Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's Vague

Jennifer Aniston just can't win for losing. What does that mean exactly? I mean it is a popular saying but to me it really doesn't make a hell of a lot of sense. I just know when you are supposed to use it and this time seems appropriate.

By my calculations, Jennifer Aniston spent about two days away from John Mayer on his entire European tour. The remainder of the time she was like Melanie Griffith and just glued to his side. She kicked other women out of the backstage area and basically acted as if this was her very last chance to get a guy under 60 with four ex-wives.

Well somehow in the two days they weren't together, John Mayer found himself a little honey. You go all the way to Amsterdam and you end up hitting on a woman from California. That has to suck for John because you know she is going to come back and just dish. Apparently when John decided to hit on the woman in an Amsterdam coffee shop he really thought she was Dutch because he asked her how much it cost for a kilo of pot. No, instead he introduced himself as John and called himself a singer.

In Touch has an interview with the woman who named Chaton Anderson. She claims that John kept trying to get her to go to dinner with him or have some drinks after dinner, or perhaps go back to his place where they could watch taped episodes of Friends and listen to Jessica Simpson songs.

When Chaton asked John what his relationship status was, he said "it's vague." She asked him what he meant and he said, "it's very vague."

I'm sure that Jennifer will be thrilled to know that John considers their relationship to be vague, especially since she just followed him like a dog around the world for the past month. John asked Chaton for her cell phone number, but her cell phone was later stolen so she doesn't know if he called.

See, that last part. Little dicey about that last part. See, if she says he called, then there are phone records to prove it. Right now, nada. What the hell? It's a great story and as insecure as Jennifer appears, this one should push her over that edge and send John looking for a new lady to start rumors with.


captivagrl said...

maybe Chaton will "find" her phone when a decent $$$$ deal is in place.

Harriet Hellfire said...

Maybe him and Jennifer were on a break!

Mooshki said...

Harriet - LOL! (And "groan" too.) :)

Moonmaid said...

If true, this would mean cheated on JA with a woman who looks like JA pre-nose job.

Sorry to be catty. meow.

Sylvia said...

If Jennifer was following him like Melanie Griffin than she is as pathetic as Melanie.

sauvage said...

I don't buy it. The girl has no proof whatsoever for her story and the media is still buying it? Conveniently she lost her cell phone? *zzzzzzzzzz*

sandman said...

anything out of the country doesn't count anyway & i think he meant his relationship was vag in which case he was being truthful.

donna said...

this is so unfreaking believable .. I think it is jen's publicist at work, once again, to keep "poor" jen's name in the press .. this screams of a set up ..

adrian said...

maybe there was no toilet around and she was the closest thing around.

donna said...

LMAO .. adrienne ...

Jewels said...


Even though I don't believe a word of it, I can dream can't I?

gillian said...

Poor Jen. Talk about unlucky in love! scratch that, Snore Jen. She's too blah to feel that sorry for. Agree with Enty on the last part of Chanton/Chaton's (wtf?!)story- convenient that this phone got stolen, hmnn.

Amusing, and takes this love story on an interesting arc, even though we all know how it's all gonna end (Justin-Drew, anyone...)

acetomato777 said...

Isn't Mayer known for running around on women he's seeing?

I'm just shocked some girl got press for it. There are probably a lot of other girls who just bore their best friends with the details over and over.

Grace said...

John Mayer is single and can see whomever he wants.

He is not obligated to Anniston or anyone else. It's obviously apparent that he enjoys his status and is taking advantage of it.

He's much younger and obviously in no hurry to settle down and proceate.

Jen, on the other hand...

CynCamden said...

I'm still waiting for Mayer to hook up with Alicia Keys. Call me, John.

Uber*nought said...

Here's my opinion, fwiw:

John Mayer: gay.

Jen Aniston: gay.

Random conquests and bunny girls: publicist's desperate fiction to explain why both are perpetually single even though both are closer to 40 than 20.

Okay I think that covers it.

Mel said...

If Jen Aniston's gay, what does that make Brad Pitt > Angelina Jolie > Billy Bob Thornton > Laura Dern....the list goes on????

The story might be true, John's a player. Instead of the sick puppy angle, maybe Jen fancied a bit of fun for the summer and now she's done. We've all been there (well I have anyway). It's not always the woman who gets dumped on. Most of us women are in control.

Miss X said...

"Lost her phone"??? Guess what. There are still records of phone calls...course, you'd have to get a hold of John Mayer's bill to see if he called her...

this is so made up. Sorry, Ent, but I expected you to be able to sniff out a lie.

Uber*nought said...

If Jen Aniston's gay, what does that make Brad Pitt > Angelina Jolie > Billy Bob Thornton > Laura Dern....the list goes on????

It makes Brad Pitt Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Angelina Jolie, etc, etc...the list goes on...

Are you saying there has to be some set in stone rule because someone is bi or gay based on other people?

Of course there isn't. Anyway, that's my view and I'm sticking to it!

0908 said...

Woman Denies Report John Mayer Hit on Her While With Jennifer Aniston
Thursday July 17, 2008

The woman who In Touch claimed was hit on by John Mayer – during the time he’s been linked to Jennifer Aniston – tearfully told that the story "is completely not true" and she's considering legal action against the magazine.

The magazine claims in a story titled "Jen's Betrayed Again" that Mayer, 30, got "very flirty" with Chaton Anderson, 32, in Amsterdam on June 20. The magazine reports that Mayer described his "relationship status" as "very vague" and that he maintained "very intense" eye-contact during a two-hour conversation.

"None of this is true," Anderson told Us from her home in Manhattan Beach, CA on Wednesday.

"I met John Mayer almost a year ago," she explained. "I don't understand why they've said it was this year.

"Nothing happened anyway – nothing at all," she added. "I just met him briefly and he said, 'Hello, I'm John,' and that was it! It was just groups of people in a coffee shop."

A rep for Mayer also told Us: "The In Touch story is false."

See how John is whipped for Jen.

The origin of In Touch's story?

Anderson says she told a friend who works at the tabloid that she met Mayer "a long time ago" – and the story was fabricated from there. She says she had no idea she would even be appearing in the magazine.

Mayer has been in New York City on his tour (he took the stage with Billy Joel Wednesday night), while Aniston has been miles away in West Hollywood. On Wednesday, she was spotted with a friend at a home decorating store.

Alpine Summer said...

Yeah, she'd still have the phone records. It's called a bill.

But, I must say, what the hell is up with cell phones being stolen in the Netherlands. The same thing happened to me, right after I was hit on by George Clooney. Ok, no Clooney, but the bit about the cell phone is true.

bionic bunny! said...

oh, so THAT'S who that girl is!!
i've been getting spam all week with her picture on it!
well, one mystery solved.
now if i can just figure out who it is that wants me to have a bigger penis. or a penis at all, for that matter.


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