Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rob Thomas Tries To Save Some Horses

Wow, as soon as I wrote the headline I started humming that U2 song, "Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses." Damn, can't get it out of my head. Good song to have stuck in there. It's better than "I'm Too Sexy" which I invariably start humming everytime I post that Michael Lohan photo in his mesh shirt. Seriously, do you think he was trying to see if he could sell a calendar or maybe he put it on his match.com profile. I don't know. Anyway, it must be Thanksgiving week because all the stories are becoming so nice.

According to the NY Daily News, Rob Thomas is doing his very best to save some horses from returning to their abusive owners. There are two horses being cared for by Pets Alive which were sent to the shelter because the owners of the horses had neglected them and the horses were very badly injured. Rob has been giving money to the shelter, and recently made an offer of about $10,000 for the two horses. The problem is that the owners won't sell them to Rob and it is even possible the horses may in fact go back to the owners.

That would be the worst possible idea ever. OK, not the worst. Lindsay Lohan adopting a child is worse. But not by much. Hopefully the owners will do the right thing, and Rob Thomas gets a big thank you from me and other animal lovers out there. Of course though, he is still going to get bumped here by U2 because I really want all of you to hum it with me the rest of the day.


not a famous adrian said...

I'll always hum along with you to U2!
I hope he succeds in saving the horses. That is a nice story to read--especially if it works out.

Mooshki said...

People who abuse animals deserve the worst section of hell. People who help animals deserve the best section of heaven. :)

Anonymous said...

I thought if you were caught abusing an animal you would be fine and the animal would be taken away from the owner.

mysmaus said...

Okay, now I respect Rob Thomas (& I never thought I'd say that!). A lot of times they do return abused animals to their owners, budget cutbacks mean they can't prosecute them & if the owner 'promises' to reform then they give them another chance. Wow, never thought I'd see a celebrity have a conscience & actually spend money to help out.

brendalove@gmail.com said...

We're pulling for you, Rob!

p.s. Grow your hair out again.

Judi said...

Yay, Rob!!
Enty, rest assured that Lilo will NEVER be able to adopt a child. With her substance abuse problems, criminal record and instability, she'd NEVER pass a home study. This will never be an issue.

smooches said...

I used to work at Pets Alive a few years ago in the kitty kennel. I loved my job, but the owner was bat shit crazy. She was hoarding the animals! I left and then she died 2 years ago. There were hundreds of applications for pet adoptions and she never even looked at them. I had to leave due to her wackiness. Rob and his wife are the biggest supporters of this shelter and thanks to the new owners it's a much better place.

Sorry...had to put my 2 cents in. Ok bye!

Ella said...

Thanks for spreading the word! From what I understand, the owners originally wanted $2,000 for the horses. Pets Alive offered $4,000 "just to be sure" but the owners, after learning of Rob Thomas's support, changed their mind and refused that offer. Thomas & his wife, truly concerned, played the owners stupid game and offered them the ten grand - an absurd amount for two ill-treated, non-thoroughbred horses. The owners are now refusing because their feelings were hurt when Rob and his wife posted on his message board about the plight of these horses. Sounds to me like they see an opportunity for a big cash payout just because Rob Thomas and his wife have good hearts.

You really need to cover Rob Thomas more, Enty. He's one of the best rock stars out there - talent-wise and heart-wise. The fact that he's hot as hell sure doesn't hurt!

Wil said...

Well .. EL .. maybe you can answer this for us all? Is horse thievery still a hanging offense?

Not saying I am for vigilante justice or anything .. but .. there is a place for horse thievery .. IMHO. My Great Grandfather fled to America after being sprung from the pokie in Ireland for that very offense. Go to America or die .. they told him. And here is Willow's family!

So .. ya know .. it's in the family .. this would thrust horse thieving into a noble profession. Just sayin' .. not that I am fomenting .. ya know .. just askin' a question. Just talkin' to a guy about a horse .. in a manner of speaking. ; )

And for Rob Thomas fans .. I am not quite sure if it is still available .. but if you can get your hands on the broadcast or podcast of "Real Time with Bill Maher" Episode #81 dated 9/11/06 with Rob, PJ O'Rouke and Joan Walsh [editor of Salon] .. man!! You are in for a treat! It is witty and funny as hell! Rob was brilliant .. it goes without saying Joan and PJ were as well! ; )

[And just to make sure we all know this .. this is a joke. Well.. not the not knowing of horse thievery is still a hanging offense .. and that my Great Grandfather was thrown out of Ireland for the same offense .. and if he stayed he would have been executed .. but .. I ain't stealin' no horses. Truth be told .. I am allergic to them!]

Uber*nought said...

This is really decent of him. I hope he gets his horses.

How can they be sent back and not "removed" for their own protection if the owners are abusive to start with, so much so the horses have to be taken away?

It's crazy, these folks should be glad someone's offering them money so they can go buy tons of cigarettes and beer instead of being responsible animal owners and have a great Christmas on that money (like choking on the turkey bones). You'd think they'd be godamn thrilled.

Ugh. Anyway, go Rob!

sauvage said...

"Achtung Baby" is my favourite U2- album of all times.

Sarah said...

Did you all hear about Madeleine Pickens, T. Boone Pickens' wife, who bought 33,000 wild Mustangs at auction that were going to be euthanized? And then she got land to put them on. Now that's a terrific way to spend your fortune!

__-__=__ said...

It's sad how people mistreat horses. I vote for horse thievery - in the most noblest of fashions!!

Ayesha said...

Dudes! if anyone is still reading this, that is...
I just saw a documentary on the Sundance channel called "Zoo", about the sick and twisted freaks (men) who like to have sex with horses! And the man who bled to death from a punctured colon after an encounter with a stallion. Made me feel physically sick.

The film, IMO, tried to garner a little sympathy for these people, as if they are sensitive animal lovers who are misunderstood and cast out from society. Didn't work on me. They are fucking sick deviants and I wanted to put each one out of his misery. They actually had a little club of fellow horse-fucking perverts who would gather on this guy's farm and talk about and film their sessions getting laid by the horses. It was VILE.


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