Friday, July 28, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #5

July 21, 2017

The month and year changes, but one thing doesn’t change. As I have been telling you since this service came into existence, they manufacture numbers and sales and downloads and any other thing they can to make it seem like more people are using the service than what is real. The company is like the Bernie Madoff of streaming services.



Jessie James said...

Much like when block buster finally started streaming movies, they got in the game too late.

Kat said...

This company, for as long as it exists, will never and can never go public. They will have to adhere to all of the rules about financial statements and disclosures, and an outside accounting firm will have to sign off on their material accuracy. Even if management is dumb enough to think they can still play games with the numbers, people will go to jail if they are caught. The whole house of cards will go tumbling down and the investor lawsuits will be never-ending. The people behind Tidal better hope they never have to raise funds through an IPO or else face massive financial losses.

Haley said...

Twitter already got to the bottom of this. Jay-Z thinks people are dumb.

No one has Tidal. Those numbers make no sense. That is fraud.

BlissBoo said...

Tidal should pack it up and close shop. Unless they're using it for money laundering, I dunno, probably too high profile for that. Whatever the case, I hope they're investigated, caught, and then Jay Z and Beyonce and their ridiculous kid's names will be out of our sight forever.


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