Saturday, February 18, 2012

Neil Hope Died Five Years Ago - No One Noticed

Did you watch Degrassi Junior High back in the day? Neil Hope was on the show and played Derek Wheels Wheeler. Apparently Neil died about five years ago but no one even knew about it until last month. I guess the guy was a loner and his parents decided to start looking for him a couple of years ago and finally were told by police in Hamilton, Ontario that Neil had died way back in 2007, but his parents just found out last month.

Police say that Derek was a diabetic, died of natural causes and never listed a next of kin on any documents.

Blind Items Revealed

December 23, 2011

This seemingly perfect celebrity couple has just a few flaws. The husband is a very good looking B+ singer with a dad who used to be famous back in the day. The wife is a B- list actress who seems to be everywhere these days. They always seem so happy with each other but that does not mean the husband is not tempted to stray. At a recent party, the singer got really drunk and started hitting on a beauty pageant winner. I mean really hitting on her and even invited her to go back to his hotel room where he would have probably passed out drunk, but he did invite her. One of the singer's crew found out about it and dragged the singer away from his conquest and got him as far as the foyer of the singer's hotel room where the singer fell down and passed out and could not be moved. I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Robin Thicke

Nicole Richie Is Heading To QVC

Showing that she will make a buck anywhere one is offered, Nicole Richie is heading to QVC next week. The former reality star and now totally absent from every ad I have seen for Fashion Star because Jessica Simpson wanted it that way, but presumably on the show and a reality star again will be selling her third line of clothes to lucky QVC shoppers. The good news is you do not even need to use Easy Pay. Oh, you did not think I knew about Easy Pay? Please. I know all about it. There is rarely anything I would ever want on that network, but late night when my mom can't sleep, I hear those announcers voices seeping down to the basement and every once in awhile I hear my mom ordering it. She usually goes online to do so, but when she loves a particular host she will call and try to get to speak to them on the air. Whatever makes her happy makes me happy. My dad does not really tease her about it either.

Chelsea Clinton Is Going To Get A Contract Extension

I don't know who called in what favor, but apparently Chelsea Clinton has been saved from elimination and termination from NBC and will have her 90 day contract renewed. No one saw this coming. Her reports have not been great and watching paint dry is infinitely more interesting than her reports, simply because when paint dries it leaves you to your own thoughts and with her reports there is always this buzzing sound in the back of your head. I think it is some kind of secret codes that are going out to aliens who are then given instructions on how to take over the planet. See? Paint drying means your mind can wander and then next thing you know there are conspiracy theories about aliens and secret messages coming from boring reporters on television.

NBC is expected to announce that Chelsea will have her contract renewed. Look for that Bill & Hillary Clinton one hour special on NBC real soon too.

Claire Sinclair Moves Out

Claire Sinclair has moved out of the apartment she shared with Marston Hefner. I wonder why they settled on Pasadena anyway. It is to hell and gone from the Playboy Mansion. Beautiful area, but really far from everything else. Whatever the reason, Claire is not there anymore as she was spotted moving out all of her possessions with the help of some other Playmates. She has said that she will not press charges against Marston provide he publicly apologize and seeks treatment. Claire has also canceled every appearance scheduled for and with Playboy until the matter is settled. I think she should press charges against Marston. Why should she let him off the hook? You can still see that big bruise and it has been over a week. I guess she figures that she will either sue him for enough to never work again or she wants to not press charges so she can keep working for Playboy as her job. What do you do for a living when you have been Playmate of the year? Soft porn?

No More Teen Mom For Amber Portwood

Last month I told you about how Amber Portwood was going to have to get a real job as part of her plea bargain to avoid serving jail time. Something about Indiana actually wanting people to serve jail sentences, unlike in California. Anyway, at the time, I opined that while she was working this job it would probably be tough to also film Teen Mom. What I did not expect was that the real job would last very long. It turns out though the judge wants Amber to live in a halfway house and to work a 9 to 5 job for three years and during that time there will be no filming.

The judge even checked with MTV prior to making the ruling to make sure they would not sue Amber for breach of contract. Here is the thing. I think she should do whatever it takes to get her life straight, but at the same time I think the judge could have her live in a halfway house and get her drug tested constantly while still allowing her to film. He is sacrificing her $100K+ a year job for her to make minimum wage and I don't understand that part. If you are going to keep her out of jail anyway, then get her help and test her but let her work the job where she can make the most money. It makes no sense to confine her to a minimum wage job when part of the deal was to fund her daughter's college fund with $10K. How is she going to do that if she is making $7.00 an hour?

