Monday, December 09, 2013

Don't Drink And Drive


aemish said...

LOL mandatory haircare insurance

shakey said...

He's lucky to have friends who care that much for him.

MK said...

I just wonder if he's stopped drinking or not. Funny prank but sad circumstances.

Tina Mallette said...

When does real jail time kick in in the US for repeat DUI offenders.

How does a guy like that afford vehicle insurance after even the first DUI conviction.

Around here if you are lucky enough to find a company that will insure you, you are looking at over $6 thousand a year minimum premium. And that's just after one DUI. I don't know anyone stupid enough to get nailed twice.

Let me guess this guy is driving with no vehicle insurance? Which is even scarier if you are one of his potential victims.

trogdor said...

DUI laws are usually written by the states but then left open to counties for interpretation and enforcement.

Here in California, a new set of laws rolled over in Jan 2013 that will put you in mandatory county jail after your 2nd offense. They could put you in for up to 6 months on your first offense, but it depends on how severe your crime was. Several of my friends picked up their first ones this year and none of them got jail, but suspended licences and some heavy fines 6k (S.F.) up to 12K (San Jose). All of them were warned they'd be put in the clink next time. My uncle's friend has 4 DUI convictions, with his last one last year. Slaps on the wrist (San Joaquin County). It really seems to depend on the severity of the crime and the judge, I think.

I don't know about other states, but here in Cali, I added UIM - Underinsurance for 215K. This covers you if you get into any accident with an underinsured/uninsured person/company. Default here covers you only up to 15K. Really worth getting as to you just never know what's going to happen.

Liadee said...

I really varies by the State - here in PA first offense is no jail time, 2nd is 5 days-6 mos, 3rd = 6 mos-2 years.

This never says that he hasnt had any jail time, some people just dont give a shit and keep doing it. Thats probably why they felt they needed to scare him like this - jail wasnt working.

jaariel said...

I loved the Miley part! LMAO!

But this looks staged & here's why: after being passed out so long, the very first thing that guy would absolutely have to do is go take a piss & he didn't even ask where the bathroom was.

A for effort though.


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