey silk gown for Streep from Lagerfeld's latest couture collection.

Lagerfeld had started to sketch the dress when a phone came in from Streep's people who reportedly said, "Don't continue the dress. We found somebody who will pay us."

Paying celebrities to wear their pieces, Lagerfeld noted, is against Chanel's policy. They do, however, gift dresses with Lagerfeld noting "After we gift her a dress that's 100,000 euros, we found later we had to pay [for her to wear it].

"We give them dresses, we make the dresses, but we don't pay."

This isn't the case for other fashion houses. In 2015 Isabel Wilkinson, a senior editor at The Cut interviewed celebrity stylists including Brad Goreski, Jessica Paster and Brandon Maxwell on the not often spoken about financial arrangements between celebrities and fashion.

Stylists are the ones who help fashion brands get their clothes onto celebrities and it's not small change. According to Paster, stylists receive between US$30,000 to $50,000 for these deals, and actresses can receive up to $250,000.

"The whole point of an actress having a stylist is so you can make more money, or more people want to hire you, or the brand that you're wearing is making more money because it's driving sales.

"It's all wrapped up in money — it's Hollywood — we're not at church," he said.


Grandfather Murders Son To Protect Granddaughter From Abuse

A 64-year-old man has been charged with murdering his son after the man believed his son had physically abused his 12-year-old granddaughter.

The Baldwin County Sheriff's Office in Alabama reported that at approximately 8:15 p.m. Tuesday night, deputies received a call of a shooting.

When deputies arrived they discovered 41-year-old Mark Hall lying on the floor of the residence suffering from an apparent gunshot wound.

Hall was transported to the USA Medical Center in Mobile where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

A preliminary investigation into the incident revealed that Mark, his 12-year-old daughter and Mark's mother had attended a softball game in Mobile.

On their way home, Mark received a phone call, in which he was given information about his daughter, that caused him to begin striking her inside the vehicle.

The striking or "popping" of his daughter, as BCSO investigators called it, continued until they arrived at his parent's residence.

When they got to the home, Mark announced his intentions of taking his daughter to his residence for the evening. Mark's residence is located directly behind his parent's residence.

As Mark was attempting to leave with his daughter, his father, 64-year-old Hubbard Junior Hall intervened.

Hubbard told Mark the he was not going to take the child with him and an argument ensued between the father and son. During the confrontation, BCSO investigators said Hubbard produced a .25 caliber handgun and fired one round into Mark's left side.

Hubbard was arrested and charged with murder in the incident.

He was transported to the Baldwin County Corrections Center where he is currently being held on a $50,000 bond.

Blind Item #12

This former A+ list mostly movie actress is a celebrity offspring. Lately she has had her friends who are throwing charity bashes invite her to parties where there are very wealthy single men who have RSVP's and has herself sat at their tables. Beats a dating app I guess.

Blind Item #11

Really interesting that this A-/B+ list almost television actress from a very hit almost television show has been hanging out with her supposed ex-boyfriend way more than the guy she is supposed to marry. This story gets even more crazy if you go back a dozen years. Basically traded in one family member for another.

Blind Item #10

Trouble in paradise between this A list movie director and his A list mostly movie actress girlfriend who is a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee. I don't think he quite knew how bad her pill addiction was when they started hooking up.

Blind Item #9

Want to see misery? Look into the eyes of this former franchise actor turned fairly frequent Netflix movie guy who is closeted and just can't seem to shake his actress celebrity offspring beard.

Blind Items Revealed #5

October 30, 2016

Apparently the end of the show could not come soon enough for these two actresses on this cable show who got into a shoving match at the final cast party.