A halfway house is not fun. It is pretty much like jail. Getting drug tested four days a week is not fun. Having a curfew is not fun. I think if you do those things, there is no reason to also not let her film.

Robin Thicke Gets Arrested For Pot - Police Get His Autograph

Yesterday afternoon, Robert Thicke decided to celebrate 420 a little earlier than normal. About four hours earlier than normal. He was sitting in a passenger seat in a Escalade when police walked by and saw him smoking a joint. They then arrested him and charged him with possession of pot. While he was being arrested, lots of police came up and asked him for his autograph and posed for photos with him which basically shows you the ridiculousness of the arrest.

Whitney Houston Funeral

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Gary Carter - RIP
I think Alessandra Ambrosio's daughter was saying,

"Mom, but I don't want to go home and watch you in another fashion show. I don't understand why we can't watch my shows. How much further is it anyway? My feet are tired. I'm so tired. Can we have ice cream? Did you know that Bobby's mother once rode on a horse? How come we can't go riding on a horse? Did you own a horse mommy?"
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Paris at the premiere of her movie there.
Fashion Week saw Mick Jagger at L'Wren Scott's show.
It also saw crazy collections including the unicorn from Rainbow Brite and
models wearing Simpsons.
Guys wore them too.
Even the designer himself, Jeremy Scott.
Rooney Mara and Emma Stone were front row at Calvin Klein.
Amber Heard was front row everywhere.

Random Photos Part Two

Cate Blanchett pulling her own bag at LAX.
Courtney Stodden has put Marilyn Monroe in stripper heels. Nice.
Jennifer Aniston is actually in a movie that I want to see. If you count Horrible Bosses, I think she is 2 for 2 in her last two efforts.
Jennifer did not pose with her boyfriend, Justin Theroux, who she met on the movie.
Malin Akerman is probably my biggest actress crush right now, but whatever is on those arms has to go.
I have also decided that I will see anything in which Paul Rudd is involved. He could stage a 3 day Titanic viewing marathon and I would probably go.
By the way Katie Holmes wears her bag you can tell she has been in New York a lot.
Keanu Reeves sees daylight. Proves he is not a vampire.
Hello Miranda Kerr.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Nicole Scherzinger and her back on again boyfriend Lewis Hamilton after her Dublin concert last night.
Both Robin Wright and Naomi Watts look just as good as the guy next to them while filming their new movie in Australia.
I was wondering if Pia Toscano was still around. Now I have my answer. How quickly people fade.
Rose McGowan is walking with purpose. I have been trying to do this now. What I usually look like though is
Mila Kunis. Just substitute milkshake for coffee and add several hundred pounds and you have me exercising.
Stacy Keibler makes sure to call photographers before she goes out to exercise. Seriously.
Sarah Palin is a Jeremy Lin fan like the rest of the world.
Taylor Swift coming out of Toast which is one of my favorite places to eat breakfast. Actually that whole couple of blocks is great with Magnolia Bakery for dessert.
Different country, same result. Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler canoodle in Paris.

Ted C Blind Item

Just in case you were wondering if Sock-It-To-You Sleazewad likes to get his fists up for somebody other than his partner, we have the first-hand answer for you: Yes.

That sure is a shocker! What really is a surprise is the public venue Sock-It chose for his latest display of cave-man-like taunting:

The dumbo good-looking dude actually chose the set of his latest picture, The Brooklyn Effect, to let people know just how much he loves talking with his fists, not just his mouth.

Sleazewad's handsome—and younger and fitter—Brooklyn costar is probably considered more of a method actor than is Sock-It, who is more out-there with his emotion. Mr. Costar is a bit more cerebral, keeps to himself, has been Oscar-nominated for his coolness, both personally and professionally. Which apparently drives Sock-It absolutely cuckoo!

"You think you're better than me?," Sock-It shouted to his fellow actor on set recently. "You have a problem with me?"

And while Sock-It was blasting the poor dude with questions (not giving him a chance to answer), Sleazewad kept slamming his fist into the palm of his hand, over and over, and then he kept striking the air wildly, as if a human target was going to be next in a matter of seconds.

But, even though Sock-It kept escalating his voice, and pounding his fists even harder, Mr Costar held steady, never quavered or said a word. Damn, that boy's got not just abs of steel, but, nerves, too!

Meanwhile, film's producers were terrified and ran to the hair and makeup trailers for cover.

All we have to say is that Sock-It's poor woman at home must have ear plugs permanently imbedded in her ears. Now, if only she'd dump this jerk!

