Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Rebel Wilson Takes Stand In Defamation Trial

Rebel Wilson became emotional and broke down in tears in court on Tuesday as she testified that a series of magazine articles published in Australia hurt her career.

She stated the articles were a deliberate attack on her character.

"These articles were a deliberate malicious take-down of me," the actress testified.

Wilson is suing Australian publisher Bauer Media for defamation over several articles published in 2015 that the Australian-born actress said led to her film contracts being terminated. The articles said Wilson had lied about her name, age and upbringing in Australia.

Wilson wiped away tears as she testified in the Supreme Court of Victoria, rejecting the publisher's argument that the stories were light-hearted and had no serious impact on her career.

Wilson, known for her work in comedies such as "Pitch Perfect" and "Bridesmaids," said she has only had two roles since the articles were published, one for the film "Absolutely Fabulous" and the other a stage role in London.

"It's not lucrative," she told the court. "The reason why I'm here today is to stand up for myself and to stand up for my family, who've been harassed."

Wilson is seeking unspecified damages from the publisher.


david said...

At least she'll get a lot of PR from this.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

Is arguing "that the stories were light-hearted" going to be what these media groups use nowadays? (Even when it's obvious to the whole world that it was mean-spirited AF and everyone in-the-know knew EXACTLY what they were doing.)


I'd argue that if an article caused someone to have debilitating anxiety to the point that they can't work/function normally then it does have a "serious impact" on a person's career.

It's not like what she did to get her contract terminated was her own doing (like throwing herself into the spotlight like a famehoe and it backfired/caused someone harm). FFS.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

Good karma, I suppose.

SarahS said...

I can't stand her. She's been an attention-whore from day 1

cebii said...

Good for her. I hope she really benefits from this trial - financially and careerwise

RenShaw said...

Rebel Wilson is not the first nor the last person to come into Hollywood with an altered bio, specially the shaving off years from their real age. This mess started after lots of talk from her high school classmates, that she was Melanie Bounds claiming to be younger than they knew her to be. I don't know what the mag said specifically but it sounds like they piled on and outed her real age. Is it defamation / malice to publish your real age and background. Maybe a legal expert can answer that. I think there was similar talk about Lorde and fellow Aussie Margo Robbie's age. I always thought Rebel was younger until IMDb's new rule. Im not supporting the magazines and I'm not a fan of Rebel, but I don't think she has much of a case. Her previously sketchy wiki bio when she first came out has been amended and it's very nicely done.

..... said...

Wasn't she he one who lied about her age, then she blames it on someone else?

JustReading said...

I need more than one thumbs up for this.

mary said...

I wondered the same thing. If they didn't lie then how is that defamation?

BRE said...

Wasn't there a blind about Rebel bad mouthing another under 30 actress at a West Hollywood restaurant; while sitting at the table next to them and their family. I recall the actress TW Rebel and asking her if she'd be interested in a part in her film if she could get the studio to do it.

Actually I liked Rebel, but is she going around burning bridges or not . . .


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