Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympic Medal Watch

I'm hoping it will update and stop showing the results from the last summer Olympics.

Blind Items Revealed

June 30, 2012

What new talk show host lines up three to five women at the end of his show and has them answer questions about what they would be willing to do to sleep with him. If there is more than one person that attracts his interest he asks if they are willing to do a threesome. if not, he has the second place finisher wait for a few hours until he finishes with the first.

Russell Brand

Snoop Is Banned From Norway

Snoop Dogg is banned from entering Norway for the next two years. His lawyer says Snoop os fine with that. I guess he was not planning on playing any Norwegian shows for the next two years or he might have tried to appeal. I guarantee you if it was England he would be spending a lot of money appealing the decision and getting them to change. The issue he is going to have is Japan is not going to let him now either so that will be a big money hit.

Snoop was arrested after he tried entering Norway with pot in his possession. He was also charged with having too much cash and not declaring it.

Conrad Hilton Violates Probation

Conrad Hilton is on probation because of a previous pot arrest. As part of that probation he has to take drug tests. He failed one when he tested positive for pot. Back in November, Conrad got into a car wreck while high on pot and drunk on wine. You know he must have got the wine from home. What teenager is driving around with bottles of wine? If you manage to convince some place to sell you booze, you are probably not going to get $50 bottles of wine. I think one of his bottles was actually worth like $200, so you know it came from home. This is not big deal. The only reason anyone cares is because it is a Hilton. The good news is he doesn't have his own television show.

Katy Perry & John Mayer

There are a couple of tabloids that are reporting that Katy Perry and John Mayer hooked up. It is definitely not dating because they got together way back in the middle of June. So, it was either a one night thing which is quite likely knowing the history of John Mayer or Katy would not do what John Mayer wanted which is also very likely because John does like to get his freak on. They would make an interesting combination. They both like to be in the limelight so much though, I fear the world would become nothing but John and Katy 24/7. There is nothing they would not do to show the world they were a couple of they were. The pair were supposed to have been kissing and canoodling.

Mr. Bean At The Opening Ceremonies

I love Mr. Bean. This made the whole ceremony for me.

Katie Holmes Goes To Dinner With A Guy

Well, it only ended with a kiss on the cheek and Katie Holmes getting into a cab by herself, but it was dinner, and it was with a guy. Look at how happy that guy is. He is ridiculously happy. He is so happy and smiling so much, he is hurting my mouth just watching him. I'm glad she had some fun and she must have loved going out without a security team or a car waiting. Just a cab and a trip back to her apartment.

I can't tell if the guy is happy because he is getting publicity or because he just got air kissed by Katie Holmes, or she agreed to go out with him again or talked dirty over dinner.

Lupe Ontiveros Has Died

Veteran actress Lupe Ontiveros, who appeared in scores of TV shows and movies including “Desperate Housewives,” "The Goonies," "Selena,” and “As Good As It Gets,” has died. She was 69.

Lupe was the sweetest, most generous, wonderful woman ever. To let you know what a wonderful actress she was, she portrayed Yolanda Saldivar in the movie Selena. Yolanda was an evil woman. I said to myself at the time Lupe was cast that there is no way Lupe is going to be able to get that quiet nastiness that Yolanda had, but Lupe managed to pull it off. Below, is one of my favorite Lupe moments.

Dancing With The All Stars - Bristol Palin Is Back But No Kate Gosselin

Yesterday, ABC announced the cast for Dancing With The Stars - All Star edition and I have to say, I am upset. I Tweeted it, and now I am expressing my displeasure here. John O'Hurley was left off the list. The man is the first time winner of the show. It is not like he is really busy doing other things that he would not come if asked. Was he asked? No. Who does not like him? Nothing against Joey Fatone or Gilles Marini. I like them fine. But, why would you put Melissa Rycroft on the show instead of John O'Hurley. I know you need Bristol Palin to get some ratings shock. I get that. I can't really complain about Pamela Anderson, Kelly Monaco, Shawn Johnson, Kirstie Alley, Helio Castroneves, Drew Lachey, Emmitt Smith, and Apolo Ohno. All of those choices are solid. But, and this is a big but, ABC is letting viewers pick the 13th contestant and John O'Hurley is not even one they can choose from. It is Sabrina Bryan, Carson Kressley, or Kyle Massey. Since Kyle and Bristol hate each other now, that might be a good choice. I am grateful there is not a Gosselin or Kardashian in sight.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

It's Olympics time.
Apparently people like watching the torch.
I would watch if Christina Hendricks was carrying it.
Demi Lovato has discovered a way to discourage fans from giving her hugs.
Halle Berry reminds the director that she has an Academy Award.
This is why Jessica Alba should keep two hands on the stroller at all times.
I'm thinking Honor might be too big for it. Her sister is behind her in it though.
Kate Major buys matching backpacks. Twins? Getting ready to send the baby to work when it is born?

