Tuesday, January 08, 2013

David R. Ellis Has Died

'Snakes on a Plane' director David R. Ellis has died at the age of 60. The director, most known for trying to make something out of really bad scripts was a really great guy. I got to spend some time with  him when he was making Final Destination 2 which was his directorial debut. He was full of the best stories about how he started in the industry which was as a stuntman and then he just kind of moved forward until he was a director. He died suddenly in South Africa while working on the movie "Kite," which was going to be a live version of the anime that was so popular about a girl who becomes an assassin after her parents died.


timebob said...

Sad news 60 is too young to go. I wonder what the cause of death was?

auntliddy said...

60!!!! That blows!!!! Good journey, my friend.

libby said...

Loved those monkey-fighting snakes, on that Monday to Friday plane!

I read SLJ was supposed to be in "Kite" also.

Coincidentally, doesn't this project seem like a QT production? I should google, he does produce a lot.

MISCH said...

Oh sad...and yes way too young

FrenchGirl said...

who care about SNAKES IN A PLANE? he's the director of FINAL DESTINATION 2 h of best choreographed carnage scene

Jennifer H. said...

I know! I could just watch that part on a loop. I am a twisted individual. And towards the end, in the field - awesome.

yodelay said...

I love a good B movie and he really did the best with what he had. He also directed Cellular with a young, super hot Chris Evans.

In other sad news, Huell Howser died. So NOT Amazing!


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