Monday, July 14, 2008

Peter Cook Is So Full Of Crap

Did you see Peter Cook on Geraldo this weekend? Don't worry about, I didn't either. Hey, that's why YouTube and the internet were invented. We don't have to watch shows we hate on the off chance someone interesting will be on there.

Anyway, Geraldo had the lecherous one on his show and Peter Cook said he wouldn't have an affair now if he could just go back in time. Uh huh. Knowing that he is going to have to support his porn habit and not get to use the 18 properties probably has a little more to do with his decision than feeling sorry he had sex with an 18 year old and ruined his marriage.

How would he handle the having sex with an 18 year old now? "I'd say, 'No, I'm a married man. Move on."

Take a minute. I know that when you laugh really hard, the tears start to well up in your eyes and it can be hard to see the screen. Feel better now? First of all I don't think that she was the one who made the move that needed to be rebuffed. Second of all I bet he would do it again if given the chance. Hey guys are pigs. I know. I am one.

If you tell a 49 year old guy he can have sex with an 18 year old girl for free and he won't get caught, what do you think the guy is going to do? I know what you want your guy to say, and hopefully he will, but if you guarantee to him that no one will ever know, I'm guessing that in most surveys the percentage of guys who take the chance is going to be right around 70-75%. If you want to watch the Peter Cook video, click here. I will warn you in advance that you will have to actually look at Geraldo. Please take the appropriate measures in advance of you clicking.


Ernestine said...

I just refuse to believe that EVERY man out there is a dog. I've found the man I'd like to spend the rest of my life with. He's not perfect, of course, but he's sweet and loyal, and I have absolutely no reason to think that he'd ever fuck some eighteen year-old. I cannot fathom him cheating -- ever. If I COULD imagine it, we wouldn't be together. End of story.

I also wouldn't trust my father, grandfathers, uncles, little brother, and scads of dude friends.

Sorry, Enty. You've been married four times, and bless your heart, but there ARE dudes out there who can keep the peen safely ensconced in their britches.

BESIDES, if we're gonna be all shallow and shit about it, I still say that Christie is ten trillion times hotter than that stupid little jailbait skank. And I think my boyfriend would agree.

I'm all about my little soapbox today.

Mooshki said...

Ernestine, I actually thought Ent was being generous to the male species by guessing 70-75%. :)

Kristen S. said...

Me too mosshki...only 75%?!?!? To be guaranteed never to get caught screwing an 18 year old? Puhleeze.

Judi said...

Uh, no thanks, Enty, to viewing the video.
Guys either cheat or they don't. We all know which category we'd like our S. Others to be in. Hopefully they are.

Sylvia said...

Probably Cook will write a book as to why he cheated and blame it on his pee pee LOL.

Hope said...

I just don't think he's so horrible. said...

It is the fact that one can never be assured of NOT being caught that keeps a lot of these these guys in line.

RagDoll said...

mooshki & kristen s. : Yeah. I'd have guessed between 90%-95% And the 5% to 10% would probably be men who think there's a "catch" to the not-getting-caught part.

gossiphound said...

i happen to like geraldo.

cinnarose said...

What's the big deal about 18 year old's? I guess it's supposed to be about purity and eagerness, but I've seen some 18 year old jaded, used up whores. Maybe we need to qualify this by saying "18 year old virgin." Sorry, I'm a dirty old man today!


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