Random Photos Part Two

Lady GaGa finally released some of the photos from her night with Lindsay Lohan. Only the PG ones though.

Katy Perry checks out the photos of Robert Pattinson. Probably likes his fake tattoos in the magazine.
Mischa Barton and her boyfriend of the week wait in the European countryside for
someone to tow their car.
Meanwhile, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are really taking things public. Great opportunity for whoever he is cheating on Mila with to make some great money from the tabloids.
And Prince Harry lists the 1,000 ways you can use Olympic torch as sexual innuendo.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Ricki Lake is back on television and seems pretty excited about it. It was either this or get pregnant again and make another baby movie.
Amber Rose goes back to her natural color. And kind of looks like Matt Damon from the side if Matt was a female who once went out with Kanye West.
Rose McGowan takes her usual walk to make sure she stays in the public eye.
Sarah Michelle Gellar shows off her love of fedoras. I'm pretty sure Freddie Prinze Jr is just a CGI creation at this point.
Tom Hanks like you have never seen him before.
David and Victoria Beckham take Harper out to lunch before David
plays some soccer with Michelle Obama.
Long time no see Whitney Port. Last night, Whitney and Audrina were at the same place for the first time in 2 years.
This is a new look for The Zooey. She is usually really modest.

You Did Not See This Coming

Good Morning America Continues To Dominate - Robin Roberts To Take Medical Leave

For the first time in 17 years, Good Morning America beat the Today Show in the total number of viewers. For 852 weeks GMA lost. That all changed and much of the success is because everyone loves Robin Roberts and hates Matt Lauer and whoever he is sleeping with at that particular time. It has nothing to do with Ann Curry. Anyway, Robin told reporters yesterday that she is going to have to take time off in August and September for her bone marrow transplant. Combined with Today having all of this Olympics stuff going for them and her absence, GMA is going to struggle to hang on to first. Robin said that Katie Couric would be filling in a lot. Robin is amazing and I hope she completely recovers from this.

Four For Friday

Today, I thought I would do a traditional Four For Friday and give you some variety. If you are going to be around this weekend and not glued to your television watching the Olympics, I will be blogging tomorrow and Sunday. Tomorrow I will be revealing one or two blind items from the archives. Feel free to follow me on Twitter. The bird thing is over there -----> I try to talk about things on there that I don't over here and to also give some different blind items.

#1 - This former B list actress who was once touted as the next big thing fell off the wagon. Got back on and got married and had some kids. Now way off the wagon again. Horribly off the wagon. She is taking the whole family down with her.

#2 - This now almost A list television actress on a hit network comedy recently split from her husband. He said that her most annoying habit is that when she has sex she sings. Really softly, but she does sing and does it the entire time. Even if you tell her to be quiet she starts again after a few seconds.

#3 - This A list tween singer who is moving nicely to the top 40 as she becomes an adult recently decided to surprise her celebrity boyfriend backstage at a show. The singer had finished early with her commitments and when she walked into his dressing room, her boyfriend was not there, but a girl wearing nothing but a pair of panties was. The singer stormed out, but as she always does, forgave her boyfriend.

#4 - This former A list television actress from a very hit show with a huge following to this day has mainly struck out since and dropped to a B lister. Anyway, one of her former co-stars who is now just about an A list television actress in her own right says that she refuses to have any part of any discussion of any kind of reunion show with the former A lister because she is one of the meanest, people she has ever met and that life is too short to spend even five seconds with someone like that. Wow.

