Friday, March 06, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Twice a year I post American Idol photos. When they announce the Top12, or in this case 13, and then when there is a winner. Here are your Top 13 Finalists.
I think Demi probably gave Ashton the scarf and made him wear it because I can't think of another good reason.
I don't think people give enough credit to Anil Kapoor for his performance in Slumdog. The guy was so good playing a douchebag.
Let me know when I can pick up the phone and get the top two or three people in government to see me. I understand it is a photo-op for the politicians, but how come Brad Pitt gets to personally pitch his projects, and the rest of us get form e-mails back in return? Is he better than us? Are his projects more important?
The media waiting for Chris Brown yesterday to arrive at court.
Carla Bruni Sarkozy needs to teach this move to Katie Holmes. It must lower her by a good foot.
See the blue on the cast? That is dye to test for cocaine. The entire cast is cocaine. This 66 year old guy was stopped trying to enter Spain with his coke cast and also 6 beer cans filled with coke. He tried to smuggle in 11 pounds. The cast itself was 2 pounds of coke.
Yeah, I'm going to have to disagree with Diane Keaton here. I would give a thumbs down to the dude's pants.
The guy behind Eva Longoria also seems to think she got some new breasts.
Elle Macpherson looks gorgeous here.
But Elle was dressed up. Halle Berry is coming out of Petco and she looks like this. Damn she is attractive.
I think Jake and Patrick Dempsey should race against each other. We could call it the Tour De Jackass.
Juliette Lewis lives in her own world, and I really don't want to visit.
Just because, well hell, I really don't have a reason. Sometimes people just show up and so I put them in the photos.
A first time appearance for John Ruth Brotherton.
Kelly Clarkson - Vienna
This is about as good as I have seen Kara DioGuardi look. Does she look this good on the show because I may have to start watching.
Speaking of American Idol, Mandisa lost 75 pounds with no surgery. People Magazine provided the photo and interviewed her.
The CDAN Award Winner for most beautiful actress is Monica Bellucci. I think it is almost time for her to defend her crown.
The one and only Marianne Faithful.
Milla Jovovich and her son apparently panhandling in Paris.
If you mention my blind items on your radio show each day and then get the 2009 American Women in Radio & Television Gracie Allen Award, then you get to be in the photos. The lovely woman on the front row is Ramona Holloway who was the recipient. Congratulations Ramona.
Natalie Portman actually looks cute here, and is that a smile I see?
Nia Vardalos and Angie Harmon win the random photo of the day award.
Powderfinger - Brisbane
Yes, I found one for all of you. A Patrick Wilson/Jeffrey Dean Morgan sandwich photo. There seems to be just a tiny bit of room for you to squeeze in between them.
"Is that you Camilla?"
The lovely Queen Noor.
Seth MacFarlane at the American Idol event. Wasn't expecting that one, but ok.
Sarah Michelle Gellar alone as usual.
Friends with benefits or just friends?
U2 - New York
I will say this for Victoria Beckham. She is not afraid to take a chance and look hideous.


Anonymous said...

I want that cast!!

Sinjin said...

That cocaine smuggler's foot is hideous! He's got corns AND a fungal nail! You can have it.

Anonymous said...

I'll take the top half of it. I wasn't paying attention to the feet...yuk.

Anonymous said...

"Is that you Camilla?"

on behalf of all of us whose fathers have elected to marry hideous horse-like vile bitch women (after divorcing our beautiful moms), thank you!

Unknown said...

That's Milla's little girl, Ever. But is she wearing a fur coat?

southernbelle said...

Is it just me or did Kelly Clarkson put on a bunch of weight? I haven't seen an pictures of her recently until now.

ItsJustMe said...

Anil Kapoor was the star of my favorite Bollywood movie, Badhaai ho Badhaai ... love him

Anonymous said...

what blind was jake a jackass in?

lutefisk said...

