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Your Turn - If You Didn't Get The Salisbury Steak Was It Really A TV Dinner?

 Have at it.

Blind Item #8

The A list do everything host is really trying to make work miserable for a co-host. He really wants her out of a job.

Blind Item #7

You know the foreign born yachter who showed up in some photos with the wealthy farmer over the past year? Wait until you see the photos of her with a new guy in power. 

Blind Item #6

The assistant of the alliterate one was in the diamond district off LA on Wednesday. Is there going to be another ring change?

Blind Item #5

This foreign born permanent A list singer had a huge concert this past week. He also spent time with a woman he hooked up with every second his significant other was not around.

Blind Items Revealed #4

June 23, 2024

You think the what the producer/clothing guy was doing here was bad? It is way worse where he is hiding out now and the age of consent is 16. He has a constant stream of visitors from here to his compound there.

Russell Simmons/Bali

Blind Items Revealed #3

June 22, 2024

The influencer/podcast host got really upset when the former wheelchair actor hooked up with her and then pretended she no longer existed. So, now she is hooking up with this arch rival.

Bobbi Althoff/Drake/Kendrick Lamar

Blind Items Revealed #2

June 22, 2024

No matter how much this A+/A list singer tries to help out the A- list alliterate foreign born singer, it won't help the album sales. The alliterate singer is in her flop era.

Olivia Rodrigo/Camila Cabello

Blind Items Revealed #1

June 21, 2024

The singing princess is always being cheated on by her significant other, but now he is doing it while out of the country. He took one of his side pieces on vacation to Paris.

Halle Bailey/DDG

Blind Item #4

I guess we now know why the two former exes who can't stand each other were invited on to the summer reality show.

Blind Item #3 - Reader Blind

This foreign born Thai A+ singer in Thailand also stars in a popular Thai drama. The singer was rumored to have groomed his co-star/on screen partner, when his on screen partner was 17 and he was 26 because of an interview where the A+ singer in Thailand accidentally confirmed he shared a hotel room with his on screen partner for a couple nights. Even a few weeks ago the A+ singer in Thailand was spotted on a supposed date with his on screen partner. Now it’s rumored that the A+ singer in Thailand has a girlfriend, who was seen a few weeks ago in Sweden holding hands. But interesting enough the on screen partner, was seen at the airport the same day ,the A+ singer from Thailand was set to go to Sweden. 

Blind Item #2

How thirsty do you have to be to spend your entire honeymoon responding to people on social media who have thoughts about what you wore to your wedding.

Blind Item #1

Considering his daughter took swim lessons with the former superhero's girlfriend, that must be a little awkward. At least they didn't go to the same school, although they are close enough in age they could have.

Friday, July 05, 2024

Blind Item #13

This former Bachelorette should ask her ex why if he is so broke he managed to afford bottle service recently at a club. It would have been almost half his monthly stated income. Also, is he including those cash only clients in his tally?

Blind Item #12

The alliterate one has been meeting with the guy who runs some sort of online hate think tank who always makes sure to say the alliterate one is very hated. This is the same guy though who is so thirsty he would do and say anything if it would get him attention.

Blind Item #11

This Teen Mom not named Jenelle is rolling on meth nearly every day.

Blind Item #10

The north of the border is getting way more than the low six figures reported for a one off concert. Seven figures plus expenses.

Blind Item #9

It hasn't just been once or twice or a bad day, this former late night actor is a mess as of late when he is performing. Apparently, your best bet is to see him early in the week. By the weekend, it is a crap shoot.

Blind Items Revealed #5

June 21, 2024

The two actors who wrote letters in support of the convicted ped*phile, are just trying to make it seem like they didn't know what they were doing. They knew. Just like Ashton and Mila knew. They just didn't think the letters would be made public.

Will Friedle and Rider Strong/Brian Peck

Four For Friday - Old Tips

Going through emails as old as ten years ago, here are tips I didn't write about at the time. I will give you dates to make it easier.

#1 - Although the tip is from 2013, the events in it happened about 2003.

This A-list singer who was formerly in a girl group had this cable TV hostess essentially blacklisted from the industry, with a little help from her stage parents, because she found out from her loudmouthed sister that her soon-to-be husband had a child out of wedlock with the TV hostess. 

#2 - From 2010

This murder victim was given a disabled placard two days before her murder. She had been unable to get it through normal channels and a "friend" gave it to her. It also made it easier for the killer for hire to identify her car as it made its way through Beverly Hills. 

#3 - From March 2013

Which former A-list mostly TV actress (now deceased since this was sent in) recently went on her usual Twitter rants against prescription meds, even though behind closed doors she pops them like Tic-Tacs?

#4 - July 2018

This sunny, cheerful character actor is most famous for the TV series in which he played the head of a large household.  He has other family members who are actors and actresses.  He is the last guy in the world you would expect of having a torture dungeon in his house but there it is.  His family turned a blind eye to this.  He mostly used the dungeon with hookers including at least one who required medical treatment after a too enthusiastic session.

Your Turn

When making grilled cheese, do you butter the bread prior to putting it in the pan, or do you butter the pan and then put the bread on it?

Blind Items Revealed #4

June 21, 2024

The state actress has everyone talking about the wardrobe malfunction and not her split with the singer.

Dakota Johnson/Chris Martin

Blind Items Revealed #3

June 20, 2024

The significant other of this former A+ list rapper was at a club overseas trying to get women to go home with her. I guess they don't have anyone else to do it for them now.

Bianca Censori/Kanye West

Blind Items Revealed #2

June 20, 2024

This one named singer had no idea the A list actor/sometime director was going to throw her under the bus like he did.

Jewel/Kevin Costner

Blind Item #8

The sports owner was a little upset there were not more young men invited to a very A list party. 

Blind Item #7

The one named comic is realizing that low ticket sales are not just for bands, but for comics too, especially very polarizing comics like herself.

Blind Items Revealed #1

June 20, 2024

This one named country singer gets naked selfies from this celebrity offspring almost everyday to try and get him to want the offspring.

Shaboozey/Noah Cyrus

Blind Item #6

Thanks to a surgeon, this A+/A list mostly movie actor has a new full head off hair.

Blind Item #5

This producer/wannabe rapper has been trying to reach out to the A list everything in her mind celebrity to make sure she stays quiet and keeps dodging investigators who want to speak to her.

Blind Item #4

Speaking of po*n stars, this pimp/reality star/celebrity is either going to end up dead or in jail if he keeps using drugs at this rate.

Blind Item #3

The former A+ list rapper is looking for cheap p**n stars in his visit to this war torn country.

Blind Item #2

This foreign born A list actor finally gave up on his age appropriate relationship and went with a much younger yachter instead.

Blind Item #1

What is happening to the author sounds almost exactly like what happened to the director a few years back, also at the hands of the celebrity cult.

Thursday, July 04, 2024

Happy 4th Of July

That is it for this time around. Thanks for sticking through 14 hours of reveals. Thanks also for reading every day and being part off the community and all the comments. Thanks also to all the tipsters and to the readers who do reader blinds. Thanks to Mr. X for his invaluable work. Thanks to the people who run the message boards and Reddit sites. A shout out to AGC who has the greatest library of blind items which should be considered a historical treasure. If you would like to follow me on social media, I am @entylawyer on everything. If you would like to listen to 2,000 episodes of my podcast and get thousands upon thousands of exclusive blind item reveals, including an additional 500-600 next week, the link is

Blind Items Revealed #57

April 29, 2024

Back in the day, this wealthy executive (#1) used to scout for "talent." It is not unlike what this former medical professional did when he spotted this very young model (#2) who would later be an Oscar winner that all of you know. He tried to recoup the money he gave her after she became famous and even went to court about it. Someone should ask her about it on her next press tour. 

Anyway, #2 found someone who would later become a permanent A list model. (#3). He pumped tons of money into her career and to get her spotted. Mostly, though he was doing it for the sex. #3 hated being a model though and just wanted to be a trad wife. For several years, she begged #1 to marry her. He finally broke down and did so and our model settled into becoming a housewife. She gained 40 pounds but then decided she didn't like being that overweight. To lose the weight she developed an eating disorder and was soon back to her modeling weight. She decided that if she was going to be that thin, she might as well go back to modeling and soon was the highest paid model in the world. She also decided there were plenty of other fish in the sea, including an A list pro athlete (#4) which she kept very quiet and then the new love of her life who was A list (#5) in her industry and that affair was noisy to the point she had to split with #1.

