Friday, August 08, 2014

9 Guys You Will Meet At A Music Festival


sandybrook said...

No thanx dont care for Lollapalooza.

sandybrook said...

Put one up from the Insane Clown Posse get together if you dare to be different.

Lady Heisenberg said...

Sandy: there is nothing worse on this planet than a fucking juggalo

FSP said...


Sincerely,Your Friend said...

I thought the concert goers would be the characters, not tbe reporter.

But I liked is SHerbet Boot Covers and matching cuffs and hat.

sandybrook said...

You dont wanna see some female fat buffalo juggalo twerking on a 600lb man 's blubber stomach LadyH???

Lady Heisenberg said...

Sandy: I've unfortunately had to deal with several juggalos. Never again.
I would rather watch THIS again

Now, here's a break down of the 9 Guys at Lolla Profiles.

Hipster know it all
Frat bro
Undercover cop
Baby bringer
Chemically inspired dancer
Chaperone Dad
The Naturalist
Pat Tamasulo,,, who hands out deodorant to stinky concert goers

They forgot the sketchy drug dealers and THIS DUDE

Sherry said...


Sherry said...

LADY H. HIGH larious!!! LMFAO


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