Saturday, June 09, 2007

Paris Hilton On Suicide Watch?

Although I love the rumors about the herpes blisters, Paris is not the only person in jail with such a condition and that alone is not going to get her released. (Hez started the rumor and is getting the credit she deserves all over the internet.) Psychiatrists don't visit jails to dispense Valtrex. From the statements I've read and what Greta van Susteren has reported, (scroll down for video) it's obvious that Paris is on the verge of a mental breakdown. When an inmate is placed on suicide watch they are under intense scrutiny, but sometimes the inmate still succeeds. If you were an elected official would you want Paris Hilton committing suicide or suffering a complete mental breakdown on your watch? Every article and television show would be talking about what you should have done and how you as sheriff messed it up. Not a good way to get re-elected. It is a risk you have to take for an inmate who has a long jail term or is in the state prison system. It is not a risk you want to take when the subject inmate is in the county jail for a traffic offense.

In regards to the campaign contribution in a quid pro quo for release, you have got to be kidding. You really think $1000 is going to get Paris out of jail? Do you know how much the sheriff makes? How much he will make when he retires and starts consulting? How much he stands to lose for $1000? You don't think he knows that contributions are made public? Don't you think that if someone could pay $1000 and get their kid out of jail that everyone would do it? You think Paris' grandfather knew in advance last year she would be arrested and put in jail with an unfair sentence and so gave Baca $1000 to cover that eventuality? Come on.

I also stand by my turf war comments from yesterday. Yes, a judge can order someone back to jail, BUT, this is a very RARE case of that. Judges do not typically get involved in the calculation of good behavior and jail overcrowding unless someone is suing because the jails are too overcrowded. The county generally is the judge of who stays and who goes depending on the demand for space. If Paris were not Paris, she would not still be in jail. The "ridiculous" I referred to yesterday was the media coverage and not the sentence which I have already commented on before. The coverage is ridiculous. Insanely so.

Avril Lavigne In Seventeen Magazine

Quite possibly the most boring magazine spread of modern times.

LeAnn Rimes On The Cover Of Shape Magazine

Every month it is the same photo with a different person. Not that I'm complaining that Shape puts everyone in a bikini on their cover, but maybe they could try something different for once.

Saturday Links

Well if Reese is having Jake's baby then we have a second immaculate conception.

How come you haven't visited your daughter in rehab at all, and then you get the bright idea you will go when you are supposed to be in court instead? It all makes sense in Dina's world. It also makes judges mad.

When Jindi who is a reader of this blog sent me an e-mail convinced Christina Aguilera was pregnant, she included lots and lots of photos with her belly covered. Everywhere she went she had something hiding her belly. Was Christina pregnant? I finally found some photos of Christina on June 2, 2007 in Moscow and the cover was gone. You be the judge. In this photo, I don't think she is, BUT she and Jordan could very well be trying or perhaps she even had a miscarriage. Who really knows? Baby bumps are just so hard.
Hey guess what? Jennifer and Violet went to a park.

Friday, June 08, 2007

The Sopranos Death Montage

Four For Friday - Three Hours Late - I Hate IT Guys

#1. Are you an extra and want to be seen on camera more or given a bit part? This A list director who already has a bad reputation can make it happen. That is of course if you are willing to do everything he says for the entire shoot. If you do, it seems that he keeps his word and delivers. One extra was so good she even got a few lines to say and now is a regular on a hit television show.

The next two are from the friendly neighborhood accountant.

#2. Many actors enjoy strip clubs. They enjoy the attention they receive and they have the money to make sure they are treated great. Spending $10,000 in a night is not unheard of. This A/B list actor who showers infrequently loves strippers but doesn’t like going to clubs. I guess he’s shy. Anyway, what our actor decided to do was to pay three strippers to be on call 24/7. He pays them each $5000 a month to show up at his place within one hour of a phone call to them. The only day he guarantees them they will be off is Christmas and the anniversary of something important.