#1: Stan Dragoti

#2: Halle Berry

#3: Cheryl Tiegs

#4: Keith Hernandez

#5: Peter Beard

Blind Items Revealed #56 - Old Hollywood

April 24, 2024

This mob boss (#1) had always wanted to sleep with this alliterate A list actress (#2), but she had always rebuffed his advances. He was not used to people saying no to him. So, he reached out to this permanent A list singer (#3) and asked for his help. The singer said he could get the actress to be anywhere the mafia boss was going to be, but the boss didn't believe him. They literally bet $100K on whether or not the actress would show. The actress, who had recently divorced a husband (#4), was in bad shape and self-medicating a lot. The actress showed up but still wasn't interested in the mafia boss. He wasn't taking no and the boss and the singer not only sexually assaulted the actress for two straight days themselves, they brought in others too. She died shortly thereafter.

#1: Carlo Gambino

#2: Marilyn Monroe

#3: Frank Sinatra

#4: Arthur Miller

Blind Items Revealed #55

April 23, 2024

Back in the early-mid 2000s, websites like LiveJournal, Xanga, MySpace, and Tumblr were the meeting grounds of a subculture that was largely populated by teenage girls. The point of the subculture, called pro-ana or pro-anorexia, was to share tips and tricks to develop and maintain an eating disorder. While these mostly underage girls starved themselves, they also engaged in near-worship of this A- list actress from an acting family. Most disturbingly, the actress also seemed to worship these girls back, to the point of silently sending messages to them. For example, after they speculated on how far above her skeletal elbow a bangle bracelet could go, the actress started wearing bangles above her elbows at shocking heights. This went on for years with outfits and accessories that revealed protruding ribs, collarbones, and hips. Eventually, the actress' retreat from the public eye helped this subculture fade into obscurity as mid to young millennials aged and embraced public facing social media.

Mary Kate Olsen

Blind Items Revealed #54

April 17, 2024

Back in the day, there was a wrestling tour traveling around the US and also just over the border in Mexico to cities like Tijuana. One of the main draws was this Mexican wrestler (#1). The promoter of this tour thought he could have sex with this manager/model (#2) so he assigned her to act as the "manager" for #1. After one of the shows south of the border, it is late at night and this one named foreign born wrestler who still wrestles today (#3) hears this pounding at his hotel door. It was #2 and she is half naked and she has been beaten. She explains that she was partying with this foreign born wrestler who still wrestles today and is often confused with a music genre (#4). The wrestler was unable to perform sexually so beat up #2. Someone suggest they call #2's husband who was also a wrestler (#5), but they said he probably beats #2 worse than #4 did. Later in life #2 ended up dead from a different wrestler (#6).

Promoter: John Arezzi

#1: Psicosis

#2: Nancy Benoit

#3: Konnan

#4: Heavy Metal

#5: Kevin Sullivan

#6: Chris Benoit

Blind Items Revealed #53

April 8, 2024

It is just a five minute video. You have to search for it, but it isn't hidden away or private. It is right there on YouTube. You have to know what to look for and when you solve this you can go look at the video yourself of the 16 year old band follower who ended up dead. The video is all about her parents trying to get her to come home and be a normal teenager. They don't like that she is living with a band, and specifically the lead guitarist who used to be the fastest guitar player in the world. He was part of an A list group that had eight straight top 100 albums if we include one of the live ones. The band still tours today with multiple original members. The guitarist is dead. The girl is dead too. She was killed because another girl wanted the guitarist and beat the girl until she was nearly dead. The girl then got hooked on drugs while trying to stay close to the guitarist for another shot and then ended up with another band's crew as their permanent girlfriend/drug mule. She overdosed and died.

Ten Years After/Alvin Lee

Blind Items Revealed #52

April 5, 2024

The foreign born A list talent agent turned author (#1) in her own country has been majorly screwed over. 

She created a best selling trilogy with an independent publisher who loved her and did everything to make it big. It worked, the first book (#2) was translated into 10 languages and sold 300,000 units worldwide. 

Ahead of the follow up (#3), it caught the eye of this publisher (#4) who poached her. They said they were so impressed at how she reignited the “Bonkbuster” genre and promised to publish in every single country, pumping money into billboards and prime the trilogy for a Hollywood remake. 

They lied to her. 

They did nothing. 

The author used her entire advance money to pump into the promotion, the publisher gave her a publicist from the children’s department to market what was going to be dubbed “the raunchiest book of the year”, took the manuscripts and published the book with endless typos - even changing character’s names.

They then refused to publish in Australia, despite the author being huge there and one of the storylines in the book - a leading soap opera being cancelled and then revived on streaming, was taking place in real life with Neighbours. The author offered to pay her expended to travel go Australia and promote the book. They refused. 

They also refused to publish in over 100 other countries. Several countries, especially within the EU, have “use it or lose it” policies when publishing, incurring compensation checks. 

It’s clear they bought our author, to keep it on the DL and let it flop. They wanted to eliminate competition for other new writers on the roster, who they want to take the Queen of the Bonkbuster crown, which endless outlets have given to our author - and all the worldwide sales that go with it. 

The third book, (#5), is due to release this year, as a self publisher. Our author is owed money well into the 6 figures and the publisher is now ignoring, completely ghosting the author and her legal team. 

Author: Melanie Blake

Books: Ruthless Women, Guilty Women 

Poacher Publisher: Harper Collins 

Blind Items Revealed #51

April 3, 2024

The B list singer in her own country, A- list singer throughout Europe and Asia and A+ in her musical trio is facing pressure to reunite with her group.  She endured a barrage of bullying from bandmates and racist attacks from management, the record label and tabloids, making her famously reclusive. She’s now reclaiming her spotlight one gig at a time and enjoying her career on her own terms.

What’s more, the band member who eclipsed her fame in the UK, via the casting couch, spent years dismissing any chance of a reunion, now needs it more than ever. As allegations continue to swirl around the talent show she’s a judge on and no credible primetime projects in the pipeline (her latest brand endorsement was for a car dealership), she’s looking for an exit plan and saw a reunion as her golden opportunity. 

She recently used a promo trail for a flop solo re-release (a vinyl limited edition run of 500 units which didn’t sell) to put feelers out, claiming “unfinished business”, which our B lister is ignoring. The silent third member is never a problem, she does as she’s told and is in no position to challenge otherwise. 

As the lead vocalist with unmatched songwriting talent, our B lister holds the power while her former bandmates clamor for her return. The former bandmates categorically can’t sing or write. 

Right now, she would sell a kidney quicker than rejoin. 

Sabrina Washington/Mis-Teeq/Alesha Dixon/Britain’s Got Talent 

Blind Items Revealed #50

April 1, 2024

There are so many bars in this northern California town that brag about rooftop bars or visiting the top floor lounge, that this hotel, which does also have a top floor bar is lost in the shuffle. It is not that it is not spectacular, because it is, but when someone who belongs to a certain group of people mention the top floor, it is not the current top floor, but the previous top floor.

It is confusing for a reason. Way back in the day, this mansion was home to normal society events and then also hosted debauched events which often consisted of hundreds of women brought over from Asia on ships. Prior to being handed out to manual laborers from the same country, they were first offered to male members of the elite. Often, they would keep one or two for their own or perhaps they would just sample the wares and then pass them along to the laborers. 

When they did decide to keep them, they paid room and board at the mansion for their mistresses. The women were kept one level below the main level of the house. When they were summoned by their owner, they would use one of the bedrooms on the upper levels of the house.

Everything was great until a little over 100 years ago, the mansion burned to the ground and with the exception of the women that were spending time with owners in an upper floor, every other woman perished. The whole building was destroyed. When a hotel was built in the same place, they used the floor where all the women died as the base. It was the top floor of what had been left of the mansion. So, the basement of the hotel, is actually the "top floor" club. It is this club that decides who gets invited to the woods in the summer. At this club, there are many rooms which people can use for meeting their lovers. No wives allowed. Each of the rooms is named after one of the dead mistresses from the turn of the century.

Stanford Court Hotel/The Bohemian Club

Blind Items Revealed #49

March 25, 2024

This director has filmed numerous blockbusters, including multiple films from this iconic franchise. The director was removed from the franchise after it was discovered that he attended multiple meetings with The Church in between films. Concerned about potential damage to their cash cow, the studio execs dropped him immediately, selecting a different director for the next instalment. After ingratiating himself with The Church, he was forced to leave after it was discovered he was directing an upcoming film with risqué source material that countered The Church’s teachings. The film received underwhelming reviews and box office receipts, further pushing the director to the sidelines. He continues to direct and produce the occasional film, but despite cutting ties with The Church, has never come close to the success of his earlier career.

