Friday, January 14, 2011

Real Housewives - Beverly Hills

When I watched the show last night, I came in late so caught the last five minutes of the episode, the watched Camille on the after show and then watched the episode. Kind of backwards, but I think it worked out best because I got to see Camille first.

I thought she handled herself very well on the after show and answered all the questions well. She did give a different expression when she was asked whether she was an escort. Not a very confident answer Camille. The rest though I think was good. She was definitely talking like she was leaving the show. I am still not convinced she has no friends who are not on the payroll and I think the person she has had sex with since the split is Nick. Does anyone want to bet against that? I love how Bravo shows us where Nick's wife is when Camille is kissing on him. What is the deal with asking him to kiss her on the lips? Yeah, she f**ked him.

Anyway, although this sounds like I am piling on, she did do well on the show. I don't think I would have gone to the Tony Awards in her situation. I did love her explanation about Alison the psychic's comment about how she was probably feeling Camille when she made the marriage comment. No sex? She implied that Kelsey is impotent or not attracted to women. I think he likes women fine, maybe just has some performance issues. You usually cheat with someone freakier so I wonder what he is doing with his current girlfriend.

I have never seen anyone as jealous as Lisa was when Kyle and Taylor were loving on each other. It looks like the rumor that Cedric moved out is real. Ken does not like that guy at all. Of course, I am not sure how many people would like having some guy living with you for ten years and having to pay for everything. Kyle should have been jumping up and down when Paris and Nicky decided to pass on the graduation. I would have. I think Paris just does not how to celebrate someone who actually is educated. How much do you we think the check was for in the card? Kyle said Farrah got a couple more zeros than she would have so, I am guessing $10,000. Whoa, Kyle moved up the hotness ladder when she traded in for Mauricio.


jfwlucy said...

I was thinking more in the 100,000 range.

Bama Sue said...

i find it hard to believe that paris or nicky hang around at anytime with either kyle or kim.

MacVixen said...

I thought maybe $25,000 instead of $2,500.

Anyway... I thought Camille did ok on the aftershow, but just ok. She was friendly, she was a good sport, and dare I say it - she seeemd to show some self-awareness when confronted with her clips that SHE said quite a few things that she wanted to take back.

I also thought the episode itself was slanted nicely in her favor as far as the breakup went. She was able to present herself as the jilted woman, left behind to deal with the children (which is all true). Unfortunately, I think her behavior in interviews the last few days, particularly Howard Stern, negates any sympathy she may have enjoyed.

Merlin D. Bear said...

Enty, I want you to know right now I'm never going to forgive you if I get addicted to this show like I did with "Dynasty" back in the day. Back then, no matter what, Weds at 9p I was in front of a TV and it was tuned to "Dynasty".
I can say with all candor I've never watched a single "Real Housewives" show yet, however I can see a marathon of RH:BH in my future.
God bless Hulu and Netflix.

Dawn said...

Merlin - you really really should.

It's THAT good.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...


If you liked Dynasty, you'll love mostly all of the franchise.

My favourite is Atlanta because those women do not play. They'll snatch your wig off your head.

RHONY just cry and whine to the press. Meh.

Atlanta is the good stuff.

MCH said...

I usually forget to DVR the aftershow. Must make mental note to do this. Oh, how I do love Andy Cohen.

I missed seeing Nick's wife!??! I guess maybe I saw a glimpse of her after Camille toasted to 13 years. Kelsey looked like he wanted to sock her at that point.

Cannot fathom getting $10k at college grad. I would have blown thru that at her age.

For REAL re: Mauricio. He is a HPOA!!!

What about Adrienne & her husband grilling the counselor at the graduation luncheon? To go on and on about their marriage issues seemed a little weird to me. Why not go speak to her privately?

Gina said...

I loved Dynasty & I love RHOBH! To be honest I use to love my soap operas but I don't really bother with them anymore. I am full on hard core Bravo TV addict. I will watch anything they broadcast except for the American's Top Model which is on now.

Mooshki said...

You guys finally broke me down. They're airing all the episodes from the beginning, and I have my dvr programmed.

califblondy said...

ITA, Enty, Camille was almost likeable in Andy's clubhouse last night. Very different from how she comes off during the show, but hell, maybe she's been coached since filming ended? I got the distinct impression though that Andy wasn't loving her too much. During the season it's so obvious that Camille is a liar and not a very good one at that. She seemed to be lying answering Andy's questions (like the escort deal).

What's HPOA???

Okay, Camille Schmamille, what in the hell is going on with the sisters? The previews for next week look like Kyle kicks Kim's ass in the limo. Kim is such a twit, I wonder if she over-medicates?

Cedric is such a beautiful boy, I can't blame Lisa for keeping him around, but ITA with's time to fly Kato.

Is Mauricio the Father of all of Kim's other children besides Farah or just the baby, Portia?

califblondy said...

the father of Kyle's (not Kim's) children...

sunnyside1213 said...

I am still holding out.

Preciousredtx said...

@califblondy....I think HPOA means how piece of a**

and I would like to know how sad is it that I was in talking with my boss and coworkers about this show and I could keep up and give spoilers and have NEVER watched a single episode??

chihuahuense said...

I didn't get to watch a lot of this episode because I turned it on late (doesn't it usually come on an hour later?) and then when it got to the part where Camille was with Kelsey before the Tonys, I was explaining to my own HPOA that it was especially funny because in real life, the day before Kelsey had told Camille that they were OVAH! So they were both pretending to be loving, but the audience knows because since the taping, Kelsey has already been with another woman publicly for like 6 months. That's when he gagged uncontrollably and begged me to turn it. So, you know, maybe I'll watch it this weekend while he's at work.