#3. This former A list film actor who could maybe move back up has got heat in the past for going to strip clubs. Some say it was even the reason behind at least one relationship going bust. Therefore our actor hides behind the computer. He goes online to webcam girls where he can be who he wants and do what he wants with anyone and there are no repercussions. In 2006 he spent about $50,000 on webcam girls. At $2.00 a minute that would mean he spent about 5% of the year online staring at them.

#4. It’s not only the ladies who like to give back their dinner to the porcelain throne. Seems as if this former A list television actor who has more looks than talent has been going through a dry spell lately. No one wanted to hire him anymore because he had been putting on the pounds. Too lazy to exercise, but wanting a job, our actor used a combination of diet pills and vomiting to get himself back on television this fall.

Katharine McPhee In Vegas Magazine

More Links

Celebitchy has all the scoop on Lindsay in rehab. Does anyone on this earth honestly believe that Lindsay will just have water on her 21st birthday?

Jessica Simpson is going to star in what sounds like a horrible rip-off of Private Benjamin.

Dave Chappelle is alive. He's also still really funny.

Sienna Miller says she's not a slut. Well here is the definition. You decide.

I think this pretty much sums up what I said a few days ago about Hostel II.

Michael Phillips in the Chicago Tribune: "You live in a free country, you put up with crud like Hostel Part II. It truly is crud, though. The film is the definition of torture porn, and regarding the Motion Picture Association of America's business-friendly, brain-free decision to give it an R rating: If this film gets by with an R, then what is left to warrant an NC-17?"

Ted C Blind Item

There's a certain actor who's in the rags these days. On the cover of one of those sorry-ass publicist-sanctioned suck jobs, actually. Let's call this performer Rubba-Rubba Release, shall we? Yes, that suits the schmuck perfectly.

Now, R.R.R.'s career has hit more questionable points than Posh Spice has bones showing. Nevertheless, audiences and Oscar voters alike have had their frenzied moments with Rubba, so despite having participated in some of the most lampooned flicks ever made, R3 possesses awards that many people would murder their mothers, mistresses and spouses to possess.

(Ah, such is the way in H-town, where cops have the best sugar tits round, right?)

But I do wonder: Could Rubba's debatable—at best—rep be the reason R.R.R.'s recently on the cover of yet another widely distributed zine? Uh, nope would be the best answer I could provide.

That's 'cause R-hon—who's well experienced in the relationship game—is ensconced in yet another rocky hookup, due to R.R.R.'s myriad dicky dalliances that R. just can't seem to stay away from.

Including with the editor who just put the three-initialed slut on the damn cover, don't you know.

Cartier Celebrates Love - aka Grope Fest 2007

Frederic de Narp of Cartier really seemed to enjoy his evening.

"If you want the free stuff, you just have to give it a little smack."
No ball and chain in sight so I guess Kimora stayed home.
"This is the best one yet."

Being in a saw mill accident and bringing her husband allowed Faith Hill to escape the groping.
"Why don't we go back behind this thing and re-enact that scene from Boogie Nights?"
"Nice soft skin."
"Just a little lower honey."
"Yep, I 'm grabbing it. Nice isn't it?"
"I don't do guys, but I've seen your "girlfriend" so I guess you do."

Paris Update--Only Update Because This Is Ridiculous

So the City of Los Angeles (police/city attorney) and the County of Los Angeles (sheriff/jail) are in a pissing contest right now and Paris is in the middle. I'm not saying she's being Kardashian'd, I'm just saying she is in the middle of this turf war. The sheriff is saying we control the jails and you, the city can't do anything about it. We are the only ones who can provide permission for Paris to go to court and we aren't going to do it.

I guess they decided to all get along because Paris is now handcuffed and in the back of a sheriff's car.

Music News And Photos

Jackson Browne - Marriott Marquis - New York
Fall Out Boy - MTV - New York
Buckcherry- Donington Park - Leicestershire, UK
+44 - MTV - New York
Rihanna - BET - New York

Megadeath - Donington Park - Leicestershire, UK
LeAnn Rimes - Musician's Hall of Fame - Nashville
John Legend - Marriott Marquis - New York

Andre 3000 is set to play Sammy Davis Jr. in an upcoming film about Sammy's relationship with white actress Kim Novak.

