Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Quick Hits

No More Life On Mars - ABC has decided to cancel the show Life On Mars. I only watched one of the episodes but thought it was a really good show. I have watched all of the UK version and I thought the US version was just as good, but no one was watching it. The good news is they will get a chance to air a series finale so all the loose ends will be tied up.

Octo-Mom Laws - A new bill was introduced in California yesterday which would regulate fertility clinics. Apparently they aren't regulated right now and so anything and everything can happen and the state really can't do anything. The bill will also regulate plastic surgery centers as well. I would have thought those would have already been regulated, but they aren't. The latter part of the bill was actually introduced last year after Kanye West's mother died but it never moved forward. It will now because people want some kind of accountability for the fertility clinics.

Concert News - Michael Jackson needs money so he will be performing a string of dates in London this summer. If he makes enough he will then go home and get back to doing what he does best. Looking at pictures of kids at playgrounds. If things don't go as well as planned then maybe he will go on tour with his brothers around the world and take a look at playgrounds in every city where he can meet all the children.

Gloria Estefan is saying farewell to touring and is doing so in Latin America. No dates for the US have been announced and it doesn't sound like any are forthcoming. She wants to end it all in Latin America and then just focus on her family.


Pookie said...

1-had no idea there was even such a show.

2-what? they haven't been until now? that's crazy.

3-a.saw a recent pic of him...they really did glue the nose tip back on nicely.

3-b.lol @"She wants to end it all in Latin America..."! that's worded so cute i loled out loud.

Kelly said...

I'm sad about Life on Mars. I thought it was as good as the UK version too. Now it follows My Own Worst Enemy as the second recently-canceled show that deserved more of a chance.

Jungle007 said...

k totally off topic, im watching the bonnie hunt show (yea i just found out such a show existed- background noise) anyways, the guest was none other than dirt-BAG and wow. this guy is a piece of work. He's not only awkward but incredibly rude. Poor Bonnie's trying to make jokes with him and he's so full of himself that he just keeps rudely shooting her down. I mean, geez dude. Someone actually wants an interview- the least you could do is humor her or be polite. She's just being Bonnie, tryin to be cute, and he's fully making her look like she's his #1 stalker.

It makes me think he's so screwed up over megan fox that he's worried SHE will see it and take it the wrong way.

Seriously David. She's probably already f*cked Zac Efron, Josh Duhamel, and Shia LeBoeuf in a 4-way. Feel free to move on, even if our only option IS Bonnie Hunt.

Bad Fish said...

I'm sad about Life On Mars, it was pretty good. I'm not surprised no one was watching tho. It wasn't promoted very well and no one was really talking about it.

Why oh why must I live in a world where Pushing Daisies and Life On Mars are canceled but According To Jim and Two And A Half Men survive?

Goodgrief said...

1) I have never heard of that show.
2) Most everything else is regulated I just assumed fertility clinics were to. All it takes is one nutjob to wake people up.
3) Ahhhh, Michael Jackson.
What time is it when the big hand is on the little hand? Michael Jacksons bedtime.

BlahFrickinBlah said...

Bummed about life on mars. that show is good! They should try to bring it back as a summer show or something.

JW said...

The problem with Life on Mars is that you find a show you like and you start to watch and then it goes on "hiatus" for several months and then when it comes back it is on a totally different night. Nobody is going to shake up their TV viewing for it. Its the same reason Grey's Anatomy and I parted company; I prefer CSI.

Mooshki said...

I loved "Life on Mars" and I'm sad to see it go, but very glad they may have a decent series finale.

nancer said...

who wants to bet on the pedophile's tour either being cut short due to 'illness' or not happening at all?

Cheryl said...

nancer: That's what Janet did, and it's actually a good deal for the artists involved. They still make money off the fees from ticket sales even if the tour is cancelled and refunds are issued. It sucks for the fans. In 1984 I saw The Jackson's on the victory tour. We paid $35 a ticket which was considered outrageous at the time.

Ms. said...

Boo Hoo to Life on Mars.

BOOOOOO to the effed up marketing department who failed to properly promote this fantastic show. They all deserve to be fired.

bionic bunny! said...

i never heard of LOM. what did i miss?

re: bonnie hunt-- i watch her every day, i love her.
and i thought BAG was a bit of an ass. and to be followed by martin mull just made it worse.
to be fair, BAG did come out of his own haze when talking about his son a bit. and bonnie is a really, really good host.

Kelli said...

NOOOOOO I can't believe Life on Mars is canceled!!! It was so good & had a great cast. I think the name of the show is really deceiving..maybe people got the wrong idea and opted not to watch. It's a GREAT show. The problem is that none of these shows are given a chance to make it. It just came back from hiatus and was switched to Wednesdays after Lost at 10 p.m.- I thought it would have done better in the ratings. I am so upset!!!!! I'm sick of all my shows being cancelled!! ugh. I want to boycott.

PJ Nelson said...

Shi... I JUST fell in love with Life on Mars - I love Harvey Keitel. So. That brings my list back to two shows I watch on the computer.. we'll see if they come back [24 should last through 8 seasons - and Life]. I also wonder who picks the shows that last and why some shows are not marketed better.

Yellow Rose said...

FYI: A spin-off to LOM (on BBCA) has just started, called "Ashes to Ashes", the lead is a female cop & she's transported to the 80s-looks like it'll be pretty good.