And why do those sisters fight like that? They are freaking ridiculous! I do believe that if Camille doesn't come back, Kyle will be portrayed to be more of the villian, because I do think that she has that in her.

Also, "two more zeros than I expected?!!?" I wish!!! That means it was at LEAST 10,000!!!! Because, I doubt she would've *expected* $10, come on! That is crazy!!!

Also, Mauricio is HOT!

MadLyb said...

I've prided myself (don't know why - kinda stupid) about never having watched any of the Real Housewives shows. Then I got sick and watched a few episodes of RHOBH and was hooked. Good stuff! I have some catching up to do, though. And yes, Kyle's hubby is definitely a HPOA.

Barton Fink said...

This was one of the best episodes ever. The drama for the most part is small, submerged, concealed, and Lisa's "you've known for me a long time and you've known Taylor for five minutes" made me sit up. The whole "Lisa" character seemed different after that, and I have to say, I loves me some Lisa more now than ever. And Kyle, with that glossy horsehair and those miniskirt-length caftans, I love her. And Kim! Good god, if anyone had told me that Kim would so watchable and likable, I would have laughed in their face. But Kim really is interesting, and the camera catches a lot of weird mood shifts in her face. Sheez, listen to me. I sound smitten.

KLM said...

Last night was a great episode. I thought they were sort of "alluding" to the fact that Cedric was less than genuine, but either he is very smart and an excellent liar, or he is telling the truth about his past. His French accent came out much more pronounced, and usually that only happens to someone who has spent a good deal of time in another country when they are a) drunk, or b) nervous / upset. It was pretty clear that he was upset.

Camille handled herself decently on the after show, but yes - clearly she is on Andy's sh*t list... She has openly complained about the editing (on a show he produces) and she is either not returning or is making the negotiations very difficult. I think the best editing EVER was when they had the graphic that said "Nick's wife" while Camille asked him to kiss her on the lips. Emmy for that editing.

I hated the fact that Kyle used the show as a platform to guilt her sister into feeling bad about not going to her daughter's graduation. I sincerely doubt that she actually cared, I think she just would have loved to have Paris make an appearance on her little TV show. Maybe I am wrong, but it's not like any of my aunts or uncles came to my graduation (hell, I barely got my dad to come!).

Elizabeth said...

I never watched any of the Housewives shows either but this weekend I watched about five episodes and I'm hooked. They are airing the others on the 20th I think and my DVR is set.

Kelsey clearly was so unattached to Camille it was hard to watch. And I'm trying to imagine the conversation where he tells her she'll be staying at a hotel.

Adrienne's husband asking for free marriage counseling and tells her she needs plastic surgery and to come see him?! Gah!

Cedric may be nice but, to me, he was clearly manipulating Lisa.

I think Kyle is very aware her husband is a HPOA. I need to look for Nick's wife; the moment was already awkward and the wife was there?!

Sherry said...

They packed a lot into this episode. I had no idea Lisa was feeling jealous of Taylor. The whole conversation between Adrienne's husband and Mauricio's mom - That got really weird, really fast.

Check out Kim's neck on this episode. It's a crypt-keeper neck. Good lord, how much sun did she get growing up!

Completely awkward and great scene with Kelsey and Camille in the hotel room before the Tonys.

There have been a lot of pictures around the internet lately with Camille's under-eye luggage. I expect her to have a drastic and really bad face lift once she gets a break from her camera time.

Sis said...

The ladies are coming undone, imo.

I liked Camille but you could tell that she was trying too hard with Kelsey and he couldn't give a sh*t, that is sad.

Tacky with Adrienne and Paul grilling Maurico's mom for counseling, I couldn't believe it.

Loved Kyle's emotional speech to her daughter. I thought it was way tacky and deliberate to tell everybody to be quiet to hear the conversation from the Hiltons, I cringed. They should have showed us the check to see exactly how much it was, and who gives flowers or a tree that size as a gift, the Hiltons do!

I think Lisa's true character is coming out and Taylor was real quiet.

I thought Camille presented herself well in the after interview. As for Andy, I thought he was fine with her, I did not see any animosity and he did talk about their conflict/opinion of the editing of her.

Sunday's Atlanta show looks great! Has anyone seen the previews between NeNe and Kim? Who hoo (as Vicky would yell from RHOOC)!

Merlin D. Bear said...

I just watched episode 8, about the charity poker tournament.I
I have no idea who's who aside from Camille, and correct me if I'm wrong, but Kim used to be a Disney property in the 60's?
I'm loving the Joan Collins as Alexis clone too... didn't really get her name though.
I can honestly say I see why you watch. It's a train wreck.
You simply cannot turn away.

Merlin D. Bear said...

Hi, I'm Merlin and I'm addicted to Real Housewives: Beverly Hills.

Merlin D. Bear said...

Oh, and Cedric is a poof.

Kraymond19 said...

Hi Merlin!

triunfopark said...

The truth is, Kathy, Kim & Kyle have always been and still are very close. When Paris's homemade porno was 'leaked', it was Kyle who stood guard between Paris and the media. Kyle has been a longtime supporter and defender of Paris. They really are a very close family.
Also, Paul Nassif, M.D. is the laughing stock and butt of jokes around BH & LA amongst other Plastic Surgeons and those (and there are many) in the know. Not only did he NOT do his wife's surgery's, it is well known that she discourages her friends from having him do their work (another Plastic Surgeon did her work and work on her brothers). Taylor's injectibles gone awry was testament to that. I haven't time to check at the moment, but I do not believe Paul is even Board certified.