Friday, August 05, 2011

Random Photos Part Three

Annette Charles - RIP
Anne Hathaway as Catwoman and
out of her outfit too.
Alexander Skarsgard has a meeting to decide who he needs to date next.
Blake Lively listens to a message from Leo for the 14th time.
Britney Spears, boyfriend and kids on a boat. They look much better than they
did earlier.
Cheryl Cole and party in Cannes. What no St. Tropez? Slackers.
Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig get ready to fly. Turns out Satsuki cleaned out Daniel Craig to the tune of about $1M after she found out about him cheating on her.
Ellen and Portia shopping for baskets?


Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Dear Skarsgard, Skarsgard's agent and manager,

I'm available.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors

BigMama said...

Anne H. stole the bat man's bike!

Skarsgard - I would go with the dude on the left. He's better lookin. ;)

Britney needs to just retire and enjoy her money.

I love Ellen and Portia! I hope that is one that lasts forever.

Ida Blankenship said...

I think Alex is a butterface. A TOTAL butterface...

...just like Blake. Nothing above the neck is all that spectacular, but the girl really *does* fill out a pair of jeans with aplomb.

Britney looks happy. I'm really glad that she's found a dude who likes to keep it low-key -- and SO WHAT if she ventures out every once in a while looking like shit? The poor thing must get papped 345345345 times a day, no matter where she is. After a certain point, I'd stop caring, too.

Ditto what BigMama said about Ellen and Portia. If they ever split, it's gonna hit me HARD.

Patty said...

Skarsgard has that herion chic look, IMO. I don't get his attraction at all.

Layna Day said...

Anne driving the Bat Pod = major cool points in my book.

I always wonder about Cheryl Cole. They say she's a racist, but her ex is black and she's always snuggling up to black guys. Of course, has major connections to help her with her career.

Can't blame Satsuki for taking a bit of that Bond money. She was with Daniel Craig for years and in just a few months, he marries Rachel. That's gotta chap her chops.

I do think this is the first time I've seen Daniel's daughter. She's pretty.

Mary Ann said...

You know what's great? The fact that some people look at the glory that is Alexander SkarsgÄrd and don't like it. And other people, like say, me, think he's sex on wheels.

It would be a sad, boring, dreary place if we all saw things alike, wouldn't it?

Still . . . Oh, I would hit that in one little heartbeat. Yes, I would.

RenoBlondee said...

I agree about Alex. Think he has one of the best bodies on a man ever, but above his neck? Not so much.

I keep thinking Rachel is going to announce a pregnancy. Not because she looks like it, just a feeling.

RocketQueen said...

In pictures, Alex ain't much to look at, I agree. But when he's badass Eric on True Blood...oh my. WANT.

Satsuki DID have permission to use Craig's cards...meh. I get the feeling he feels it's fair enough.

stephani said...

I was going to snark about Britney's appearance, but you know what? She isn't shaving her head or attacking cars with an umbrella. and I can't remember the last time I've seen a pap picture of her barefoot in a gas station. So good for her.

TinselSass said...

The photos might be fun but nothing is better than reading your comments. (I long for the day when I can focus on these important things!) Thanks to all of you for adding lightness and laughs and smarts to a week of dark news.

angelina said...

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman? What is this fuckery?

I wanted Cha-Cha's dress *so* bad!

Can't say I blame Satsuki

ardleigh said...

Would go with Skars as a consolation for Joe (Alcide) being engaged. :(

Maja. With a J. said...

I agree about ASkars...I always thought he was goofy looking. We lived on the same street for a while and my roommate at the time would lose. her. SHIT every time we saw him...but I guess he's not my type. LOVE him as Eric Northman though. And who can forget Meekus from Zoolander? *L*

Useless Trivia: The street in Stockholm where he lived as a kid, is the same street the Millenium office is located in the "Dragon Tattoo" series. The more you know!

Maja. With a J. said...

(Not the street we both lived on - too expensive for me *L*)

Wil said...

Aw .. Rest in Peace, Cha Cha

I just giggle and find sunshine in my heart every time I think about what Satsuki did. He is lucky it wasn't more and Satsuki isn't the evil jaded b*tch I am. I would have walked with a cool Mil AND a precious body part or two.

Jamie's Girl said...

I LOVED Cha Cha DiGregorio in Grease! I thought she was so gorgeous and womanly, compared to Sandy. I loved their Hand Jive too. Was so hot!

JasonBlueEyes said...

What is Anne H. riding on? One of those speeder-bikes from Return of The Jedi?

It seems these days that the douchier Justin Timberlake becomes the happier and better Britney looks.

linnea said...

Any ideas WHAT Satsuki spent that million on? And I say go girl, good for you. I would have done far worse.

pdxbellarocks said...

RIP Cha Cha!!

Best dancer at St. Bernadette's!!!

thisoldbroad said...

OH. MY. GAWD. BRITNEY!!!! Why aren't those kids wearing lifejackets???????????

parissucksliterally said...

I can't get over Britney's scheck. Never could. that neck is so thick....and yeah, WHERE are the kid's lifejackets? She is such a shit parent.

nunaurbiz said...

@JasonBlueEyes "It seems these days that the douchier Justin Timberlake becomes the happier and better Britney looks."

Yah, who'da thunk???

I think she looks terrific. Normal, even! And yes, in love. And he doesn't look douchy at all!

PS: WTG Satsuki!

Phillip said...

i've been chuckling over the Satsuki story for a few days and wondering what I'd do. I know I would absolutely purchase the biggest most fabulous engagement ring for myself.

-terri (not Phillip but can't log out as him)

Crystal Jones said...

I LOVE me some Britney! Her boyfriend is so hot!

MizCaramel said...

I love that Britney is real. I was going to write normal but I don't think that applies and nor do I think anyone really is "normal". I love that they don't give a damn what peeps (or paps) are thinking or saying. Live your life... BUT do put life-jackets on those boys Britney.

Jasmine said...

Am I the ONLY one who thinks there is something creeper about Britney's boyfriend cum off and on manager who is over 10yrs older than her??
I just think he is weird and there have been some odd gossip in the past about a taped convo where she was admitting he beat her and then that was covered up or denied...hmmmm, I dunno. I hope she is happy but I sorta cringe everytime I see him with her. And I dont know if he still is her manager but if so that makes it worse cause then he woulda been on board to co-sign a decison for the poor girl to keep touring- I feel like she has been non-stop forever. The first tour ended and like 2months later she started up again...SO not a good call for someone in her state.

Danielle said...

Lmao hard @ Mary Ann. That whole post was just great!