Thursday, July 01, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Gisele Bundchen just keeps dropping that weight.
Have you ever seen Honor not having the best time in the world?
Randomness of the day. John Legend and Michelle Rodriguez.
One of the nicest guys in the world. Jesse L. Martin performing Shakespeare in the park.
Afterwards he got together with Sam Waterston who might want to think about getting a smaller size suit next time.
So, Jennifer Morrison what did you do on your vacation?
"Well, I sat in a boat in Venice and watched Eva Longoria and Tony Parker make out. Then I went to Madrid, sat in a bar
and watched Eva get paid to sell refrigerators."
Hmm. Wax. Reminds me of her sex tape.
Katy Perry kissed a girl. No word on whether she liked it. What? It has been like a year since one of those jokes.
Kendra and Hank keep on keeping on.
I wonder if Lady GaGa has lots of pictures of herself hanging on the walls of her house.
Mark Cuban in Los Angeles. I wonder what basketball players he is meeting.


chihuahuense said...

LURV Jesse and nice to hear he is a sweetie in real life. Sam is my man, too, no cracks on him Enty, maybe he likes them roomy. Better than those ball-squishers that all the hipsters wear.

Ms Cool said...

I'm really over gaga.

not on my dollar said...

Jesse Martin looks very happy. There were rumors that he was gay. I bet he's glad he's left television. Nobody bothers theater actors nearly as much as they do tv and movie.

Eva Longoria is channeling her Gabby character in that photo. Gabby went from runway model to selling mattresses now Eva's selling refrigerators. LOL!

Lady J said...

I LOVE Jesse Martin. I hope when they finally get that Marvin Gaye biopic together they have him do the lead. I think he would do great!!

I luv Eva Longoria and Katie Perry's shoes.

I would like Kim to fade into oblivion. I CAN'T STAND THE KARDASHIANS!!!

Danielle said...

Everytime I see a picture of Honor I just laugh and laugh cuz I remember that time her mom made that idiotic comment while she was pregnant about how happy she is that her baby is going to be born brown.. and then she gave birth to a white kid.. HA HA HA!!!!

Lady J said...
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Susan said...

Yes, Jessica Alba makes many idiotic statements, but she does seem to be an awesome celebrity mom. I love that she's always with her daughter and does cool things with her sans nannies and all that.

Gaga probably has a shrine in her home to herself.

Lady J said...

@ Danielle


She really said that? LOL

Danielle said...

Lol she really did say that. I would also like to add that I think Honor is one of the cutest/ happiest looking celeb babies out there! And Jessica does seem to be a good mom. =)

jess said...

@Danielle No way...when was that? LOL
-Man...that's the worst wax figure I've seen, then again it might be accuratea few years from now.
-Kendra has huge boobs,implants+breast feeding, she should go down a size.

not on my dollar said...

Here's a link to the article of Jessica talking about her ethnicity and the "brown baby"

nancer said...

lady gaga makes me gag gag.

chopchop said...

LMFAO how Kim K's wax figure's boobs are up high and perky and real-life Kim's ... aren't.

I've never seen any of Kendra's shows so I don't really have an opinion of her either way but I kind of love how she's not super skinny after having a baby. She's a lot more "thick" now and it's obvious she's trying really hard to get back to her pre-pregnancy size but the truth is, for most Moms, your body will never be the same. It's refreshing to see someone else struggle with accepting that.

Katy said...

Enty, is the Mark Cuban caption a reveal to the sports BI?

Julie said...

Thats good Honor is so happy. As opposed to Denise Richards' kids. Probably a testament to a happy mama.

I can actually see Denise sitting in a corner on her couch with a box of kleenex crying and screaming. (ugh right there was too much thought into her :\)

and i said on ONTD that Kim's wax looks more like Tori Spelling/Courteney Cox. I still thing that.

Nosey Parker said...

GaGa looks like Norma Desmond from Sunset Blvd.

Robert said...

"Hey, you're Lady GaGa....You used to be big!"

Selock said...

I had the same convertible stroller/carseat for my daughter as Jessica Alba, woot. Very handy, that thing, I highly recommend. :)

Production Girl said...

I met Jesse L Martin once at an event and have been on set when he was on L&O and he IS an awesome and sweet guy.

Ella B. said...

Now I've seen Jesse L. Martin and Stanley Tucci on the same page. I am a happy woman.

Honor certainly looks a huge amount like her father, who I rarely see with Honor or her mother. Did I miss something, or are they still married>

B626 said...

Hank in pics with Kendra reminds me of Antonio in pics with Melanie.
'Now that I had a baby with this *****, I'm trapped!'