Your Turn

What is a movie that everyone has seen except for you? For the longest time I had never seen Titanic. My mom made me watch it with her for her birthday present two years ago. I figured out pretty much right away that the ship was going to sink. I kept telling my mom that. She was not amused. I have only seen Avatar once and it was on an airplane. That blue takes a whole new dynamic on a five inch screen in turbulence. If you only see a movie on an airplane does it count? If you only land at an airport and don't leave, does that count as visiting that state or country? Can you tell that I am enjoying a few morning beverages? It's kind of an Olympic tradition. I tryo to drink for three weeks straight. Lots of endurance required.

Alec Baldwin Stalker Says Her Career Has Stalled

For some reason, the actress who has been in court this week facing stalking charges against Alec Baldwin says that her career has stalled. No? You don't say. Why would that be? Because you sent him 7 e-mails in one day? Why? Because you said you were going to go DEFCON 1 and start a war with Alec Baldwin. Who wants that on their film set? The actress, Genevieve Sabourin says it is because Alec is a big star and has been saying bad things about her. He doesn't need to say anything, I think she is doing a pretty good job on her own. The actress is facing five separate charges. Alec has said he just had a brief meeting with the actress. What really happened is that he probably took her to dinner and had sex with her and then he could not get rid of her.

The 30 Year Reunion

Back in 1982, five teens from Santa Barbara graduated from high school. They vowed that every five years they would get together and take the same group picture they had done that day. That they somehow managed to make it happen is amazing. That they are sharing it with the world is really cool too.


Eric Dane Quits Grey's Anatomy

After 8 years on Grey's Anatomy, there will be no more Dr. Mark Sloan on the show. Eric Dane announced he was quitting the show to focus on other projects. I can't believe how long this show has been on the air and how it seems to just go on and on year after year despite there never being much hype about it. It seems like the only time anyone talks about the show is when someone quits or the season finale each year. Other than that it just goes about its business and keeps making the show's creator, Shonda Rhimes a very rich woman. It's not like Mad Men where the whole world just waits for that first episode of the new season and talks about it incessantly. I think Eric thinks he is going to make it big in movies. I don't think so. Yes, he is good looking, but good looks does not always make it in the movies. Television to movies is hard. Rule #1 is to never leave a hit show. Why leave? Make movies during the vacations. Look at Katherine Heigl. What is she doing now? Not much. A few failed movies and now she is hoping to get a hit somehow. T.R. Knight? Yeah. remember him. Think he would like to be pulling in $100K an episode over at Grey's Anatomy right about now?

Nadya Suleman Wants To Sell You A Payday Loan

You know you are having hard times when you get sucked up into the payday loan cycle. It is so hard to ever pull yourself out of that mess, and you just keep paying that 600% interest. Do you realize that loan sharks don't even charge that much interest? Anyway, Montel Williams gets paid a ton of money to convince you to sign up for one and now Nadya Suleman has signed up with a company that is calling itself OctoLoan. Yeah, they claim they are widely respected in the industry. Considering they have been around for only five minutes, that might be true. Apparently Nadya is getting paid almost $100K to shill for the company. Yeah, because the woman who spent taxpayer money to have 14 kids is the person I want giving me financial advice.

National Enquirer Blind Item

Which 60-something singer/ actress – she was in a classic ’70s musical – has given her troubled daughter a dose of tough love? The Grammy winner has forced her spoiled, wannabe starlet offspring to get a 9-to-5 job – as a housekeeper!

James Holmes Says He Has Amnesia

I get the feeling that James Holmes thinks he is in a movie and that he will go to trial and something dramatic will happen and he will be freed or released. According to workers at the county jail where he is incarcerated, the Colorado shooter is claiming he does not know why he is even in jail. Obviously he thinks this will help him if he pleads not guilty because of insanity. He really does think he is in some scripted movie and that he is somehow going to get out of all this. He isn't. This is not going to be an OJ or a Casey Anthony or Robert Blake. James is going to be in jail for the rest of his life if they don't decide to go for the death penalty. He is going to be in jail in 60 years and and spend day after day doing exactly the same thing. I hope he rots in there. I think in 30 or 40 years when someone goes to interview him, I think that smirk and that I will get out of this look or expression will be replaced with a look that says it has been 30 or 40 years and I have another 3o years or so to go before I die.