Ashley Benson/Lucy Hale

Today's Blind Items - Diva'd Out Of A Main Role

Back in the day this actress was A+ list. She accomplished all of this while being in her teens. Yes, it was that period of time where the biggest movie stars in the world all seemed to be in their teens or early 20's. All of you know her. Every single last one of you. For years and years there is no way she would have let herself do television. She was far too good for that. Then, when you run out of money and your fame only gets you so many gigs, you start to change your mind. Always brutal to work with, she actually was sort of humble in that long running cable show where she starred for a number of seasons. After the success of that show though, she became difficult again and very demanding. If she was not going to be in the main cast, she wanted a lot of money to be a guest or a recurring. Her demands could be quite extensive too. So, along came this show. An almost network show that really wanted her to be part of the main cast or so they said. She heard from people behind the scenes that they wanted her name and a few others to try and get some people to watch but more importantly try and get it to season 2 and season 3. Meanwhile, her old cable network was calling with a new show where she actually would be the lead. How to get out of the almost network show where they were lying about her status until she signed and get on the show she really wanted? Our actress started listing out a whole slew of demands for the almost network show. Page after page. Revision after revision. She also wanted to be listed fairly high in the credits and wanted the fact she was going to be in it advertised. Here was her reasoning. What if her new show bombed? She wanted to be able to come back to the almost network show and them be backed into a corner and not able to swap her out with some other actress. It is quite the genius move.

Your Turn - Academy Awards - Best Actor

Casey Affleck, Manchester by the Sea
Andrew Garfield, Hacksaw Ridge
Ryan Gosling, La La Land
Viggo Mortensen, Captain Fantastic
Denzel Washington, Fences

Blind Items Revealed #4

October 25, 2016

Looks like it is over for this foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee. She is filming a movie in the States and he has been making moves on any woman he can while she has been working.

Cate Blanchett

Blind Items Revealed #3

October 24, 2016

This former A list mostly movie actor who took his cranky a-hole self to television for awhile left his date sitting at a restaurant table because she wouldn’t give him a hand job under the table.

James Woods

Blind Items Revealed #2

October 23, 2016

This former A- list mostly movie actress who now makes her acting living from an awful franchise made way more money the other night going home with a guy she met at a party than what she made for attending the party.

Tara Reid

Blind Item #8

For a brief second, this group with a date in their name posted a video of this younger sibling of our former almost A- list actress turned escort doing lines of coke off the naked chest of the lead singer of the band.

Blind Item #7

Looks like this NBA star who loves to pretend he loves women while in the closet is about to get outed by that Disney actress who seems to make it her life work to force people out of the closet.

Blind Items Revealed #1

February 9, 2017

Is there something there? Is it a conspiracy theory? All I know is this former A+ list celebrity/former syndicated actress turned reality star always visits an intermediary country between the US and the country where this A list celebrity boyfriend is who is getting more frequent visits from her now.

Pamela Anderson/Julian Assange

Blind Item #6

This foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor was obviously trying to meet up with someone earlier this week but was thwarted by paps who are on to his game. The loving partner thing only works if it is a two way street. Our actor finally gave up and headed back to his car and drove away.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Blind Item #5

This still technically married still very young former celebrity turned reality star turned porn star has made a half dozen porn movies in the past two months. She wants a seven figure deal for the movies.

Blind Item #4

Surreal sight to see this foreign born A- list dual threat actor (although I will soon be dropping it to just mostly movie with a franchise) flirting up a storm with models at a fashion show to make it seem like he was into them and going back to his hotel room and his long time male lover.

Blind Item #3

Things are on the rocks between this former Disney actress turned multiple Academy Award wins/nominations and her husband. Apparently she has been seeing someone very very quietly.

Blind Item #2

This foreign born B+ list mostly television actor is in a hit pay cable show. He is also an Emmy nominee/winner. He has always done coke from time to time but his from time to time has caused his wife to need it almost every day.

Blind Item #1

This B list mostly television actress was probably A- when her hit network show was still on the air. Since her wedding she has probably spent $200K on fertility treatments and IVF to try to get pregnant.

Utah Teens Left 14 Year Old For Dead After Robbing And Shooting Her

Two 16-year-old boys were charged with attempted murder and other counts Tuesday after they allegedly shot a 14-year-old girl in the head and left her in an empty canal.

Charging documents allege that the shooting was a plot to murder Deserae Turner.

The boys were charged in 1st District Court with one count each of first-degree felony attempted aggravated murder and aggravated robbery, and four counts each of second-degree felony obstructing justice.

Turner was reported missing last Thursday, and on early Friday morning, was found in the canal by people who knew her and were looking for her. She had been shot in the head, Smithfield Police Chief Travis Allen revealed during a Tuesday morning news conference, and was "gravely injured."

A family spokeswoman said the girl is in critical condition in a medically induced coma at a Salt Lake City area hospital.

"She is in the fight of her life right now," Jill Parker said.

Prosecutors allege that the boys lured Turner to the canal under the guise of selling her a knife.