And It Ain't: Jensen Ackles, Chris Brown, Robert Pattinson

Melissa George Shows Russell Simmons She Can Pick Up Random Strangers Too

Good for Melissa George. After being dumped by Russell Simmons and then him moving on by trying to find random models to hook up with in a bathroom last week, Melissa George also got her fun on last weekend at the BAFTA's. The first photo shows Melissa arriving to the show solo. But, by the end of the night and several parties later, she obviously found someone she was at least willing to make out with. No word on whether they also found a bathroom stall.

Anne Thornton Fired From Food Network For Stealing Recipes

Apparently if you take a recipe from another chef it is kind of like stealing a joke from another comic, you just don't do it. The thing is, it would seem much harder to come up with a way to make, say, apple pie in a way that has not been done before by someone. Anyway, Anne Thornton's show will not be returning to Food Network because, according to The NY Post, she was taking recipes that were not her own and claiming they were.

Four For Friday - The Orgy Film

Maybe orgy is the wrong word to describe what happened on the making of this movie, but there was certainly lots of rampant sex going on. It all started with an A list movie actress at the time who was starring in a franchise and wanted to keep her glory. She hated doing this movie, but she was committed so decided to make the best of it. For her, this meant having as much sex and doing as many drugs as possible while making the movie. Every co-star was fair game and when one actor thought he was the one she found special, he would be replaced and a new one brought in. She was the goddess of the movie and acted like it. She was a way larger star than any other actor on the film, primarily because she was charging so much to be in it that there was no budget for anyone else.

Besides having sex with the actors on the set, she also brought in an old co-star who was still hanging on to his A list acting fame at the time. An Academy Award winner he dropped by the set and the next thing you know, the pair were in his hotel room and not her trailer. He was with his now wife at the time, but he had wanted the goddess when they had last made a movie together and she had turned him down. This time he was having her, marriage be damned.

Oh, there was the B list movie actress with the alliteration for a name who stopped by one day and they reunited after a few years apart. This actress has played in some very steamy roles of her own.

There was one actor, now a B- list who claimed he had never had sex with a woman before. Men yes, but not women so our goddess had to have him. She did. Now he is married to a B list actress.

Your Turn

Have you ever needed a vacation from your significant other? What is your biggest pet peeve about them?

National Enquirer Blind Item

THIS child star of celebrity parents is so spoiled and obnoxious that many of his parents’ friends – including their A-list pals – won’t invite the famous family over unless they know the kid’s not coming! The mini-terror is known for bossing around the servers and housekeepers. Who is he?

Janet Jackson About To Be An X Factor Judge

So, do you think Janet Jackson is a big step up from Paula Abdul as far as star power for the X Factor? At first glance, you would say yes, but then you realize that Paula Abdul has been doing this judging thing for awhile and has a huge built in audience and does Janet have more of that going for her than Paula? As far as musical talent, Janet blows Paula away, but I'm not sure if anything can just fix the fact that audiences just do not seem to like the format and in The Voice have already found their second favorite singing show. Between The Voice and Idol four nights a week, I think people are exhausted by the time X Factor comes on.

Oh, and good job to Anderson Cooper for sandbagging Janet on the question. We need more of that in celebrity interviewing.

Adele Is Suing Over Sex Tape Photos

The French tabloid Public published what it says are photos from an Adele sex tape found on a smart phone. Adele says the photos are not her and is suing the publication. Well, she says she is going to sue. Whether she actually sues depends I guess on whether the photos are really her or not. Gossip sounds so cool when it is written in French doesn't it? Just wish I could understand it without heading over to Google to translate it or go bang on Bradley Cooper's door at 3am.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

This C list boy-bander who was once a much bigger star, is not only struggle with substance abuse. He’s struggling with fidelity. He is recently cheated on his girlfriend by having a one night stand with his stepsister.

The Enquirer Hires Model To Pose As Dead Whitney Houston

The Enquirer made a fortune when it published a photo of Elvis in his coffin. I'm sure they would love to repeat that, but hiring someone to pose as a dead Whitney Houston seems way over the top. Apparently The Enquirer did not think their death issue was ghoulish enough to outsell the competition so they hired a person to lie on the floor and pretend they were dead and The Enquirer would like everyone to believe it is Whitney Houston since they posted the photo underneath the banner headline "Crime Scene Photos."

Taylor Swift As Joni Mitchell In "Girls Like Us"

Yesterday I Tweeted that Taylor Swift would be playing Joni Mitchell in an upcoming movie. The movie is called "Girls Like Us," and is based on the book with the same title. This movie has been in development forever, but is set to be released in 2014. The book is about the careers of Carly Simon, Carole King, and Joni Mitchell. Taylor Swift is attached to the movie to play Joni Mitchell. Katie Jacobs, who directed House was supposed to direct the movie and make her feature film debut.