Marianne Faithful looks just like Liz Smith, & come to think of it, I have never seen them photographed together.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

jake g kicked a pap on the way into court. only thing i know.

did anyone catch the sarah michelle gellar comment?

jenna said...

southernbelle - I think she has, but I noticed nobody made a fuss about it like the way they did for jessica simpson. Kelly just needs to dress better for her shape - that dress does nothing for her and the other day i saw a pic of her wearing horizonatl stripes. C'mon Kelly.

MISCH said...


budford said...

Ted Lloyd toyd JG and PD?

cajun cutie said...

I was there last night when Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Patrick was at the apple store in Soho. He is lovely in person and has a great personality.

Anonymous said...

jake g kicked a pap on the way into court.

True, but I did expect to see a picture of Jake and Austin Nichols, not Jake alone.

After all we got first pictures of them after two years of showmance.

kimmypie1 said...

definitely two hints there, one for the Jake G jackass comment and one for the Sarah Michelle Gellar comment.

Am I going to hell because the first word that came to mind when I saw Kelly Clarkson's pic from Vienna was sausage? word association game I guess.

Snautrag said...

Newsflash. I have now officially dumped Christian Bale for Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Ent. I love you.

Snautrag said... dazzled by JDM I forgot to add, you can say whatever you want about Brad Pitt and lord knows I'm no fan of his acting, but damn the man can dress himself.

Anonymous said...

I am a little annoyed about these celebrities as well pitching the president. Brad Pitt is good looking but he isn't the sharpest crayon. Just think it gets dangerous when our leaders and celebrities start to blur together.

kanonymous said...

"Milla Jovovich and her son apparently panhandling in Paris."

I'm sure Milla is so happy you think her daughter looks like a boy!

hotchacha said...

The guy sitting beside Ramona in the radio team photo is Matt Harris. I saw his makeover on What Not To Wear. I remember thinking, look how smart, funny and handsome he is! Hubba!

Glad to see he kept up the styling.

kanonymous said...

I have to say I agree with Enty on Brad Pitt. It's so annoying when celebrities get an audience from the president. I'm sure there are other, less famous people who are better able to inform the president on New Orleans.

The democratic party would do themselves a favor if they stopped catering to Hollywood!

WednesdayFriday said...

Posh looks like an Alien Nazi in that get up.

Sarah Michelle Gellar looks awful.

And Ashton Kutcher looks like a tool.

southernbelle said...

jenna - thanks I just wanted to make sure I was not crazy. I agree she and JS need to learn to dress thier body types. It isn't that hard.

LOL at kimmypie1 we were on the same track with her.

shakey said...

I think Ashton put that scarf on himself, thinking it made him look more debonair. I wish each and every media person had an egg to throw at Chris Brown when he arrived, and when he left.

I don't know who Mandisa is, but good on her.

Monica Bellucci really rocks that pink. It's gorgeous on her. For everything Marianne Faithfull has been through, she looks pretty damn good.

Anonymous said...

Juliette Lewis reminds me of the Chicken Lady from Kids in the Hall.

allthesun said...

I have adored Milla Jovovich since the 90's, I am adding her to my girl crush list that Enty asked for a long while back.
What is the reason the SMG is always alone, do they hate each other, iswhatshis name doing the illegals?

d said...

I *love* Halle Berry's shirt!

JS said...

While I get the point that it isn't fair for celebrities to get special audiences with office holders, Brad Pitt has done a ton of good work in New Orleans, so I give him a pass.

kanonymous said...

"Brad Pitt has done a ton of good work in New Orleans, so I give him a pass."
I think there are A LOT of people who have done a ton of good work in New Orleans, but they are overshadowed by Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Jungle007 said...

I'm gonna be the only nerd to admit i actually watch Idol, but can i just say I'm so glad Tatyana DIDN'T make the top 12!!!!

I wonder if Chris Brown smiled his corny fake-ass smile at those paps.