"Police were advised that the original plan was to murder [the girl] using knives," Cache County Attorney James Swink wrote in charging documents.

Each of the boys carried a knife to the meeting place, one of the teens told police, but he also carried .22-caliber revolver as a "secondary weapon," if the original plan failed. That teen also admitted to police that he shot Turner in the back of the head, according to the charging documents, and later penned a written apology to Turner's family saying he was "so so so sorry."

The two planned to steal from the girl after they killed her, according to charging documents. After the shooting, the boys allegedly took Turner's backpack, cellphone and iPod, along with money from her purse.

When interviewed by police, the alleged shooter said he stashed the gun under his brother's mattress after the shooting — the same location from where he had initially retrieved it.

The other teen took the spent casing from the crime scene, according to prosecutors, as a "memento." Police found the casing "displayed" on the boy's window sill, according to charges.

The boys destroyed the girl's electronic items, according to charging documents, and threw them into a canal.

The second teen also was interviewed by police, but gave a number of conflicting stories. Initially, he told police that he had not been in contact with the other boy — though messages between the two showed their communications, which included indications that the girl's attempted murder was planned, according to charging documents.

Then the teen changed his story, saying he met his friend at the canal and watched him shoot a girl he did not recognize. He tried to run away, he allegedly told police, but the other teen boy caught up to him.

His interview with police eventually ended after he invoked his right to an attorney.

Prosecutors noted that footprints near the canal matched the treads on the bottoms of the shoes that the boys said they wore that day.

Judge Blocks IMDb Law About Ages

A California law that restricts a popular Hollywood website from posting actors' ages raises First Amendment concerns and does not appear likely to combat age discrimination in the entertainment industry in any meaningful way, a federal judge said Wednesday. U.S. District Court Judge Vince Chhabria granted's request to block AB 1687 while the website's lawsuit challenging it winds through the courts. Chhabria said the law prevented IMDb from publishing factual information on its public website, and the state had not shown it was necessary to combat age discrimination in Hollywood.

"It's not clear how preventing one mere website from publishing age information could meaningfully combat discrimination at all," the judge said.
The law -- authored by Assemblyman Ian Calderon, D-Whittier -- took effect in January and allows actors and other industry professionals to force IMDb to take down their ages. IMDb said in court documents it shared the goal of preventing age discrimination, but the law wouldn't achieve that goal and would instead "chill free speech and undermine public access to factual information." The state attorney general's office has said the Legislature had determined that existing anti-discrimination laws were not enough to eliminate age discrimination in Hollywood. It cited comments by Calderon that actors were concerned that they would be shut out from parts based on age bias. The state attorney general's office did not immediately have comment on the ruling.

Calderon has said the bill was aimed at protecting lesser-known actors and actresses whose ages are not as readily available as bigger Hollywood stars. The law was supported by the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, which said in a statement the ruling simply represented an early skirmish in the legal fight. "SAG-AFTRA will continue to fight until we achieve for actors and other entertainment industry professionals the same rights to freedom from age discrimination in hiring enjoyed by other workers in other industries," said Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, the union's chief operating officer and general counsel. Chhabria said there are likely "more direct, more effective, and less speech-restrictive ways" of fighting discrimination in Hollywood.

Mr. X Blind Item

This pay cable host is taking credit for the destruction of this speaker/writer and says it goes back weeks ago. A lot of people have been calling BS on that and now have set their sights on taking him down next.

Blind Item #11

I was shocked to see this B list mostly movie actress turned mostly television actress from a hit almost network show turned part-time director out this week. I pretty much assumed she had her boyfriend stayed inside 24/7 watching movies and shooting up heroin.

Blind Item #10

This B list actress used to have a franchise back in the day. She also has had some chances in television that crashed and burned. Anyway, she has been popping pills like crazy which, considering that one series that is supposed to air has been sitting on a shelf at a cable channel that airs everything might not be a bad idea.

Blind Item #9

This former one hit wonder who hit ti big at a young age still doesn't have that second hit but does still have her substance abuse issues which are making this comeback even more unlikely.

Blind Items Revealed #5

October 20, 2016

Apparently this clinging to A+ list mostly movie actor who directs part-time spent all day on set a couple of days ago trying to get his wife to accept his calls. She wouldn’t do it and he was slamming things around after attempt number bazillion for the day. Not so nice language about her too.