Chris Columbus/Harry Potter/Rent

Blind Items Revealed #48

March 20, 2024

Many years ago, this permanent A list mostly television actor opened a bunch of restaurants in a very short amount of time. This actor was one of the biggest television stars for decades. All of you know him. His restaurant empire crumbled almost immediately because of our actor. Our actor thought of the waitresses at his restaurants as his own harem. There was not a waitress at any of his places that he didn't try to have sex with. He had very strict instructions as to what each waitress needed to look like and had managers send him pictures of every new hire. Because the actor was using the waitresses as his harem, the managers did the same thing. There was not really sexual harassment claims back when they were open, but when a solid dozen of the waitresses got pregnant, their families raised hell and the crush of impending lawsuits and what would be horrible press for the beloved actor, he shut them all down after just a couple of years being open.

Andy Griffith

Blind Items Revealed #47

March 11, 2024


Speaking of unreturned passes, this winner/nominee last night tried their hardest to attract the sexual interest of this alliterate actress who sticks solely with guys. 

Billie Eilish/Sydney Sweeney

Blind Items Revealed #46

March 11, 2024


This foreign born A list mostly movie actress is an Oscar winner/nominee but is keeping her boy toy of the last month secret. No invite for him. She is embarrassed to be hooking up with him, but loves that he is decades younger.

Charlize Theron/Sam Asghari

Blind Items Revealed #45

March 15, 2024

Twenty years ago, a man bought a locked trunk at an antique store in Soho for $30. He broke the lock and found the trunk filled with amazing vintage textiles and at the bottom were three diaries of this A list singer’s first NYC roommate and BFF from the mid 80’s. The diaries chronicle two critical years as the singer launched her career with everybody, while her friend watched, traveled with and supported her. The diaries had a ‘self portrait’ the singer drew of herself in her friend’s journal, plus the BFF names many, many names that they partied with, secret agreements, lies she told, etc. in the pages.  

Six months later, the singer purchased the diaries for $400,000 and destroyed them. What she doesn't realize is there are two people who have copies of some of the pages of the diaries. Before she bought them, the man went on an entertainment show to talk about finding the diaries. And the producers made photocopies of pages that they still have today. 

Madonna/Martin Burgoyne (he designed the cover to Everybody, her first single and then was her tour manager for a while.  She also paid for his medical and rent when he was diagnosed with AIDS.)

Blind Items Revealed #44

March 14, 2024

There have always been some freaky billionaires working at this company. It is a tech company and the sexual proclivities of the upper management have leaked from time to time. I mean, they are not like Bill Gates and his annual yacht sex party where everyone made six figures for one or two nights, but still, there are definitely some kinky things happening.

For whatever reason, a particular sex worker is upset with the client who is old and is a past CEO of the company. The former CEO and the sex worker have posed for photos together. There she is in all of her youth smiling and a foot shorter than the former CEO. She is a solid four decades younger than the former CEO. Sometimes she can be seen on wire service photos from parties with her age appropriate friends. I don't know if he stiffed her or dumped her, but she started telling friends about their relationship. The next thing you know, one of the people she told, looked into it all a bit further and it turns out our innocent twenty something with the sugar daddy CEO is actually a Dominatrix and started telling others. So, our Dominatrix suddenly decided to take a four month vacation which you can do if your personal plaything has been a billionaire CEO.

Mistress ________ is currently away. She will be back the week of July 24th.

Welcome to my domain... you may know me as Mistress or Goddess _________, the supreme ruler of ________. If you are lucky enough to experience my elite presence, all laws of your current reality cease to exist. I am not a submissive or switch.

My witty, charming and manipulative mind is no match for a submissive like you. An experience of a lifetime is what you are in for... once you enter you can never leave. I specialize in all forms of Corporal Punishment, enjoy spanking, impact play, sissy training, foot and butt worship, CBT, teasing and denying you until you can't take it anymore.

Prepare to become my slave and put in your proper place. My moods range depending on the type of submissive you are. From a playful brat to a sensual goddess to a strict punisher you may be in for a surprise. I am a petite beautiful goddess who is forceful with my verbal humiliation, and an elitist alpha leader who knows what is best for the male race.

Interests: Chastity Cages, CBT, Sissy training, flogging/spanking, foot worship, ass worship, tease and denial, humiliation, bondage, adult baby, cuckold play. FINDOM, hypnosis, human furniture, pain and impact play and more.

Eric Schmidt/Google/Quinn Martinelli

Blind Items Revealed #43

March 8, 2024

The one named permanent A list celebrity is going to get everyone hooked on the shot while she has cornered the market on the pill that is twice as effective and will be sold to the elite so they can look down on the people who have to get the shot.

Oprah/Ozempic/Novo Nordisk

Blind Items Revealed #42

March 7, 2024

It isn't true, but this alliterate actress says she used to hook up with the now dead offspring of a former A++ lister

Sharon Stone/JFK Jr.

Blind Items Revealed #41

March 12, 2024

Oh sure, she worked for a few more years after what she (AA) called the nightmare, but the only reason she was working was until she could find a husband (BB) who could take care of her. As soon as she did, she turned her back on Hollywood and never worked again. It all started on a movie to end all movies (CC). She was one of the few non comics to work on the movie. They needed some people to play it straight and she was one of them. She was cast as a favor to this permanent A list comic actor (DD) who always wanted to sleep with the actress. The actress didn't want to sleep with him and hated being cast in the movie. The cast was isolated for long periods of time in remote areas. DD tried to play it nice but when he was rebuffed he slipped something into a drink and forced her to have sex while in a hotel room. DD bragged about it of course and said that AA couldn't refuse his charms. That led to many others of the predominantly male cast to also try to hook up with her. Even though several learned what DD had done and that it wasn't consensual, they kept trying anyway. Another permanent A list actor (EE) also struck out but he also managed to get her alone and also force her to have sex with him. It got to the point that after filming, AA would lock herself in her room and would only emerge to go straight to the set. On the set, she didn't interact with any cast members, but found a very large stuntman who took her under his wing. It was that stuntman who would later introduce her to her soon to be husband BB. If you go watch old press interviews with the cast and they are asked about our actress, they never have anything to say except the basics and that they haven't seen her in a long time. It makes you wonder just how bad it was for her.

AA: Dorothy Provine

BB: Robert Day

CC: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

DD: Milton Berle

EE: Mickey Rooney

Blind Items Revealed #40

March 7, 2024

I have talked about this show before. It was a breeding ground for predatory producers and casting directors and any other awful person who could think of an excuse to visit the set. It sent its arguably biggest star into a horrible world of drugs and booze and near death experiences before she became an A lister. There was one actress who was set to appear on an entire season of the show. All of you know her. She peaked at A/A- list. She lasted for exactly two rehearsals and one episode which she almost didn't do. After the second rehearsal two men got the not old enough to drive actress drunk and then sexually assaulted her in an office. The next day was the filming of the episode which she did, but she never went back to the show. Her mom threatened to sue and one of the producers got her a job which led to her becoming a star, but she was never the same after that day and generally lived in a numbing stupor.

Kids Incorporated/Fergie/Brittany Murphy/Celeste - Episode - Lay Off/Clueless

Blind Items Revealed #39

March 10, 2024

I thought the foreign born mostly movie actor was supposed to be hooking up with the former Disney singer who is on tour. That sure looked like him sucking face with the muse singer at a party this week.

Barry Keoghan/Sabrina Carpenter/Lana Del Rey

Blind Items Revealed #38 - Kindness

March 1, 2024

This foreign born A- list actress stays that high because of the massive pay cable hit in which she starred. She paid the dinner bill of a group of eight teens and their parents who were visiting the town where the actress is, but all went to her school back home.

Emilia Clarke/Game Of Thrones

Blind Items Revealed #37

February 29, 2024

To call him a comic implies that he was funny. He really wasn't all that funny. He did standup all over the country to sold out clubs, but he was never really all that great at it. He didn't care about being great at it. All he cared about was finding new women in each town he played. Literally from the first month he was performing, women were throwing themselves at him and in that first month, he got a showgirl pregnant. He was barely out of his teens and now he had a wife and daughter. His act wasn't getting any better. Then, one day he wrote a bit down that he heard an A list comedian do. He changed it up a bit and did it for a crowd who loved it. There was also another comic who loved it and thought they would make a great team together, so the pair hit the road leaving the wife and kid at home. 

One of their first stops was Miami and our comic couldn't help himself and soon took to bed another showgirl. Six weeks after he left home he served his wife with divorce papers. Well, his wife didn't take kindly to that and went down to Miami to confront our comic. Instead, when she got there she saw the new woman in his life.

The wife confronts the mistress in the bathroom and gets her on the floor and starts beating her. The mistress smashes the wife across the face with a mirror from a compact and then does a Mike Tyson and bites off the lobe of the wife's ear. She then breaks the wife's knee cap and manages to escape. The cops come and both are arrested. In court, the comic testifies in support of his very young girlfriend and she is found not guilty. 

