Monday, January 20, 2014

Conan Outtakes With Ice Cube And Kevin Hart


TalksTooMuch said...

I never watch the videos but I couldn't resist Kevin Hart and Ice Cube.

Fredrick Fekkai, m:^/$€er!

mistang said...

I watched the other one when it was up before and I couldn't stop laughing. These were pretty fun, too.

Orvilla Bedinbacher said...

So funny! Love those guys!

@TTM did you see all of it

'how mad would you guys be if i ordered the toasted asiago flatbread'

LowKey said...

I find Ice Cube freakin' adorable. I just wanna pinch his cheeks.

TalksTooMuch said...

LOL, thanks Orvilla, I watched it then! Toasted Asiago Flatbread, bwahaha!

And LowKey (I'm so embarrassed cause I just figured out your name, sigh), I just wanna pinch Ice Cube's cheeks, too! But not on his face.

Hey Miss Thang!

Nothanksdarlin said...

I never ever watch the videos......but yea, that would have been the most hilarious ride ever


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