George Clooney

Today's Blind Items - Quick Hits

#1 - This former A list cable actor who rightfully passed on a move franchise is cheating on his significant other with his recent co-star. It is probably why his significant other has tried to be with him 24/7.

#2 - This one named singer who has had a bad last couple of years punched her assistant and had to write a very big check to keep the assistant from talking.

#3 - This villain on a superhero show without much use for the superhero is having special clothes made for him because he just refuses to gain any weight or stop his destructive behaviors. Great acting will only get him so far. Producers are talking about replacing him.

Your Turn - Academy Awards - Best Actress

Isabelle Huppert, Elle
Ruth Negga, Loving
Natalie Portman, Jackie
Emma Stone, La La Land
Meryl Streep, Florence Foster Jenkins

Blind Items Revealed #4

October 19, 2016

Before she got cast in a new commercial, this B+ list celebrity/host/part-time reality star slept with the married A list owner of the company.

Amber Rose/Dr. Dre

Blind Items Revealed #3

October 14, 2016

The parents of this foreign born child actress are getting out of control. A company wanted to give the actress a free trip and just wanted a couple of photos in return. No big deal. Always happens. The parents made it a big deal by sending in a couple of demands before the trip but not many. When they got to the destination though, they started demanding more and more and threatened to go on social media and rant about the destination if their demands were not met.

Millie Bobby Brown

Blind Items Revealed #2

October 13, 2016

When this daytime talk show needs ratings they fake some conflict between hosts. Fighting apparently gets ratings so they want to bring back all of their best fighters which would definitely be one big mess.

The View

Blind Item #8

Apparently this multiple Academy Award winning/nominated actress is willing to let some sexual assaults not influence her choice of lover. Or, that is he is seeing someone else.

Blind Item #7

This recent one hit wonder keeps a loaded gun next to him and with the way he is struggling with depression, suicide is definitely something his friends discuss and are trying to get him help.

Blind Items Revealed #1

February 9, 2017

This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor from an acting family and his celebrity girlfriend had an orgy at their house. Hey, whatever, that is fine, but at least one of her family members also was there. Strange.

LIam Hemsworth/Miley Cyrus

Blind Item #6

The former girlfriend of the former Disney tweener turned B+ list adult actor is using an out of the way naked photoshoot to see if she can get enough publicity to land a bearding gig. Her last one with a former tweener fell through.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Blind Item #5

Apparently this recent Academy Award winner/nominee is in danger of joining the 27 Club because things are that bad with her drug issues.

Blind Item #4

This closeted PR person who is thirsty to be a celebrity in his own right ditched the woman he calls his girlfriend to have sex with a guy last week.

Blind Item #3

This washed up former B- list actor who is now the lesser known actor in this acting family not named Dillon is still hooking up with his long time celebrity girlfriend turned married host many of you know. This has been a decade long thing.

Blind Item #2

Apparently this one named rapper who used to be involved with a one named singer has a ton of videos he made with the wife of a former athlete. Yep, Ray J style videos. He is already showing them to friends. It won't be long before the world sees them.

Blind Item #1

This former singer in a briefly A- list group who has become a reality fixture overseas managed to get paid a ridiculous sum to make a commercial overseas. Part of the deal was sleeping with the owner.

Ohio Parents Arrested After 8 Year Old Son Had Heroin In His System

A Cleveland, OH couple was indicted on child endangerment charges after their 8-year-old apparently overdosed on heroin. They were arraigned and they are each being held on $150,000 bond. Their next court appearance is scheduled for 9 a.m. today.

They are not allowed to have any contact with their son. Charles Dowdy and Danielle Simko were raising the child in a home that once belonged to Simko’s grandparents. Just before 9:30 p.m. Jan. 11, when Dowdy noticed his son stop breathing and his lips turning blue, he called 911.

Police found drugs and needles at the home and suspected both parents of being high.

At Southwest general Hospital, sources say they also found drugs hidden inside a toy watch kept inside the boy’s sock. When he took a urine test, they say heroin was in his system.

Dowdy and Simko were arrested and this week a grand jury indicted them on charges of child endangering and drug possession.

