Thursday, November 16, 2006

I will have a really long post later today about "outing" people in Hollywood and how it is ruining careers and lives and what is reality vs. perception..(and as a disclaimer, I am not gay so there may be a different point of view from someone who is..) I just need to rework it some to try and make it more blind...But a couple of notes..

**For those of you in NYC or going there sometime before Christmas I received about 5 e-mails and an equal number of calls last night about how cool the Barney's windows are in Manhattan with the Andy Warhol tribute..You definitely need to check it out..

**For those of you in Australia and I know there are a bunch, I am working on a couple of stories involving some people near and dear to your heart..

**This was the first time in a long time I was unable to attend the World Music Awards or Europe VMA's and so I am a little bummed, but just have too much going on here....Award shows outside the US are just a lot more fun to attend and everything is more relaxed and enjoyable for the artists and the fans..Shows here are so boring and so long the only award shows I consistently go to are the Grammys and the Golden Globes..Both of these shows are also long, but I love music so Grammys are a must and there are so many foreign journalists at the Golden Globes who are always happy to be there and having fun that it seems like everyone has
a great time even if it does take 5 hours..

OK, back in awhile with the longer post..

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indie said...

cool, thanks for the tip-off on the barney windows. seems like everyone is gearing up for "factory girl" so andy warhol is all over the place.

i'm so jealous that you get to attend all these events, but glad to know that there are actually sane people who get invited, haha. everyone seems so delirious in those award shows! i would've gone to the world music awards for the michael jackson tribute alone.