In the aftermath, the club in Miami wanted nothing to do with our comic. They fired him. But, it doesn't end yet. The mistress gets very angry at our comic one night at their place. They have a huge fight. She throws a big mug at him and then heads to the bathroom and locks herself in. Our comic threatens to break the door down and does. By then, the cops are there and they come in and find our comic covered in blood. He said his mistress tried to kill herself with razor blades. She lived and the police believed the comic and the mistress was committed to a mental hospital for her safety. 

Meanwhile, our comic continued to try and work but no one would hire him. He changed his name to try and get work and to keep his wife from finding him and getting alimony and child support.

Bert Stone

Blind Items Revealed #36

February 28, 2024

Two decades ago there was a comedy movie that flew under the radar, but got a huge cult following over the years. It ended with an obviously fake trailer for a sequel. Though the creator of this film wasn’t serious about it at first, he began trying to make the sequel once the fan outcry got loud enough.

This guy should have had the money to do it. Given the nature of what this movie was, it wouldn’t cost much. He had his own studios away from Hollywood. He wrote and produced some of the biggest live-action comedy films and animated TV shows of their time. Then all of a sudden, he sold off all his property and practically disappeared. What happened?

A lot of what he owned came through foundations his wife and her family belonged to, and the people who controlled them - one of whom was a major real estate investor in the area he set up shop in. When the real estate mogul wanted to develop a 5-star resort on the property they owned, she saw dollar signs, divorced him, and took everything. Also around this time, the director he worked with on his biggest films had a near-fatal motorcycle accident and wasn’t the same person afterwards. The hotel was ultimately built on a different piece of land, and the former studio property is a vacant lot to this day.

He is still promising the sequel all these years later.

Steve Oedekerk/Kung Pow! Enter the Fist/Tom Shadyac/San Juan Capistrano

Blind Items Revealed #35

February 5, 2024

Grammy Awards

It has been a long time since this former A+/A list singer who everyone loves was asked to show off his c**k ring, but he did last night at a party. He has to be really high to do it, and really in the mood. In that situation, you want to be a shower and not a grower.

Lenny Kravitz

Blind Items Revealed #34

February 25, 2024

Yes, this returning Housewife dated the dangerous dictator who sued the husband of a different Housewife who tried to scam him. The money he used to fund her extravagant life style, and do business with the Husband, was stolen from the people in his nation.

Porsha Williams/RHOA/Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue/Mauricio Umansky/Kyle Richards

Blind Items Revealed #33

February 27, 2024

Nearly a half-century ago, this singer was everywhere. His music was iconic and inescapable, and hard to place in a single genre. He was equally prolific in human rights and environmental campaigns, and his network ran deep and wide.

The singer had a personal photographer, who has a book coming out later this year and is now in ailing health. Recently he passed ownership of his entire collection of photography and memorabilia to his son, and only then was it properly examined and cataloged.

The collection is spectacular. It could fill the entire back of a pickup truck. It isn’t just photos from the singer’s gigs. It’s a look into his life that no one has seen. It’s the singer backstage, at home, and engaged in his many outdoor activities. His world travels. The photographer believed it was worthless, however, and stored it in cardboard boxes wherever he could. Original Kodachromes that graced the covers of Platinum-selling albums were casually tossed into piles. It took weeks to sort out.

What’s in the collection? The catalog list is practically a book on its own, but here is what sticks out:

#1. Hundreds of slides of the singer and this legendary scientist/sailor aboard his equally legendary ship.

#2. The singer guest hosting this long-running late night talk show, when it was hosted by the A+ legend.

#3. A lot of pictures with this A+ comedy legend who lived a very long time. They made a movie together.

#4. An entire crate of pictures from this annual celebrity sporting event the singer hosted.

#5. A number of photos of this former A++ lister whom the singer was close with.

#6. The singer’s wedding to his second wife.

#7. Signed letters to the singer from, among others, the pint-sized actor, the legendary blue-eyed actor, the former President with a lot of initials, the very influential automobile CEO, and the sailor/scientist.

Oh, and there were also a few pictures of the singer naked. The singer asked the photographer to take those as part of a prank war he had going with this permanent A+ singing legend (#8). Those were removed from the collection and will never be seen.

John Denver

1. Jacques Cousteau / Calypso

2. The Tonight Show / Johnny Carson

3. George Burns / “Oh, God”

4. The John Denver Celebrity Ski Race

5. Jimmy Carter

6. Cassandra Delaney

7. Tom Cruise, Paul Newman, George H.W. Bush, Lee Iacocca, Jacques Cousteau

8. Frank Sinatra

Blind Items Revealed #32 - Kindness

February 20, 2024

In keeping with the Your Turn question, I will make this the long blind rather than just a regular blind. There is a lot going on in the life of this A list singer. It kind of feels strange to call her A list, but she is. Unlike her rival, her team knew what they were doing by starting her out small. Now, she is huge. She has a ton going on, but one of her friends told her about a party this teen was having for her 16th birthday. Both of the parents of the 16 year old are deployed overseas and have been there since right after her 15th birthday. She is staying with her aunt and uncle. One of the kids of the aunt and uncle is friends with our A list singer. The friend asked the singer to make a quick ten second video saying happy birthday. Instead, the singer showed up at the house and played three songs. 

Olivia Rodrigo/Sabrina Carpenter

Blind Items Revealed #31

February 5, 2024

Grammy Awards

This A- list actor who has a decent sized hit on his hands from the past couple of months, was a no show at a party where he was listed as one of the big names to be there. Apparently he kept that threesome thing of his going all weekend long.

Glen Powell

Blind Items Revealed #30

February 7, 2024

This A/A- list alliterate singer in multiple groups doesn't care that his girlfriend groomed an underage boy when she was in her 20's and had a baby with him. This is the same guy that hit on the barely there celebrity when she was barely a teen and then dated her  for awhile when she became legal.

Joe Jonas/Stormi Bree/Lucky Blue Smith/Gigi Hadid

Blind Items Revealed #29

February 19, 2024

Did you know there is no birth certificate on file for this foreign born A/A- list mostly movie actress who is a multiple Oscar winner/nominee. Why was there a fake birth record posted to one of those ancestry sites? She says she has siblings but there are no photos or record of them anywhere. Prior to our actress becoming famous she called the woman she now says is her mother her stepmother. Did she live with foster parents from the time she was born or from when she was three or six or eight? She has said all of them at various times. Is her unknown father a very famous figure? How else can one explain the instant rise of the actress who was homeless, on drugs, pregnant and a convicted criminal when she first started acting.

Samantha Morton

Blind Items Revealed #28

February 15, 2024

It was not all that long ago that the main provider (AA) of girls and teens to the dead billionaire (BB) ended up dead himself. Police in that country have never believed it was a suicide, but they didn't really know who would want him dead who could also pay off people to get it done. Apparently, they have a suspect (CC) who is a citizen of that same country. The foreign government was hoping to see his name released in the big document dump. They know his name is in the documents, but don't want anyone to know they know. So far though, his name is being held back. He has extremely powerful friends that he is partners with here in the US. One of his partners (DD) has been to jail before and all of you know who he is. The general public might not know, but all of you do. That business partner is probably not quite a billionaire, but close. He used to be the king of blackmail back in the day when he was at his peak fame. Several different celebrities tried to have him killed. He would photograph the rich and famous engaging in all matter of illicit activities and when he was short of money for payroll, he would make a couple of calls. That blackmailing expertise is how he and the dead billionaire met. Plus, CC and DD had the perfect cover to move girls and teens around the world with the help of AA. Some of those teens ended up dead, including several from the home country of AA and CC. That country wants an arrest and conviction and keep asking for more documents to be released so the name will be out in the public and they can proceed. 

AA: Jean-Luc Brunel/BB: Jeffrey Epstein/CC: Gérald Marie/DD: Joe Francis

Blind Items Revealed #27

February 5, 2024

Grammy Awards

The plus one for this one named A- list singer was a guy who is headed to trial next month for attempted murder. She definitely has a type.


Blind Items Revealed #26

February 5, 2024

Grammy Awards

This barely legal barely there celebrity offspring was giving the directionally challenged rapper a lap dance at a party. There wasn't much he didn't get to explore. 

Alabama Barker/French Montana

Blind Items Revealed #25

February 12, 2024

Back in the day when the whole sex/cult scandal thing broke, I would randomly email one of the siblings who was adjacent but never ended up going to jail. It could also be where she lived that kept her from going to jail. The vast majority of the time when she would email me she would have ignored my questions and send me instead some kind of new age mantra type stuff. It was so out of whack that I used to wonder if it had some kind of code in it. It didn't. Don't forget that her significant other tried to take over the country of his birth. He didn't, but gave it a good try. Where was he getting his backing? No one ever really dug into his financial support. Oh, sure there was some from people who go in and out of the US government every few years depending on who is in charge, but they were just there to give him support once he took over the country. 

