Saturday, November 25, 2006

One more thing I wanted to say.

It was about the open letter Lindsay Lohan wrote about Robert Altman. I do not know LL, and have never been closer to her than across the room. I am NOT the attorney she has been photographed with in the past as some have guessed. When I read the letter it just seemed disingenuous and was just saying it because she thought people expected her to say it. The line that got me was where she wanted people to call her if they were having a tough time coping with the death.

If it is genuine and heartfelt, then I apologize and perhaps it is a cry for help from her and she wants someone to be her father/grandfather and needs people to call her and be there for her. If this is the case, then someone needs to do something, and if it is not the case, then I stand by everything I said yesterday and what the original blogger stated as their comment.

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goheels83 said...

Commenting here in 2012 to say WOW LL looks amazing in this pic.

I am loving reading all the archives, Enty!