Thursday, February 28, 2008

Charlie Sheen Wants You To Know A Few Things

Charlie Sheen was a busy boy in the press yesterday. While promoting his own television show, he had this to say about Denise Richards' show. "I think we should all just boycott the thing, do a mass boycott."

Holland Taylor, who plays Charlie's mom on his television show had this to say about Denise's show. "I know he is appalled by it, I can't quote him but I think everyone has been like 'what?!'. Denise said something like 'I asked the kids if they wanted to do it - they said yes'.

"Well, they're two and three. I don't think a two or three-year-old can decide whether they want to be on television or not. I don't get it."

Although I agree that the kids should be left out of the show, and think the show will be awful, I am going to savor every second of the trainwreck that her show will be.

Not content with just talking about Denise's show, Charlie also said that he and his girlfriend would be getting married this summer. "We're gonna do it this summer, we're tired of this question so we've been forced into this."

Mueller added: "You guys pressured us into it, so here we go!"

Ummm. As a veteran of many failed marriages I would have to say that this is not the way you want to head on into a marriage. You should get married because you want to, not because the gossip columns and paps pressured you into it. And the thing is, it seems they both have the same attitude. What was this conversation like?

"You want to get married?"
"Well the gossip columns say we should."
"Well they are always right so lets get married in the summer."
"Sure. Don't forget about that dentist appointment in June."

Give her a few million right now Charlie and just live with the woman. Save yourself the embarrassment of another divorce, and whatever you do, just don't get her pregnant.


mandythegreat said...

You know, that's the same way my husband proposed to me.

Mr. The Great: "My mom thinks we should get married, Mandy. She's tired of us living in sin."

My reply? Twice as romantic.

Mrs. The Great: "Fine, whatever. Now go play XBox, I'm busy watching Season 8 of The Simpson's."

captivagrl said...

what a shallow existence.

GammaGirl said...

Denise's show is going to be too much of a trainwreck for me to not watch it.

Charlie needs to get a grip and possibly a new publicist. That quote is just tragic.

DNfromMN said...

While I agree - a wedding should be because you want it, not because you're expected to. But honestly, if they just said. We did it at the courthouse last week, and can you please stop asking? Would just be easier. My guess is that they need 3 months to work out the pre-nup.

mngddess said...

He has what looks like a bad toupee, he's pasty, got one too many botox injections, and marries a girl because random people tell him to.


Ladies, the line forms behind me.

Trix said...

I love how Holland Taylor puts her two cents in--who the hell is she to butt in and make a comment? Charlie's TV mommy is not his real mommy. Yes, Denise's show is tacky but I think its tackier to make statements to the press like you're part of the whole thing.

My god Charlie and that fiancee of his could not be any stupider or more jaded about marriage, could they? "Oh you guys pressured us into it!" So they can blame the press when their marriage fails? So if anyone is still asking the question about why they're bothering, they can say because they felt so pressured by the rest of the world? My god. They sound like those wishy washy retards on Engaged and Underage.

captivagrl said...

the press is forcing them? please! right after they marry, it will be "when are you guys going to have a baby?"

Twisted Sister said...

I suppose the press made him do drugs and beat women, too.

Alpine Summer said...

Dentist appointment? He couldn't be going to THAT dentist, could he?

califblondy said...

Charlie is usually sarcastic, I took it as a joke.

I've been asked that question for years and now when someone asks when we're getting married we say "what for?"

Twisted Sister said...

So, Califblondy...when ya gonna get married?

audieh_1 said...

I give the marriage no more than three months and she will be screaming to the press about what an ass he is.

Judi said...

CalifBlondy, I took it as a joke, too. Molehill.
No one will watch that show, it won't last, and it'll be another bad mark for Seacrest. Good.

Marnie said...

Burn, baby, burn!!!!!!