Why since that time has he never left the very neutral country with very strict extradition laws. He has never been questioned about the deal he cut with a different foreign power to provide them with a bunch of women from his own country and neighboring countries to try and get some of that population back they need so desperately. 

Over the past couple of years, the couple have been off my radar. Then, all of a sudden in the past six weeks to two months, including as recently as this past week, certain people were killed by a third country that had sought to keep our guy from assuming power in his home country. Is he leaking whereabouts of these people in exchange for another chance to take over his home country? Is he signing his own death warrant? Is his wife the go between?

NXIVM/Sara Bronfman/Basit Igtet/Libya/Switzerland/Qatar

Blind Items Revealed #24

February 6, 2024

Everyone knows the tale of this former A list actor (AA) and how filming a certain movie which made him a star also eventually led to his death. What is much less known, and over the passage of time has turned into a whisper here or a whisper there, is the equally high on the list co-star (BB) of the movie also became hooked on the same drug that killed our other actor. 

BB was a mess, but he faced the problem of having to go directly into another movie which was widely anticipated and was going to be a huge box office success. The problem was how to shoot it with BB being such a mess. At first, it was decided to try and shoot it normally, but that just wasn't possible because of just how addicted BB was. There are scenes in the movie where you can see just how bad off BB was during the early days of filming. It was decided about halfway through filming to send BB off to rehab. That meant shooting a number of solo scenes for the other lead. The problem with that was it is a buddy movie. There just was no choice. It is why the film differs so much from the first installment. BB returned from rehab and then finished the scenes they just had to film together as buddies. 

River Phoenix/My Own Private Idaho/Keanu Reeves/Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey/Alex Winter/Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Blind Items Revealed #23

February 2, 2024

This former A- list mostly television actress from a very long long running television show and this former A++ lister who borrowed her from her boyfriend.

Markie Post/Night Court/Bill Clinton

Blind Items Revealed #22

February 2, 2024

This one named permanent A list singer created a huge uproar back in the day with this permanent A list singer, but actually hooked up with the third singer who is not discussed as much during that uproar.

Madonna/Britney Spears/Christina Aguilera

Blind Items Revealed #21

January 23, 2024

The individual is part of a former C list reality show family that still has a cult following, even though their show is long defunct. This adult offspring from the family was essentially disowned by the family after addiction issues and allegations of sexual assaults. This individual is now attempting to rehab their image with social media channels documenting their "sober lifestyle" in a remote part of the Pacific Northwest.

This individual has no source of income and uses the social media accounts to generate income with lowkey money begging.  A reliable source claims this individual regularly has women visiting them from all over the world, who are of course also providing money.

Whenever subscribers to these social media channels attempt to call this individual out on their money begs, they are immediately blocked. There's one single mother in particular who has been ensnared in this individual's grift. They are very lonely, wealthy and have visited this individual several times.

That single Mom has reportedly decided to sell everything they own to move nearer to this individual so they can have a relationship. There is concern about the former allegations of sexual assaults, considering the single Mom has children. No doubt reality show dude will try to help themselves to the single Mom's cash.

The town near where this former reality star lives is small, and people there are talking about what's going on. Reality show dude seems to forget that in small towns, everyone knows everybody's business. This town is no exception. A lot of the people there also don't appreciate the social media attention this person has brought to their remote area either.

Matt Brown/Alaskan Bush People

Blind Items Revealed #20 - Old Hollywood - Mr. X

March 6, 2024

Although it has never officially been proven, common knowledge amongst the Old Hollywood elite is that this film and theatre mogul/producer killed his first wife. He had a hair trigger temper and liked to drink. All three of his wives could match him drink for drink which didn’t help. He was physically and mentally abusive to both wife #1 and wife #2 (and A/B-list character actress who is on my list of people who should have won an Oscar). Surprisingly he wasn’t abusive to wife #3, whom everybody knows. Maybe it was the fact that she threatened to kick him in the privates after he slapped her (he never did that again). Back to wife #1 and her murder, after he strangled her he stabbed her in the chest to make it look like she killed herself. Since he had members of the NYPD on his payroll, the crime was covered up and her cause of death listed as suicide. Wife #2, whom he married shortly after, always believed he got away with murder. After he killed their pet dog after the dog attacked him during a fight between the couple she was more convinced and she left him right after that. The fact that she caught him ogling her then pre teen daughter in a state of undress was another factor.

Mike Todd/Bertha Freshman/Joan Blondell/Elizabeth Taylor

Blind Items Revealed #19 - Old Hollywood

February 21, 2024

Speaking of deaths, this permanent A list mostly movie actress got away with killing one of her husbands. 

Bette Davis/Arthur Farnsworth

Blind Items Revealed #18 - Old Hollywood

February 21, 2024

Some say that this actor offspring of Hollywood royalty killed his first wife. He always publicly said it was an accident, but privately said it was a man at a club who had tried to poison our actor because the man wanted to sleep with our actor's wife. The wife ingested the poison meant for the husband.

Jack Pickford/Olive Thomas

Blind Items Revealed #17 - Old Hollywood

February 21, 2024

This actress was permanently A list. All of you know her. She got addicted to pills at a very young age. Producers would give them to her when they wanted to sleep with her. They would give the teen some sleeping pills and she would either be drowsy or asleep when the producers assaulted her. She knew what they were going to do when they gave her the pills. The problem was she started craving the pills. It interfered with her acting though, so for many years she wasn't allowed to have any on set and someone would watch her 24/7. As soon as she finished a movie, she would go on a weeks long bender until the next film. Later in life, producers actually encouraged her to take pills on set because she was so annoying. Then, when they needed her, someone would put smelling salts under her nose and she would come film her scenes.

Judy Garland

Blind Items Revealed #16

February 14, 2024

I don't really like to call something Old Hollywood if one of the main players in the blind didn't die until the early 2000's, but when he won his Oscars was many many decades ago. He was permanently A list and foreign born. His parents were spies, so it shouldn't be a shocker the actor son turned out to be one too. The actor though took the sides of two countries opposed to the US. First, the Soviets, and then up until his death was spying for China and taking their money to lead a very extravagant life. 

The thing is, he was almost exposed decades earlier. Our actor was attending a film festival and the film festival had arranged to bring in a delegation of Soviets. At least two of the Soviets were the actor's handlers and also were meeting with other spies in Northern California using the festival as cover. 

What no one foresaw was that a studio head of a studio that is on a lifeline right now, somehow caught the actor and the Soviets in some kind of very close quarters which didn't look right. Now, to be fair, the studio head hated anything or anyone Communist and was never shy expressing it. He also saw things the way he wanted to see them rather than always with an open eye. In this case, he was right, he just didn't know it. He got hammered drunk and then gave a speech at the festival and then started talking about how awful Communists are and then started talking about seeing the actor hanging out with the Soviets. After he finished that sentence, someone came up behind him and took the microphone from him and he was ushered to his seat and then later out of the building, while our actor took over the hosting duties and paid huge compliments to the Soviets.

Peter Ustinov/Paramount/George Weltner

Blind Items Revealed #15

January 8, 2024

Golden Globes

At a pre-party Saturday night, this permanent A list actress who seemingly executive produces a dozen shows got drunk in public for the first time in forever. She did have to convince a photographer to delete a photo of her holding champagne. She hates those kinds of pictures.

Reese Witherspoon

Blind Items Revealed #14

January 8, 2024

Golden Globes

This A/A- list actress from an acting family says she was pressured by a former co-star who is an A lister, to take one of the A lister's children as a date. Our acting family actress said the pressure was texts and emails and even calls.

Elle Fanning/Angelina Jolie

Blind Items Revealed #13

January 29, 2024

At first, I was going to call this Old Hollywood, but at least one of the people involved in this story is still alive. Back in the day, this permanent A list movie actor filmed a movie in a foreign country and made it his second home. He married a woman from the country and molested a daughter who was born to them. What isn't widely known is the year following his movie, there was another movie made in the same country. It starred an actress who has never acted again. She was very young. That is how our actor liked his women. He pursued her and told her he would get her fired from the movie she was filming unless she had sex with him. Even though he was a newlywed, our actor spent every second he could with the actress. The problem was the actress was in love with her co-star and did everything to be with him. The co-star knew about the A lister, but he was scared of his power too. The A lister didn't know his new toy was involved with her co-star. When he found out though, he went ballistic. He wanted the co-star gone forever. He bided his time until the co-star returned to the US. Our A lister reached out to a friend in the FBI and claimed all kinds of crimes the co-star committed. The co-star was duly arrested by the FBI, but only one of the charges stuck. It was enough to end the relationship with the co-star though, who was forced to endure years of being the toy of the A lister until he finally moved on with a new toy and of course his daughter.