Eva Longoria is fug to the max. I think a lot of men even agree. Those aren't new boobs, it's a push-up bra...

Elle is wearing the dress!! I believe it was Carla G who had it on the other day :)

Ahh I still like you Jake!!

Idk about KC.. she was always pretty bottom-heavy. To me she looks just fine, so does JS... Why all the criticism for being a healthy sized-woman?

Monica Bellucci is fabulous. I love the dress. Can't wait til I have my baby and can wear real dresses again :)

Milla's daughter is adorable :)

MISCH said...


Anonymous said...

the funny part is that after all these years of making big money for pretending & be surrounded by the hwood sychophants, (sp) pitt actually thinks he's very intelligent & knows best. that idiot is actually starting to remind me of sean penn, even makes the same weird faces.

appleblogtastic said...

Once upon a time, I lived in Charlotte, NC where the Matt and Ramona radio show is. One afternoon while listening to it, I laughed so hard that I ran a red light and totaled my car in the side of a pick-up truck.

Hilarious people.

Anonymous said...

just making sure everyone knows kelly is a lesbo, which should help explain the many questions you have.

jlb said...

Dammit am I sick of Braddie and his woman. Did he actually get to see Mr. Obama? I personally think he was just trying to keep up with Clooney.

Chris Brown needs to go to prison and get loved by his cell mate. Big Time.

LOL To the coke cast. And who ever said fed ex - the mail works wonders as well. :)

Elle does look amazing. And Halle too. Halle is someone I'd go lesbian for - her and Penelope Cruz. All kinds of woman without being a stick.

I'd have to disagree on the Monica B. thing - see Halle above.

I would probably go a little silly for JDM if I met him in person - famous or not.

LOL The next King is balding. He should be so lucky as to have such an elegant Queen as Noor when he ascends (?).

I would like an inappropriate evening with SF.

I wonder what the blind was about SMG - is she the abusive wife (my guess).

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% on your Monica Bellucci post. She's utterly gorgeous and doesn't look like a cold bitch, unlike that other pretender to the title...

B626 said...

Saw Chris Kutcher's movie trailer with Michelle Pheifer and they're DOING IT.
I don't know why they didn't just cast Demi.

Are Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Javier Bardem twins separated at birth only JDM is the cuter one?

Seth McFarlane considers himself quite the Sinatra style crooner. That American Idol stuff is right up his alley!

palealebrew10 said...

I cannot stand Brad Pitt now. Seriously. He's a self-important fake. He hardly ever comes across as intelligent or articulate. And maybe it's me, but I sense that chemistry between him and Queen Angie has whittled. I read some tabloid magazine, I think it was US, and even though it does tend to sell bs, there was one quote from a "source" that interested me. About how he realizes now that he kind of just got caught up in the thing with Angie at the time and suddenly he has 6 kids and he feels stuck now. I've always wondered about that. It did happen fast.

Anyone else think a Brad/Angie breakup would be even bigger than the Jen/Brad one? The tabloid world would crap their pants. Hell, I probably would.

I know many men who do not think Eva Longoria is attractive. She's known as a cakeface, as in she looks horrible without the makeup.

Gosh I hope Chris Brown gets his ass locked up. I never could stand him and his big phony smile. Please go away!!!!!!!! It will follow him the rest of his life.

MnGddess said...

Thank you for the JDM photo - I discovered him on Gray's Anatomy (and I don't even watch the show regularly) and it was enough for me to dump my years long crush on Clooney. And I am very jealous of the chick that saw him at the Apple store!!

As always, Enty - thank you for the photo and keep 'em coming..

carlasee said...

I think the Seth McFarlane photo could be a reveal for yesterday's blind item about the flowery former wild child and the successful TV show creator...

pwner said...

"Tour de Jackass"


__-__=__ said...

Milla Jovovich is a strange name, isn't it?

I really thought Marianne Faithful was dead. Doh!

Juliette is still my favorite Scientologist!


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