Friday, February 26, 2010

Four For Friday

#1 - This former B list television and sometime very bad movie actress who is now a C with great name recognition has had some very public drug, alcohol and other drama issues this past year. Well, I am happy to report that she is now 60 days sober. This, despite the fact that she spends all her time with a drug dealer.

#2 - This A list female pro golfer is sleeping with a married college professor.

#3 & #4- Do you have $35,000? Well, if you do and have an hour to kill, you can have sex with this former B list television actress who has a B list movie actor for a boyfriend. Well I guess he is B list. He had a chance to make A list but his above the line movies have bombed. Our actress is not even bothering to audition for acting jobs at this point. No one can understand how she maintains her lifestyle without acting. Now you know. Oh, the boyfriend doesn't care because he is just not that into women.

Random Photos Part Four

Andrew Koenig - RIP
Alan Jackson - Nashville
Anna Kendrick looks amazing.
No smile from Anna Paquin, but she was smiling later.
I love Amy Ryan.
But I love Bruce Campbell more. The greatest.
It's a love fest because Brendan Gleeson is one of the best actors working right now.
Long time no see Bear Grylls.
Beth got Howard Stern out of the house.
I have decided that Stephen Baldwin and Corbin Bernsen need their own reality show. I think it should be one where they travel.
It is take your kid to work day. Courteney with Coco.
Angelina with Pax.

Random Photos Part Three

Carmen Electra does not seem to hit as many red carpets as she used to.
50 Cent - Paris
Seriously, this kid told Camila Parker Bowles that she looked 80.
Some love to Debenhams which is in the UK. They used a wheelchair model for their latest ad. I wish more companies would do that.
This diamond is 507 carats and sold today for $35.3M. So, basically 35 Hilary Duff rings.
The umm, ladies are in the starting gate.
The Sydney drag race is off. It looks like #7 is starting to lose parts of his dress.
And it's #10 winning it all.
Deryck Whibley and Avril Lavigne hanging out. Deryck doesn't look that great.
Eliza Dushku takes off her engagement ring and takes her brother to an event.
Another reason to dislike Eva Longoria. In-N-Out is far superior to Wendy's.
Evan Lysacek signing autographs in the Vancouver airport.

Random Photos Part Two

This skeleton outfit is really realistic on Fergie. If Marc Anthony were wearing it, then you are talking ultimate costume ever.
I will never have a bad thing to say about Gabrielle Anwar. I just can't. I love her too much.
Here she is enjoying the red carpet with Bonnie Williams who is the President of NBC Universal Cable. You know, the channels like Bravo and USA.
Gary Coleman has been hospitalized for a seizure. Hopefully everything is ok.
I don;t usually compare, but I have to say that for Jeff Goldman, dating Saffron Burrows is a huge upgrade over Rielle Hunter.
Loni Anderson has had one too many chemical peels and she married Burt Reynolds, but I love her.
This is just getting out of hand. I'm waiting for the day Lady GaGa learns to walk on stilts.
Unfortunately for everyone in the UK this picture of Lindsay Lohan is her getting on a plane to go back to the UK.
Is that a stache on Matt Damon's face?
Why yes it is.
It's Maggie Gyllenhaal and it's Friday so I'm being nice.
Always nice is Minka Kelly. Plus she got rid of John Mayer like in a day.

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

Martha Stewart in South Africa. Maybe it is the angle or the camera ficus, but Martha looks like she got some work done.
Speaking of work done, I am shocked that Nicole Kidman can smile that big. Of course someone could have just frozen her smile like that.
Nicole Richie and Sparrow in Paris. With that sepia tone and big glasses it kind of looks like a picture from the 60's.
This is the woman responsible for Jessica Simpson singing These Boots Are Made For Walkin'. Nancy Sinatra.
A reader sent in this photo of her and her husband in Whistler Village.
Rachael Ray with her typical fake smile for when she is near her husband.
I say throw a snowboard under her feet and let Susan Boyle compete in the next Winter Games.
Shanna Moakler is scary.
Kelly Kapowski is pregnant. I wonder if it was Zach or Slater.
Snooki gets an eyeful of Wendy Williams' breasts.

Your Turn

Talking about books and movies this week made me realize it has been almost two years since I asked the following question. Since it has been so long, your answer may have changed and it is a great way for me and for you to discover new books.

#1 - Your all-time favorite book
#2 - Your favorite guilty pleasure book

Cameron Douglas Blames Drug Addiction On Dad's Fame

Cameron Douglas has decided the best way to get bail while awaiting his trial is to blame his addictions on his dad. Well, not really even his dad, but his dad's fame. I have never heard anything more ridiculous. Well, I take that back. Actually Cameron's girlfriend trying to smuggle him drugs inside an electric toothbrush was pretty damn ridiculous.

Cameron's lawyer told a judge that, "Cameron's serious heroin addiction comes from notoriety that is not due to any acts of his own but by dint of birth and a difficult upbringing. He didn't benefit from his celebrity. He was hurt by it in a variety of ways, including ways in this case."

Come on Cameron. Own up and be a man. Don't blame this on your dad. Even if your dad was off with a bunch of women having sex your mom was a pretty good mom. I haven't heard that she was a nightmare or anything. Sometimes in life you have to take responsibility for your own actions and not always look for someone to blame your troubles on. You wouldn't need bail if you had not had your girlfriend try and bring you drugs while you were on house arrest. How is that your dad's fault? Did he load up the heroin in the toothbrush?

Thankfully the judge realized what a crock it was and left him in jail to await his trial.

Olympic Photos Part Six - Reader Photos

Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures of their experiences at the Vancouver Olympics.

Several hundred people in line for the Royal Mint to see the medals used in the Olympic Games.
Downtown Vancouver is definitely pro-Canada.
One of the numerous sidewalk operations that have sprouted in Yaletown to serve the crowds during big events. Notice the sign for half-price cheeseburgers. Mmmmmm.
The five sails are a well known backdrop on television coverage. Here is a view of them from above.
The Bay in downtown Vancouver has huge posters of Canadian athletes on the side of it's building.
A Women's Hockey game between Sweden and Slovakia.
More Canada love in downtown.
Until last week this was about as close as you could get to the torches. They have since moved the barrier about 25 feet closer.
More athletes at The Bay.
Long lines to get into events are the norm because of security. This is at 830 a.m before a Men's Curling match.


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