Friday, December 10, 2010

BuzzFoto Blind Item

This singer started on a children’s television show that is no longer on TV. He found fame and has straightened his life out, but claims he used to do cocaine on the set of the show with the cast, crew and producers.


Stacy said...

Its definitely the Mickey Mouse Club, but which performer?

bflogurl said...

Could also be someone from Kids Incorporated...

Patty said...

The clue doesn't indicate he was a singer on the show. That opens it to a lot more shows, I think.

timebob said...

Steve Burns from Blue's Clues he released a CD a few years ago.

But I am thinking it is someone more famous.

Ryan said...

Seriously. Ryan Gossling from Kids Incorporated.

pomme said...

@Ryan:Gossling is a singer???

bflogurl said...

Kids Incorporated cast:

Eric Eric Balfour
Charlie Charlie Brady
Nicole Nicole Brown
Dena Dena Burton
Jared Jared Delgin
Riley Moosie Drier
Trevor Tyler DuMoulin
Stacy Stacy Fergusson
Kenny Kenny Ford Jr.
Anthony Anthony Harrell
Robin Jennifer Love Hewitt
Ana Anastasia Horne
Haylie Haylie Johnson
Ryan Ryan Lambert
Connie Connie Lew
Gloria Martika
Tara Tara Lynn Nelson
Flip Sean O'Riordan
The Kid Rahsaan Patterson
Devyn Devyn Puett
Renee Renee Sands
Mickey Jerry Sharell
Richie Richard Shoff
Billy/Bobby Scott Wolf
Dancer Charon Aldredge
Dancer Ken Arata
Dancer Andrew Baio
Dancer Wendy Brainard
Dancer Dee Caspary
Dancer Joseph Conrad
Dancer Nicole Cropper
Dancer Kimberly Duncan
Dancer Brian Friedman
Dancer Andre Fuentes
Dancer Aaron Hamilton
Dancer Jennifer King
Dancer Leilani Lagmay
Dancer Darren Lee
Dancer Tony Perrin
Dancer Brian Poth
Dancer Carletta Price
Dancer/Drummer Mario Lopez
Dancer Danielle Marcus-Janssen
Dancer Challyn Markray
Dancer Tiffany Robbins
Dancer Shanice Wilson
Dancer Cory Tyler
Dancer Gina Vinaccia
Dancer Andrea Paige Wilson

The only MMC alumni I can find are:

JC Chasez
Ryan Gosling

Cheryl said...

bflogurl: That's what I was thinking because if it was a she my guess would be Fergie.

My sister is friends with one of the voice cast members on Blue's Clues and it isn't Steve Burns. The drug rumors about him come from a bit part he had on one of those law shows where he played a junkie.

Ryan said...

My bad.

ali said...

Is Degrassi still on? If not, it could be Drake. Or it could've been whichever version he was on that's not around anymore, though that may be a stretch.

Tenisha said...

Yes Ryan Gossling sings and has a band called Dead Man's Bones. Saw a video they did and thought they were really good. Ryan plays the piano and guitar as well. :)

bflogurl said...

@ali: not sure if it is still on, but I don't think I would put that in the "Children's" show category??

timebob said...

I thought Ryan Gossling first also from MMC. But he has said that he didn't really get along with the cast of MMC and kept to himself mostly.

Plus, Ryan is really known as an actor first not a singer. Though he does sing and have a band.

But, I could see it being him, wasn't it rumoured he had a bit of a heroin problem awhile ago.

bflogurl said...

I guess given the info gathered so far, I'll go with Justin!

Jingle Belle said...

I don't have a clue...perhap Justin Timberlake...but I did want to say that Degrassi is still on t.v.

ali said...

@bflogurl - yeah, you're probably right.

moxy said...
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kcqueen said...

What about Justin Timberlake? (Even though he likes to think of himself *cough* as an actor these days.)

sunnyside1213 said...

I wonder if Timberlake will score an oscar nod. I certainly hope not.

Jamee said...

timebob-- are you sure you're not confusing this with Gosling's character he played in Half Nelson. He was a teacher with a heroin problem...

And don't we think the Mickey Mouse kids were a little young for a coke addiction? JT and Ryan Gos were like really think the cast and crew were snorting lines with 12 year olds?

What about Nick Cannon (was on All That) or Blake Sennett from Rilo Kiley? He plays guitar but also does vocals. (And I know these were "teen" shows, but I'd say anything on Nickelodeon is considered a children's show.)

Jamee said...

*Blake Sennett was on Salute Your Shorts

Stephanie said...

Drake or Josh?

MCH said...

@Jamee - I did NOT know that about Blake/Salute Your Shorts!! I love Rilo Kiley!

Char said...

I think JT was pretty young on MMC. What about JC Chasez? Isn't he a couple years older?