Charlie Sheen Says Ashton Kutcher Sucks

I don't know if Charlie Sheen is back on the booze and crack or if he is just upset at Warner Brothers again or he found out strippers raised their minimum fee to come over to his house, but he is back to saying that Ashton Kutcher sucks and Two And A Half Men sucks and that his old boss sucks and everyone sucks except for Charlie. Charlie never sucks, he only inhales and snorts. I think he just has a hard time facing that a show can live without him and apparently succeed. I don't know how much longer it will last, but it is just about the network's highest rated comedy so what else are they going to put in its place?

Stephen Colbert Cancels Show To Be With His Mom

You get so used to turning on the Colbert Report every night and when it is suddenly not there you wonder what happened. Beginning two nights ago, new episodes of the show were replaced with repeats and a message from the network saying there were unforeseen circumstances which turns out to be Stephen's 91 year old mother. They have been really close since a plane crash took the life of his father and two of his siblings and it is a huge family and she is the matriarch and she is apparently not doing very well. Stephen is supposed to come back at some point next week, but no one knows for sure.

No More Morning Radio For Nick Cannon Unless He Wants To Die

I give Nick Cannon a lot of crap about being the lap dog of Mariah Carey, but the fact is he also works like crazy. He does about the same amount of work as Ryan Seacrest and he has Mariah Carey to deal with everyday too so that puts him well beyond anything Ryan has going for him. All of this work and flying back and forth across the country is killing him though. Literally. There was the kidney shutdown. Then, last week it was discovered he had two blood clots in his lungs. Umm, those are a killer. His doctors told him that if he does not stop working so much, he will die. So, he has decided to stop hosting his morning radio show in New York. He will still have a weekly countdown show plus America's Got Talent, plus all the other stuff he does. Oh, and the nightly feet scraping for Mariah.

I hope he gets better soon. Nick, you have two kids and a wife and all the money you will ever need. Enjoy them.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Says Freddie Prinze Jr. Can't Get Work

Sarah Michelle Gellar is always talking about her husband. At the Golden Globes she said he was home watching football. The other day she emasculated him and said he loves being a stay at home husband and dad which means he can't get work. When you are an actor, and are married to another actor, it is not really necessary to be a stay at home anything because even when you do work it is not like you are working 52 weeks a year.

She says they fight about who gets to stay at home, but that he always wins. Huh? I think what she means is that he has not been in anything for a ridiculous amount of time and I am wondering if he just cannot get cast. At the same time, if I were Sarah I would get Freddie out there looking for work because it is not like The Ringer is a huge hit. Do you realize that Univision programming opposite The Ringer gets an audience four times larger? Only Vampire Diaries comes close to actually making any kind of ratings for CW. Any of their other "hit" shows would probably last one week on a regular network with those ratings.

I just sometimes get the feeling that Sarah has Freddie locked up in the house and just lets him out once every two or three weeks for a walking down the street photo so people know she has not killed him.

Marcia Gay Harden Files For Divorce

When you have three kids and have been married for 15 years, you know there is much more behind the story then just a simple can't get along so need to get divorced thing. Yesterday Marcia Gay Harden filed for divorce from her husband. I'm going to say he did something that was very unpleasant and Marcia had enough and said buh bye. I am also going to say that this was not the first time that he did something very unpleasant.

Whitney Houston News

The biggest ongoing drama in the Whitney Houston death seems to be whether Bobby Brown is invited to the funeral of his ex-wife or if he is banned. It does not matter because Bobby has decided to skip Whitney's funeral and go play with New Edition instead. If he was not banned from the funeral then this seems pretty insensitive to his daughter who might need the support of her father. Plus, Bobby should really be there for Bobbi Kristina now so she will be there with her checkbook for later.

Kevin Costner is supposed to speak at the funeral that will be streamed live on the internet. I'm not sure why he is speaking. Yes, they were in one movie together which was a big hit, but do you think they have spoken much since that day? Really? It just seems like an odd choice to have some guy talk about someone he probably has spoken to a handful of times in 20 years.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

When moms dress up like their beauty pageant kids. Umm, the one on the left. What is in her mouth? That whole thing looks way too S&M for me.
She doesn't smile, but Victoria Beckham does play with David Beckham's balls.
Katie Holmes after dance class.
If AnnaLynne McCord could act like this while playing a character she might actually be good.
Brooke Mueller emerges from rehab to go work out.
Coco does the robot.
Elisabetta Canalis got a job.
Evan Rachel Wood on the set of her movie.
Jennifer Lopez gets groped be her guy.


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