Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Katie Price at her stagette. She must be getting good at these now.
She did surprise me though by actually driving herself.
And judging by the cell phones in the window, there are now 20 people who have a picture of the backs of David Letterman and Landon Donovan.
Brian Baumgartner and Pau Gasol working on their ping pong skills and probably hoping for a spot in Susan Sarandon's new show.
The Lady GaGa Japan Vogue pictures.
Kind of looks like Prince in this one but I think she was going for John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.

Does that vein that looks like it is going to explode in Marc Anthony's forehead stretch to under his mouth too?
The only reason I can think of why that guy is wearing that shirt is that Peaches Geldof knitted it for him or The Scientologists were having Sugarhill Gang day at the Center.
This is why I hate Paris Hilton. Not that she has this much Louis Vuitton luggage. Nope. It is because she had someone take the picture and then posted it to her Twitter to tell us that she has this much Louis Vuitton luggage and to make us all feel inadequate. I really do hate her. A lot.
Best. News. Ever. They are making a Princess Letizia and Felipe made for tv movie in Spain. These are the actors.
Passion Pit - New York City
Pete Wentz fondles himself to pass the time in the security line. Heck, I don't blame him. The lines are long and it's probably more action than he gets from Ashlee.


Goodgrief said...

I love Manly Gaga

Paris pretentious? Say it isn't so

So is Pete and Asslee the subject of any BI's that would elude to their insinuated non existant sex life.

selenakyle said...

Gotta say, that is a cute lil' goody trail on Pete Wentz.

And I'm witchoo on the hating Paris thing.

jess said...

so, is the U.S starting to show interest in football or is it just a fad until the WCup finishes?
-Susan Sarandon's new show? I thought that was a joke.
-Gaga's photos reminded me of Flock of Seagulls
-Nope...I don't find Pete Wentz hot.

Lady J said...

Lady Gaga looks like a young Nick Cage in the 3rd photo.

I like J-lo's dress.

Unknown said...

Not to mention that Louis Vuitton is tacky. Just low-end, trashy stuff.

Don't believe me? Go to Las Vegas and check out who has the LV bags.

Unknown said...

And I like Lady Gaga better as a guy.

Ms Cool said...

Gaga has me convinced that she is part dude.

RocketQueen said...

I know I'll catch heat for saying this because I seem to be one of the only ones who comments here who likes Gaga (shout out to those above me!), but I think those pics of her as a man are super cool. I think the photos have a Ralph Macchio feel :)

Pete Wentz - despite his taste in women - is super talented. It bothers me to no END that he hooked up with the no-talent, bitchy Simpson sister.

Does anyone here believe Katie Price WASN'T drinking during her stagette? So why was she driving??

kimmypie1 said...

Lady Gaga as Lad Gaga. Do not want

Tenley said...

It's official. Lady Gaga is homely as a man or a woman. No wonder she has to pull outrageous stunts to get attention.

weezy said...

Enty, as a Brooklyn Princess with a black belt in shopping, I can say with some authority that at least half of that LV baggage is brand new, hustled in exchange for a promo.

Either that or she sent one of her entourage to Canal St. for a few Hefty bagsful of knockoffs.

0 said...

Louis Vuitton luggage is tacky as hell. Who would be jealous of that?

hmmm said...

Paris sure has a lot of baggage

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Parasite.

Also, I thought their was a limit on how many bags you can take on a flight.

Julie said...

i'm with everyone LV is totally tacky. has been since the cerise line.

RJ said...

Wow! This group of pics really tested my vow of positivity. I think I'll just say nothing at all because all the thoughts bouncing around inside my head are absolutely and completely negative. Bordering on venomous.

Robert said...

It's pretty sad that Lady GaGa looks better as a man than a woman.

K said...

Love Gaga no matter what, the end. :)

Pete Wentz does nothing for me, but in this world of wax-chested boys, it's NICE to see a dude sporting some tummy fur. Rrrrorw!

DH says he's waiting for the LV logoed trash's gotta happen eventually!

bionic bunny! said...

maybe it's because i'm older, but i like furry men.
i'm VERY surprised that petey emo is one of them. good for him. i hope he got a cut in line, lol!

i don't know anything about gaga except what i read here. never heard her music. but, i kinda like her style.
weird, i know.

MadLyb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MadLyb said...

Another Gaga lover here. I think it takes real balls to dress up like that.

I do not like Paris, nor am I surprised she tweets crap like this to the 'little people'. A lot of celebrities do this and it pisses me off for some reason - mostly because it's obnoxious and the celebrities who do it tend to be the ones who are completely useless and devoid of talent. No, I don't want to hear how you're getting freebies while holed up in a hotel in London.

I also do not like Paris because I hold her personally responsible for the scores of homeless Chihuahuas out there. :(

Just Another Blonde said...

I love Gaga. Shamelessly. And I love her and her andro look. She, along with Tilda Swinton, is amazingly andro and I wish like hell that my total girly-girl self could pull off something that cool.

And paris is gross. And tacky.

And I ditto everything RQ said, pretty much :)

caydian said...

@Lady J

OMG, I hadn't read the comments yet but I thought the very same thing! That last pic looks like a YOUNG Nic Cage from Fast Times at Ridgemont High!

shakey said...

Lady Gaga looks pretty freakin' good as Lord Gaga.


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