Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Every French Movie Ever


sandybrook said...


Gayeld said...

I volunteer as Tribute.

Lots of pretty black and white shots, otherwise stupid and tries too hard.

Dingle Barry said...

Enty's videos suck! So many truly great videos to choose from and Enty always picks a loser.

Lady Heisenberg said...

I tried really really hard to find the SNL hardball clip with Christopher Walken that makes fun of the French. Clearly Enty hates everything about it:
French Montana
French press
French Fries (OK, that's stretching it...)

I give up. TRANSCRIPT HERE It's from the FooFighters ep. Classic.

Gayeld said...

And reading that was more entertaining then the clip.

Lady Heisenberg said...

Thank you, right?!?? If anyone can locate it, you rock. I am sick of hunting. I might try again later though because it is GOLD! With WALKEN!!! I'm looking for my SNL best of Walken DVD now...

Enty, post it tomorrow to make it up to us?

hunter said...

Thank you Gayeld, taking one for the team.

Enty *does* have a lot of crappy videos. Sooo many better ones just about anywhere.

hunter said...

Original Enty never did either but he also RARELY posted videos.


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