Friday, October 31, 2008

Random Photos

Madonna - Vancouver.

Anne Curry but kind of looks like Sandra Oh.

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. How come Kathie didn't wear a costume? Yeah, yeah, like you wouldn't have said the same thing.

How many times do you think Matt Lauer tripped in that thing?

Meredith Viera got the short end of the costume stick.

Alan Jackson-CMT "Giants" Honoring...Alan Jackson

Wow that dress is tight on Beyonce. I mean your whole body must just feel squeezed.

The Dandy Warhols- Sydney

Well it is Halloween so I went for scary.

Brittny Gastineau shows her true self. No, actually she has been very nice to me lately as you will see in a few weeks.

Kris Jenner actually looks good here. I know. Must be that Halloween punch they served at lunch.

Kim Kardashian looks decent, not great, but decent as Wonder Woman. What gets me is she has the wrong color of tights on. It looks like she borrowed them from Reggie Bush's uniform.

Everyone gets happy with a boa around their neck. The Prince actually looks like he may have had a few to smoke.

Richie Rich, Joe Korniewicz, Lydia Hearst - I want to hear your captions for this one.

Snoop Dogg-Sydney

Mariah Carey and her assistant.


Molly said...

enty keeps telling us the royals are potheads. we're listening, enty!

meredith viera's arms look like amy winehouse's. or madonna's.

AnonMom said...

Ok, I totally see it now... Eva is Mario's fag hag.

jax said...

molly that was a from an old random of the Prince in Jamaica..before your CDAN time.

hey Mariah- got milk?

Madonna..holla for Vancouver, i hear it was pretty good.

Molly said...

ohhhh..damn. i wanted them to be potheads.

thnx. i'm gonna go eat candy now.

DNfromMN said...

I wonder how much Famous Amos paid Mariah. No way she'd give up that for free. Especially since she later changed into a costume more her style: slutty firemistress bra and hotpants included.

I want to know what Brittny Gastineau did for Enty.. is she FW?

Yay for another Dandy Warhols pic.

And I think Meredith's costume is probably the most amazing of all the Today show folks. It looks like a lot of make-up chair time.

sassafrass said...

hey, I don't remember being robbed of a BI last halloween?

ykkstuck said...

think Meridith's costume looks great (albeit scary - but that's the point right?)

KimK - maybe Spanx only comes in black?

for caption:

the lying, the bitch and lack of wardrobe

Mariah looks cartoon-like - she had a chin implant recently no? It's awkward her head is significantly larger than his (but love his smile cuz you know it will piss her off).

Nosey Parker said...

Russell Crowe helped Snoop play Sydney.
Funny choice for a character reference!
In a letter sent earlier this month, Crowe pleaded with authorities to approve Snoop's visa application, which is currently being reconsidered on character grounds.

The rapper, whose real name is Cordozar Calvin Broadus, has several criminal convictions for drug and weapons offences and was banned from Australia last year by then-Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews.,22049,24324782-5005941,00.html

Jasmine said...

i love love love m.careys and ASSistents costume!!!!!!!!!!
only one as cute was gavin and gwen as bacon and eggs.
but seriously the pinnocio costume was the shit!
and humpty dumpty!

c17 said...

If Kim Kardashian (sp?) could act, she'd make a perfect Wonder Woman. She strikes me as being very shy, but pushed by "others" to put herself out there. Still, she's fierce in that outfit.

Pariah & Nick? Please, that's a product promotion waiting to get paid....

sauvage said...

Oh my god, the Mariah Carey/Nick Cannon-pic is priceless. Don't their faces hurt? Sure looks that way.

ea73 said...

Where's the four for friday? Am I missing something??
Mariah is as desperate for media coverage as Tom Cruise. At least Mariah only pimps herself out, while TC pimps out his daughter just to be photographed.

Robin the Mad Photographer said...

I don't think Meredith had to spend quite as much time in the chair as it appears--I suspect that the woodgrain arms & legs are just sheer printed nylon sleeves & stockings (have seen this done for "tattos" as well), and the face is a mask. Still, she deserves credit for not automatically going "cute"...

Molly said...

enty said he needed a break. either he's going to take a partial break and we may get fewer posts and may have to do w/o blinds, or someone else is stepping in and has no blinds. i think we're lucky we've been getting what we get, given how bad he sounded in his post earlier this week.

Cor said...

i was at that madonna concert....she kicked ass! best concert ever!

Mooshki said...

DN, NO, Brittny is not FW! LOL. She's not as bad as most of the other celebutards, but I think our Enty can do better than that!

Lisa said...

I'm sooooo tired of Kim K. I'll bet she chose black tights because flesh colored, or regular nylons don't hide her cellulite.

zandra said...

Kim Kardashian is really short, like an 11 year old short. But with huge thighs and ass, she actually looks sad and deformed in person. She weighs around 140 but is maybe 5' tall, maybe. Sad.

Nick Cannon somehow turned into a human version of a Chihuahua dog. It's also so sad to see. Mooriah just looks oblivious to everything around her. Does anyone else think he has to hold her drink for her? And her purse?

slappywhyte said...

almost every pic of nick and mariah is gold

ea73 said...

Thanks, Molly. I forgot about that post by Ent.
Oh, and is it me, or does Eva Longoria always look at least 10 years older than she is (or claims to be?) That looks like a photo of Mario Lopez and his mom.

captivagrl said...

the boring whore looks like an asshole in that ill-fitted wonder woman costume. it adds 25lbs and she doesn't need that.


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