Friday, July 18, 2008

Wow! You Think?

Kneepads Magazine has apparently decided which side of the Balthazar Getty marriage they are taking and it is the wife. In order to fully cement what side they have chosen, they dragged out this winner of a source who had this to say about how Rosetta Getty feels about the whole Sienna Miller and the naked yacht photos.

"It's humiliating. Rosetta left the country to protect the kids, and he continues to see Sienna publicly."

Wow. You needed an unnamed source for that one? Come on. Any of us could have said the same damn thing and we wouldn't have to have been unnamed. My guess is that the writer of the People story went over to another writer in the office and asked how they would feel, and they gave the above quote.

I doubt Rosetta is sitting around her villa in Italy jumping up and down for joy and trying to arrange for a trip to the coast so she could see the frolicking first hand. Of course she's humiliated. Her soon to be ex-husband not only is cheating on her, but is cheating on her with Sienna Miller. I mean how low can your self-esteem get knowing your husband left you for Sienna? Way to go out on a limb there People.


Harriet Hellfire said...

I'd say about as low as when your husband is Brad Pitt and leaves you for Angelina Jolie.

No relation, that was just what I was thinking back then when all THAT crap was going down.

mags said...

If they've been living separately for a couple a months, it's probably not a big surprise. Rosetta is more than likely concerned about the children seeing the pictures of Dad frolicking about with a mostly naked female. Popsugar has some new pictures. I'd be more pissed that after going to Italy to get away, B & S followed her there. This story reminds me more of the Shanna M/Oscar De La Hoya story.

I'm trying to guess the other stars in the picture. I see Courteney & David, is that Eva M. or Jennifer Esposito?

Kat said...

I have to say that I completely get what Brad saw in Angie, though. What guys continue to see in Sienna confuses me. She's obviously got some sort of rabid obsession with sleeping with anyone who expresses the slightest interest. A British, less talented Drew Barrymore perhaps? I would be less judgmental about her if only she weren't grabbing a man away from his family. I get leaving someone when you're in love with another, but to leave your kids because of some teeny-breasted starfucker? He has more money than brains, does Getty.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Actually, I think Kneepads is riding the fence. I've got the magazine in front of me, and it says "Balthazar and his wife have been living separate lives for a while," says a source. "So Sienna isn't a home-wrecker."

Sounds like Sienna's and/or Getty's publicist got to People as they seem to be playing both sides of this story.

adrian said...

Was Sienna this promiscuous before Jude Law? It is almost as if she has to prove how desirable she is by being with every walking guy out there.

Judi said...

Any guy who takes up with Miller has zero standards. Yeah, I agree that Rosetta's more concerned with the kids seeing the photos.

Willow said...

Just makes me wonder what will happen Sienna dumps Balthazar for the next "swingin' dick" in a few months. Congrats - stud! You just ruined yours. your wife's and children's lives for nothing. Bravo!

Megan said...

I might be naive but it seems kinda odd that they would follow her and the kids to Italy. With all that money couldn't they go to Costa Del Sol instead? seems like something more is going on like really vindictive I'm going to rub this in your face and you cant hide from it thing. Anyone know a back story of why he would be so vicious to a woman he once loved and to his own kids?

I really liked his character on brothers and sisters too this made me sad and I don't think I can watch that show anymore. :'( I can't suspend my disbelief that much.

gillian said...

whether Getty and wife were living separate lives and the ins and outs of his sienna hook up, the real issue is HAVE SOME INTEGRITY! There are 4 kids involved and you still have a wife, if only in law. Why not formalise that end first, and keep the sienna thing a secret until then? If you look at the pitt-aniston break up, pitt and jolie maintained an incredibly low profile even after he was technically divorced. No canoodling pics, naked on a boat in full view; nothing. I think the most there was, aside from the rumours, were pics of them getting on planes and him with maddox. Then gradually. That showed some concern to all parties. But Getty? tacky, tacky, tacky. I don't even blame Miller- she's a mess and clearly low on memory (Jude Law and the nanny, anyone?)


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