Friday, January 28, 2011

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Obviously Jenny McCarthy has such a huge following she needs security when out at the mall.
Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian is all alone walking the dangerous streets of Beverly Hills.
Kanye and his bling. Does anyone say bling anymore?
Mario and the family. I hear he is working out his exit now.
Neil Patrick Harris and his boyfriend Dave Burtka check out some art.
Nicole Richie on her way to work out.
Rose McGowan looking very nice for her.
Toblerone and his wife Alicia Keys.
Tracy Morgan cracks Howard Stern up. Probably talking masturbation material.


Patty said...

Howard's wife doesn't look very amused.

shakey said...

Mario's working out his exit, but does Eva want him? I hope not.

jbdean_79 said...
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Danielle said...

There's Jenny Mccarthy and her big ol' cheek implants!! I know I've said it before but Jenny McCarthy used to be beautiful and now she's almost laughable. She truly looks like the clown doll from Saw.

von said...

Toblerone!? Ha ha!

Jamie's Girl said...

von said...
Toblerone!? Ha ha!

=====my thoughts too!

Jamie's Girl said...

Enty's not a hater. He is trying not to walk all over someone regardless of their title. Hell, I don't know if that is his husband, boyfriend, baby-daddy. I don't care. Boyfriend suffices.

Miss(pdx) said...

Tableron! <3

That dude is such a skeez..anyone read the "open letter" from his then now ex wife to Alicia Keys..pretty sad stuff. This relationhship kinda killed AK for me.

Um that pic of HS and TM is amazing! It made me smile

BigMama said...

Bling? No, no they don't

linnea said...

Totally with you there, Miss. I dont blame her, cause she was not in the relationship, but he just seems like a pretty horrible guy.

RocketQueen said...

lol @ Toblerone!

David Burtka looks like a young Kurt Russell to me. That's a good thing :)

Wouldn't be a day of photos without a Kardashian, hey, Enty? /sarcasm

anita_mark said...

Rose McGowan's dress would look better on a younger, 20 something woman and her boobs look fake. Her accessories (purse and shoes) don't match, they should be gold.

But yes, for her, she looks better.

Mango said...

I just don't get Howard Stern's popularity. I find him obnoxious, patently unfunny and he makes my skin crawl.

Can someone explain the Swizz Beatz Toblerone reference? Thanks!

Amy in MI said...

I think cause toblerone is Swiss chocolate