Thursday, July 27, 2017

Blind Item #3

This still not legal US Gymnast is hooking up with someone twice her age.


sd auntie said...

The luttle Puerta Rican girl_ Laurie Hernandez or Deesus minor

Renshaw said...

I thought of Biles first but she is 20. Then I thought of Laurie but I had to look up her age. She is 17 as of last month. Age of consent in NJ is 16 but I doubt she just started to see this guy. Sad.

hothotheat said...

I agree its Laurie but "legal" means 18, not necessarily age of consent for sex.

ThisNThat said...

Laurie Hernandez.

Back when she was on DWTS she said she never had a bf so this is interesting.
Val is the guy?! maybe?!


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