Foreigner is coming out with a new album which will have both old and new songs. They should just call it a greatest hits CD and throw in one or two songs never heard before and get it out now. This is also the 30th anniversary of their debut album which featured Cold As Ice and Feel's Like The First Time. You feel old now?

Well I'm glad to see that British judges are consistent in not making anyone serve time for drug use. Well consistent to the point that gay/bi-sexual singers seem to get off rather easily.

No Doubt is headed to the studio. Only problem is that Gwen isn't going to be there.

NY Daily News Blind Item

Which Oscar nominee, briefly linked with a top model, is infamous with one ex-girlfriend for once suggesting an intimate act that involved a vacuum cleaner?

Morning Links

Notice this is CNN International. So all over the globe people are finding out what Americans think is the most important news story of the day.

Isaiah Washington's option was not renewed for Grey's Anatomy.

Paris ---

The LA Times version of the story.
The NY Post version.

Paris thought she could just phone it in.
Speaking of phoning, it seems Ms. Lohan has been calling all her friends to get some sleeping pills. Maybe Lindsay will have the chance to do Richie Sambora. He's in rehab although no one knows where. Seems that MTV Unplugged thing didn't go as smoothly as maybe it should have. The next thing you know, Richie's in rehab. No word on whether Denise will pay him a little visit with her "chapstick" container.
You remember the guy who used to be married to Jennifer Garner? Well he got married again.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Today's Blind Items

Aaaah. Summer time. Vacations, reunions, and visits to your real wife and child. Yes, that's right. So what happens when you are a struggling actor and move out to LA and leave the wife and child behind? No one really notices, because no one knows anything about you. Maybe after a few years you don't go back to your hometown all that much because you are moving up the career ladder. A few more years go by and now you are on the cusp of A list. You have it all. Films, some television, and magazine covers. Part of that list status is because you are single and hot. Find a woman in LA who completes the publicist's dream and even go through a wedding ceremony that doesn't mean anything because you never took out a license. Why? Because you are still married to the girl back home who you have been supporting along with your child and they have kept really quiet. Not completely quiet. Just really quiet. Your new B list television actress wife is in on the secret but she isn't as good as you in keeping secrets. Word starts to spread just a little. Now you are worried. What do you do? You head back to the hometown this summer to try and work out a deal with the wife and kid. We'll see.

Random Photos Part 2

I've long ago given up on trying to come to some sort of explanation. Oh, I've gone through the usual. Blackmail, love is blind, money, big d**k, body hair fetish, cuckolding, etc...
A little higher and Claudia could just use the skirt as a double for the bra also.

I'm assuming that Helena and Tim have neither a shower or mirror in their home. Let's also remember that this is them formally dressed.

I know you really shouldn't make fun of royalty, but I feel like The Brady Bunch just exploded.

I've never seen her before, but am truly fascinated by Jaime Winstone. Has anyone in the UK seen Goldplated? Is it any good?

Kathy Griffin knows no other pose.
I thought she was dating a football player, not actually aiming to be one.

Like daughter like

father. Scary isn't it?
"Watch me eat the salad in one bite."
"Told ya."
Thanks to flynetonline for the pics.

Even More Links

Jennifer's new boy toy with video. He really does kind of look like Brad Pitt.

Everyone can stop sending the nuts now. Jericho will be back on the air.

"When you walk into your dressing room every night and there are 40 beers, it's difficult not to drink them all, you know?"

Paula Abdul is considering adopting a child. You do realize this means that a live human being would be under the protection and care of Paula.

Jessica Alba's grandfather wanted her to be a nun.

I didn't even know Teri Hatcher could read, and yet she somehow won an award for Glamour Writer Of The Year.

Random Photos Part 1

What does this remind me of...

"I'll buy you a drink, but you have to promise no knives."
Please for the love of everything holy. Make it stop. She must be selling these damn things somewhere.
When does she ever find time to spend with her "kids?"
Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller on the set of their new movie.
Win Miss Universe and the next thing you know you are opening shoe stores.


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