Victim #2 Is Suing Penn State

Penn State is having to pay the NCAA over $60M in fines. I think Victim #2 should sue Penn State for that amount of money and every victim should follow in his wake and do the same thing. If the school is willing to pay $60M to get to play football they should be willing to pay $60M to a child who was sexually assaulted on their school property and did nothing about it. How could you pay him any less? I will tell you why. Because even today, the people who run Penn State think football is way more important than Victim #2. Why do you think they tried so hard to avoid the death penalty? Because they get paid way more than the fine the NCAA issued to play football. They get almost $20M a year just from the football program alone. It is probably more. It is all about money.

The interesting thing here is that Penn State's insurer has said they are not going to cover Penn State because they had a duty to let them know about Sandusky and they never did. So, Penn State is going to have to sue their insurance company to try to get them to cover some of this. Otherwise, It is going to come out of the Penn State coffers and then everything will suffer except the football program. That new science building? Can't do it because Sandusky sexually assaulted kids and the school has to pay. Tuition going up 300%. Have to. Sandusky used the showers as his sexual playground and the school has to pay. I think the school should still play football and have to give every penny of it for the same number of years that they had Sandusky working for them. So, in about 20 or 30 years or however long it was, then the school can finally start to line their own pockets again.

Katherine Jackson Wants The Kids Back

Katherine Jackson is back in Los Angeles and met with her lawyer yesterday. He says she is fine and that this is all a big misunderstanding. Uh huh. That is why the relatives kidnapped and drugged her and then tried to kidnap the kids. It's pretty obvious that Katherine should not be the one in charge of them right now. Let her live with the kids and be there with them, but I don't know if I want her to be the one in charge. Of course, the kidnappers also have kind of screwed themselves because they won't have access to that free flow of money if their mother is not guardian of the kids.

This was just a money grab that backfired because people didn't think everything through properly. They just start seeing all those dollar signs and not working and doing nothing and it is getting harder to do that with each passing generation because there are more and more people trying to live off the Michael Jackson dollar.

Justin Bieber Makes Everyone Mad

Apparently Justin Bieber is not universally loved and adored. I know. That is hard to believe. For starters, the belt industry is not a fan, because Justin does not believe in belts. Everyday we are forced to see photos of Justin with his pants hanging precariously on the tiniest hint of a butt waiting for the time they will fall to the ground and display his underoos. I'm guessing he wears Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ones. He also makes his neighbors mad. Justin rents the house behind Kristen Bell and Dax Shepherd. Now, most guys who would live behind that couple would spend their days and nights and most weekends camped out in whatever room offered the best chance to catch a glimpse of Kristen Bell. According to the couple though, ever since Justin moved in, he has been the worst neighbor ever with loud music and parties almost every second that he is there.

He also showed his love for using big words like f**k and s**t. He only gets to use them when his mom is not around so he really loves sharing them at all times and also very loudly. How often and how loudly? On a recent flight from New Zealand he was so out of hand that a mother, who was traveling with two kids in first class went up to the singer and asked him to stop because it was so crazy. Justin apologized and toned it down. Have you noticed that inside the US, Justin Bieber fever has cooled noticeably? One more year and he will be a Jonas Brother.

Robert Pattinson Moves Out

I think three days is about enough to discuss one person cheating in Hollywood. I mean when Tiger cheated with 46 people and Jesse James 38 or whatever it was, even that got kind of boring after a few days. The only fun was seeing photos of the different people and wondering what on earth they were thinking. I think what would make this whole Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart thing more fun is if Ted Casablanca had a way to report live from outside the house they once shared. Apparently Rob has now moved out. Ted could be out there waiting to talk to anyone and interviewing everyone and just talking to himself. I think Funny Or Die should give the guy a call and do some kind of parody video.

What this is going to do of course is now allow the tabloids to talk about the couple every week until the last installment of Twilight premieres later this year. After that, no one will really care. I don't think they are quite at the level where we are going to care who they are dating unless the person they are dating is someone we care about.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Apparently Banana Republic has decided that knees just aren't necessary on models.
Christina Aguilera goes makeup free. MAC lays off thousands.
Demi Lovato at boot camp in Miami.
Simon Cowell was there doing an i.d check before finding someone to spend the day with.
Emmy Rossum brings paps some ice cream on the set of Shameless and then
pretends like she is going to eat one.
Anna Faris on the Santa Monica pier.
I didn't think it was possible for Giuliana Rancic to get more thin. I was wrong.
Gwen Stefani does some strange leopard thing.


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