Thursday, February 28, 2008

KT Tunstall Tells Playboy To Give Her A Call

With all the talk today about Lindsay Lohan being offered a Playboy shoot, you may have missed the fact that KT Tunstall has decided that she is willing to pose nude for a photoshoot as long as one condition is met. The condition is the magazine needs to airbrush the hell out of her because she doesn't think she looks perfect.

KT should probably know that Playboy will have to use a team of computer experts to have Lindsay Lohan look good, while some guy with an iPhone could probably make KT look good.

KT has been asked numerous times by magazines including Playboy to pose nude, but has always declined.

"I've said in the past that I wouldn't (pose naked) but I would. I'm not a model and I don't have the body of a model, so it would have to be done in context. "But it is amazing what can be done with photography these days."

I agree, and I think that instead of subjecting the world to more Lindsay Lohan freckles in another slam to the memory of Marilyn Monroe, Playboy should instead concentrate on someone who everyone will want to see, wasn't just naked two weeks ago, and doesn't wear leggings as far as I know. Plus she's Scottish. Put her and James McAvoy in the same room and see if you understand a damn thing they talk about. I so don't want to see Lindsay in Playboy and have to talk about it and post the photos and listen to her dad say how he won't look at them and despite what we all may think that he doesn't fantasize about her.

I don't need the followup stories about how Ali is counting down the days until she can get naked and is thinking of moving to Europe so she can pose naked sooner, and how Dina is going along with her to do her hair and makeup for the under 18 naked photo shoot, and that the next thing you know Dina also got naked to earn a few extra bucks.

So, all you have to do Playboy is use KT instead of Lindsay.


DNfromMN said...

5 years until the "3 Generations of Lohan Girls" nude pictorial. Cougar, looks like a cougar, and a chicken.

jax said...


cuz that's what the world needs another self conscious ho spreading it to the world and getting photoshopped to hell to make the rest of us women feel like freaks.
keep it wrapped.

Twisted Sister said...

Everyone in Playboy magazine is airbrushed into a different person, so it's funny that she's saying she would need that.

ms_wonderland said...

Nooooo KT leave it to the skanks. You have talent, you don't need to get your tits out.

__-__=__ said...

And that's why I think I should be in Playboy just as soon as I get out of here. I think it would be a good spread. I don't care who they airbrush me into. I've always wanted to be airbrushed. And I could meet everyone at the mansion, after they've had a few drinks. Then maybe I would still look like I've been airbrushed to everyone. Come on Twisted, we could both be airbrushed. It could be the spread of the CDAN posters! Get Trix in with us too!!

p m said...

I like that she's owning up to her imperfections, rather than denying the obvious airbrushing like other celebs.

Twisted Sister said...

Okay, _-_=_, but nothing too kinky. And only if we do a group pic. I'll stand behind everyone. ;-)

califblondy said...

The Girls Next Door will never be the same. LOL.

If KT wants to do it, I think she should go for it.

Jerry said...

Dina Lohan naked. Thanks for the visual, you rat bastard.

bionic bunny! said...

and y'all already have the bunny!

but, no, i get to stand behind. way, way behind.
like in san diego.