Thursday, December 09, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Remind me tomorrow and I will share a story about this Joe Jonas picture.
Jennifer Lopez getting ready for Hollywood week.
Jeremy Sisto joining forces with other bearded men to rule the world.
Jay Z checks out his wife in Australia.
Kate Gosselin always looks so much happier when it is just her and her bodyguard.
Katie Price looks like she is ready for a blizzard in Moscow, but she was in 75 degree weather in Los Angeles.
Lady GaGa wax figures were unveiled yesterday.

Does Lindsay Lohan have a wax figure? Is it doing drugs?
I have no idea what Liv Tyler was thinking here. I guess layers.
Natalie Portman hanging out with John Galliano.
Snow in Paris. Looks great!

Also in Paris were Christoph Waltz, Seth Rogen and Cameron Diaz.


MISCH said...

Beyonce is doing the holding the handbag over the tummy trick...

RocketQueen said...

Fuck I love Paris. Time to go back for a visit.

Portman's outfit looks all wrong for her. Doesn't fit or something? Tyler's looks all wrong for another reason.

I can't believe Katie Price was ever famous for being a glamour model. She's ugly inside and out.

Karmen said...

Yes, the weather in LA is wonderful year round. Stop rubbing our noses in it. It's freezing in Bmore. Literally.

peabee said...

Katie Price is channeling DJ Lance.

califblondy said...

It's supposed to me close to 80 here in SoCal today. Sorry Karmen, I just had to say it.

Jamie's Girl said...

I want to go to Paris!

nancer said...

how does lindsay have all those racks upon racks of clothes and manage to look like hammered shit every single day?

pomme said...

no! snow in Paris isn't fun or awesome because the roads are blocked

Selock said...

Uh oh...dunno if I want to hear the story about the Joe Jonas pictures, he's my fave... Oh well, at least you didn't post the ones of his butt crack showing.

Paris look fabulous; my favorite city.

__-__=__ said...

Snow in Paris is better than cold in Baltimore any day. Trust!

mngddess said...

Cameron Diaz looks about 60 in the bottom photo.

Rocket Queen - I'll go to Paris with you! You can be the tour guide.

Khate - it must really irk you to know that while you don't want anything to do with your children, they're the reason you're famous. And deep down, you love being famous, don't you?

MCH said...

Seth Rogen has gotten SO thin! Did anyone watch him on Conan tell the story of his proposal to his girlfriend? She was naked and in her closet. :-/