Marlon Brando/Mutiny on the Bounty/Tahiti/Tarita Teriipaia/Cheyenne Brando/Tiko And The Shark/Marlene Among/Al Kauwe

Blind Items Revealed #12

January 2, 2024

Almost thirty years ago, the madam/procurer started really building her resume as someone who knew what to do to get underage kids to a place where they could be abused and then capture evidence of people abusing them to be used against the abusers at a later date. It was at an event nearly thirty years ago that gave rise to dead billionaire. No, they had not worked together yet, but it is what the madam/procurer and her dad gathered that day that put so many people on the hook. The event was naturally a Disney themed event. 

It took place at the homestead of a Lord. This Lord just happened to die during COVID, but left a legacy of debauchery. At one point he had nearly 100 women on his payroll that he slept with, in addition to his wife of course. These women were given cottages on his land to live and to entertain his friends on as needed basis. Most of them were also wired for sound and video. The Lord enjoyed watching. He also had a love of adult videos, most of which he made himself or commissioned through one of the 100 women. What a perfect place to invite a bunch of underage girls and boys and then to get everything recorded to use later. 

It made perfect sense of course then to have the tabloid owner and his daughter have their Disney party there. The names of those attendees were the foundation of the dead billionaire's blackmail business and also one of the reasons the tabloid owner ended up dead.

Ghislaine Maxwell/Jeffrey Epstein/Robert Maxwell/Alexander Thynn/The Mirror

Blind Items Revealed #11

January 8, 2024

Golden Globes

This songwriter/producer/performer was consuming so many edibles at his table he could barely get up from his seat.

Finneas O'Connell

Blind Items Revealed #10

January 8, 2024

Golden Globes

Speaking of franchises, this actor has at least one movie franchise. He also had a hit streaming show where he played himself. The success of that show has made him truly miserable to be around. He is basically a caricature of himself now and I'm surprised he doesn't have a mirror with him at all times.

James Marsden

Blind Items Revealed #9

January 17, 2024

I accept that the profession I am about to discuss can be very nomadic and there is a lot of turnover in the industry. People quit the industry especially in the lower levels and are never heard from again. That all being said, there is an issue going on that should be addressed. You need to back about fifteen years or so. Several foreign born celebrities who were just starting out with television shows about their profession are now A list or even higher. All of their old shows were produced by the same production company. They are people all of you know. In those old shows, the audience would many times, but not always be introduced to women who worked in the industry. By introduced I mean you would get a first name usually and they would say a few words and then they would be background never to be seen again on the episode of the show. Every so often, one of those women would get an extra one or two minute segment. The thing about all of these women is we have a starting point of where they were and when and a first name. They should be pretty easy to track down. 

This all began because one of those women on the show for two minutes was spotted on YouTube a decade after the show aired. It was a sister who had been missing and the family wanted to reach out to her. It seemed like they had a great starting point. Yes, the ten year gap would be tough, but there was a starting point. Except there wasn't. The woman had never worked for the business the show said she did. Oh sure, they gave her a matching uniform top, but she never worked there. She was brought in by production for the day and then never seen again. The appearance was so potential buyers could see what they were getting. They could spread it out all over Europe to buyers at once without having to deal with websites or dealing with hundreds of buyers individually. This was all at once. 

It took the private detective the better part of three years to discover all of this because sometimes the employee was really an employee and sometimes they were not. It was hard to discern who was who. He did discover the culprit were two shows in particular, but the hosts were so new they probably had no input and didn't care who was introduced as an employee or not. Those employees were not really vital to the show. Because of the way the format was set up so long ago, the two hosts do the same thing now, but the people all work for the businesses.

Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares/Jamie's Kitchen

Blind Items Revealed #8

January 22, 2024

Our favorite foreign born former B+ list actress/singer turned A- list singer/judge may or may not be legally married, but looked to be playing some tonsil hockey with an actor who knows a thing or two about hooking up with women in relationships. He left his barely legal girlfriend at home.

Rita Ora/Tyler Hoechlin

Blind Items Revealed #7

January 29, 2024

This former late night actor is doing his recovery no favors by hoovering lines of coke at every opportunity. 

Pete Davidson

Blind Items Revealed #6

January 26, 2024

This former A+ list singer who sometimes acted, passed out from drugs on the Oscar stage during rehearsal. At first, everyone was afraid to move her, so they just left her on the side of the stage while they continued rehearsing. Finally, after about 15 minutes, paramedics took her backstage.

Whitney Houston (And she was fired from the show)

Blind Items Revealed #5

January 25, 2024

This foreign mafia infiltrated this tiny country long ago. Through buckets of cash thrown to the leader and occasional violence which of course is never prosecuted, the mafia use this country for their banking and laundering needs. They also use it as a hub for illegal trafficking. Most of that is an open secret. What was very much a closed secret until the past few days is the threat they made very real to make sure they had the cooperation of the leader. He was being pressured by a larger government to do something about the trafficking and violence that was seeping across the border. When the royal tried to get tough, the CEO of this athletic team and country representative for the mafia personally took part in the sexual assault of the wife of the leader and made sure to have it all filmed. He then made the leader watch it and told him who would be next if the royal didn't get back on board. The royal did get back on board but this is why his wife keeps trying to leave. She keeps coming back because of the threats made about her much much younger relatives and what will be done to them if she doesn't come back and put on a happy face.

Russia/Monaco/Prince Albert/France/Princess Charlene

Blind Items Revealed #4

January 5, 2024

This foreign boy band that never really took off in the US but was A+ list in their own country would have contests to see who could drink the most before a show and still be able to go on. There were several times where going on meant being late and spending time puking everything up.

Take That

Blind Items Revealed #3

January 5, 2024

This dead permanent A list singer was on a personal email list of this boy band maker. The emails would invariably be random music news along with a code that changed each week and unlocked a website and the bedroom pictures the band maker took of his recent conquests.

Michael Jackson/Lou Pearlman

Blind Items Revealed #2

January 25, 2024

They spun the story but those who remember what happened will never forget. His wife divorced him after discovering that he had brainwashed, abused and groomed their granddaughter. He even walked the red carpet with the poor girl and she was  paid to call her own grandmother a liar. The actor thought he’d gotten away with it until her murder trial. Her therapist testified under oath and confirmed that the girl was haunted by what he had done to her.

Morgan Freeman/E’Dena Hines.

Blind Items Revealed #1

January 11, 2024

For many years, this almost A- list actress precariously balanced herself between dating and yachting. She thought of it as dating upward and there are perks such as lifestyle and glamor and gifts of dating upward rather than yachting in the traditional sense. It was through  her willingness to straddle the line that she fit right in with an organization that has locations all over the world to facilitate meetings between the wealthy and the attractive people who are drawn to the wealthy. Our actress made it a point to befriend someone who worked for the organization and could put you in a position to be in front of someone wealthy and looking, or this person could could also keep you from any possible interaction with their patrons. I have discussed this relationship between the actress and the person in the organization. What I didn't know until very recently, is that to facilitate a meeting she really desperately wanted and the inside information of what buttons to push, she slept with the higher up in the organization. He didn't and doesn't normally work on a quid pro quo basis, but he did that day and the next day and for nearly two weeks. Our actress was fully on board and got her meeting.

Meghan Markle/Soho House/Markus Anderson/Ron Burkle

Wednesday, July 03, 2024

Blind Items Revealed #25 - Reader Blind

August 28, 2023

This happened well over ten years ago, when I first began working in the wardrobe department. I was on a movie with an actor who was fairly well known at the time for his role in a science fiction franchise (although his star has dimmed a little over the last bit). The first day went swimmingly, and once we wrapped, my last task was to wait for him to leave his trailer to collect his wardrobe and launder it. I waited for thirty min, then an hour...he wasn't leaving. I finally gathered up all my might (I was in my early twenties and nervous as hell) and knocked on his trailer door. He yelled for me to come in and was quite nice about it - PHEW! I grabbed his wardrobe and was about to leave when he called me to come back - at which point he informed me that he didn't like to wear underwear and that I would need to do a daily sniff test in his trailer to figure out if his jeans needed washing. BARF.

David Duchovny

Blind Items Revealed #24 - Reader Blind

April 30, 2024

Many decades ago, this foreign royal person who served in many distinguished roles was assassinated.  At the time, why this particular person was chosen was put down to accessibility, the fact he was often in a place where he could be easily gotten to.  But there was another reason.  Both he and his wife were known for having many sexual relationships.  His wife slept with a famous world leader in a country where they lived for a while and were famous for their involvement while the assassinated person liked younger men especially boys.  There were allegations after his death by some of the boys he abused.  The revolutionary group who assassinated him knew this and they also knew he came to their area because he knew there were boys available at orphanages etc. and he could get away with his sexual abuse of them. 