Texas Surgeon Gets Life In Prison - Dozens Maimed During Operations

A Dallas jury sentenced a neurosurgeon to life in prison after they heard from over a dozen patient who testified Christopher Duntsch seriously maimed them while they were under his knife.

Duntsch, who practiced medicine at various hospitals in Dallas and Collin counties, was accused of crippling four patients and causing the deaths of two others between July 2012 and June 2013. The 46-year-old was arrested in July 2015 on five aggravated-assault charges.
His 13-day trial in a Dallas County courtroom focused only on a charge of injury to an elderly individual — a first-degree felony where someone "intentionally, knowingly, recklessly, or with criminal negligence" injures an elderly person.

That victim, Mary Efurd, was 74 in 2012 when she went under Duntsch's knife and lost a third of her blood and the full use of her legs.
"I trusted him," Efurd testified three weeks ago. "I trusted that he would do what was right."
But a doctor who treated Efurd after her botched surgery said Duntsch had "done virtually everything wrong." Dr. Robert Henderson found implants placed in muscle instead of on bone, a screw drilled into her spinal cavity and a nerve root that had been amputated.

Mr. X Blind Item #4

This multiple Grammy winner/nominee who once dated someone we ALL know doesn't just have suicidal urges. He has tried multiple times to kill himself but is now getting some really good help.

Mr. X Blind Item #3

The mom of this A- list singer who is mean to every one was bragging about her daughter buying her AMA win. That is not something you want to say too loudly or they won't let you buy any others.

Mr. X Blind Item #2

This end of the week appropriator is not just a coke guy. Apparently he has a serious heroin problem. That is not good for his current girlfriend.

Mr. X Blind Item #1

This one named actress/tweener/former one hit network reality wonder is trying to record an album. It is awful. As it stands right now it is never going to be released. Our singer was given full creative control and that has led to a ton of money being spent for a really bad product.

Blind Items Revealed #5

October 12, 2016

These two acting sisters are basically at war with each other because the older one feels the younger one is stealing her roles. The thing is, the older one has trouble getting work because there are other people who are better at acting, including her sister.

Dakota and Elle Fanning

Today's Blind Items - Wrong Time, Wrong Guy

This beloved B list actress is an offspring of celebrities. The thing is most of us forget that part of her because she is such an incredible actress on her own and one of the most amazing people ever. Apparently she is thinking of adopting and is not shy about telling anyone who will listen why she does not have kids. When I have heard her discuss it, she generally leaves out the name of the second guy because she likes people to forget she dated such a tool. Anyway, back in the day she was dating this A lister and got pregnant. The thing is he was in a really bad space drug wise and she was still a teenager so she didn't think it was the right time. Personally, and this is solely my opinion and she has never directly told me that I think if she could have a do over she might have changed her mind. She would never in a million years though change her mind about when she got pregnant while dating this at the time B+ list television actor. All of you know him. He was just getting out of a marriage where he cheated every day and he was cheating on our actress every day and he still cheats on every person he is with every day.

Your Turn - Academy Awards - Best Supporting Actor And Best Supporting Actress

Who wins?

Mahershala Ali, Moonlight
Jeff Bridges, Hell or High Water
Lucas Hedges, Manchester by the Sea
Dev Patel, Lion
Michael Shannon, Nocturnal Animals

Viola Davis, Fences
Naomie Harris, Moonlight
Nicole Kidman, Lion
Octavia Spencer, Hidden Figures
Michelle Williams, Manchester by the Sea

Blind Items Revealed #4

October 11, 2016

The line “best actress of her generation,” cost this A-/B+ list mostly movie actress a few thousand bucks to her PR firm and she won’t do an interview unless it is included in the article.

Kristen Stewart

Blind Items Revealed #3

October 10, 2016

Our favorite drunken B+ list cable tv actor from that hit show did his usual drunk thing this weekend, but instead of finding a groupie and going to his room, he was pawing at a co-star who was not impressed.

Norman Reedus (now, there is a co-star who does enjoy his pawing, just not this particular one.)

Blind Items Revealed #2

October 9, 2016

This rap legend/mogul can’t have it both ways. He is trying to pretend his past didn’t happen and thinks he has enough money to make it go away. The problem is there are too many people who know the truth about the way he treated women. Heck, even back in the day he admitted it.

Dr. Dre

Blind Item #8

It is pretty telling over the past week or two how one celebrity offspring daughter has been shunned in favor of this other celebrity offspring daughter by the famous parent.

