Monday, November 27, 2006

As of the time of this post, there is nothing to add on the MV situation. I will keep you updated. MV is the only person who can come forward without any repercussions. Myself, S, and Guy do not have that option available to us.

Australian LINK of the Day-Is Nicole Kidman pregnant? This article seems to indicate she is.,21985,20832225-2902,00.html

I am hoping that the fabulous Mel will tell us all about the Kylie Minogue concert she attended the other night in lieu of attending the Australian Idol finale which she also had tickets for. Some photos would be nice too Mel otherwise I will have to post pics from her November 11 show which everyone has already seen.

A little update on the blind item from last Friday regarding the A list producer and his boy toy/slave tendencies. I represented his now ex-wife and during the divorce proceedings we discovered these weekly payments of $2000 each and every week. The producer spent over $100K in one year to be abused and treated like a slave for two hours each week. I did subsequently learn that said Dominatrix is very good at what she does and very attractive, but $100K in one year?

I will expand on the other blind items throughout the week and have four or five ready for this Friday as well.

The New Zealand link of the day is not exactly celebrity news or gossip, but is entertaining.

There are now a great deal of German readers of the blog and as is my custom, I will attempt to suck up, but it may be a few days before that starts.

I am working on a really long blind item right now, but I am having trouble making it totally blind so it will be a few hours before it is posted.


Anonymous said...

What ever happened with the photog who had shots of an actor abusing his girlfriend? What can he legally do?

Spanish Prisoner said...

I just discovered your blog today thru (which explains the new bunch of German readers, I'm Swiss tho) which made a little report about your singer post.

I read every single post of yours and I like your blog so far. Keep up the good work!

A little tip: For further installments of your stories I suggest you use more distinctive names for the characters because eventually you'll end up using the entire alphabet and it's hard to follow thru updates with all the Ls and Ss.

Anonymous said...

The blind item about the boytoy/sex slave, could that be one of the brothers who did the Matrix films? I just read an article about him and a dominatrix.

Anonymous said...

What is you E-mail address?

My outlook/passport will not work.

melnahas said...

I read that article about Nicole too... hopefully it's true! I have no Kylie photos... no camera that night! I'm sorry.

Anonymous said...

Want to suck up to your Canadian readers too? ;) Oh, but we probably don't have anything worthwhile to link to!

Anonymous said...

Dear sir, I sure hope you are using the australian links as a way of disguising your identity.

Because if you are indeed australian in some sense, you are probably among a select few in this group of top ent lawyers. With the parties you seem to go to.. People, your peers, will connect the dots.

I am a Swedish law student and we have a famous blogging lawyer here and in our community it is being narrowed down who he is.

So watch out, man! I gather you have gained a conscience after all these years of cases like the perv in Las Vegas. And I like coming here and reading you because of this. So watch out, you would be missed if they got to you..