Lord and Lady Mountbatten/IRA

Blind Items Revealed #23 - Reader Blind

April 29, 2024

Big mistake. The Bump Bump Bump perv has been threatening Tik Tokers with cease and desists because he and the Taz “lady” worry their time is coming. TikTok will be the least of their problems. There are moles in the Hall and they are watching the “Naked” singer with the “missing” wife. He is paranoid and has good reason to be.

Chris Stokes/ Marques Houston / Jehovah Witness Kingdom Hall

Blind Items Revealed #22 - Reader Blind

April 12, 2024

If the Lips Housewife /actress is friends with the Hotel Housewife is she basically admitting that she lied about the homophobic rant? Why would she befriend someone she said called a gay man the F word when she claims to be an ally.

Lisa Rinna/Kathy Hilton

Blind Items Revealed #21 - Reader Blind

May 2, 2024

The A List everything in her mind sampled a song from one of the worst child predators in the world. It is the “Zulu Nation” leader who has been hunting little boys since the 70s. He is a monster. Will she stop performing the Control song even though she knows he is paid as a writer every time she does it? No. Everyone in her team wants her to stop performing the song or release a version without his sample because he uses the money he makes from it to silence his victims. Will she do it? No. Horrible. 

Jennifer Lopez/Control Myself/Afrika Bambaataa

Blind Items Revealed #20 - Reader Blind

May 1, 2024

This local A lister seems to have blown her chance of working with the A++ lister by revealing an interaction with an animal.  People are surprised that she would make an admission about something like this.  Truth is she was advised to do this by the advisor she is having a very public affair with to make her look tough.  The advisor did this deliberately to torpedo her chances as he will also be working with the A++ lister and does not want her around.  The local A lister has grown a bit obsessed with the advisor but unlike the local Alister, the advisor is not willing to leave his partner and considers this only as an affair.  

Gov. Kristi Noem/Donald Trump/Dog/Corey Lewandowski  

Blind Items Revealed #19 - Reader Blind

April 27, 2023

This deceased A-list singer who wrote a famous love song to his wife, was so rough with her on their wedding night that he broke two of her ribs.

John Denver/Annie’s Song

Blind Items Revealed #18 - Reader Blind

April 18, 2023

This one happened in the early 2000’s. The driver was assigned to drive the mother of the permanent A-list basketball star to his wedding at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Since he was driving the star’s mother, he got to park in the coveted spot closest to the entrance.  The driver waited there and watched the scores of celebrities from the sports and entertainment world arriving. The big controversy was that the other permanent A-list teammate (now deceased) was not invited. That wasn’t the only controversy. A dark blue vintage Rolls Royce arrived. Three women dressed in long black dresses and head scarves were inside the car along with the notorious A-list religious figure from Chicago. He was there to perform the ceremony. He exited the Rolls and was dressed in a tux with tails and a top hat. He even had a cane with a diamond studded handle. The preacher pranced into the hotel like a peacock. 

Shaquille O’Neal/Kobe Bryant/Louis Farrakhan

Blind Items Revealed #17 - Reader Blind

April 4, 2023

I was a bartender during my time in University here in Toronto. In 2019, I was working at St Regis Toronto, which hosted the Golden State Warriors and their VIP crew during the NBA finals for the year. This A/A- list mostly television actor is a huge Warriors fan, and made a point of staying with the team at the hotel. He and his offspring would show up for drinks at the bar, where I would serve them many nights. During one of the final matches, the actor came down and sat at the bar alone, and a coworker overheard a young woman come up and tell him she had “something to show him in private.” They were locked in the bathroom for over half an hour, and when we cleaned up for the night it was clear they were doing blow and having a good time. Not a bad tipper, so not sure I can complain though.

David Boreanaz

Blind Items Revealed #16 - Reader Blind

March 27, 2023

Many people assume that this still living A list in her heyday Emmy nominated Tony nominated female performer who specializes in family friendly fare is missing a body part.  In fact, the body part is there, it just no longer functions due to a medical procedure she had.  The reason people assume she is missing this body part started in an untrue rumor started by an angry producer.  She was up for a really, really big film role early in her career but the producer making the movie demanded sex in exchange for the role.  The performer refused and passed on the role. Later, when the producer heard about her medical issue, he started a story that she was missing the body part and he had used the created orifice for sexual gratification in exchange for roles in films and TV.  

Sandy Duncan/Eye

Blind Items Revealed #15 - Old Hollywood - Reader Blind

March 26, 2023

Many, many years ago, in the early days of this TV show wherein a group of famous people make fun of one of their own, these two comics had a dispute backstage before a show.  One was known for one liners and playing a musical instrument in between jokes, the other was a pioneering female comic.  They both often made fun of spouses and the male comic thought the female comic had stolen a marriage related joke.  They were separated as the argument grew heated.  However, right before airtime, the male comic snuck into her dressing room and defecated in the female comic’s wig which was large and towering.  She did not notice this and wore it onstage.  The show’s host, a permanent A+ performer who often pretended to be in a different state of mind, smelled this and proceeded to joke about it.  All the other performers started commenting on the stench in their bits as well.  

Roasts, Henny Youngman, Phyllis Diller, Dean Martin     

Blind Items Revealed #14 - Reader Blind

March 14, 2023

The foreign public broadcaster you all know, is embroiled in yet another controversy. Several of their top personalities have walked out in protest over the suspension of a colleague (a former athlete who is A+ list in this country) over a tweet the broadcaster felt was too politically biased. Aside from the usual issues of free speech, the controversy is newsworthy for other reasons. Officially, employees of the corporation are asked to stay out of political matters on social media, even when posting on a personal level. This is not the first time the presenter, has criticized the political party in question, but it is the first time that he has been reprimanded for it. He is the highest paid personality at the company, and lower ranked employees have been reprimanded immediately for relatively minor breaches of the policy. The presenter is also a freelancer and not an official employee, which has led people to ask whether or not he should be bound by company policy. Meanwhile, the network has several people closely involved with the Party, as actual employees up to and including the board of directors.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. It's important to realize that the Party, is in power in the country at the moment, and even though the government directly funds the broadcaster it has historically stayed out of influencing its content. Not so much with this government. The influence which the Party, through its operatives working for the network, excises over the content of programming, is starting to come to light. The permanent A+ list documentary maker had one of his programs earmarked for TV, moved to streaming as the Party thought it had too much slant toward the other side of the aisle. Not even fictional programs are safe from the Party's meddling. A year or so ago, the broadcaster passed on a writer's pitch because the protagonist was a transgender woman. The director of programming liked the plot and was ready to greenlight it, but the Party intervened as they felt the subject to be too divisive even though the main character's gender transition was only an incidental feature of the story. The Party has also told writers to avoid "too much focus" on topics such as discrimination in plotlines, even though writers want to cover these topics as they're relevant to many people in the country and outside it. But it remains unlikely the people who want the government to defund the network will succeed. They didn't when the pedophile scandal was uncovered at the same broadcaster a few years back, even though (or because) the leader of the Party and government for most of the period the most serious offenders were employed, had a hand in helping to cover things up.

BBC/Gary Lineker/UK Conservative Party/David Attenborough/Margaret Thatcher

Blind Items Revealed #13 - Reader Blind

March 10, 2023

This wrestler may like tossing drinks in children’s faces but some of his former lovers say it is he enjoys receiving liquids usually. It’s part of the reason he split from his girlfriend a few weeks ago. Guess the goss about the golden showers got a little too much .

Maxwell Jacob Friedman

Blind Items Revealed #12 - Reader Blind

March 10, 2023

During the filming of a 1980s action film, a comedian/actor with a higher on the list deceased comedian/actor brother, was holding up production in by taking an extremely long phone call . The crew was filming in downtown LA during the summer with no AC and were sweating profusely while waiting for the actor. It wasn’t until a pregnant crew member stepped in and told him to get off the phone that he decided to film the scene. He got high and waited for her in the parking lot to confront her for embarrassing him. His shouting quickly turned into him choking her and he didn’t stop until a now very powerful producer stepped in and pulled him off of her. 

Thief/Jim Belushi/John Belushi/Jerry Bruckheimer

Blind Items Revealed #11 - Reader Blind

January 20, 2024

The perverts impersonate attractive women online and prey on young boys  who are asked to send explicit material of themselves. These horrific images are then sold and distributed to other perverts via “bait pages” on social media. One of these pages made the mistake of trying to sell videos of this singer’s teenage nephew to an undercover agent on Telegram. The feds are involved now. IP addresses are being tracked and other victims and their parents are in for seven figure long payouts if they sue. Look into US Code 6851. 