Blind Item #7

This former model turned commercial actress turned will take what she can get has booked herself yachting for the entire summer. It took about an hour this weekend and she will make a ton of money.

Blind Items Revealed #1

February 8, 2017

This A-/B+ list alliteration actress is so full of crap. I hate hate hate when actresses tell an interviewer they don’t worry about what they eat or they are naturally thin. F**k that. Especially this particular actress on a hit almost television show. She eats about once a week and chews Nicorette when she is not chain smoking. That is how she stays thin. So, yeah, I guess technically if you never eat there is no need for a diet or exercise.

Michelle Monaghan

Blind Item #6

This foreign born A list mostly movie actor gave up his franchise. He has also been losing a lot of weight that he attributes to not playing a superhero any longer. It is actually a fairly serious illness.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Blind Item #5

After making some really bad personal decisions the past year, this A- list foreign born dual threat actress who does have her franchise starting again soon has taken to calling paps when she is out just to get her photo taken more often and in settings she wants rather than picked out of a crowd doing things she maybe shouldn't have been doing.

Blind Item #4

To try and keep it a secret, this B+ list actor/writer who is married to a permanent A lister has someone come to their home to color his hair. The problem is he gets it colored to the point it looks cartoonish so everyone knows.

Blind Item #3

This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor has a very very big movie opening. He was wasted doing a press interview. Too bad they didn't know he trashed his hotel room an hour earlier.

Blind Item #2

This family member by marriage of this very large reality family is a drug addict. The family must know. I guess they will pray it out of him.

Blind Item #1

Very quietly this foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is taking a break from being married to this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee.

Lindsay Lohan Says She Was Racially Profiled

Lindsay Lohan claims she was "racially profiled" while wearing a headscarf at London's Heathrow Airport.

The actress said in a new interview that she was stopped while traveling to New York.

Lindsay said an airport worker "opened my passport and saw 'Lindsay Lohan' and started immediately apologizing, but then said: 'Please take off your headscarf.'"

She said on "Good Morning Britain" Tuesday that the incident made her wonder "how would another woman who doesn't feel comfortable taking off her headscarf feel?"

Lohan was returning from Turkey, where she recently met President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

She said she wore a headscarf in Turkey out of "personal respect."

Lohan, who has been photographed carrying a Quran, says she finds "solace" studying the Muslim holy book and other religious texts. Hmm, she wasn't wearing it while meeting with the President.

Miss Kentucky USA Finalist Charged With Arson - Set Roommate's Bed On Fire

A finalist in the Miss Kentucky USA pageant was charged with one count of arson after allegedly setting her roommate's bed on fire. reports firefighters were called to an off-campus student housing community near the University of Louisville's Belknap Campus in Kentucky on Feb. 18. According to Louisville Metro Arson Bureau, Christen Marie McAllister set fire to her roommate's bed during an argument.

No injuries were reported.

According to arrest records, McAllister confessed to setting the fire.

Last month, the 22 year old finished in fifth place.

Blind Items Revealed #7

October 7 2016

This foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor is still A list. He is still an A list a-hole too. Apparently he is not allowed to come near the boyfriend of his wife because he took a swing at him earlier this year. Our actor acts like he cares but he cheated for years and years before his wife left him.

Russell Crowe

Blind Items Revealed #6

October 6, 2016

Apparently things are on the outs right now between this foreign born A+ list model and her very well known CEO boyfriend. He said some not nice things about her which is causing her to reexamine their relationship.

Miranda Kerr/Evan Spiegel (could be the reason they have not had sex yet too)

Blind Items Revealed #5

September 30, 2016

This actor is getting a lot of buzz for his appearance on a hit cable show. He is such a sleaze though. He has an almost television show and a recently failed network show. If a woman doesn’t want to go to bed with him after five minutes he thinks they are into women or on meds. He is a piece of work.

John Stamos

Blind Item #4

He treats women like crap and does a crazy amount of drugs so this new relationship this former A++ list reality star is in should be interesting to watch.

Blind Item #3

This one named a-hole of a speaker who is foreign born and did I mention he is an a-hole was openly doing coke before a television appearance late last week. Probably makes him even more of an a-hole than he already he is. Want to make sure I mentioned that he is an a-hole.

