Thursday, December 06, 2007

Winehouse vs West

Although there are other contenders for album of the year at the Grammy nominations announced today, I love the idea of the most spectacular Kanye West meltdown ever. You know he hates losing and feels like anytime he is nominated he should win. I think if he ever lost an award to Amy Winehouse, he would absolutely explode. An MTV VMA is one thing, but a Grammy is quite another. Kanye West received 8 Grammy nominations this morning, but Amy Winehouse was second with 6. Kanye must be feeling the hair on the back of his neck starting to rise. He can sense that he might lose again. This might be another award show disappointment. I actually think he will win, but you know that he will be tense as hell.

Can you picture a winning Amy Winehouse crawling up to the podium on all fours, barely able to utter an intelligible word while Kanye starts screaming right there in the audience. Attempting to rip up chairs and screaming at the top of his lungs, he only calms down after Amy's date and f**k buddy for the evening Pete Doherty comes over and injects him with a little H to just push that anger to the side.

Kanye becomes so mellow and enjoys the experience so much, that he and Amy decide to do an entire Carpenter's cover album.


GammaGirl said...

I'm one of the few people who still believes that Amy Winehouse is legitimately talented.It's unfortunate that her talent takes a backseat to her very public drug problem.
She's the perfect example of what can happen when damaged people become famous.

Anonymous said...

gamma, her drug/alcohol problem was well before she became famous. Her hit song is "tried to make me go to rehab, and I said no no no!"

She's tortured artist soul, and she's not getting any better.

Trix said...

Oh, God, the Diva Himself is just gonna plotz if he doesnt get every single one of those. I can just hear it now "What?!? I didnt get album of the year? Help a black man out! My mom dies, I have a major hit record, I'm the greatest rapper in the world, and I cant get EVERY Grammy I'm nominated for? Give a black man a chance! Man I'm just tryin', I'm TRYING to make my music and you cant just give me a little due recognition?!" Then he shits his pants, has a seizure, passes out, frothes at the mouth a little bit.

jax said...

"why do birds suddenly appear..holy fuck what was that shit you gave me Pete??"

Amy is a reall talent i doubt anyone will disagree..but bitch needs help in a big way and the fact that her record co. hasn't stepped deplorable. Trading blood for publicity is pretty awful.

Kanye...ego and all he deserves the award damnit! I agree you would see that giant head completely combust if the craker jack whore gets up there to accept.

Tracee said...

I dunno we might see a different Kanye. I don't think he's over his mother's passing and I don't think he'll throw a hissy fit. Just my opinion though.

And I agree, he deserves the award. Graduation is bangin. Pick it up if you haven't heard it. said...

I think Amy is going to take home a lot of awards, but they'll have to ship them overseas transit because I don't think they're going to let girlfriend into the States.


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