Monday, March 21, 2011

Sammy Hagar Abducted By Aliens

I love Rock & Roll tell alls. You know why? Because musicians really don't give a crap who they tick off and they know what their fans expect and want and they deliver. If you want sex, drugs, and all things that are crazy about Van Helen then this Hagar book might be right. Just reading the interview with MTV, Sammy talks about sex tens during concerts, having sex with multiple women at a time during shows!!! This is worse than being in a Hugh Hefner line up. How trashy do you have to be to want to have sex with some guy in Van Halen while the show is going on and knowing you only have a couple of minutes before the next girl is going to be getting screwed and that you are like number six of women that have already been screwed by one of these guys in the last few hours. Crazy.

Not as crazy though as Sammy saying that he has been abducted by aliens. He thinks he has and I don't think it is just an excuse to be able to plug his book on Coast To Coast. He says that he has some unexplained dreams about aliens and UFO's and that he thinks more than one might actually be real. Of course it could be the drugs too.


MISCH said...

Ugh ! And not to forget, GROSS.

Patty said...

Remember when those cars were the epitome of cool?

RocketQueen said...

@Patty - yes I do. In my town it was I-Rocs....seems so funny now.

Was it on this site I read a link to Hagar's memoirs about Eddie Van Halen? Horrible and sad how he deteriorated over the years.

Terri said...

His story on "Celebrity Ghost Stories" ranks in my top 5. I hope that's in the book too.

Me said...

im a believer

if the sex is good enough, shooting stars, the earth moves, other worldly and all that.

Simone said...

Nobody is even going to mention that today is National Alien Abduction Day? Who are you people?

Mazel tov!

linnea said...

Ah Simone, I am glad you reminded me! Now, how does one best celebrate such a joyous occasion?

Diane said...

I partied with Sammy down in NH in the 90's after a concert on the boardwalk. Didnt fuck him. Have some awesome memories. He was pretty down to earth, typical rocker, sex drugs rock'n'roll.

Simone said...

Linnea - Well, I don't know how the rest of you are commemorating the occasion but I am ringing in the day by pounding Alien Orgasms.

Care to join me? Here is the recipe:

- 1/4 oz coconut rum
- 1/4 oz blue Curacao liqueur
- 1/4 oz Kailua
- 1/4 oz Bailey's Irish Creme

It pays to have a well stocked mini bar hidden in your desk drawer. I know I am always prepared for anything! (Except doing actual work.)

Ricki said...

he said on stern that his first encounter with the aliens was when he was 20 and completely straight.

amoteafloat said...

I don't really give a shit about Sammy Hagar, honestly, but I just wanted to say that I LOVE Rock n' Roll tell-alls and books about rock in general. Musicians were so much cooler forty years ago. *siiiigh.*

A recommendation: Stephen Davis is one of the best writers on the subject out there. Old Gods Almost Dead (a book about the Stones) and Hammer of the Gods (his one about Led Zeppelin) are sordid, engrossing, jaw-droppingly wild, and will entertain you the whole entire time.

Jamie's Girl said...

LOVE HAGAR! Love him! He rocks!

I have to say, the older I get, I don't discount life from another planet. Yes, I'm a Christian, but I also don't believe that I'm the end-all, do-all of intelligent life forms. The bible said God Created the Heavens and Earth, and that could certainly include aliens. It's just that they are not in God's image.

This simply means, Party on Garth.

Amy said...

A guy I went to college with who made a fortune in the dot-com days also claims to have been abducted. He says he has lost time. Shoot. Now I'm trying to remember what else he said.

The Black Cat said...

Hell, I loose time but figured I was just getting old. I certainly don't recall any aliens though.

Henriette said...

Does Hallmark make a card for Alien Abduction Day?

Sammy Hagar always seemed so nice too. Maybe it was his alien abductions that did it.

I think the brothers Van Halen treated him pretty crappy.

Texshan said...

I lose time, too, but I think it's from the drinking, not being abducted by aliens.
I'm a Christian, but my attitude is that I wouldn't be surprised if there is life on other planets. Otherwise, why would the universe be so huge? Like they said in Contact (one of my top 10 movies), it seems like otherwise it would be a big waste of space.

MCH said...

Not that I haven't ever envisioned sexy times with any rock God crushes, but the sex tents sound totally disgusting.


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