Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Guy Fieri Sketch That Didn't Make It To SNL

I am not sure why this one got cut at rehearsals this weekend, because it is a whole lot better than some of the other things that made the show. Three minutes of goodness.


Patty said...

Dang, not loading at work.

EmEyeKay said...

I think it got cut because he flubbed so often.

supapimp said...

Now i know why it didn't make the cut.

djphob said...

Pretty sure it got cut for Chris Christie.

Erin B said...

This one got cut too:

I think it's better than some of the others too. Plus as an added bonus, Jeremy is shirtless. He's not in "Bourne Legacy" shape right now, but I'm okay with it.

B. Profane said...

The Thanksgiving sketch is definitely worth a watch. "Sgiving"...I died.

C'mon, Enty, I challenge you again: when are you gonna come up with some good backstage gossip about SNL? That set is, like, the tightest in the biz. No one ever talks smack about the behind-the-scenes drama there, even years after they leave.

Erin B said...

@B. Profane - That's a great question! You know there's been so much behind the scenes we don't know about. You can't get that many big personalities together from season to season without a lot of stories.

timebob said...

Because they all live in fear of the wrath of Lorne Michaels.

If you want some good backstage gossip on SNL check out this book it has some great stories about the shenanigans that went on.

My favorite story is when Larry David was a writer and couldn't get any sketches on the air. So he went to Lorne and quit, went home figured out his financial situation and realized he couldn't get unemployment or pay his bills without the SNL paycheck.

So went back to work on Monday and pretended he never quit and kept working and everybody was so confused as to why he was there after quitting.


B. Profane said...

I've read that book, and most of the other open sources about SNL. The juicy questions are:

--Why were Casey Wilson and Michaela Watkins fired, and did Kristen Wiig have anything to do with it?

--Was Will Ferrell much weirder backstage than his public persona?

--Does Lorne make as much per episode as all of the cast and writers combined?

Unknown said...

I've often thought that the best sketches got cut because most of them that make it have a stench of compromise. This one is funnier than most I've seen this season.


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