Blind Item #2

This one named singer from an entertainment family who has also done acting and reality is back on drugs and showing up late or not at all for everything. She really doesn't care about fans or press. She only cares about herself.

Blind Item #1

Apparently this A list mostly movie actress with A+++ list name recognition used some of her time out of the spotlight to do some really extensive work to her face. I have to say it looks good. It is almost like she hasn't starved herself and done drugs for decades.

Blind Items Revealed #4

September 28, 2016

Don’t believe the story. This Teen Mom started punching her significant other but he didn’t fight back. He just walked out of their home. After two days of calling and texting him nonstop he came back.

Jenelle Evans/Uncle Bad Touch

Blind Items Revealed #3

September 28, 2016

At least he didn’t throw it in the trash, but this foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor did leave an award he was given on a hotel bar when he found a college age student to go back to his hotel room with him. The reason he probably left it is because he was trying to get out of the bar quickly before the woman he originally was going to hook up with got back from the restroom.

Hugh Grant

Blind Items Revealed #2

February 8, 2017

This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor and the same on the list foreign born mostly movie actress are promoting a new movie. They also can’t wait to stop smiling for the cameras, because they dislike each other that much.

Rosamund Pike/David Oyelowo

Blind Items Revealed #1

February 8, 2017

This foreign born dual threat A- list actor came down with what I call press flu this week. It means he decided to call in sick so as to not promote his new movie at one of the European stops. Just sat in his room and drank.

Jamie Dornan

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #7

September 27, 2016

This foreign born Emmy winner basically had to quit her last show because of tension with an actress. It was a hit show. There is even more on the set of her new show. The lead actress is way more of a diva than the actress on the old show and things are looking super rocky like something needs to be done.

Archie Panjabi/"The Good Wife"/Julianna Margulies/"Blindspot"/Jaimie Alexander

Blind Items Revealed #6

September 26, 2016

Apparently this foreign born permanent A list model with a horrible temper is back on drugs. That is what precipitates the horrible temper. Most of the time.

Naomi Campbell

Blind Items Revealed #5

September 24, 2016

This foreign born so far one hit wonder who now also does hosting outside the country better be careful. Her new nose candy addiction courtesy of her boyfriend might damage some of that work she has done to it.

Iggy Azalea

Blind Item #4

This married one hit wonder is performing on a cruise this week. He hooked up with this country singer who is the Sienna Miller of country music.

Blind Item #3

That guy I revealed earlier today is trying to force the big star of one of his shows out the door. He wants more air time and the spotlight shining firmly on him. If there is another epic fallout with a host, especially this one, I don't think he recovers.

Blind Item #2

They are a real couple but the PR team of this B list mostly movie actress who is starring in a movie reboot of that old syndicated show is in overtime. Whenever and wherever the actress goes with her athlete boyfriend from an athlete family, there are always paps. Neither is big enough for a pap follow and she is barely big enough to really even be noticed by a pap. The athlete is on board. The actress is spending about $10K a month to get this kind of PR push. Her boyfriend doesn't have that kind of cash, so it is all on her.

Blind Item #1

This former Disney actress turned future porn star is yachting with her threesome partner. I would check for hidden cameras.

Blind Items Revealed #4

September 21, 2016

This Harry Potter actor with a drinking problem obviously doesn’t have it under control if an event this week is any indication. At least he is a happy drunk.

Daniel Radcliffe

Blind Items Revealed #3

September 21, 2016

The girlfriend of this multiple talk show host was ticked off she was not asked to be part of a photo session for a tabloid. Just shows you what he really thinks of her. And why he cheats on her all the time.

Michael Strahan/Kayla Quick

Blind Items Revealed #2

September 20, 2016

This charity giving B+ list mostly movie actress is headed down a dangerous path if she gets any more involved with this foreign born model/turned worst actress on earth. The model loves coke. Would probably swim in it if she could figure out a way and the B+ lister has a coke issues that goes back almost a decade. They do not need to be together.

Amber Heard/Cara Delevingne

Blind Items Revealed #1

February 7, 2017

I’m not sure what our favorite drug addled former tweener turned singer expected. She trash talks her supposed best friends by calling them leeches behind their backs. So, of course they blew her off to hang out (and pick up a few bucks) with this celebrity offspring and her male friends.

Selena Gomez/Hailey Baldwin


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