Saturday, June 30, 2007

Saturday Links

Kill someone when drinking and driving? Launch your very own brand of tequila. Nice.

Quickest way to break up with someone? Get their initials tattooed on your wrist. Second quickest way is to get one on your ankle. Yes, it's a long story involving yours truly which consisted of lots of liquor, running from the police, and showing a fake i.d to the tattoo guy, and I'm not talking about the one on Fantasy Island. Hey, at least Kristen has a future being a spokesperson for New Zealand. My only hope is to find another girl with the initials XE.

Your daily dose of Ben and Jen and their permanent vacation.

Javier Bardem gets shy when asked whether he got to grope Natalie Portman or a boy double in their new film together.

A review of the new Pete Doherty book. Awful was the first adjective to emerge in the review just in case you are a fan of Pete's and don't want to hear anything negative about him. Of course if that is true, then why the hell are you reading a gossip blog?

Marilyn Manson is not welcome at German churches. Well, at least until he takes off his lipstick.

Interview with Antonio Banderas.

MSNBC anchor refused to lead the news with a Paris Hilton story.


Anonymous said...

Pete is so disgusting that he's hot!

Anonymous said...

I love that the anchor refused to lead with a useless story. It's time to prioritize the news anyway. A fire destroying homes in Lake Tahoe or Nicole Richie ate dinner...Hmmmm which one should we go with???

kellysirkus said...

Hey, Marilyn, call Tom Cruise, he'll get you in there

kellysirkus said...

Hats off to the MSNBC anchor - although, I still can't forgive them for giving Ann Coulter an hour of airtime. I'd love to see a death match between Ann Coulter and Paris Hilton - scratch that, I'd prefer a suicide pact between Ann and Parasite

Anonymous said...


blugirl said...

Great review and article on Pete Doherty and Kate Moss. I never thought of them in that way, wierd, yet it kind of makes sense...

Four O Clock said...

Hez....are you ready to let everyone know your real name is Xandra Evans??


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