Friday, March 07, 2008

You Know Today Must Be Slow

God help me, but I am about to write a post about some guy Jennifer Aniston is dating. I know, I know. Who cares? I don't even care, but I am going to prattle on here for a few minutes and talk about how she is dating a grip from that film Traveling In Vancouver. Considering that she is already filming a new movie which will go straight into the toilet like the others, she must have liked this guy enough to meet him in LA. The guy's name is Brian Boruma and I am sure he is loving the attention, unless of course he is married. Even if he is married he probably is loving the attention. Do you think Jen puts out on the first date? I am asking this because it seems so rare that she actually goes out with anyone a second time. The media just loves trying to put her with different guys.

On the set of the film Jennifer was allegedly dating Aaron Eckhart, but obviously that didn't take since she is with this guy for the next few days. For his part, Boruma says, "I don't want to talk about that." Well at least he can keep his mouth shut. For now. Give him a week and a plane ticket back home and he will be spilling. Not that I will care.


Alice.W said...

Ent, I'm interested in Jen A and her relationship status - if that makes me sad then so be it.

I still don't get why the media give her such a hard time and claim to know so much about her life. I mean what evidence is there that Jen only dates a guy once.

Jen lives a pretty low key life these days, the only time I've seen her photographed is when she's filming. Shame more stars don't do the same

Gayla said...
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Gayla said...

alice.w, I honestly think the biggest mistake Jen A made post divorce was keeping up that low-key life. People wanted to see her bounce back, show up at an awards show with a new, great haircut and an amazing dress in a color that is NOT BLACK, and then land some random hot model and make Brad seem that much less of a loss for her recovering so well. Basically, they wanted her to do what Reese Witherspoon did when the world found out she was divorcing Ryan Phillippe and then started showing up everywhere looking better than ever.

However, Jen didn't do this. I personally think Jen doesn't give a shit what anyone thinks and is more than happy to sit at the house smoking a blunt, doing mildly crappy movies for a few million occasionally, otherwise living off Friends residuals, and just chilling. That's great for Jen on a personal level, but on a PR level it made her seem as if she was trying to hide in mourning. The media played her up as "poor Jen" and she just kind of let them, instead of coming out like, "Hey, there's no 'poor' Jen, I'm doing fabulous!" Now people are sick of the poor Jen routine but...she never did that. She just let people get away with saying it.

I saw the interview she did with Oprah right after the announcement and I got the sense that she was waaaaaaaaaay over it before we even knew it was falling apart. But she is so blase, sometimes that nonchalant attitude can backfire on you. I want her to show up somewhere just once in a dress in a gorgeous print, or I will at least settle for a vivid blue or bright red color. All she ever wears is black, black, and taupe. With black. It's what she's always done (even with Brad) but it probably comes off as if she's attending her own heart's funeral over and over again.

captivagrl said...

the biggest mistake she made after the divorce was wearing that pad with bikini public. wtf? nothing is worse than that. so now i hate her.

Gayla said...

Wait, WHAT? I totally missed that. No, nothing is worse than that and I'm just going off the image in my head and not an actual picture. Definitely points taken off for that.

I will say, b/c I forgot to add it above, that for all I know Jen A may be a heinous bitch IRL, or maybe Ent has had a run-in with her and that explains his disdain, but just off what I've seen of her there is nothing to dislike, she/her reps just havn't been doing a very good job of boosting her image instead of making it look like she's milking that victim role (which I don't think she's intentionally doing). Must be some hella good pot, though.

jax said...

captivagrl- what???? do tell...

i have loads of friends in the industry, will put the feeliers out on this one. i swear i read Eckhart proposed to his gf after they started shooting up here and now i google and it's gone. weird.

i used to love Jen. She seems so damn arrogant though now. and when i say now i mean b4 all the Brangelina schtuff not since.
She was an unhappy camper long before he left her grumpy bum.

captivagrl said...

check Random Photos on jan 3 for bikini pic.

rosieprincess said...

That wasn't a pad, more like the white lining of her swimsuit bottoms sticking out. I highly doubt Jennifer Aniston would be stupid enough to wear a sanitary pad underneath tiny bikini bottoms.

Alice.W said...

Great post gayla, shame more people aren't as broadminded and seeing the big picture on some of the message boards online.

I agree, I think Jen's doesn't give a t*ss, I wouldn't either if I had her money.


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