Thursday, July 24, 2014

Random Photos Part Four

Kim Cattrall talks about her new show.

Kristin Cavallari makes her first post-pregnancy appearance while hopefully keeping her non-vaccinated kids away from anyone who can get sick.
Kate Hudson has some monogrammed luggage. I was kind of hoping for a Black Crowes sticker festooned guitar case to go with it.
Katie Holmes is back in NYC.
Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman star in a video for Reba McEntire.
Lindsay Lohan on her way out to a club in London after making some money in Italy and France.
Maggie Gyllenhaal is trailed by her husband at a showing of her mom's new movie.
Padma Lakshmi also came out to support it with
Samantha Mathis.


ladybaus said...

Wonder why Lindsay has such a mischievous smirk. Is Speed the Plow still happening? Does she not need to uh---REHEARSE?

sandybrook said...

Samantha looks better than she did the other week when she showed up here.
Somebody slept with Kim and gave her a show?
I wonder if Lindsay ever carriages the rich Arabs and Indian/Asians she hooks up with (telling them she a famous popular star in the States)?

LottaColada said...

Kristin needs a bra!

I thought Lindsay was done partying....

Jessi said...

I don' really care for anyone in this batch, and I'm scratching my head on the fish net stocking Kim is wearing.

califblondy said...

The Urban family video is good. Pray for peace.

Marie Lexingdale said...

Kim looks like she's holding in a fart.

Meanie Rhysie said...

Kate Hudson looks freaking ridiculous in those white heels with that outfit at the airports.

Kim Cattrall is sporting my late '70s 'do, why?

NomNom83 said...

Kim Cattrall looks ah-mahzing. She is 57. Think she has the same doctor as Sharon Stone?

Unknown said...

LiLo actually looks good in that pic.

rdkizziah said...

Wait - I thought Brit broke up with her boyfriend? Is this somebody new?

nancer said...

look closer. lilo's legs are a mess. she's got a knot on one and a scab on the other.

Unknown said...

If you watch her new show which I have, obviously filmed in Toronto and a mostly Canadian acting cast which is a good thing we have a lot of good actors and actresses. Including Colm Feore

Her character Davina has been using Hormone Replacement Therapy patches for 11 years - she has to go to a new pharmacist to get her patch prescription renewed and the pharmacist can't believe she's been using this patch for 11 years.

The pharmacist lists all the risks and her character says, Yes I know I don't care it makes me look younger and the pharmacist, a female, says well why don't you just cut your hair and she says shut up and fucking give me the patch.

Oh I just read it s based on a UK series.

I like the series so far.

Unknown said...

Wow Ed's new tranny girlfriend is very convincing.

Paint Chips said...

Maggie looks very glamorous here. For her.

I love Padma's white jacket over all black. I could never pull that off.

Unknown said...

I thought Kim Cattrall was looking a bit less than spectacular. Maybe it's the layers of clothing. She looks kind of dumpy.

If I could afford custom Louis Vuitton luggage I'd want some of that jungle theme style he did for The Darjeeling Limited. I imagine Adrian, Owen and Jason all running down the train tracks dropping one bag after another. Loved that movie! I wonder who ended up with those bags? Probably Bill Murray.

Jordan T said...

Totally! Gross

Unknown said...

Oh Kim, fishnets? Really?

Kristin Cavallari should be quarantined with her kids as a public health service. They're a Typhoid Mary waiting to happen.

Of the prostitution whores in this batch, Padma's probably the best and the most expensive.


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