Beyonce/Solange's son

Blind Items Revealed #10 - Reader Blind

January 19, 2024

Ask this Southern rapper/reality star when she met her husband and her answer will vary according to who is asking. She was a minor when he started grooming her. They were once considered for this hit Bravo series but producers freaked out when they made the discovery .

Rasheeda Frost / Kirk Frost / Real Housewives of Atlanta 

Blind Items Revealed #9 - Reader Blind

January 18, 2024

It’s no conspiracy. Just ask any social worker who worked in Atlanta or Florida twenty years ago. Depraved men and women linked to Epstein wanted to violate vulnerable black boys and a ring was established to use the foster care system to target them. This Y2K Southern mogul was a big part of it which is why he has evaded justice for so long. 

Chris Stokes / Georgia Sex Trafficking Crisis / Epstein 

Blind Items Revealed #8 - Reader Blind

January 15, 2024

There is a group of adult writers and producers forcing the child to perform explicit content over Hip Hop beats. At a party recently, one of his videos was shown to this makeup musician by someone who thought she would love it. She was disgusted and the person who showed her the video was asked to leave.

Rihanna / FNG King

Blind Items Revealed #7 - Reader Blind

January 14, 2024

They say she has bad breath. How could such a random rumor about this A list singer spread so fast in the early 2000s. Try the Immature singer and his manager, who started that and many other rumors to spite her when her dad confronted them about the little boys in Atlanta. That’s why his band stopped appearing in her band’s videos.  Don’t take our word for it. Ask her dad.

Beyoncé/Marques Houston/Chris Stokes/Mathew Knowles/IMx

Blind Items Revealed #6 - Reader Blind

January 11, 2024

This British female rapper is trying her best to hide the fact that her brother is still targeting underage girls. She’s playing up her current feud to hide what is about to emerge.

Stefflon Don/ Dutchavelli 

Blind Items Revealed #5 - Reader Blind

January 9, 2024

The evening of the Golden Globes there was a reunion of four actors of a TV series, everyone is talking about how the two actors who were the fictional couple were detached. It is so strange since these two have known each other for 30 years and are best friends (or maybe they were). In the video and in the photo taken after the ceremony he is not there with the other three actors but he made them separately. Everyone noticed that their vibes were so off, even those who do not know their whole story. There are no pictures of the two of them and this is also strange since they were best friends as long as they were shooting _____ and that’s weird too, isn’t it?

I just think this is something worth talking about since you had written a blind item about them back in 2017.

Patrick J. Adams, Gabriel Macht, Sarah Rafferty and Gina Torres/Suits

Blind Items Revealed #4 - Reader Blind

January 9, 2024

A social media family's Bahamian bliss takes an unexpected turn as whispers of heartache and nostalgia ripple through their tropical escape.

While the family's Instagram feed showcased sun-soaked smiles and oceanfront extravagance, a hidden drama unfolded within the confines of their resort. One of the daughters, typically the life of the party, mysteriously withdrew from the sunlit festivities, spending an entire day sequestered in her hotel room. The reason? A cloud of memories from a past romance, with an ex-boyfriend who had once shared those very walls.

The intrigue deepened as the matriarch, amidst the vibrant cabana area, was overheard acknowledging the daughter's emotional turmoil. Sharing with a confidante, the mother revealed that her daughter was grappling with the ghosts of relationships past and that the family had anticipated this emotional storm.

As the sun dipped below the Bahamian horizon, casting shadows on the picturesque surroundings, the daughter emerged from her cocoon of contemplation only to embark on an unexpected departure the next day. Witnesses spotted her leaving the resort in a discreet private car, leaving the question hanging in the air - was this a fleeting escape from emotional echoes, or the beginning of a chapter yet untold?

The tropical breeze carries the secrets of this social media family's island adventure, leaving followers to wonder if the paradise they portray is truly as flawless as the filtered images on their screens.

D'Amelio Family

Blind Items Revealed #3 - Reader Blind

January 7, 2024

The touring company would prefer it if this rapper’s husband did not join her on tour. They don’t want every headline about the show to focus on the sexual assault or “manslaughter”. She’s a superstar, but he’s a violent liability .

Nicki Minaj/Kenneth Petty

Blind Items Revealed #2 - Reader Blind

January 5, 2024

Are we ready to talk about the exploitative nature of the relationship between this NeoSoul icon and her Brown Sugar-making ex. She was in her 30s and he was a teenager when it started when she pursued him. She doesn’t see anything wrong with it, to this day. 

Angie Stone / D’Angelo

Blind Items Revealed #1 - Reader Blind

January 4, 2024

On New Year's Eve, a familiar face from the hockey rink was spotted engaging in a lively conversation with a group of intriguing ladies. Our puck-savvy athlete, who's rumored to be romantically involved with someone, raised eyebrows as he navigated the festivities with an air of mystery. Whispers among the social circuit suggest that the player might be tiptoeing around the fine line of commitment, sparking curiosity about the state of his rumored relationship. As the puck drops on another year, will this hockey heartthrob find himself caught in the penalty box of love, or will his off-ice escapades remain an intriguing mystery for those who dare to delve into the world beyond the rink?

Ron Duguay/Sarah Palin 

Tuesday, July 02, 2024

Blind Item #13

This foreign born A- list actress has assumed the leadership position of The Club. She is tired of people being wishy washy. 

Blind Item #12

Most of the time the producer/wannabe rapper has the mark hidden beneath a watch or bracelet. Three very tiny dots that form the shape of a triangle. You could see it in the photos from his vacation. You would be surprised at how many people have the three dots. 

Blind Item #11

Continuing with the tennis theme, this top 20 male player has been hooking up with female tennis players who want to play with him in mixed doubles. I'm sure his girlfriend loves that.

Blind Item #10

Speaking of tennis, the Spaniard didn't want anyone to know she was going out with the Greek because she knew he would cheat on her and he is already doing so.

Blind Item #9

This foreign born A- list actress was really upset she got shunted to the back row of the celebrity box at this tennis event.

Blind Items Revealed #5

June 20, 2024

This foreign born alliterate A- list singer tried to get the guy she is seeing to pose with her in bed, but he refused.

Camila Cabello/Austin Kevitch 

Today's Blind Items - The Meeting

For the first time in a very long time, there is new information on the death off this alliterate A list singer. Shortly prior to soundcheck, our musician was introduced to a man by the singer from the opening act. The man had been desperate for a meeting. The man was told to wait through soundcheck. Immediately after soundcheck, our A list singer met with the man. This man has now given an interview to an author of a book and said he handed our singer a SD card with several hundred photos on it which had been taken by a private investigator. The investigator couldn't get through security that day because they had been told to watch for him and not let him through. So, he passed it off to our man who was kind of a groupie/gofer for the opening act. The singer was seen putting the SD card into his front pocket. He then thanked the man and went his way after not even a 30 second meeting. That SD card was not in the possessions listed of the musician. The investigator had been hired by the singer. Why was he barred from the show that night?

Your Turn

Waffles, pancakes or French Toast?

Blind Items Revealed #4

June 20, 2024

After getting the rug pulled out from under him the first time around, this sports organization is going to have to pay a coach double what they would have had to pay him when they were first courting him to take over.

JJ Redick/Los Angeles Lakers

Blind Items Revealed #3

June 20, 2024

This former radio and network television personality is headed to rehab if his family can convince him to go.

John “Stuttering John” Melendez

Blind Items Revealed #2

June 20, 2024

Once again, this foreign born fighter decided he would rather go home with someone else other than his significant other. She looked barely legal.

Conor McGregor

Blind Item #8

The alliterate one plans on wearing items that once belonged to her deceased mother-in-law at the award show. The tabloids have already been alerted. She can't let her husband have all the attention.

Blind Item #7

Apparently, what caused the former A++ lister to break off his relationship with the billionaire ped*phile was when the billionaire started making comments to a friend about the daughter of the former A++ lister and it got back to the former A++ lister.

Blind Items Revealed #1

June 20, 2024

The lawyer for the recently arrested singer is making this all about himself. He seems pretty thirsty.

Edward Burke Jr./Justin Timberlake

Blind Item #6

The significant other of the former A+ list rapper can use a spokesperson for now, but at some point will have to talk under oath and her answers will be completely different.

Blind Item #5

Just because you are an A+ lister on TikTok doesn't mean this actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee is going to know who you are.

Blind Item #4

The alliterate foreign born A- list singer has admitted in the past she used many racial epithets and apologized for using them. She even went to counseling for it. So, it is strange that the social media platform with the new name says that she never has made racist remarks.

Blind Item #3

The permanent A list actress has always been rumored to enjoy swinging with her significant other. Apparently, she has designs on the football player.

Blind Item #2

A decade ago this A list actor/comic/singer fired one of his friends who gave him some "medicine." Funny how the same thing recently happened again.